Monday, November 30, 2020

On the Fact that Aaron Mate, Matt Taibbi, and Glenn Greenwald Have All Been Able to Put Politics Aside to Cover Russiagate Fairly and yet the Corporate Buffoons at CNN and MSLSD Haven't thus Far......and Likely Never Will

Trump is just too much of an existential threat (to the entrenched bureaucracy, Military Industrial Complex, etc), I guess. I mean, yeah, they probably wouldn't like any Republican but, come on, do you seriously see them attacking a Rubio or a Romney like this? I can't.

On the Fact that Biden Under-Performed Mrs. Clinton In Every Metropolitan Area In the Country Except for Atlanta, Detroit, Philly, and Milwaukee, All of Which Are Located In the Swing-States that Trump Was Leading Up 'til Midnight and Which He Ended Up Losing (Ostensibly) In the Morning -

Stranger things have happened, I'll grant you that......but when you combine it with all of the other anomalies (the vote tally exceeding the number of registered voters in some of these Democratic strongholds, for example), it does stretch credulity just a bit, wouldn't you say?

Sunday, November 29, 2020

On What the Average Senior Would Rather Have; Three or Four More Years of COVID Torment from These Bullshit Lockdowns (with Loneliness Being Just as Lethal as a Virus Sometimes) or One More Holiday Season (Possibly More) with Family and Friends

While governments always tend to be at least somewhat myopic (Bush's "war on terror" a perfect example), what they've done over the past seven or eight months has been BEYOND Orwellian, not just in terms of bald-face tyranny but also in the inability of these buffoons to fully understand the consequences of their policies (one of which is alluded to in the title). Hopefully there'll be a day of reckoning at some point but being that we seem to be on the fast-track to full-throated totalitarianism, maybe not, huh?

On the Difference Between North Korean State Television and the Type of Propagandist Slop that the Corporate Cronies at CNN and MSLSD Will Use to Prop Up Joe Biden Over the Next Four Years (if He Makes it that Long)

Not a dime's worth, would be my guess (the fact that they're heavily invested, my prior experiences with the ramrods, etc.).

On the Umayyad Caliphate Completely Conquering the Iberian Peninsula by 718 AD and Just Four Years Later Losing a Decent Sized Chunk of the North to the Asturians (the Beginning of the Reconquista)

 Yeah, I guess that THIS INDIGENOUS POPULATION (we're supposed to care about these folks, remember?) didn't want to live under Islam. Hmm, wonder why.   

Seventh Question for President Biden

Mr. Biden, when President Poroshenko informed you that there was no evidence of corruption related to prosecutor Shokin, you failed to challenge him on the matter even though you had made inflammatory claims about this prosecutor in the past. Was this simply an oversight......or was it a brain-fart admission that the whole thing was bullshit right from the start (the true motivation of course being Shokin's Burisma investigation and its relation to your son)?

Saturday, November 28, 2020

On Societies Where Basic Liberties Are Contingent Upon the Whims of Political Ramrods, Court Scientists, and Entrenched Bureaucrats and Where the Citizens Are Little More than Objects Who Can Be Confined and Maintained Seemingly Without Controversy

Not a place where civilized people would choose to reside.......What I used to believe, at least.

On the Fact that Just Because You Tested Positive for COVID Doesn't Necessarily Mean that You Have the Disease -

Yeah, I guess that (with Fauci Even Admitting this In an Interview) some of these tests are so sensitive that they're picking up minuscule amounts of the virus which would make you neither sick nor contagious......and yet they're still adding these to the case tally. More deception, in other words. Great, huh?

On How the Elderly View These Insane COVID Lockdowns


A picture paints a thousand words, I've heard, and now I believe it. In spades......................................................................................P.S. And, no, it didn't have to be this way in that if we had focused on this population from the start and allowed the virus to go though the healthy population (possibly with some educational measures on hand-washing, not touching one's face, staying away from sick folks, improving one's diet, exercising, spending MORE time outdoors, etc.), the damned thing would probably be over......but noooooooooooo we had to stretch it out for months and this is the result; deaths of despair, etc.. Well done, assholes, well done. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

On the Fact that the Persian Invasion of Greece In 480 BC Didn't Just Include Persian Troops but Also Lydian, Egyptian, Phoenician, Scythian, Babylonian, Kushite, Medes, Sogdian, Bactrian, and Even Indian Forces (from Regions Already Conquered)

While subsequent empires (British, Mongol, Spanish, Muslim, etc.) ultimately supplanted it as the largest in history, up 'til that time, the world had seen nothing like it............and the fact that the Greeks were finally able to repel them (at the battle of Salamis), wow, WOW (though, yes, it wasn't until Alexander the Great that the Persian dominance truly started to wane).

On My Overwhelming Suspicion that if Hillary Clinton Had Been President this Past Year, Hydroxychloroquine Would Have Been Touted as a Wonder-Drug and Hillary a Tremendous Leader

Yeah, I think that everyone at this point gets it that the whole corporate media and Washington establishment response to this extremely safe and seemingly effective drug was purely to prevent President Trump from experiencing a victory, even if it put the public at risk. Thankfully the dust hasn't completely settled to the point where if I was one of those CNN numb-nuts who slandered this particular drug, yeah, I'd be lawyering-up about now......'cause the class-action suits, theys a comin'. Trust me.

On the Fact that if White Europeans Started Flooding Into the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa and Massively Changed the Culture, Language, Demographics, and Politics (Torpedoing Free Speech and Other Rights, No Less) of the Region While Also Pushing Their Economies Markedly Towards a Discredited and Oppressive Form of Socialism, it Would Be Considered an Act of War......AND YET......

