Monday, July 31, 2017

On the Fact that Every Democratic Congressperson Who Had Been Using the Services of the Awan Brothers, Once it Was Established that They Had Been Barred from the House's Computer Network, Fired Their Asses............Except for One

Guess which (and if you need more than one guess, you're a moron)...............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, now we know why she was so adamant about getting that computer back from the Capitol police chief to the point where she literally threatened the guy. The stupid bitch.

On the Rash of Islamic Terrorism In Thailand

Must be from Thailand's expansionist and interventionist foreign policy.............What a minute...... 

On the Fact that (According to John Allembillah Azumah's Important Volume, "The Legacy of Arab-Islam In Africa") as Many as 112,000,000 Blacks Perished as the Result of the Muslim Slave Trade In Western Africa

And the Muslims are going to be asked to pay penance and grovel continuously............when exactly?............................................................................................P.S. And this figure could actually be a low-ball one in that it mostly includes the deaths from transportation and not so much the murder of offspring, deaths due to castration, etc.. If you were to include these fatalities, too, the figure would probably rise to nearly 200,000,000.......A religion of peace, my ass.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

On the Fact that this Brave Woman (Miosotis Familia) Was Assassinated In New York City a Few Weeks Ago

Her sin? Wearing a police uniform. Yep, that's where we're at now. Happy, Black Live Matter?

On the Fact that of All the Criticisms that One Could Throw at Trump, the Fact that the Fellow Seemingly Wants a Better Relationship with Russia (a Damned Nuclear Power, for Christ!!) You'd Think Would Be Near the Bottom but Alas it Isn't

And it's all politics. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats themselves had wanted improved relations with the Russians and it was only after they lost an election that they clearly shouldn't have did they come up with this demonization of Russia strategy (with neocons like Lindsey Graham all too happy to join them).......They're playing with fire, folks, and it needs to come to a screaming halt.

On the Fact that the Primo Tickets for the Cowboy Junkies Show at the Infinity Hall In Norfolk, Connecticut Are Going for $220 a Pop

I love me some Junkies but that's a wee-bit steep even for me (they do have some standing room tickets still available but even those are $124).

On the Fact that College Administrators in America Have Essentially Given a Heckler's Veto to a Cadre of Spoiled, Ignorant, and Mediocre Students Who've Made it Damn Near Impossible for Even Thoughtful and Scholarly Folks Like Christina Hoff Sommers, Warren Farrell, Janice Fiamengo, and Heather MacDonald to Be Heard On Campuses Anymore

Well they've certainly created a monster, haven't they (and by, monster, I of course mean a whole generation of squeamish, indoctrinated, obnoxious, and easily offended jerk-offs who couldn't trouble-shoot their way out of a two-story building with an elevator and 6,8 fire-escapes)?    

On the Fact that (According to M. Stanton Evans's Paradigm Altering Book, "Blacklisted by History") Even Though Tito and His Fellow Commie Pigs Hadn't Lifted a Stone to Fight Hitler Until the Latter Invaded Russia, it Was this A-Wipe that Our State Department Decided to Back In 1943 and Not Mihailovich (They Even Went as Far as to Falsely Accuse General Mihailovich of Being a Nazi Collaborator)

The level of propaganda during and immediately after WW2 was (and continues to be) WAY off the charts and this is a pitch-perfect example of it.......Tito? Gibe me a break!!

On the Fact that if You Were to Poll the Elderly Black Community in the Inner-City (You Know, Those Folks Who Are Often too Scared to Leave Their Apartment Even to Get the Mail) as to Whether They Would Prefer More or Fewer Cops In Their Neighborhood, How Do You Think that THEY'D Respond??

I strongly suspect that I know and let's just put it this way, folks, it ain't the way that Black Lives Matter would respond. No sir. 

On the Fact that of the Over 4,000 Black Folks Shot In Chicago Last Year, Only 21 of Them Were Shot by Police and Most of Them Were Armed and Dangerous -

This one statistic by itself should be sufficient to bury the vile, vulgar, and slimy organization, Black Lives Matter, permanently but as we're all aware it won't in that the mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and the political establishment will continue to prop it up. It's just a fact of life these days. 

On the Fact that 12% of White and Hispanic Homicide Victims Are Killed by Cops While Only 4% of Black Homicide Victims Are -

White and Hispanic lives matter?

Friday, July 28, 2017

On the Fact that In 1943, FDR's Dirt-Bag Office of War Information Chief, Elmer Davis, Personally Went On the Radio and Tried to Convince the American Public that it Was German Soldiers Who Massacred The Polish Officers at Katyn (this Despite the Fact that it Was Becoming Patently Obvious that the Real Perpetrators Were the Russians)

Not even a smidge surprising in that not only had the Roosevelt administration developed a strong liking for "Uncle Joe", so, too, had virtually every government agency become infiltrated with Communist spies and sympathizers......that it honestly would have been a miracle for anything even remotely resembling objectivity to manifest. 

