Friday, April 30, 2021

On Biden Claiming that January 6th Was the Worst Attack On Democracy Since the Civil War

Yeah, I'm sorry but anybody who claims that some modest property damage by a cadre of idiots and with the only deaths being on the side of the rioters (Officer Siknik died afterwards from unrelated causes) was somehow worse than Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, etc. is probably too dumb to be the Commander In Chief. I'm just sayin'.

On the Dude from Mumford and Son Apologizing for Having Complimented Andy Ngo's Book, "Unmasked" (a Volume that Does a Fairly Decent Job of Exposing the Idiotic, Anti-Free-Speech, and Violent Bullshit Group, Antifa)

I've said it once and I'll say it again, DON'T APOLOGIZE TO THE MOB! And especially don't apologize if you've said something completely defensible (the book has a 5.0 average rating on Amazon with thousands of reviews and everybody with half a brain knows that Antifa is a disgusting and destructive bunch of miscreants who put the whole country though hell last summer and who need to put down hard if they even attempt to replicate it this summer). Granted, the fellow's probably just trying to get his gig back but, still, isn't your dignity more important?

On the Fact that the NBA and MLB Apparently Think that Asking Someone for Some Form of ID (a Driver's License, Utility Bill, Pay Stub, or the Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number) Is a Greater Indignity than Slave Labor, Gulags, etc.

Yeah, I guess that when stacks of Benjamins capable of reaching Jupiter are involved (while servicing the communist Chinese), whatever moral compass that these assholes may have had pretty-much goes out the window. Obviously.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

On President Biden's Claim that White Supremacists Are the Greatest Threat Facing America Today -

His main source for this I suspect is a 2017 report from the Government Accountability Office called, "Countering Violent Extremism", a problematic analysis that a) conveniently begins at 9/12/2001 (one day after the twin towers went down), b) counts individual murders as terror attacks, c) stretches the definition of white supremacist to include people like the retard who shot up Umpqua Community College, a self-described mixed-race dude who's prey were largely Christians, and d) bases it's study on the number of attacks, not the number of deaths (13 more coming from Muslim attacks). It also doesn't include the hundreds of mass murders since 2001 by black gangsters that have slaughtered nearly 20 innocent black children just this year. Granted, Mr. Biden could probably give a rat's ass about these facts, figuring that his half-sauced supporters will likely buy this foolishness but, please, we at least have to attempt to set the record straight, no?

Twenty First Question for President Biden

Mr. Biden, in your address to the Nation last night you argued that the wealthy needed to start paying their fair-share. Being that the top 1% is already paying 40.1% of all income taxes (greater than the botom 50% combined) and an effective tax-rate in excess of 25% (, what would your satisfactory definition of "fair-share" be? And, please, be specific.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

On Living In a Country Where Independent Journalists with Little More than a Smart-Phone In Their Hands and a Thousand Twitter Followers Are Somehow Able to Deliver More Accurate and Less Partisan News to Their Readers and/or Viewers than These Heavily Conflicted Multi-Billion Dollar Corporate Enterprises Whose Reporters Are a Lot More Like Deep-State Stenographers than Professional News People

 Not that journalists were ever perfect, mind you, but we did have some solid ones (Tim Russert, Mike Wallace, and Frank Reynolds rapidly come to mind), and even the more pedestrian ones at least tried to be accurate and fair in their presentations. Today, well, you have eyes. Judge for yourself.

On the Fact that if We're Going to Call January 6th an, "Insurrection", then We Had Better Be Calling -

a) the storming of the federal courthouse in Portland causing massive damage, b) the breaking into of the Iowa state capitol while causing mayhem, c) the breaking into of the Columbus police department with officers getting attacked, and d) the bum-rushing of the Oklahoma state capitol, ditto, 'cause if we don't, you think that we have chaos now, oh boy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

On a 13 Year-Old Cincinnati Girl Getting Stabbed to Death Last Week by Another 13 Year-Old -

I'll be waiting for the tweets from Kathy Griffin, the moron from Black Lives Matter, and Valerie Jarrett on this (you know, because they essentially proclaimed that knife fights are no big thing and that the cops should just let them happen). Should be quite interesting, huh (and by, interesting, I of course mean, nonexistent)?................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I'll wager that the family of the slain girl would have loved to have had a cop present prior to their youngster's murder.......whatever Lebron James might have to say.