   Oh well, as long as we get to feel good about ourselves, I guess, virtue-signal, etc..

On the Fact that I Watched the Trump Team's Hearing In Pennsylvania the Other Day and Found the Witnesses (All of Whom Had Provided Sworn Affidavits) Quite Persuasive -

Needless to say the media has either ignored these hearings or proclaimed that they were bullshit (offering-up jack-shit for evidence of course). Thankfully you can still observe them on YouTube......but for how long, probably not very, would be my guess.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

On the Fact that a Second Trump Term Would Probably Mean the Arrests of a Large Number of Powerful People (Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe) and, so, Yeah, There Is SOME Incentive for the Entrenched Underbelly of D.C. to Try and Make that Not Happen......and to Maybe Even Cheat a Little

Not saying that that's what they did, just that it wouldn't surprise me, that's all.

On Mask Mandates

Or as prefer to call them, human dignity annihilating policies that have quickly become articles of faith to a Hodge-podge of statist tyrants who seemingly rejoice when enforcing subservience to their brazen almighty, the government. Though, yeah, mask mandates, works as well.

On the Fact that if Trump Had Won the Election and Hundreds of Sworn Affidavits Asserting Voter Fraud Started Coming In, Do You Really Think that Bullshit Outlets Like CNN, AP, and MSLSD Would Be Calling Trump the Winner and Claiming that There Was No Evidence of Voter Fraud?

That's kinda' checkmate, no (the fact that no cogent and fair-minded person could ever answer, yes, to that question and, so, BOOM, done)?

On the Fact that While I Still Don't Have Any Smoking-Gun Evidence as to Who Murdered Seth Rich, the Hard Fact that John Podesta Stated in One of Those Wikileaks Emails that He Was, "Definitely for Making an Example of a Suspected Leaker, Whether or Not We Have Any Real Basis for it", and a Few Weeks Later Mr. Rich Dies, Has to at Least Make this Creepy Asshole a Person of Interest, No?

Not according to the Washington police department, apparently (ditto for CNN and MSLSD, neither of whom give a rat's-ass about Rich's murder 'cause as we're all aware it is much more important to get Trump to disavow David Duke for the 7,000th time).  

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

To the Good People of California

Please, celebrate Thanksgiving this year as you always have; inside, with as many guest as you want and for as long as you desire, and if any jack-booted miscreants come to your door to question you about these decisions tell them to go pound sand. It's time to take a stand, people. Past time, in fact.

On People's Willingness to Be Herded and Nondescript and to Bury Their Individuality for the Sake of the Collective

 Yeah, this is the most dispiriting part of the entire COVID nightmare; people just doing what their told, taking what the statists say as gospel, etc.. Hopefully it reaches a tipping-point when and if these assholes make a vaccine mandatory in that that would be one hell of a bridge too far, wouldn't you say?

On the Psychotic Governor of Oregon Instructing Her "Subjects" to Call the Police if They See Any of Their Neighbors with More than Six Guests at Their House (One of Her Dumb-Fuck COVID Restrictions) -

Hopefully the fine citizens of Oregon (not all of whom emulate Portlanders) tell her to go pound sand, because as we all know, once a population becomes complicit in its own degradation, it tends not to end well (can you say, 1917 Russia?).

On the Fact that Matt Taibbi, Aaron Mate, and Glenn Greenwald Are Three of the Best Journalists In the Country Right Now and, Guess What, THEY'RE ALL LIBERAL!!!

So honest journalism can be done, regardless of one's politics.......Just not on the corporate side, apparently (the ties simply too powerful).

On the Fact that Those Slantheaded and Venal Socialist Congresswomen Have Apparently Decided to Shit All Over the Pilgrims this Thanksgiving (Because as We All Know, Had Some Sub-Saharan Black Africans, Mongols, Aztecs, or Turks Landed On Plymouth Rock Back In 1620 Things Would Have Gone sooooooo Much Better)

Again, these imbeciles fail to understand that a) it's stupid to judge people from 400 YEARS AGO by today's standards and sensibilities, b) if you go back far enough you'll notice that the "currency" of virtually every country's borders is blood and that those of the United States are no different, c) colonization and migration have been universal behaviors all throughout history (even amongst the animal kingdom) and so to single-out white Europeans as the sole perpetrators of them is beyond ignorant, d) whenever there is a clash between two civilizations the more advanced civilization invariably prevails (sorry but, yeah) e) atrocities have been perpetrated by virtually every ethnic group on the planet (Xhosa against Khoikhoi and San, Zulus against multiple tribes, Comanches against Apaches, Muslims against Hindus in India, Mongols against Kievan Rus', Ottoman Turks against Armenians, and Maori against Moriori, just to name several), and f) the interactions between white Europeans and other racial groups haven't always been negative and have actually been beneficial in many cases (the prevention of genocide in Africa, the sharing of technological advancements, the building of infrastructure throughout the world, better outcomes for life-expectancy, literacy, infant mortality, etc., etc.). Of course if you hate the U.S. and have been insular throughout your entire life (at university, in your little ethnic enclave, etc.), you probably haven't thought any of this through but, come on, as an adult it's time, no?          

Monday, November 23, 2020

Sunday, November 22, 2020

How Do You Deal with President Trump Being Such a Reprehensible Person and Lying Sack-of-Shit?

I'll take, "the Type of Self-Serving and Powder-Puff Inquiries that Joe Biden Tend to Get at His Highly Orchestrated Town-Halls on CNN or MSLSD", for a thousand, Alex.

