Sunday, May 31, 2020

On the Fact that Even Fauci Has Now Concluded that These Unending Economic Lockdowns Could Produce "Irreparable Damage" to Our Society -

Yeah, I guess that when something is staring you in the face like this, what choice does one have, really (save, of course, for turning into a CNN or MSNBC zombie)?

On the Fact that the Neocon Claim of an al Qaeda, Iranian Axis Has Always Been Implausible at Best (Hell, Iran Was Even Considering an Attack On Afghanistan In Retribution for the Terrorist Group's Treatment of Shiites In that Country) but, Please, for the Ultimate Coup de Grace, You Just Might Want to Listen to this Dismantling by the Legendary Gareth Porter

  I'd invite Bill Kristol and John Bolton to listen, too, but they're apparently hiding under their desks AGAIN. Those guys!

On the Fact that Black Lives Matter

Ditto, flat-screen TVs, apparently.

On Yahoo News Sewing Even More Seeds of Racial Division by Running a "Story" with the Heading, "Black and Brown People Are Being Killed for No Reason" (it Was Evidently a Quite from Some Agitator) -

As opposed to that elderly white couple who got assassinated in a Delaware cemetery by some deranged black asshole. That was for a "reason", I guess. Got it!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

On the Fact that if Joe Biden and Tara Reade Had Been College Students and the Incident Had Taken Place During the Obama Administration (Yes, I Understand that this Involves a Wee-Bit of Time-Travel but, Please, Humor Me Here), Ole Biden Would Have Been Assumed Guilty and Probably Expelled from the College (with Criminal Charges Possibly On His Horizon)

Ironic, huh (the fact that those very Title 9 reforms that he and Barack had championed would be cooking his goose right now, BIGLY - to steal a line from his adversary) ?

On Michael Smerconish Asking Amy Klobuchar if Her Husband Had Taken Hydroxychloroquine as a Part of His Therapy Regimen for COVID-19 and Her After a Noticeable Pregnant Pause Admitting that, "Yeah, He Was On it for a While" -

Yeah, that had to have been painful for her (the fact that Trump had recommended it and we must never, ever give the dude credit for anything) but here's the thing, she didn't lie when she clearly could have and for that, I'm impressed (yes, my bar has gotten extremely low of late). Well done, Amy.

On the Counter-Protesters In L.A. Accusing the Citizens Who Were Protesting Against the Strict Lockdown Measures of Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti of Fascism (Even Though a Large Chunk of Them Were Libertarians)

So the folks who were protesting against quite possibly the greatest abuse of power in American history (worse than Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR), they're the bad guys. Man, has our education system ever shit the bed.