On the Fact that These Racial-Grievance Mongers Are so Wedded to Their Bullshit Template that Cops Are Disproportionately Gunning Down Black Men for Fun that They Were Willing to Let One Black Teenager Get Stabbed to Death While Demonizing the Officer Who Saved Her Life

That's a scary level of derangement and to have these total buffoons like Lebron James pouring even more gasoline and idiocy on the fire isn't helping, let's just say that.

On George Floyd Dying with COVID

I'll take, "The Only Individual In America Who Perished WITH COVID that the Shits Didn't Ultimately Notate as Dying FROM COVID", for a thousand, Alex.

Monday, April 26, 2021

On Biden's Plan to Raise the Capital Gains Tax Rate to a Whopping 43.4% (Making it One of the Highest On the Planet -

Of course just like with the personal income tax you eventually reach a point of diminishing returns (where revenues go down when the rates go higher) and according to Congress's Joint Committee On Taxation that rate is 28%. Hopefully when the White House has to hammer out an agreement on this the rate gets trimmed down to 30% or so (close enough for government work) 'cause Biden's rate won't just result in less money it'll also chase away companies and that won't be good for anybody.

On Ava Gardner, Circa 1949


While I've always considered Ava beautiful, she sometimes seemed a trifle frail. Here however, VERY HEALTHY!!

On the F.B.I. Finally Releasing 68 of the 576 Documents Pertaining to Seth Rich (Many of Them Heavily Redacted) with One of Them Allegedly Saying, "It is Conceivable that an Individual or Group Would Want to Pay for His Death" -

Ty Clevinger, the lawyer who's been pressuring the Feds to release this information promises to continue the pressure, a) to get as many redactions removed as humanly possible and b) to get his hands on as many of the remaining 508 documents as he can. But until then, the information gotten from these pages alone seems to suggest that the "botched robbery" explanation of Seth's death is now at the bare minimum, debatable. 

On Open States, Texas and Florida, Reporting Fewer New COVID Cases per Capita than Pro-Mask States Such as Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan -

Yes, I understand that comparing states, countries, etc. isn't always the best barometer but being that geniuses like Fauci had predicted Armageddon after certain states ditched some of these unscientific, arbitrary, and downright demeaning mandates, I just thought that I'd mention it, that's all. 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

On the 2011 Police Killing of Homeless Man, Kelly Thomas

The cops claimed that he was resisting arrest and that he was just fine when the medics took him away (they referred to what you're witnessing in that right-hand picture as, "superficial bruising") but witnesses claimed that Thomas was sitting on the ground non-aggressive, yelling out, "I'm trying", when the police tried to cuff him, and as far as him being "fine", you be the judge. And while, yes, three of the cops were charged with either murder or manslaughter, they all were acquitted. So much for Kelly's white privilege, huh (one of the cops who beat the daylights out of him was Mexican - narrative that!)?

On the Idiotic Politicians In Oregon Making High School Track Athletes Compete with Masks On (Outside, No Less)

This is insane. First off youngsters are at a very low risk from COVID (and don't appear to spread it all that much, either), secondly the odds of anyone catching COVID outside are infinitesimal, and thirdly running and jumping with a mask on is unhealthy and potentially dangerous (don't believe me, try running 800 meters as fast as you can with one of those suckers on, it ain't pleasant). Of course we are dealing with some Oregon politicians here and so we probably need to grade on a curve but, still. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

On Chassidy Saunders, D'Myah Rankin-Fleming, Larea Hall, Major Turner, Davion Tarver, NyAndrea Dyer, Joseph Hobbs, Caion Greene, Ja'Aliya Hughes, Mya Patel, Treyce Bryant, Harley Celance, Rondell Jones, Dior Harris, Jamayla Marlowe, Dexter Fergusson, Brian Henderson Jr., and Jaslyn Adams