On this (a Lot of the Same People Who Said that it Was Way too Dangerous to Vote In Person Not Exactly Social-Distancing Post the Election)

Once again the virus showing its brilliance (knowing NOT to infect the Biden crowds and Black Lives Matter protesters but TO infect those at a Trump rally and anti-lockdown protesters). Amazing, huh?

Greatest Trio Ever (Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe, and Clark Gable from the 1961 Classic, "The Misfits")?


Maybe. Top 5, at least.

Biden to the Trump Supporters (In a Nutshell)

"Hey guys, all of that vitriol about you folks being racists, Nazis, deplorables, etc., can we just forget about that and all come together now that I'm el Presidente'? For the good of the country, I'm sayin'."......Paraphrasing, of course.

Sixth Question for President Biden

Mr. Biden, the stats consistently show that first-generation Latin-American immigrants vote 70% for Democrats and even into the third-generation it's still a plus-20 for the Dems. Can you assure the American people that your plan to hugely increase the number of asylum-seekers from these third-word countries isn't at all based upon these numbers and is instead a purely benevolent act? 

On the Fact that if the Deep-State In this Country Was Willing to Overthrow the Legitimate Governments of the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Syria, Panama, Iran, Guatemala, South Vietnam, Chile, Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, etc., etc., Why Then Is it Such a Far-Fetched Idea that They'd Be Willing to Take Similar Measures to Axe Trump, a Person Who They've Tried to Convince Us for Four Years Now Is an Existential Threat to America's Future?

Not asserting that it happened, just that it wouldn't surprise me, that's all. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Fifth Question for President Biden

 Mr. Biden, it is reported that there are pictures of under-age girls on your son's lap-top. If this is true, will you, at the bare-minimum, get this fellow some help and make sure that he stays away from kids in the future?

On People Dying from Clear Alternate Causes (the Gal from the Illinois Department of Health Is Seen On Video Admitting this), Officials Counting These as COVID Deaths, and the Media Taking These Figures and Adding Them to Their Death-Ticker Fear-Porn Chart In an Effort to Bring the Public to Maximum Red-Line Stress (the Goal of Course Being to Deep-Six Trump)

Yeah, this is corruption on the grandest of scales......and because the media is involved, more fucked we couldn't conceivably be.

On the Fact that In Some Areas of South Australia it Is Now Illegal to Walk Your Dog (Maybe You Can Do it On Your Own Property, I'm Not Certain) - I Shit You Not

So going outside where it's easy to social distance, where the viral-load is tiny, and where the sun, fresh air, and exercise actually help your immune system - this the dictatorial pile of shit politicians down-under have decided to outlaw. Wow, WOW.......Yeah, we're definitely in some uncharted territory here. Without question.

On the Claim by Researcher, John Lott, that Unionized Police Are 65% More Likely to Use Lethal Force than Police Who Aren't Unionized -

Lott admits that the stats are preliminary and that there could be some confounding elements involved (urban versus rural, for example)......but it does make sense when you realize how the union has a tendency to protect bad officers. Something to think about, at least.

On NPR Putting Out an Article In 2015 Which Questioned the Use of Face-Masks by the General Public (During Epidemics) -

Before it dawned on anybody that they could be used as a political weapon, OBVIOUSLY!

On the Fact that as Recently as this April, the American Medical Association Was Proclaiming this About Mask-Wearing by the General Public

 “Face masks should be used only by individuals who have symptoms of respiratory infection such as coughing, sneezing, or, in some cases, fever. Face masks should also be worn by healthcare workers, by individuals who are taking care of or are in close contact with people who have respiratory infections, or otherwise as directed by a doctor. Face masks should not be worn by healthy individuals to protect themselves from acquiring respiratory infection because there is no evidence to suggest that face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill. Face masks should be reserved for those who need them because masks can be in short supply during periods of widespread respiratory infection. Because N95 respirators require special fit testing, they are not recommended for use by the general public.” (Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA); April 21, 2020 Volume 323, Number 15 - So these folks were agreeing with Fauci, the Surgeon General, the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and pretty-much every other sane physician that having the entire population walking around with face-masks probably isn't the best way to go.............And then politics got involved. Oh boy, did it ever. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

On the Fact that if You Go to Yahoo's Home-Page You'll Literally Have to Go Through Dozens of Stories (AKA Hit-Pieces) Before You Find One that Doesn't Paint Mr. Trump as Some Uniquely Evil Individual (and Please Keep In Mind that We're Fresh Off the Heels of George Bush and Barack Obama, Both of Whom Destroyed Whole Countries and Killed Thousands of Civilians)

So, yeah, they're right up there with CNN, the Washington Post, MSLSD, the New York Times, and the rest of the establishment corporate whores who pray at the alter of the Democratic party. Shit, they might even be the worst.

On the Fact that Only In the Deranged and Sycophantic Minds of the Corporate Press Are Scores of Sworn Affidavits Not Viewed as Evidence

I have no idea if this EVIDENCE is enough to change the results of the election but, come on, to try and say that there's no evidence at all, that's bat-shit outlandish even for CNN and MSLSD.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

On the Fact that as Recently as December of 2019, Democratic Senators Like Warren, Wyden, and Klobuchar Were Sounding the Alarm About the Dominion Voting-System but Now that Their Fella' May Have Been the Beneficiary of it They've Suddenly Lost Their Voices, Just Like Magic

Weird, huh?   

On the Fact Even Though that a Young Black Fellow from Chicago Is Infinitely More Likely to Die In a Drive-by Shooting than He Is from COVID-19, the Idiot Mayor from that City Continues to Marshal the Lion's-Share of Her Focus On the Latter

Yet more evidence that "Black Lives Matter" has precious to do with black lives and a whole fucking shitload to do with bringing down our economic system, Constitutional form of government, etc........As if we needed any more. 