On the Fact that an Asshole Is an Asshole and it Doesn't Matter Even a Little Whether They Have an R or a D In Front of Their Name

Well, unless you're a partisan douche-bag and in that case it matters to a near metaphysical certitude. That I do stipulate. 

On the Concept of a Well-to-Do Black College Student from Pacific Palisades, Fairfax County, the Hudson Valley, Palm Beach County, Manhattan, or Cape Cod Telling a Poor White Non College Student from the Alleghenies that He or She Has Something Called "White Privilege" and that Because of this that White Kid's Opinion Doesn't Amount to Cow Manure

AND THEY DO IT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, these schmucks.......Damn, huh?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

On the Claim by Disobedient Media's Adam Carter and Liz Voss that the Wikileaks DNC Emails Were NOT Hacked but Rather Downloaded (Onto a Thumb-Drive that Had Been Time-Stamped In the Eastern Time Zine) by a Person Who Had Had Actual Physical Access to a Computer Connected to the DNC Network -

And being that this has the potential to fully blow the Russia Conspiracy out of the water FOR GOOD, don't expect a lot of coverage from CNN, MSNBC, or the Washington Post.......Probably none, actually. 

On the Fact that the Left Is Excoriating a Speech that Trump Gave In Poland that Could Have Easily Been Made by Churchill or JFK In a Previous Era

Not that I'm a huge fan of the war-mongering Churchill, mind you, but I cite this to underscore just how far astray that political correctness has taken us that we can't even take any pride in our heritage for fear it that might insult a few Muslims in the Middle East and a few bloodthirsty dictators In sub-Saharan Africa. I mean, I understand that Trump is seen by many people as unsavory and all but to be "triggered" by this speech is really sad, I think (the Washington Post's resident grievance-monger, Jonathan Capehart, was actually triggered by the word, "symphonies" - too white, I guess). Majorly sad. 

On the Fact that Since a Major Chunk of the so-Called Moderate Rebels In Syria Are Salafists Whose Ultimate Goals Are the Establishment of Sharia Law and an Alignment with the Caveman-Infused Terrorist Group, al Nusra, Maybe Trump's Decision to Stop Arming These Infra-Humans Was a Prudent Decision that Even Some Sane Progressives Can Get Behind

And, so, yeah, what say the sane progressives (AKA, voices in the wilderness)?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On the Fact that Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Number One Tech Guy, Imran Awan, Was Arrested the Other Day While Trying to Leave the Country (He's Been Under Investigation for Bank Fraud) Just Two Days After the F.B.I. Had Confiscated Several Smashed Hard Drives from the Dude's Residence

  And Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Anderson Cooper, and Don Lemon are all over it - NOT!

On the Fact that ( from 1850 to 1950, Swedish Income Rose by 700%, the Infant Mortality Rate Fell from 15% to 2%, and the Average Life Expectancy Rose by 28 Years

Let's see, what happened during those 100 years? Oh yeah, a little something called FREE MARKET CAPITALISM!! And it would be nice if ignorant statist buffoons like Bernie Sanders would occasionally recognize that it was through this form of economic approach that the latter-day Swedes were able to "give" away all of that "free" stuff and that it was through his economic model that Sweden went from the 4th richest country in the world to the 14th.......Not that I'm holding my breath for such miracles obviously.

On the Fact that Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and the Rest of Those Sub-90 IQ Leftist Actors Who Were Constantly Singing the Praises of Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan Miracle a Few Years Back Are All of a Sudden Exceedingly Quiet Now that the Venezuelan Economy Has Deep-Sixed to the Point Where People Are Eating Out of Garbage Cans, Hunting Rats and Pigeons, etc.

Only an idiot didn't see this coming (Venezuela's economy shitting the bed) and being that Hollywood is chock to the brim with this type of woeful timber, surprising, not so much. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Probably When that Low Information SJW Actor from the Historically Inaccurate Broadway Musical, "Hamilton", Tweeted About Banging Inebriated Irish Hotties on St. Patrick's Day

What would be my answer the question, "So, What's Your All-Time Favorite Example of an SJW Mouth-Breather Stepping Into it?"

On the Fact that MSNBC's Resident Liar, Joy Reid, Recently Referred to James "Not Wittingly" Clapper as a "Straight Shooter"

How fucking insular does a person have to be to come out with something as preposterous as that? Significantly so, would be my guess.  

On the Fact that Cucks In the West (Like Obama) Are Always Quick to Bring Up the Crusades (the Goal of Course Being to Underscore a Supposed Moral Equivalence) but Not so Much the 300 Plus Years of Naked Muslim Aggression and Colonizing Which Preceded Them (the Conquest of Jerusalem, Alexandria and the Rest of Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Syria, Sicily, Parts of France, Parts of the Orient, etc.)

Yeah, the level of self-loathing, self-flagellation, pathological altruism, etc. that is currently infesting North America and Europe is so far off the charts that unless there's a major about-face, it's not going to end well, folks. It's not (with gays and hard-core feminists being the first to fry).  