You likely haven't heard these names before but these are the young black kids who've been killed so far this year (and it isn't even May yet) in drive-by shootings in various big cities by violent black gang-bangers. Yeah, there may have been some local news coverage on these events but CNN, Black Lives Matter, the New York Times, and MSLSD - crickets. Hmm, I guess that young black lives slaughtered by feral black thugs simply don't "matter" all that much. Based upon this at least.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

On the Fact that if the Sitting President of the United States Saying that He Hopes for the "Right Verdict" In an Ongoing Trial Doesn't Send a Chill Up Your Spine, Please, See a Chiropractor, Fast, 'Cause YOUR Spine Obviously Need Some Tending to

And make no mistake about it, the right verdict in Biden's eyes was ole Chauvin being convicted of second degree murder (never mind that the charge was hugely inappropriate or that there seemed to be reasonable doubt).......In case it wasn't obvious enough.................................................................................................P.S. And no, I don't think that Chauvin should have gotten away scot-free on this. Like I said in a prior post, negligent homicide, reckless endangerment, and/or involuntary manslaughter would have all been appropriate charges and probable slam-dunks with Chauvin likely going away for a solid 5 to 7 years. Granted, it wouldn't have satisfied the increasingly feral and vengeful left but, please, if that becomes the new barometer of what is just in this country, we're toast.  

On the Fact that if that 16 Year-Old Knife-Wielding Black Girl Had Succeeded In Stabbing the Other Young Black Girl to Death, No One (Save for the Families Involved) Would Have Ever Known About it as it Didn't Fit the Leftist Media's Narrative About Black Victimization and Unending White Villainy

I've stated it before and I'll state it again, black on black violence is probably the number one civil rights issue of our time but because it doesn't perpetrate the division that the political entrenchment and their shills in the media so desperately wish to continue, it's completely ignored. Big surprise, huh?

Best Rendition of Berlioz Ever?

  It's a strong lean for me, that's for certain.

On the Fact that (According to the CDC's Own Stats) 79% of the Folks Hospitalized for COVID Have Either Been Obese or Overweight

There are lot of reasons why the West has been hit harder by COVID than the developing world (longer life expectancies in the West, for example) and with stats like this obesity is probably one of them (one of those frequently talked about co-morbidities). Quite safe to say.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

On the Fact that 99% of the Black Community Could Probably Identify One of These Dudes, Guess Which

Not exactly a coin-flip, now is it? Sadly (as in, herein lies the problem).

On a Columbus, Ohio, Trooper (Responding to a Call, No Less) Shooting a a 16 Year-Old Black Girl Who Was Holding a Knife Extremely Close to Another Young Girl's Face and the Idiots at Black Lives Matter (Along with the Venomous Retread, Valerie Jarrett) Vilifying the Cop and Essentially Condoning Knife Fights

I suppose that the cop could have used a taser but sometimes that doesn't completely immobilize a suspect and what if that knife ended up in the other girl's face? Then what, Jarrett and Black Lives Matter idiots? Haven't considered that, have you? Dumb fucks.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

On Two Minnesota National Guard Soldiers Getting Shot at Only Ten Short Minutes After Maxine Waters Gave Her Vitriolic and Chowderheaded Speech the Other Day

Is this what you meant by, "more confrontational", asshole (me addressing Mad Max)? Probably, huh?....................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I get it that the two events may not be related but being that the timeline didn't exactly jive with President Trump and those buffoonish Capitol riots, either, all's fair, I say.

On Airlines Stuffing People Like Sardines Into Their Planes and Then After They Land Making Them Socially-Distance as They Vacate the Craft

It's pure theater at this point and the fact that the American people haven't said, ENOUGH, in response to these unscientific, arbitrary, and bullshit practices likely doesn't bode well for the future, I fear. Greatly.

Monday, April 19, 2021

On the Fact that the Tony Timpa Case Is Eerily Similar to that of George Floyd's

Well, except for the round the clock cable news coverage, incessant race-baiting, the cop not getting charged, month after month of rioting, dozens of deaths from the mayhem, and the $27,000,000 judgement. But, yeah, other than that, almost identical.............................................................................................P.S. That's Tony Timpa's mom in the bottom picture. She doesn't look too pleased, does she?