On PayPal Cancelling the Account of Independent Journalist, Andy Ngo

Yeah, I guess that PayPal and the rest of these big tech bastions of fascism don't like it that Mr. Ngo is routinely exposing the stupidity and violence of these basement-dwelling Antifa savages who don't have an ounce of dignity or a speck of courage (the media having consistently soft-peddled these assholes while trying to make the Trump supporters appear like the bad guys; the true fascist, I guess) and so the schmucks did what they always do; punish.  

On Governor Newsom Recently Being Caught On Tape Dining-Out with a Large Contingent of People, Not Social-Distancing, and Not Wearing a Mask In-Between Bites


It should be patently clear by now that none of these parasitic psychopaths have any desire to live by their own set of edicts and that this is just the latest version of it.......If only we would vote the rats out, huh (I know, I know, easier said than done)?

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

On the Fact that Right Around the Time that Trump Was Being Praised by Jesse Jackson for His "Commitment to Minorities and Under-Served Communities" Joe Biden Was Giving a Eulogy at Former Segregationist Strom Thurmond's Funeral

I actually don't think that either one of these men (as flawed as they may be and as stupid as they may act) is a racist (in the truest sense of the word) but, yeah, if we're always gonna' put one under the microscope, what's fair is fair, wouldn't you say?

On the Fact that Every Post About Jack Dorsey Will Now Come with the Following Disclaimer

"This claim about Jack Dorsey being a normal, cogent, and reasonable human being who doesn't enjoy smelling his own flatus while dancing in his birthday suit to 'Betty Davis Eyes' is disputed" - just to give you a quick heads-up.

Fourth Question for President Biden

Mr. Biden, whenever you speak in front of a predominantly black audience you have this persistent tendency to use improper English. Is this because you believe that black folks are incapable of understanding proper English or are you simply pandering per ususl?

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

On the Fact that if You Take Your Mask Off, You Need to Wash Your Hands, Put the Mask On a Clean (Preferably Sterile) Surface, and Wash Your Hands Again Prior to Putting it Back On......AND NONE OF THIS IS HAPPENING!!!

And this is likely why, according to the CDC - "evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures (face masks) did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza" and "those who come into close contact with a COVID patient for more than 15 minutes could spread the virus regardless of whether either individual wears a mask" and why you should probably just use your own commonsense on the matter and not listen to bureaucrats, politicians, etc.. My take, at least..............................................................................................P.S. And examining the data might not be a bad idea, either - - I'm just sayin'.

On President-Elect (I Guess, Who Knows?) Biden Recently Adding an Anti-Free-Speech POS Named Richard Stengel to His Transition Team and Putting Him In Charge of Some Dystopian Cathedral of Bullshit Called the "U.S. Agency for Global Media" Where His Main Goal Will Be to Combat Hate-Speech (Not a Real Thing) and Disinformation (Shit that He Doesn't Agree with)

This is what you voted for, folks. Just don't be alarmed if at some point it pays you back, good......and hard (a hat-top to H.L. Mencken).

On the Fact that the Media (Including Fox) Called Arizona Very Early for Biden (Even Though it Was Close) and Florida and Texas Very Late for Trump (Even Though Trump Had a Huge Lead In Both)

 My suspicion is that this was done to continuously show Biden ahead in the Electoral College numbers as a means to a) suppress the Trump vote and b) make a Biden victory appear inevitable.......Who benefits(?), in other words.

On the Fact that Most People Are Probably Astute Enough to Understand that When Trump Calls COVID-19 the "China Virus", He Isn't Directing His Disdain at the People of China (and Certainly Not at Chinese-Americans) but Rather at the Chinese Communist Party............and Yet the Media, Because They Have to Look at Everything Though this Racial-Grievance-Mongering Prism of Theirs and Hate Trump's Guts, Straight to the Lowest Common-Denominator They Go

Like clockwork, huh (the lone saving-grace being that only about 13 people watch CNN)?

Monday, November 16, 2020

Third Question for President Biden

Mr. Biden, we have you on tape telling President Porchenko that it would be "great" if Mr. Shokin was terminated, even after it was determined that there was no evidence of corruption ( Why would you so cavalierly cheer on the destruction of an innocent man? Is it because you're a sociopath......or is it because you're fearful of what what this prosecutor's investigation into Burisma might uncover?

On the Claim by Hard-Leftists that Parler Is a "Right-Wing Hangout"

Uh, no, it's a free-speech platform where everybody is free to join and the main reason why it's blowing-up at such a rapid pace is because that fascistic dick over at Twitter has either been banning conservatives or putting warning labels on their shit. Just to straighten that out.

On YouTube Constantly Feeling the Need to Post a Disclaimer to Any Content Which Challenges Their Mainstream Narrative Foolishness

Of course if you challenge the narrative too much (even if you use facts) your channel gets banned completely so I guess that it could be worse but, still, very creepy, wouldn't you say?

Sunday, November 15, 2020

On Being Forced to Sit at Home (with Yet Another Moronic Lockdown) and Wait for the Government to Send You Checks that Will Ultimately Inflate the Currency to Levels Never Witnessed In American History (and Please Keep In Mind that We Already Possess a Nearly $30,000,000,000,000 Debt and a Money Supply Four Times that of the Bill Clinton Era)

 And all over a virus with a survival rate of 99.95% for healthy people under 65. Man, are our leaders ever idiots.

