Sunday, July 14, 2019

On a Recent Internal Poll of Democratic Swing Voters Showing an Approval Rating of 9% for that Idiot Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota

Yeah, I think that even Pelosi is starting to see a need to rein these bimbos in (the fact that the election is just around the corner and what sane person would want to see these clowns as the face of his or her party?). Better late than never, I guess.

On the Fact that CNN Is Getting Pounded In the Ratings by Dudes Hammering Out Content from Their Kitchen Tables and Yet They Continue to Persevere In a State that Can Only Be Described as Mind-Numbingly Moronic, Embarrassing, Bonkers, and Deceitful

Now if we could only get Anderson Cooper to put HIMSELF on the "Ridiculist", we'd be cooking but, alas, he will not. Damn it!!

Worse than Osama bin Laden?

Probably not and, yet, being what I know now about 9/11 (the fact that concrete doesn't turn into dust in mid-air without some sort of explosive device......and so unless ole bin Laden was locked and loaded with nano-thermite, directed energy weapons, tactical nukes, etc., the fellow was probably a patsy at best) coupled with the fact that this buffoon hasn't met a war that doesn't give him a woody, yeah, the difference isn't as massive one might think. Sadly.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

On CNN's Lying Jack-Off/Faux-Journalist, Jim Acosta, Posting a Clip of Sebastian Gorka Yelling at Another CNN Idiot but Not Showing the Moments Which Preceded it In Which the CNN Idiot Antagonizes Gorka

How many more acts of deception does this miscreant have to engage in before the public (not to mention, the dude's own profession) says, enough already? I mean, it's gotta' end eventually, right?

On the Toxic Blend of Open Borders (with a Significant Portion of the People Pouring In Being Poor and Illiterate In Their Own Language), Free Healthcare and Other Entitlements to Illegals, and the Abolishment of I.C.E.

It's pure insanity (the fact that no sovereign nation could last more than a few decades under such an idiotic policy; fiscally, socially, etc.) and yet the Democratic party of today (cheered on by such drooling imbeciles as Michael Moore) is seemingly on board with it (at least until they seize power in perpetuity). Unbelievable, huh, these Democrats?   

On the Fact that if it Wasn't for Gonzo Journalist, Mike Cernovich, Pressing for the Release of These Epstein Court Documents, We Probably Wouldn't Have Had this Recent Epstein Indictment but Instead of Giving the Dude Credit for it, the Mainstream Media Is Completely Ignoring His Contribution and Dishing-Out Full Credit Instead to the Miami Herald (Who Also Filed a FOIA Request but Only After Cernovich Did)

And, yes, perhaps herein lies the real reason for the censorship; the pure and simple fact that these alternative outlets are giving us a much better product (in this instance, journalism), embarrassing the behemoths while doing so...….and instead of just competing harder, we get what we always get, CORRUPTION. Thanks but no thanks.

On the Fact that the Authorities Apparently Found a Dentist Chair (Replete with Dental Instruments) In One of Jeffrey Epstein's Numerous Bathrooms

Maybe he was preparing for a remake of "Marathon Man", with him in the Sir Laurence Olivier role, but instead of working on some short Jewish dude (i.e. Dustin Hoffman) he was all about the jail-bait. Just a quick thought.