On Maxine Waters Stating that if Officer Chauvin Doesn't Get Convicted On One of His Murder Charges (Manslaughter Obviously Not Enough for Ole Maxine), the "Protesters" Need to Become MORE Confrontational ('Cause as We're All Aware, They've Simply Been Way too Timid Up 'til this Point)

Yeah, I'm just gonna' come out and say it. This woman is quite likely the most divisive, idiotic, unhinged, and radical buffoon to have ever set foot in the halls of Congress......and unless she is reined in by the Democratic leadership (highly unlikely in that Pelosi just came out with a strong statement of support for her fellow battle-axe - fearful of being called a racist, I'm guessing), you think that last summer was bad? Watch out........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, if Trump got impeached for "peacefully and patriotically", certainly what this asshole said needs to be considered, too, no?

Sunday, April 18, 2021

On the Fact that No One Has the Right to Look at a Person's Skin Color and Assign a Bunch of Attributes to Them, it's Disgusting, Idiotic, and About as Racist as One Can Get and Yet this Is What Our "Educators" Are Ramming Down the Throats of Young Grade-School Children with this Poorly Reasoned and Divisive Bullshit Called Critical Race Theory (Telling Black Kids that They're Victims and White Kids that They're Oppressors)

Please, if you have young kids and you can possibly do so, get them the hell out of these government-run indoctrination centers in that not only are they getting a piss-poor education in general, they're literally being trained to hate themselves. Yes, I understand that not everyone has the option to home-school, the resources for private school, or even a charter school possibility but if you can. If you can, I'm saying.

On the Fact that When Public Health Focuses On a Singular Aspect of Human Health and Ignores Every Other Aspect of Human Well-Being, What Do You Think Is Going to Happen?

Not a trick question, folks (not exactly rocket science, either). In fact it's probably one of the softest softballs that I've lobbed at anyone in that OF COURSE THERE'S GOING TO BE SOME COLLATERAL DAMAGE! I mean, I get it that these bureaucrats and politicians seemingly never understand that trade-offs are fundamental in thinking about epidemics but given the enormity of what this response to COVID has been, I would have expected at least some discussion but, no, not so lucky this time. AGAIN!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

On Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of "Fifteen Days to Flatten the Curve"

Yeah, I didn't.

Twentieth Question for President Biden

Mr. Biden, if the countries of the planet got together and instituted a world-wide 20 mile per hour speed limit, we could probably save 1,000,000 lives a year (1.3 million die every year from road fatalities and you have to think that at least 80% of those lives could be saved with a huge decrease in the speed limit) and yet no sane individual has ever proposed such a thing because they know that commerce would be stymied and many more people would die because of that. And so my question is, why have not you and the rest of the political geniuses of the world been able to make the same calculation when it comes to COVID (the lockdowns having caused far more suffering than the damned virus)?   

On the Fact that LBJ Had a Higher Approval Rating Among Republicans than JFK (During Their Respective First Years as President)


This absolutely flabbergasted me in that Kennedy was a far more conservative President than LBJ. Of course we are talking about their first years in office and being that LBJ did have some rock-solid cred as a boll weevil Democrat while Kennedy was still a relative blank-slate (and a Northeasterner) it actually might make some sense after-all.  

On the Push to Make Washington D.C. a State

It's a city, not a damned state. I mean, yeah, if you want to put it under the jurisdiction of Maryland or Virginia and get a couple of additional Democratic Congresspersons, that's fine but to make an area less than 1/4th the size of New York City (shit, it's even smaller than Queens alone) a fucking state simply to strong-arm two more Democratic Senators in perpetuity, sorry but that's insane.

Friday, April 16, 2021

On the Fact that as Far Back as a Year Ago (In a New England Journal of Medicine Article), Fauci and His Buddy, Redfield, Posited that the Death-Rate for COVID Could Be as Low as that of the Seasonal Flu, 0.1% (it's Turned Out to a Bit More than that - 0.26%, Close Enough)

And yet they went on to destroy the country anyway. Go figure, huh?  

On One of Those Mentally-Challenged Black Lives Matter "Protesters" Bellowing Out, "Put the White People Up Front, Put the White People Up Front" During Last Night's Portland Riot (AKA, Peaceful Protesting)

If you ever needed additional evidence that these buffoonish white liberals are little more than useful idiots (or in this case, cannon fodder) for such deranged revolutionaries, might this suffice? I sure hope so.....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the same goes for the idiots at CNN and MSLSD. They just have a wee-bit more of a buffer-zone (at least for now), that's all.