On the Fact that Whenever Trump Has His Fingerprint On Something, it Nullifies the Whole Project, Even if it Requires a Total One-Eighty On the Part of His Opponents

My favorite example of this is when Trump essentially took a chapter out of the Noam Chomsky playbook and attempted to normalize relations with North Korea and that absolutely disgusting cable-news propagandist, Rachel Maddow, started shitting all over him for trying to negotiate with a horrible dictator (never voicing this concern when Clinton and Obama put forth similar overtures) in, how much more bizzaro-world can you get than that?

On a Former Administration Official Named Jim Jeffrey Referring to President Trump's Decision to Remove Troops from Syria as the Single Most Controversial Foreign Policy Decision of the Past 50 Years

So worse than Bush destroying Iraq and Afghanistan and Obama destroying Libya and funneling weapons to al Qaeda, the idiot (who also lied to the President about troop levels but I digress), is asserting. So much for there not being a deep-state.  

Saturday, November 14, 2020

On the Fact that Virtually All of the "Authoritative Sources" and "Fact-Checkers" that These Social Media Companies Use Are Hard-Core Partisan Slime-Sites Like CNN, Newsweek, Reuters, and the Washington Post -

And boy are they ever working time and a half these days (pushing their bullshit narratives, etc.)?......Almost as if they had something to lose.

On the Fact that YouTube Seemingly Doesn't Mind if a Deranged Buffoon by the Name of Vaush Argues that Possessing Child Pornography Isn't Morally Wrong and that it Should be Legalized but it Does Mind if a Person Merely Points Out Some Anomalies In the Recent Presidential Election

Try and Square that. I can't.

On Partisan Nut-Case, Van Jones, Fake Crying Tears of Joy After Mr. Biden Was Deemed by Jones's Bullshit News-Outlet to Be Victorious

Crying tears of joy over a politician (over a compromised and perverse one, no less). Yeah, that's just not in my wheel-house (as if who's occupying the White House should have any bearing on the quality of one's life AND it's embarrassing) and never will be, God willing.

On the Fact that I've Unilaterally Decided to Change CNN's Name from the "Cable News Network" to the "Cable Narrative Network" (Feeling it to Be Infinitely More Fitting)

Yeah, it seems a little ballsy but if these partisan assholes can muster up enough hubris to believe that they can legitimately call a Presidential election, I can do this. Shit, yes.

Friday, November 13, 2020

H.L. Mencken On the Fruits of Democracy

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." As we're likely to find out, very soon.

On Biden's COVID-19 Adviser Purportedly Wanting Yet Another Lockdown (this One 4 to 6 Weeks)

There are a lot of theories out there as why they're considering this but I'm gonna' go with the simplest one; they're idiots, at least for now.

On the Fact that it Is Never Enough for the Fascists Simply to Win, They Also Need Revenge - Exhibit A (this Disgusting Little Shit-Post from the Truly Psychotic, Jennifer Rubin)


And please keep in mind that this vindictive bullshit comes right on the heels of FOUR YEARS of the mouth-breathing establishment shits not accepting the results of the prior election (replete with acts bordering on treason) AND AND right after the dude who they supported underscored unity. Can you say, power-hungry degenerates who can't come close to establishing a consistent message? It's easy, huh?

On the Fact that Some of the Most Dangerous Individuals In History (Jacobins, Bolsheviks, etc) Have Been Those Who Were Modestly Educated and Who Felt that the Greater Society Didn't Appreciate Their "Brilliance"

He said, while seemingly in the midst of history brutally and moronically repeating itself YET AGAIN, our President-Elect continuously referring to these violent a-holes simply as, "an idea", etc., etc..

On the Fact that Trump Is the First President Since Eisenhower to Call Out the Military Industrial Complex and Unlike Ike He Did it While Still In Office

Granted, he didn't always follow through (dishing out more dough for the Pentagon, dragging his feet on some of the troop withdrawals, facilitating the Saudis with some nasty shit in Yemen, etc.) but, still, better than nothing, right?

Thursday, November 12, 2020

On the Slantheads at MSLSD and CNN Consistently Warning Us that if President Trump Lost the Streets Would Be Filled with Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists Causing Mayhem and Perpetrating Violence............and so Far None of that Shit Happening

So they were either lying profusely (again) or those neo-Nazis and white supremacists are perfectly content that Biden won. I wonder which.

Second Question for President Biden

 Mr. Biden, five blue-state Governors forced nursing facilities in their state to accept COVID-19-infected patients, an edict that potentially caused the deaths of thousands. Will you, AS President, instruct your justice department to continue the investigation of these policies that your predecessor's justice department started?

On (Court) Historian, Jon Meacham, Writing Speeches for Biden While Simultaneously Appearing On MSLSD and Sliming Trump

Yeah, this was such a blatant conflict of interest that even MSLSD had to let him go. Talk about embarrassing, huh?

On the Corporate Press Apparently Directing Some of its Minions to Scour YouTube In an Effort to Find Content-Creators Who Are Questioning the Election, Pressuring YouTube to Ban These People (or at the Bare Minimum, Demonitize Them), and YouTube Gladly Complying as They Seemingly Revel In Destroying People's Lives Over Wrong-Think

Reagan forewarned us that if fascism ever came to America, it would probably be dressed in the garb of liberalism and, boy, did he ever nail it (the permanent government using corporate power to reach its goals with the corporate whores achieving theirs as well). This just being the latest example.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

On the Fact that a Lot of the Same Media-Shits Who Informed Us that the Riots Were "Largely Peaceful" Are Now Telling Us that There's No Evidence of Fraud In the Presidential Election

A little something to consider moving forward, no?

