Friday, May 20, 2022

On the Beautiful Dana Delany

And she can go from sweet and innocent to sex kitten as fast as quicksilver. Me, I'll go with the sweet and innocent. For now.

On the Left's Easiest Way to Get the Right to Stop Talking About "The Great Replacement" Likely Being to Get Their Own Contingent On the Left (i.e., the New York Times, the Center for American Progress, the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York, Vanita Gupta, CNN, etc.) to Stop Talking About it First

Yeah, it's really hard to call something a conspiracy theory when the folks in question talk about it openly (the Times actually having done a story called, "We Can Replace Them"). Just not as persuasive.

Greatest Pop Song of the '80s?

    Not a huge fan of the '80s but this song I'm down with. Big time.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

On Half of Joe Biden's Twitter Followers Being Fake -

Yeah, it's kind of embarrassing. But in fairness to the old guy one could probably say the same thing about a whole bunch of people as we now know that Twitter is notorious for this shit. So, yeah, maybe take a pass on this one.

On Government Psychopaths Like that Disinformation Bimbo Strongly Implying that the American Public Can Only Change its Mind On Important Issues When D.C. Politicians and Bureaucratic Stooges Change Theirs First............and that We May Need to Crack Down On People Who Do Not Comply

And as big of a red pill as that one is, the harsh fact that there are millions of our fellow citizens who not only refuse to condemn this tyranny but seemingly support it as well is an even nastier one. Bon appetite.  

"Yeah, I'm Gonna' Go with, Fire this Asshole (a Jerk-Off Whose Free Speech Credentials Make Dorsey's Seem Jeffersonian), Toot-Suite"

 What would be my answer to the question, "So, what should Elon Musk's first decision be when and if he assumes command at Twitter?"