On the Talking-Points Tools of the American Regime and Corporate Billionaire Class Constantly Calling the Great Barrington Declaration (a Sensible Approach to COVID Which Focuses On Protecting Vulnerable Populations While Allowing the Rest of Society to Get Back to Normal, Gauge Their Own Risk, etc.), "Controversial"

And my response, "Uh, no, assholes, what we've been doing the past 12 months is controversial in that we have never, a) quarantined healthy people, b) had the whole society walk around with various face-masks on, c) allowed fascistic mayors and governors to smash their states' economies, crush civil liberties, etc., and d) seriously considered forcing citizens to take a vaccine that's only available because of an emergency use authorization. What the Great Barrington Declaration is promoting, yeah, not even a smidge controversial."......Something like that.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

On Some Clowns In the Libertarian Party of Nevada Purportedly Defending the Nuclear Strikes On Japan In 1945

So the act most antithetical to the non-aggression principle (a cornerstone of libertarianism) in all of human history, these buffoons are down with. Man, huh?............................................................................................P.S. Thankfully not all of the chapters are as moronic, confused, and deranged as these people seem to be but, still, even having one is too much, wouldn't you say?

On the Fact that We've Actually Reached a Point In this Increasingly Dystopian World of Ours Where Idiot Savant Silicon Valley Oligarchs Have Decided to Stifle the Opinions of Scientists and Doctors from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford Just Because They Disagree with a Forty Year Entrenched Bureaucrat Named Anthony Fauci

This has proceeded so far beyond Orwellian that I don't even know how to respond at this point. Just stew on it, I guess.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

On the Fact that the Democrats Can't Just Come Out and Say, "We Want Power" (In Response to Georgia's Election Reform Bill) and so They Did What They Perpetually Do; Label Their Opponents, Racists

And, please, keep in mind here, this is from the same party that apparently thinks that blacks are simply too feeble-minded to find the motor vehicle department or operate a computer. And the real racists ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE?

On President Biden Referring to the New Georgia Election Law as, "Jim Crow On Steroids"

So a voting law that doesn't differ all that much from the one in Biden's own state of Delaware is worse than Bull Connor mowing down dozens of black people with a mega-powered fire-hose. Oh yeah, makes total sense (and by, makes total sense, I of course me, quite possibly the most hyperbolic and ludicrous analogy of recent memory).

On the Fact that if the Shit Truly Does Go Down (In the Suburbs) and Your Home Starts to Burn, I Can Virtually Guarantee that it Won't Be One of Proud Boys Holding the Torch but Rather an Antifa Shit or BLM Knuckle-Dragger

You wanna' place a bet? I might even give you some odds. Seriously.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

On Dr. Scott Gottlieb, After a Solid Year of Stoking Fear About COVID and Claiming that the Only Way Out of this Nightmare Would Be to Develop a Vaccine (and Keep In Mind Here that There Had Never Been a Vaccine for Any of the Other Half Dozen or so Coronaviruses), Has Suddenly Landed a Big-Bucks Job On the Board of Pfizer, One of the Companies Currently Peddling a COVID Vaccine

More blatant this shit could not be (it also goes a long way in explaining the dude's poo-pooing of much less expensive therapeutics such as Ivermectin, Budesonide, and Chloroquine)............and yet the media (also in bed with big pharma but I digress) just flat-out ignores it. Corruption at the highest level, anyone?

On Yet More Controversial Police Shooting In Minneapolis

 Here's what needs to happen. a) Black suspects need to stop resisting arrest and b) police unions need to stop protecting substandard officers (the female cop in this instance freaked-out and couldn't differentiate her Glock from a taser, supposedly - an affirmative action hire, could be). I mean, I get it that I'm probably asking way too much here but can we at least inch toward these goals, for Christ? You know, before another city gets burnt to a crisp.