On Trump Garnering 18% of the Black Male Vote this Year (a 260% Increase Over the 5% that John McCain Received in 2008) and Thereby Disappointing the Miscreant Celebrity, Chelsea Handler, Who Apparently Believes that that's Simply In-Congruent with Their DNA

Let me guess, and Don Lemon wasn't one of 'em. Just throwing that out there.

On Michelle Obama (In Her Inimitable Way) Suggesting that the 70,000,000 U.S. Citizens Who Voted Mr. Trump Were Championing "Lies, Hate, Chaos, and Division" and Then In the Very Next Sentence Saying that "We" "Must Start Reaching Out to Them"

 The gal clearly needs a mulligan on this one......and yet it all seems to make sense to her (akin to her Princeton thesis, I guess). Perplexing, huh?....................................................................................................And is she really and truly suggesting that her husband didn't also exhibit these traits (a fellow who instilled race-consciousness into every molecule of the Federal government, stuck his nose into every controversial police shooting, dropped more bombs on the Middle-East than Bush, lied his ass off about Obamacare, unleashed his intelligence agencies onto his successor and the fellow's associates, etc.)? 'Cause if she is, I sure as shit ain't buyin' it. Not even a little. 

On Fake Tapper Recently Tweeting Out a Not-so Veiled Threat that Trump Supporters and Associates Could Ultimately Find Themselves Blacklisted

What kind of sociopath even thinks like this (well, other than Joe Biden who self-servedly rejoiced at the demise of an innocent man in Ukraine)? Dear Lord.............And he isn't even the worst of 'em at CNN. Let that sink in.

"Bethesda Terrace, Central Park" by Lois Fisher


Beautiful, huh? And guess what, folks, IT'S MINE (recently acquired it from the Sarah Jessica Gallery in Provincetown)!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

On the Fact that Racism Is Always Historically Embedded and Relative and the Fact that We Continue to Have These College-Educated Schmucks Armed with an Arsenal of "Facts" but Wholly Lacking In Inductive Thinking Skills Trying to Destroy Our Civilizational Inheritance with this Stupid Air of 21st Century Superiority Is Both Embarrassing and Dangerous

Look at colonialism, for example. Yes, by our contemporary standards it seems like nasty business but when you also factor in the universality of it AT THAT TIME (the Xhosa encroachment into Khoikhoi and San Territory, Shaka Zulu's bloody march south east of the Drakensberg Mountains, etc.) and that a lot of the recipients of EUROPEAN colonialism benefited immensely from it (the provision of material requisites to establish self-government and in many cases to prevent extinction) you start to get some perspective and don't we need a bit of that these days?

On a Deranged Buffoon Named Hari Sevugan Starting Some Beyond Orwellian Entity Called the "Trump Accountability Project" In Which the Main Purpose Is to, "Make Sure Anyone Who Took a Paycheck to Help Trump Undermine America (Specifics Not Readily Apparent) Is Held Responsible"

Again, this shit is only coming from the left and if this is how they act when they win, can you even begin to imagine if the victories become a regular occurrence? Can you say, re-education gulags? I can.

On the Fact that We Now Have President Poroshenko On Tape Telling Then Vice President Biden that Even Though They Possessed No Evidence of Corruption On Mr. Shokin's Part, They Fired Him Anyway, and Biden Simply Responding with, "Great" -

 And so my question is, what type of person would approve of another man's life potentially being ruined if they didn't also have an ulterior motive?......Yeah, to me, this is the real smoking-gun (of Biden's corruption, unmitigated ruthlessness, etc.) and the fact that the corporate press is ignoring sure speaks volumes.

First Question for President Biden

Mr. Biden, big tech conglomerates and the corporate press have just engaged in one of the most flagrant examples of election interference in U.S. history, all for the precise purpose of defeating Trump and getting you elected President. Will you, AS President, instruct your justice department to investigate this situation and attempt to ensure the American people that something such as this will never happen again?

Monday, November 9, 2020

On Joe Biden Calling for "Unity"

So after four years of the dude's predecessor being savaged by the political establishment (sometimes of both parties), celebrity degenerates, pointy-headed and no-nothing academics, and a mainstream media that is chock full of partisan imbeciles (can you say, Fake Tapper and Don Lemon?), this rodeo-clown who is clearly comprised and corrupt as the day is suddenly ready for unity? Yeah, I don't see it happening. At least not right away.

On Europe's Mask-Mandates


Yeah, I guess that you could say that the cases would have been even higher without the mandates............but being that that wasn't the criteria of the meddlers themselves out of the gate, unconvincing, at best. 

On the Fact that I've Decided to Petition the United Nations In an Effort to Get a Worldwide Speed-Limit of 20 mph (32 in Terms of Kilometers, an Action that Could Potentially Prevent 1,000,000 Road-Deaths a Year......and if You Don't Get Behind Me On this THEN YOU JUST WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!!

This is of course an idiotic proposal in that virtually every molecule of common-sense informs us that the globe couldn't function under such brain-diseased parameters (disruptions in the food and medicine supply, folks dying in ambulances, etc.)......and yet for some bizarre reason large swaths of the population are seemingly incapable of connecting the dots when it comes to these draconian COVID policies and the destructive consequences resulting from them (from increased suicides and cancer deaths in the first-world to a huge spike in tuberculosis cases in the third world). I mean, I get it that there are likely some political motivations here (partisanship, a tendency for governments to use emergencies to further their power, etc.) but, please, when it starts getting into the realm of psychopathy, Plan B, maybe? I'm just askin'.    

Sunday, November 8, 2020

My Choice for the Next Speaker of the House (Once the Embalming of Ole Nance No Longer Takes)?