On the Fact that at the Same Time that the U.S.A. and Europe Were Denigrating Germany for Reclaiming Danzig (a Predominantly German-Speaking City that Was Being Persecuted by Polish Thugs), Britain, France, and the Netherlands Were Ruling Over More than a Third of the Earth's Surface with No Criticism from the West Forthcoming

 I really want that to sink in with you; the fact that the West stated a war which killed 60,000,000 folks and it was based on total hypocrisy and bullshit, WHO GETS TO BE MASTER!!!............And then of course after the war they created this idiotic mythology of Hitler as the devil because it was the only way to justify starting a war to liberate Poland and having Poland not liberated but enslaved by the Soviets. Cover your ass, allies, cover your ass!! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

On Patreon Cancelling the Account of Independent Conservative Journalist, Lauren Southern, but Continuing to Allow the Knucke-Dragging, Low IQ, and Violent Waste of Human Space Leftist Outfit, Antifa, to Raise Cash with Impunity

So not only does the left control the modern-day vehicles of expression (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc.), they control the purse strings as well. Un-fucking-real.

On the Fact that President Trump Has Ordered the C.I.A. to Cease and Desist Arming the Terrorists (the so-Called "Moderate" Rebels) In Syria and Right on Cue that Piece of Shit War-Monger/Chicken-Hawk, Lindsey Graham, Goes Fucking Ballistic On Him

  So even when the fellow does something admirable, the smearing continues. How sad..................................................................................................P.S. And you know that the media elite (you know, those folks who used to be so anti-war back in the Bush era) is going to try and paint this as some sort of pro-Russia maneuver when in reality it's simply a prudent measure to take us back from the brink of a possible world war (that and whenever we dump weapons into that part of the world they almost always get used against Americans eventually). Hello!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

On the Notion that Russia Wanted Trump to Win

Well, being that Mrs. Clinton has played a role in the destruction and destabilization of a number of countries in their neighborhood, has threatened Iran with a nuclear strike, has threatened Russia and Syria with a no-fly zone, and has been sabre-rattling and accusing Russia of all sorts of nefarious horseshit with zero evidence (Crowdstrike, really?), can you really blame 'em? I can't.

On the Fact that There Are Presently Two Bipartisan Bills Before Congress Which Will Essentially Make it Illegal for Americans to Support the Economic Boycott Against Israel

The fastest and surest way to get bipartisanship in Washington? Say one word; Israel.     

On the Fact that (According to Legendary Economist, Walter Williams) from 1890 to 1940, the Marriage Rate for Blacks in America Was Actually Higher than that of Whites

So much for slavery destroying the black family.

On the Fact that Police Shootings In New York City Were Reduced by 88% from the Years 1971 to 2012 (from 314 All the Way to 36) -

So this whole idea of cops going around murdering scores of innocent back men just for the fucking hell of it is absolute bullshit.......But we already knew that, right? Sane folks?

On the Fact that Only In the Warped Mind of the DNC Apologist/Partisan Nut-Job Would the Examination of a Murder Victim's Work Place Be Considered "a Conspiracy Theory" and Not What it Truly Is, Good Old-Fashioned Detective Work

Yeah, Mr. Rich gets shot twice in an area where there are a dozen street cameras and we still have zero suspects.......And the dude was conscious when the cops found him. WHAT DID HE SAY??? Surely the public can help here.......I mean, they do want the help, right?    

On the Fact that if Millions of White Europeans Had Flooded Into North Africa, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America AND Once They Arrived There Started Reproducing at a Rate Three to Four Times Higher than the Existing Population it Would Have Undoubtedly Been Viewed by SJWs as an Invasion and an Act of Imperialism and Yet with the Polar Opposite Running Roughshod AS WE SPEAK, Crickets

And, please, spare me the lame colonialism bromide. a) It was a long time ago, b) every race and culture engaged in it to a degree, c) not every aspect of colonialism was bad (the fact that white Europeans brought infrastructure, medicine, economic growth, education, trade, agriculture, an end to slavery, etc.), and d) it eventually came to an end. Try envisioning THAT today.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On the Notion that Islam Is "a Religion of Peace"

As is always the case, it depends on how you define the term. Yes, the ultimate goal is peace but the means to achieve that peace isn't tolerance and co-existence but rather conquest and subjugation. It's how it's always been with Islamists and it isn't going to change because a small cadre of brain-disordered SJWs starts talking nice to 'em. Sorry but no.

On the Fact that (According to Haitian-Born Journalist, Dady Chery) of the $10,000,000,000 Raised by the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, Only 3.3% of the Cash Can Be Accounted for

    Where's the Money, Mrs. Clinton? Certainly you must know (into your campaign coffer would be my best guess).

On Ben Shapiro's Belief that if the U.S. Had Only Supported the Whites with More Fervor In 1917, the Bolsheviks Would Have Never Been Able to Rise to Power and the Deaths of 40,000,000 People Could Have Been Averted

He's probably correct but as is often the case with folks of this ilk (neocons on the right, progressives on the left) he doesn't tell you what happened before; NAMELY, that if the British and Americans hadn't badgered and bribed the Russians into maintaining their participation in WW1, all of the chaos and dislocations that that war produced wouldn't have happened and the Bolsheviks could have easily been defeated (the fact that even well-funded insurgencies tend to fail in stable societies).......I mean, it's kind of like walking into "The Manchurian Candidate" fifteen minutes into it and.......  