Monday, April 12, 2021

On the Democratic Party's Massive Lurch to the Left -

And this article only goes up to 2017. Can you imagine what that chart would look like now (the Dems having embraced such hard-core views as court packing, post-partum abortions, student loan forgiveness, reparations, defunding the police, the Green New Deal, making Puerto Rico and D.C. states, neutering the electoral college, giving 16 year-olds the right to vote, and doubling the minimum-wage)? Scary thought, huh?

On United Airlines Proclaiming that 50% of Their Next 5,000 Pilots Will Either Be Women or Persons of Color ('Cause as We're All Aware, Pure Meritocracy Simply Has No Place When You're Flying a 100,000 Pound Airplane with 350 Passengers at a Height of 35,000 Feet)

 Woke ideology and political correctness can get you killed apparently. That's good to know, moving forward.............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not implying that women and blacks can't be adept pilots, just that if you're going to put gonads and skin pigmentation ahead of skill (like colleges such as Harvard, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Yale have apparently been doing for years) you're probably going to encounter problems. Big ones.  

Thursday, April 8, 2021

On the President of the United States Suffering from an Obvious Cognitive Decline and the Corporate Press Ignoring the Hell Out of it with Their Usual Slight-of-Hand

Yes, I understand that he's simply keeping the seat warm for Kamala and that the media is probably just running the clock out but, Jesus, that gorilla in the room is starting to take up most of the space and rotsa ruck ignoring that.

On Living Fully with a Slight Uptick In Risk Versus a Barren Existence In Which You're Likely to Die Early Anyway from Stress, Isolation, and Financial Hardship

To quote the great Thomas Sowell, "there are no solutions, only tradeoffs." And, yes, the tradeoffs here were one hell of a bitch.

On the Fact that Even Though Stalin Had Killed Far More People than Hitler by 1941 and Had Even Brutalized the Poles to a Far Greater Extent During the Two Countries' Respective Invasions, it Still Hasn't Adequately Been Explained Why it Would Have Been Morally Repugnant to Compromise with One Murderous Dictator but Not Morally Repugnant to Openly Embrace and Even Collaborate with Another, Equally Pugnacious One

One of the critical elements of WW2 that still remains off-limits to historical dialogue, I guess (probably because the Americans and British had to turn Hitler into Satan to justify the 60,000,000 deaths and all of Eastern Europe becoming a Soviet slave-state......but I digress). Kinda' strange, huh?

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

On the Fact that While the Neck Restraint that Officer Chauvin Used On George Floyd May Have Been an Authorized Technique, Maintaining it for Nine Minutes (Several of Which Mr. Floyd Was Unconscious) and at a Point Where the Dude Was Clearly Immobilized I Suspect Wasn't Part of the Training


Having said that, I still think that Chauvin was likely overcharged (negligent homicide, reckless endangerment, involuntary manslaughter - all being more appropriate AND easier to prove). I mean, I get it that people want this asshole to pay a heavy price but wouldn't it be better if the prosecution could nail his ass on one of these lesser charges which could lock him up for 5 to 7 years than have him walk away with zero punishment? I'm just askin'.

On the Fact that We've Known for Decades Now What Does and Doesn't Work When it Comes to Dealing with Pandemics and Yet for Some Bizarre and Inexplicable Reason We've Jettisoned Not Only THIS Knowledge but Any Semblance of Reason and Common Sense When it Comes to the Current Pandemic - -


And it isn't just that these measures are ineffective (in terms of stopping the virus), they're actually creating more suffering and lost years of life than the damned virus itself (in poorer countries like South Africa the ratio has been cited conservatively as close to 30 to 1 - per recent actuarial work from PANDA). Hopefully they'll be a day of reckoning for the politicians who've perpetrated this suffering but being that a) the people have almost uniformly acquiesced and b) there's rarely if ever a comeuppance for the ruling elite, we can likely expect more of this sledgehammer approach in the future, not less.  