Think about it. It'll be funnier than shit and she can also mix up some kamikazes and whiskey sours while she's at it (granted, she can probably do that now but just think how much more authoritative those beverages would be coming from the Speaker). I mean, where in the hell else are you going to get that level of versatility? Seriously. 

On the Fact that Somewhere Near the 4 Minute Mark Ole Fauci Seems to Admit that These PCR Tests as Presently Given Are Essentially Useless

  So essentially what Nobel Prize-winning chemist, Kary Mullis, said......back when the dude, you know, INVENTED THE DAMNED THING ( - included in this piece is also a demolition of the Reuters ludicrous "fact-checking" on the issue - quite illuminating)!!! Interesting. 

On the Fact that, Save for a Few Truly Insane Individuals Like Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, Nobody at These Bullshit Cable Outlets Truly Believed that Hunter Biden's Laptop Was, "Russian Disinformation", and Yet Because They so Desperately Wanted Trump Out of the White House They Furthered this Idiotic Charade In an Effort to Gaslight Their Slantheaded and Low-Information Viewers

In a just world these cable news channels and big tech companies would be prosecuted for election interference, obstruction of justice, and collusion. Unfortunately the term, "just", doesn't describe America these days and, so, yeah, get away with it, they are quite likely to.

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Tweeting that We Need to Compile a List of Trump Enablers Over the Years and Do What with it, I'm Not Sure, Destroy Their Lives, I Guess

Virtually all of these shit-missives and calls to de-platform and "cancel" folks are coming from the left, this while they're constantly calling other people fascists.............and now they possess even more power. Yeah, that'll work out just fine, not.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

On What Will Likely Happen to the Justice Department's Inquiring Into Hunter Biden's Computer Hard-Drive (Allegedly Replete with Pictures of Underage Girls) Under a Biden/Harris Administration

Yeah, I'm gonna' go out on a limb here and say, not much (ditto with the corporate press). Somethin' tells me.


Congratulations, slants. You just helped to elect a compromised, corrupt, and doddering imbecile to be our next President and a garbage individual whose most impressive accomplishments include sleeping with Willie Brown, hiding exculpatory evidence as a prosecutor, and making Hillary Clinton look likeable to be our next Vice President. Well done!.....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not arguing that Trump is some great human being, either, but at least he isn't a socialist and war-mongering cretin who hates his country and, yeah, for those things I give him the edge. Sorry. 

Friday, November 6, 2020

On the Fact that In 1835 a Band of 500 Maori Warriors Hijacked a British Ship, Landed On the Chatham Islands Just East of New Zealand, and Proceeded to Either Cold-Bloodedly Kill, Cannibalize, or Enslave the Entire Indigenous Moriori Population - a Politically-Incorrect Genocide, One Might Call it

While I'm never one to give the Brits a free-pass (Cromwell, Churchill, etc.), hard to blame the ole limeys for this one (though, yes, try the SJWs most certainly would, if they were to discover this). Reasonably, at least. 

On Why Some Folks Like Trump

Maybe because all of the other politicians either despise or ignore them (a hat-tip to Amity Shlaes, William Graham Sumner, and the "Forgotten Man").......If I was forced to guess.

On One CNBC Host Claiming that They Didn't Cover the Hunter Biden Laptop Story Because They Weren't Able to Verify it (as if They Even Tried)

This from the same partisan outfit that rode with the Steele dossier for over three fucking years and who's been trying to convince us that that same Hunter Biden laptop is "Russian disinformation" (an accusation derived from whole-cloth). Just for some perspective.

On the Fact that if These Low-Information Recent College Graduates Think that the Only Legitimate Criticism of Maoist Philosophy Is that it Wasn't Implemented Hard Enough, Calling Our Future Bleak Is Likely an Understatement (with the Assumption Being that We Still Have One)

I still can't believe that our one time proud and revered universities are currently churning out such obvious imbeciles......and yet they are. Pretty depressing, huh?

Thursday, November 5, 2020

One Black Man's Perspective On Donald Trump Being Racist

 "It hurts my soul to hear the terrible names that people call Donald. The worst one is 'racist'. I take it as a personal insult that people would think I would have a 37-year friendship with a racist. People who think that don’t know what they are talking about. Growing up in the deep south, I have seen racism up close. I know what it is. And it isn’t Donald Trump," Herschel Walker, 1981 Heisman Trophy winner

On the Fact that There Were Four Seasons When the Legendary Tris Speaker Hit Over .380 and DIDN'T Capture the Batting Title (1912, 1920, 1923, and 1925)

Yeah, I guess that when your playing-days overlap those of Ty Cobb, Harry Heilmann, and George Sisler (Mr. Speaker's Fellow Hall-of-Famers), capturing the brass-ring ain't that easy, even when you hit .380 (something that I couldn't even pull-off in senior farm, for Christ).

On the Fact that the Left Despises Ethnocentrism............Except When it Comes to Atrocities, with Those They Are All About White Europeans

 That just might be the most delicious slice of irony ever......and it's totally lost on them. Incredible, huh?

On How a President Biden Might Handle the COVID Situation

I see two possibilities. He's either going to go fully nuts and do what the grease-ball Governor of California has done and lock the entire country down (replete of course with all of the other tyrannical bullshit; face-masks, limits on gatherings, etc.) or he's going to say, "You know something, this corona-virus thing seems to have died down a bit. Yes, the case total is rising again but the number of hospitalizations remains low and the mortality-rate for healthy people under 65 is close to zero. Maybe we CAN open things back up after all (the motivation here of course is that the economy is his now and so crushing it even more may not be the best move for him)." Hopefully the latter.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

On Paul Krugman Being Selected by the "Master Class" Folks to Teach a Course In Economics

Gee, I wonder if he's going to cover fake alien invasions and trillion dollar platinum coinage. 'Cause if so, I AM IN (though, yes, I would likely suggest an upgrade to palladium, if for no other reason than to stimulate a discussion)!!!