On the Difficulty of Reforming Islam

Well if you start off with the notion that a) Mohamed was the perfect human and b) the Koran is the perfect book, why would you want to change, they must figure?....................................................................................................P.S. And you also have to look at the life of Mohamed. The dude tried for over a decade to further his faith and only converted a couple hundred folks. It was only after he turned to politics and ultimately violence that he was able to "persuade" Jews, Christians, pagans, and Zoroastrians to convert............and so why would the virulent Islamists ever be willing to give that up? 

On the Fact that Facebook Recently Temporarily Banned Somebody (a Dude Named Daniel Gilfillan) for Saying, "Calm Down, Mohammad",......TO A FELLOW NAMED, MOHAMMAD!!!!!

If Facebook gets any more cucked they just might end up devouring themselves.......Keep a good thought.

On the Concept of Parasites, Fools, and Degenerates Voting en Masse to Give Themselves a "Raise" at Somebody Else's Expense

You want to destroy a country? Start here perhaps.

On the Fact that I Recently Stumbled Upon a 2015 Photo of Linda Fiorentino

Let's just say that I much prefer the 20 years earlier images (below).

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

On this Romanticized and Thoroughly Debunked Notion of SJWs that Black Africans Had Been Free Prior to Being Sold to European Slave-Traders (by African Slavers) and that if They Had Only Been Allowed to Stay in Africa Their Lot and the Lot of Their Offspring Would Have Been so Much Better

Yeah, it's total bullshit. a) Every black that was sold off to European (Spanish, Portuguese, and British for the most part) slavers already was a slave and if they hadn't come to the Americas they would have continued to be slaves in Africa and probably worked to death and b) the ancestors of North American slaves are exponentially better off than the ancestors of African slaves in virtually every category conceivable (income, wealth, life expectancy, etc.). Yes, slavery was a problematic institution but we really need to look at the entire picture here and stop lambasting white Europeans exclusively for what was literally a human and world-wide problem. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

On the Mindset Which Asserts that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Meeting on a Tarmac a Few Days Prior to James Comey's Decision as to Whether to Recommend an Indictment for Mrs. Clinton ISN'T Collusion but that Jeff Sessions's Meeting with the Russian Ambassador During the Former's Tenure on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Is

Yeah, the hypocrisy couldn't possibly be thicker, could it? Collusion - LOL!!

On the Claim that Since Blacks Only Make Up 13% of the Population, the Fact that They Represent 26% of the Victims of Cop Shootings Is Proof-Positive that the Police Are Inherently Racist

That's the wrong damned benchmark!! You need to control not for population but for criminal activity and when you do that you will find out that cops are actually LESS LIKELY (slightly) to use lethal force on a black suspect (a fear of the fallout, perhaps). Granted, this doesn't feed the leftist narrative of relentless black victimization but isn't it nice to occasionally provide the public hard facts instead?...............................................................................................P.S. If you're interested in leaning more, I suggest that you check out the work of Harvard's Irving Fryer and Washington State's Lois James. 

On the Fact that Infowars Has Given Jared and Elizabeth Beck a Platform to Tell Their Story While the Deep-State, Corporate, DNC Boot-Licking Mainstream Media Hasn't

  How embarrassing is that, folks?............And look at that woman. She's petrified (the fact that associates and possible witnesses are dropping like flies and who knows, she could be next)!! Wouldn't you be?     

Sunday, July 16, 2017

On the Claim by Some that President Trump Is Conducting a War Against "America's Institutions"

Ah, you mean like the C.I.A., the "institution" that has lied us into more wars imaginable, that has slithered around destroying one sovereign country after another, that goes around spying on U.S. citizens? 'Cause if you're talking about them, point me in the direction of the recruiting office and sign me up. Seriously.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

On the Fact that One of the Lyrics from Beyonce's Moronic Song, "Partition" (a Little Ditty About Oral Sex, I'm Told) Reads as (I Shit You Not), "He Monica Lewinskyed All Over My Dress"

How sad that this passes as art and shouldn't it actually be, "he Bill Clintoned all over my dress"?......'Cause as you know, if the perp had been a Republican............

On the Likelihood of Russia Hacking Into the DNC, Noticing that Mrs. Clinton Had an Unencrypted Server, and NOT Hacking Into Her System, too

Yeah, to me this is proof-positive that it wasn't the Russians. OF COURSE THEY WOULD HAVE HACKED THE BITCH (not to mention release the embarrassing stuff)!! DING DING DING DING!! I mean, my God.