On Don Lemon Fake-Crying to Yet Another Cringe-Worthy Racial-Grievance-Mongering Soliloquy By the Insufferable Cornel West

 Or maybe Lemon's tears were real as he may have been pondering his shill-driven network's post-Trump ratings. Who knows.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

This from March of 2020

"Consequences of COVID-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal flu; 0.1% (death-rate)." Dr. Anthony Fauci, New England Journal of Medicine. And, "mortality rates (low overall) COVID-19 should no longer be classified as a high consequence infectious disease." Gov.UK - And so the critical question of course remains - why, after 12 months of subsequent information which buttresses these observations (the minuscule death-rate for healthy people under 70, the low death-rate in non-western regions of the world, the lack of evidence pertaining to asymptomatic spread of the virus, etc.), are we still fucking panicking? I mean, I get it that the media and government are concealing these things......and that the average individual either doesn't want to rock the boat (most of the people who I converse with in the Stop and Shop parking lot agree with my view that masks are essentially useless and yet we all just deal with it) or take the time to research the matter but, still, gotta' wake up eventually, no?

Sunday, April 4, 2021

On Cornell University Now Offering a Certificate Degree In "Diversity and Inclusion"

So yet another august institution shitting out the spoils of identity politics, pitiful scholarship, etc. (likely on the taxpayer's dime, no less). Fucking great, huh?

Saturday, April 3, 2021

On What Huxley's John the Savage Might Say to the Politicians and Bureaucrats of Today Whose Goal Is to Keep Us "Safe", Content, and Bizarrely Appreciative


“All right then, I'm claiming the right to be unhappy.......Not to mention the right to grow old and ugly and impotent; the right to have syphilis and cancer; the right to have too little to eat, the right to be lousy; the right to live in constant apprehension of what may happen tomorrow; the right to catch typhoid; the right to be tortured by unspeakable pains of every kind.......I claim them all."......Or words to that effect.

To All of the Folks Who've Decided to Piss Upon Trump at Least In Part Because Everyone Else Is (Media Shits and Rank Politicians Leading the Way of Course), this, from Mr. Clemens

Or if you prefer a more modern prototype, "Everybody says one thing, I say bet the other way." Ricky Roma from "Glengarry Glen Ross".

My New Favorite Movie Still (Granted, it Changes by the Week)?

This one, Anne Baxter from her 1946 Oscar-winning performance in "The Razor's Edge"; poignant, lovely, and pitiful, all in one expression. Love it.

Friday, April 2, 2021

On the Push to Get Children Vaccinated for COVID

So the population least at risk of dying from this virus (approximately three per 100,000, and those three are probably asthmatics), least likely to spread it, and most likely to push us towards herd-immunity safely, they want to inject with an experimental biological agent that's currently lighting up the charts over at VAERS. Hmm, follow the money maybe?

On an Employee at "Young Vogue" Getting Shit-Canned for a Spate of Unfortunate Tweets that She Fired-Off Ten Years Ago at the Age of 17 (this Despite the Fact that She's Apologized Profusely)

Is there anybody at any of these corporations that still has a backbone sufficient enough to say, fuck you, to these low-IQ SJWs (I gather that the decision was made after a small contingent of woke employees put up a major stink after discovering the tweets)? So far it's only been the fellow at Goya (shit, even the Chick-fil-A dude is making a fool of himself these days) and he can't do it by himself, OBVIOUSLY.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

On the Fact that Nation-States Are Rarely Murdered and Almost Always Decay from Within (Through Subversion, a Debasement of its Currency, Decadence, Corruption, Factionalism, etc.)

And even in the case of Rome, yes, they were overrun by Germanic armies but Rome at its apex would have repelled these barbarians with relative ease. It wasn't until Rome debased its currency, experienced a disintegration of its economic interconnectedness, and became a moral basket-case that it became ripe for the picking (Odoacer retaining some of the better elements of Rome's polity adding a wee-bit of irony to the mix for sure). Thankfully there aren't any barbarians at America's gate just yet but if history is any indication......  

On the Theorem of Tacitus Which States that as Societies Reach a Certain Level of Prosperity, Security, and Luxury, They Invariably Become Prostrate, Lax, Bored, and Decadent, and Their Decline Becomes All but Certain

Rings a bell, huh?

Biggest and Most Revolting Lie In Human History?

Probably not (the lies of LBJ, Khrushchev, and Bush 2 likely worse) but can we at least put it in the top 20 or so (the harsh fact that it likely brought about a caliber of misery and suffering far worse than the disease itself)? Please, tell me yes.