On the Fact that Harvard Epidemiologist Professor, Martin Kulldorff, Recently Did an Exhaustive Analysis of Mask Mandates In Various European Countries and U.S. States and Has Concluded that Masks Do Little to Nothing to Stop the Spread of COVID-19, Surprise, Surprise -

There are tons of graphs in this article and they all clearly display that COVID cases skyrocket after these mandates and that when you compare various countries and states with and without the mandates there is either no difference or the non-mask mandate regions actually do better. No, it's not definitive evidence in that there isn't a controlled study but you'd that there would be at least a few locations yielding a positive result and it just isn't there. Sorry but, no.

On the Fact that the Singaporeans Ultimately Continued the Policies of British Colonial Rule While Mugabe and Company In Zimbabwe Proceeded to Cleanse Every Speck of British Presence from Their Society............and Look at the Two Countries Now

Yeah, this whole notion that colonialism was entirely evil is obvious bullshit (yet one more politically correct paradigm that fails to acknowledge historical perspective)......and yet because the modern-day academy and other pressure groups keep promulgating this cartoonish rendering of it (i.e., that only white Europeans ever partook in it, that everything was lovely and peaceful before the Europeans arrived, etc.) its apparently here to stay. Sadly and unfortunately (the fact that it breeds resentment, etc.).

On the Slants at CBS News Asserting that Any Mention of Joe Biden Advocating Socialism Is Misinformation

Well, being that Biden and his former Democratic adversary, Bernie Sanders (a self-proclaimed and fervent socialist and very low-IQ), have come up a "unity plan" which is essentially a hard-left goodie-bag and socialist wish-list (shit like the Green New Deal, for example), CBS's assertion of misinformation seems a great deal like misinformation itself, wouldn't you say? At least that's MY fact-check. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

On "Politically Approved Protests" (as We Now Have In the U.S. with Black Lives Matter Protests Being Deemed as Good and Protests Against These Buffoonish Lockdowns Being Deemed as Bad)

Kinda' defeats the purpose, doesn't it (the fact that many protests over the decades have been directed AT the state and so waiting for this very entity to sanction and legitimize you seems a wee-bit retarded, no?)? Sure seems that way to me.

Monday, November 2, 2020

On the Fact that if You Strictly Listened to the Democrats You'd Think that the Entire Present-Day United States of America Was South Louisiana In the early 1950s (In Terms of Racism)

It's ludicrous (55 years of policies designed to assist black people apparently don't count with these buffoons) and divisive and unless these activist shits cease and desist with this bullshit the country's in major trouble. I mean, just ask any other country that's traveled down this road of identity politics combined with scapegoating (Iraq, Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, etc.). Trust me, it hasn't been pretty.

On the Fact that About a Month After the F.B.I. Got a Hold of Hunter Biden's Laptop (Supposedly Replete with Some Very Incriminating Photos of the Guy) Back In January, Adam Schiff Issued a Press-Release Warning the Public to Be Very Wary of Deep-Fake Photographs

Who knows what goes on in Adam Schiff's brain and, so, yeah, this could just be some additional rantings from a madman............or maybe even a coincidence. But the timing of it, kinda' strange, huh?............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, there's also the Epstein factor. That could be in play here as well (the strong likelihood that Epstein possessed some bombshell pictures, too).  

Sunday, November 1, 2020

On Governor Newsom Now Saying that its OK for Asthmatics to Remove Their Face-Masks During Thanksgiving if they're Experiencing an Asthma Attack (so that They Can Have a Breathing Treatment, I Guess)......but that They Have to Put it Back On Afterwards

I tend to be a pessimist but not once did I ever expect that something as depraved as this would someday be seen as a gesture of magnanimity BY ANYONE......and yet here we reside. Strange days, indeed.

On the Fact that (According to Historian, Victor Davis Hanson) it Wasn't so Much the Leftists In Russia Who Enabled Lenin and the Bolsheviks as it Was the Aristocrats, Intellectuals, College Professors, and Even a Few of the Industrialists

Yeah, they apparently thought that they could control this seemingly rag-tag outfit and how exactly did that work out for the chaps? I'm just askin' (while also hoping that you grasp the cautionary nature of the tale and possibly think twice about going full-in with repugnant pressure groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa).  

On Candace Owens's Recent Demolition of Low-IQ "Comic", Chelsea Handler, After the Latter Shamelessly and with Full-Bore Idiocy Attempted to Denigrate Black Conservatives Simply Because They Disagree with Her Radical, Poorly Thought-Out Leftism

This woman is an absolute tigress (notice how I implemented the proper animal pronoun?) and I would especially advise these celebrity buffoons to tread lightly lest they get the Handler treatment as well. Hopefully they'll listen. 

On the Fact that Amy Coney Barrett Actually Does Champion a Woman's "Right to Choose"......Sort of

  Way too funny (except if you're on the left where nothing is humorous any longer) and all in just 26 seconds, amazing. Thank you, Julie. I really needed that.

On the Fact that Osama bin Laden's Niece Is Smokin'............AND A TRUMP SUPPORTER!!!

Anyone who claims to have seen this one coming is either a genius, Kreskin himself, or a liar. I mean, talk about off-the-charts, life being stranger than fiction, etc.. This CLEARLY fits the bill.