Friday, July 14, 2017

On What Would Prompt an Individual Like Angela Merkel to Admit that Multiculturalism Had Been an Abject Failure and Then Several Years Later Double-Down and Bring In Exponentially More Incompatible Immigrants

Yeah, I'm gonna go with a) white guilt in general, b) German guilt in particular, c) a perverse belief that if we only tried just a little harder (because as we all know the lack of successful integration is fully the fault of the host European), d) the creation of a permanent underclass that will invariably vote left, and e) shear, unmitigated stupidity (buttressed by its first cousin, pathological altruism).......If I was forced to guess.

On the Notion that the European People Are Replaceable Within a Generation (at Least to the Point of Them Becoming a Minority In Their Own Countries) and that this Demographic Shift Will Have Zero Effect on Europe Retaining its Values, Traditions, etc.

There isn't a scintilla of logic to it and yet the leaders of these seemingly doomed countries continue to soldier on with this multicultural craziness (fostered I guess by a corollary belief that if you sprinkle just the right amount of pixie-dust......). Sayonara Europe.

On the Fact that a Real Liberal Probably Wouldn't Need Much Persuasion that Honor Killings, Female Genital Mutilation, the Tossing of Gays from Rooftops, the Molesting of Young Boys, Death for Apostasy, etc. Are Wrong and that the Act of Being Tolerant to Cultures Which Perpetrate These Atrocities Is Equally Noxious

Bogus liberals on the other hand......  

On the Fact that You Will Never Hear that Pakistan Needs an Infusion of Dutch Culture, that Eritrea Needs an Infusion of French Culture, that Sri Lanka Needs an Infusion of Danish Culture, that Kuwait Needs an Infusion of Welsh Culture, that Ethiopia Needs an Infusion of Spanish Culture, that Botswana Needs an Infusion of German Culture, etc., etc. but You Will FOREVER Hear that Europe and North America Need an Infusion of Literally Every Other Damned Culture (However Repugnant) on the Planet

Have ya' noticed?      

On the Fact that Maajid Nawaz Has Finally Opted to Sue the Extremist Southern Poverty Law Center for Their Inexcusable Inclusion of Him on Their Thoroughly Repugnant Anti-Muslim Extremist List

I've never been a litigious person but, yeah, I'm absolutely down with this law suit (the fact that the SPLC's actions constitute one of the worst pieces of slander ever and I sincerely hope that they get butt-fucked badly here). BIG TIME

Thursday, July 13, 2017

On the Fact that Not Only Did Mrs. Clinton Oppose Sanctions Directed at Russia, She Did it In a Very Close Proximity to Her Husband Giving a $500,000 Speech In Moscow

   Can you imagine if it was Trump's son who had given that speech? Something that tells me that the reaction from the leftist power structure would have been a wee-bit more vociferous.......Just a wild guess.

On the Fact that We Could All but Eliminate Road Fatalities In this Country if We Simply Reduced the Speed Limit to 5 MPH

Well what about it, progressives? You always say that you want to save save lives, adhere to the precautionary principle, yada yada. Here's your big chance!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

On the Fact that the Authorities In England Were Reticent to Pursue the Rotheram Rape Gangs Because They Didn't Want to Be Perceived as Racist (the Criminals Were of Pakistani Descent)

So these bureaucratic pricks were more concerned about hurting the feelings of some Muslims than they were in protecting their own damned children (as many as 1,400 young girls were groomed and sexually assaulted by these hoodlums).......And then they wonder why we call them the "regressive left", the schmucks.

On the Fact that Slantheaded Leftists Like Sally Kohn and Rachel Maddow Are Seemingly More Upset About Trump's (Admittedly Less than Presidential) Retweeting of that Stupid Meme than They Are About Congressman Scalise Getting Plugged by Some Drooling Sanders Supporter

I've often stated that partisanship is tantamount to a mental illness and this I'd say (thank you so much) is some extraordinary evidence in favor of that view.      

On the Concept of a Multi-Billion Dollar Media Behemoth Threatening to Ruin a Nobody Simply Because that Nobody Ridiculed Their Bullshit

CNN has gone so far beyond the pale with this crap that anything less than their total destruction will seem unsatisfactory. My suggestion is that we deluge social media with ridiculing memes, cancel our cable subscriptions, complain at airports when CNN is on for background noise, boycott their sponsors, spam their Facebook pages with spite, etc., etc., and hope that they finally shit the bed FOR GOOD......'cause this just cannot stand.  

On Never-Trumper, David Frum

As troublesome as Trump can be, at least he never came up with something as idiotic as "the Axis of Evil" argued in favor of one senseless war after another, defended the deep-state 24/7, etc..............And why is this Frum lunatic still on TV (you know, as opposed to starving to death in some gutter)? I mean, I understand that he always seems to be saying the "right thing" and all but when that right thing is almost invariably wrong...... 

On the Fact that Freshman Enrollment at the University of Missouri Is Down by 35% Since 2015 -

Well with morons like this manning the helm (and, yes, thankfully the bitch was ultimately shit-canned), is it even remotely surprising?......I ain't surprised.

On the Fact that Even Though Their Personalities Are Either Nonexistent or Repugnant (the Sean Hannitys, Rachel Maddows, and Chris Cuomos of the World), Cable News Networks Such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC Are Attempting to Peddle Their Shows Via a Showcasing of Their Hosts

You'd think that they'd have their ducks lines up a tad better, huh?

Monday, July 10, 2017

On the Fact that We Now Know with Relative Certainty (Through the Venona File, Kremlin Archives, F.B.I. Dossiers, Sworn Testimony from Credible Witnesses, etc.) that Solomon Adler, Cedric Belfrage, T.A. Bisson, V. Frank Coe, Lauchlin Currie, Harold Glasser, David Karr, Mary Jane Keeney, Leonard Mins, Franz Neumann, and Countless Others Whose Lives Were Supposedly Ruined by Joe McCarthy In Fact WERE Communist Flunkies and Collaborators - Quick Addendum

And, no, I'm not saying that McCarthy was an angel (his boorishness, use of political invective, impulsiveness, holding of grudges, etc. were indeed troublesome foibles), just that he was hardly the monster that most historians have portrayed him as. Capisce?   

On the Fact that We Now Know with Relative Certainty (Through the Venona File, Kremlin Archives, F.B.I. Dossiers, Sworn Testimony from Credible Witnesses, etc.) that Solomon Adler, Cedric Belfrage, T.A. Bisson, V. Frank Coe, Lauchlin Currie, Harold Glasser, David Karr, Mary Jane Keeney, Leonard Mins, Franz Neumann, and Countless Others Whose Lives Were Supposedly Ruined by Joe McCarthy In Fact WERE Communist Flunkies and Collaborators

And yet leftist historians and the incurious political elite continue to paint Mr. McCarthy as this drunken, paranoid, demagogic, tyrannical, and reckless buffoon who went around randomly accusing folks of treason. Cartoonishly, in other words.   

On Criminal Justice Reform (with the Goal In this Case of Course Being to Have Less Black Folks In Prison)

Yeah, my suspicion is that that they're just going to stop prosecuting certain crimes; shoplifting less than $100 worth of merchandise, parole violations, driving with a suspended license, minor assault and battery, petty drug shit (that one I actually agree with), minor property crimes (who needs windows in the summertime anyway?) etc.. How this helps the black community I'm not entirely certain but whatever.......

Sunday, July 9, 2017

On the Fact that Even Though Not a Single Thing from the Twin Towers Survived On 9/11, the Authorities Were Still Able to Locate a Relatively Undamaged Passport Belonging to One of the Hijackers (Satam Al Suqami) In the Rubble Below

Let's just put it this way. The odds are a hell of a lot greater that that sucker was planted than O.J.'s damned glove (the fact that it would have had to fly out of the fucker's pocket and survive not just a crash but an inferno).

On the Fact that 30 Democratic Senators Met with the Russian Ambassador In 2015 In an Obvious Effort to Grease the Skids for Obama's Iran Deal -

I don't have a problem with it, but then I'm not an idiotic, partisan, surface-thinking buffoon who constantly looks to spin and score shameless political points like the guttersnipes at CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, Salon, the New York Times, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, etc.. Thank God.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

On the Fact that if Mr. Trump Had Refused to Hand Over Forensic Evidence to the F.B.I. and Instead Had Given it to a Hand-Selected Third-Party Who Conveniently Served Up Fodder to Advance His Narrative, the Left Would Have Gone Ballistic but Because it Was the DNC Who Had Done These Things, Yeah, Not so Much

  And I'm 97% certain as well.

On the Fact that if it Wasn't for Black African Slave-Traders Selling Their Fellow Blacks Into Bondage, There Never Would Have Been an Atlantic Slave Trade and There Never Would Have Been an Arab Slave Trade

And let us not forget, either, the fact that Africans brutally enslaved each other and that if it wasn't for the white abolitionists of Europe and America, it would have existed there much longer (in truth, it still does exist there in parts) and, so, yeah, you're welcome.

On Obama and Slave Reparations

This is kinda tricky in that his mother's family was from Kansas and probably possessed slaves and his father's family was from Kenya and probably sold slaves (he's 0 for 2, in other words). My suspicion is that the dude's probably not eligible.

Friday, July 7, 2017

On the Tendency of the Government to Attract Sociopaths

It has to do with power and the unbridled pursuit of it, and the only way that it can be stymied is through a reduction in the size and scope of government.......Good luck with that, huh?

On the Fact that MSNBC's Idea of a Fair and Balanced Political Panel Is Two Feral, Knuckle-Dragging Leftist DNC Democrats and Two Dirt-Bag "Never Trump" Establishment Neocon Republicans ALL of Whom Despise Mr. Trump

I'm not a big Trump fan but if you can judge a dude by his enemies, we could do a lot worse......AND HAVE.

On the Fact that Fox News Reject and Current CNN Surface-Thinker and Royal Piece of Shit, Kirsten Powers, Just Proclaimed that She Would Have Published the Name and Picture of the Fellow Who Initially Came Up with that Trump Beating the Daylights Out of a CNN Logo Meme

    So even after CNN admitted that the publishing of this fellow's information would have put him in potential danger, this stupid, wretched twit says that they should have done precisely that. What a disgrace and, yes, unleash the memes, I say. Thousands of 'em.   

Thursday, July 6, 2017

On Bette Midler's Claim that "Religions (and Men) Are Worthless"

Yeah, this was in response to a recent terrorist attack and she simply didn't have the balls to criticize Islam, choosing instead to imply that all religions are equally bat-shit crazy. It is a vile and vulgar notion and I challenge anybody to try and argue that Jainism is worthless, that Zen Buddhism is worthless, that Taoism is worthless, that Confucianism is worthless, etc........and still be an SJW who doesn't judge folks.

On the Fact that I Went to Chris Cuomo's Facebook Page Yesterday and Noticed that the Comments There Were Running 25 to 1 Against His Ass

What, are they going to dox everyone now, the cock-suckers?......Probably, huh?

On Sally Kohn's Epic Meltdown On CNN the Other Night

Yeah, I guess that she was "triggered" by Trump's retweet of that meme of him beating on a CNN logo (that it was over the line and that it would lead to violence, yada yada). The poor baby (and I don't seem to recall the slanthead being anywhere near this upset when Kathy Griffin held up Trump's severed head, when those morons in Central Park decided to make Trump Julius Caesar and slay him every night, when Snoop Dog did a video in which he shoots Trump in the head, etc.).............Toughen up, bitch!!   

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Nicholas Wade's Controversial New Book, "A Troublesome Inheritance") Two of the Critical Principles of Human Social Behavior that Have Developed at Least In Part Due to Genetic Adaptation Are a) a Tendency to Criticize and/or Punish People Who Refuse to Follow Social Norms and b) a Tendency to Want to Bolster One's Own Reputation Through Finding Fault with Others

And so there it is, folks, the modern-day SJW schmuck in a nutshell (an individual who's always virtue-signalling and who seemingly has to feel superior). Ain't science great!!

On When CNN's Low IQ Morning Host, Chris Cuomo, Tried to Tell His Audience that it Was Illegal for Them to Possess the Wikileaks Emails (You Know, the Ones that Displayed Just How Ridiculously Corrupt that the DNC Was; the Screwing of Bernie Sanders, Their Collusion with the Legacy Media, etc.) and that They Had to Rely On Him to Find Out What Was In Them

Yeah, that alone should have gotten the son of a bitch not only shit-canned but drummed out of the profession permanently. CNN - LOL!!!!!

On the Fact that I "Reserve the Right" to Continue to Call CNN a Worthless, Corrupt, Lying, Biased, Shameless, Idiotic, Elitist, Low-Brow, Propagandist, Puerile, Bogus and Deep-State Apologist Piece of Shit Network that Should Be Bitch-Slapped 24/7 by Anyone with Even a Scintilla of Fairness and Decency

But only if the piss me off of course.......The pecker-heads.

On the Fact that CNN Claims that it "Reserves the Right" to Publish the Personal Information of an Anonymous Blog Poster if the Individual In Question Continues to Ridicule Them (to Dox the Dude, In Other Words) -

How stupid can these assholes get? I mean, they've already got the worst PR problem in America and now they're going around threatening people? And don't they realize that the folks at Reddit are simply going to retaliate and dox all of their drooling reporters (which I am clearly not in favor of, either)......and that none of this shit is going to be good for the country?......Yeah, they really haven't though any of this through. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On the Pancake Theory Regarding the Collapse of the Twin Towers

It's comic book physics at best. Yes, it's possible for a high rise to pancake into itself  but it's extremely rare (being that the damage to a skyscraper is rarely symmetrical, so, too, neither is the collapse) and when it does happen, a) the floors survive, b) the columns survive, c) the collapse tends to stop well before it reaches the bottom floor, d) the debris is not shot upward and outward (in the case of the twin towers hundreds of feet outward), e) squibs (small explosions) are never seen preceding the collapse, and f) the speed of the collapse is nowhere near free-fall.......But, hey, if it helps people sleep better, I guess.  

Monday, July 3, 2017

On the Fact that Not Only Did Mrs. Clinton Accuse the Russians of Hacking Into the DNC Emails (Something that a Precocious 13 Year-Old Could Have Also Done), She Referred to it as "an Act of War"

So because the Russians exposed this bitch for the corrupt and venal piece of garbage that she is, this somehow necessitated putting the country on the precipice of WW3 and potential nuclear devastation (talk about putting yourself at the center of the universe)? Really?   

On the Fact that if a Boeing 767 Had Truly Crashed at the Pentagon On 9/11, There Would Have More than Likely Been an Environmental Emergency Due to the Thousands of Gallons of Jet Fuel that Would Have Been Released Onto the Lawn and Yet There Was Rumsfeld, Running Around Like a Total Moron Out There with Zero Contamination

Yeah, at this point I'm pretty certain that the Pentagon was hit with a missile (this evidence together with some of the other incongruities; the damage to the Pentagon not matching that of an airplane, the fact that a novice could have never made those air maneuvers, the fact that the video footage from the gas station across the street from the Pentagon was confiscated by the F.B.I. within five minutes, the fact that a commercial jet could have never attained the stated speed unless it had been augmented, etc., etc.)............with or without Rumsfeld's OK.    

On the Fact that John Podesta Stated In One of His Emails that He Was "Definitely for Making an Example of a Suspected Leaker, Whether or Not We Have Any Real Basis for it" and Then Somewhat Later Seth Rich Ended Up Being Shot Twice In the Back

     If Podesta was a Republican and the circumstances were similar, Rachel Maddow would be going full-throttle conspiracy theory EVERY FUCKING NIGHT. I know it and my liberal colleagues know it. Wake up, people.  

On the Fact that that Disgusting Pairing of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Is Now Reportedly Worth Close to $300,000,000

So two of the dumbest people on the planet are two of the richest people in the country, in other words. Gotta love it!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

On the Fact that the Dullard SJW and Radical Feminist, Anita Sarkeesian, Is so Emotionally Insecure that Just the Mere Presence Of Sargon of Akaad at Vidcon Was Enough to Trigger Her (to Which She Immediately Started Harassing Him)

And all because he has the balls to call out her pure bullshit in his videos. Talk about fragility, huh?

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders and His Idiot Wife Are Now Under F.B.I. Investigation for Possible Bank Fraud -

Lotsa luck finding this story on CNN or MSNBC.

On the Fact that Man Has Been Inhumane to His Fellow Man Since the Beginning of Time and so this Whole Notion of Blacks In America Being the Unique Victims of Such Atrocities Is Absolute Bullshit

The harsh reality is that whites have enslaved whites, blacks have enslaved blacks (many of whom they later sold off to European and Arab slave-traders), Asians have enslaved Asians, Native Americans have enslaved Native Americans, and Arabs have enslaved Arabs. To say that there is some sort of unique evil which typifies American slavery in the old South is ludicrous and if anything the slavery which was practiced in that region was mild when compared to that which took place in Africa. Time to stop feeling guilty, white people. Enough.

On the Fact that Al Sharpton Has Never Apologized To Steven Pagones or Any of the Other Three White Guys Who He Falsely Accused of Raping Tawana Brawley and the Only Reason that He Even Paid Off the $65,000 Libel Verdict Was Because He Had Decided to Run for President and Simply Passed the Hat Around

Save for rapists and murderers, is there a bigger piece of shit in America than this guy (his role not just in this case but in the Central Park jogger case, the Crown Heights riots, the Mumia Abu Jamal case, etc., etc.)? I'm certainly struggling to think of one.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Historian, Roger McGrath) the Average Lifespan for a Germanic or Celtic Slave Working In a Roman Mercury Mine Was Nine Months - NINE MONTHS

Not recent enough? OK, well how 'bout when Oliver Cromwell and his English goons rounded up Irish women and children as if they were cattle and then sold them into either slavery or prostitution? Is THAT recent enough?......Still no?

On the Fact that the Legendary Film Director, John Frankenheimer, Has Never Been Nominated for an Academy Award - this Despite the Fact He's Directed Such Classic Movies as "Birdman of Alcatraz", "The Manchurian Candidate", "Seven Days in May", "The Train", "Seconds", "Grand Prix", "Black Sunday", etc.

They say that everyone deserves a trophy. How 'bout we give one to a fellow who actually deserves one first?

"Sorry, What I Meant to Say Was, Veggie Burger"

I'll take, "Things that the Idiot, Van Jones, Should Have Said After the Dude Got Busted Calling the Trump - Russia Story 'a Big Nothing Burger'", for a thousand, Alex. 

On the Fact that Van Jones Got Humiliated this Week and the Only Quivers Seemingly Available to the Douche Were a Litany of Insults that He Shamelessly, Awkwardly, and Moronically Directed at the Fellow Who Effortlessly Outsmarted Him

And does he actually think that this is helping him? I'm telling you, if I was him, I would just lay low for a while and stop digging (either that or do what Hugh Grant did when they caught him with the prostitute; come clean and laugh it off).

On the Fact that Van Jones (that Vile and Low IQ Leftist Political Commentator/Victim-Monger at CNN) Is Now Claiming that the Project Veritas Video Which Clearly Shows Him Saying that the Trump - Russia Narrative Is a Big Nothing-Burger Takes Him Out of Context

It was a ten second video AND THEY SHOWED THE WHOLE THING!! And in what other context can you take those two words, nothing and burger? I mean, I understand that the moral reasoning of people who take this career-path (politics and then the legacy media) is probably pretty low on the Kohlberg scale and all but this I find especially embarrassing (a grown man acting like a child; you know, the type who hits Johnny in front of everyone and then tries to deny it). 

On Mrs. Clinton Visiting Some Black Southern Church, Faking a Black Dialect, and Then Accusing the Republicans in Congress of "Running a Plantation"

Surely there are some sane Democrats out there who have a problem with this level of pandering, cynicism, nastiness, and slander. I refuse to believe that there aren't.