Sunday, February 23, 2020

Nothing to See Here, Either, I Suppose

   Unfortunately, being that the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the legacy media all have a vested interest in keeping this Russian interference conspiracy percolating, following up on this is exceedingly unlikely. Obviously.  

On the Correlation Between Beto O'Dork Desiring to Bring Down the Border-Wall Separating Texas from Mexico and His Realization that a) Hispanics Vote 70% Democratic and b) Flooding the Country with These Hispanics Would Quite Likely Ensure Democratic Hegemony In Perpetuity

.97 would be my guess (give or take .03 - a little statistical humor for those so inclined) that while he seems dumb, he's not THAT dumb.

On the Fact that Whenever Some Black Dude Gets Killed by a White Cop In a Questionable Shooting, Every Fucking Pointy-Headed Schmuck In the Country Crawls Out of the Woodwork and Proclaims that it's Hard Evidence of a Racist Criminal Justice System............but Whenever Some Black Career Gang-Banger Who's Been Let Out of Prison Early or Granted Bail as a Function of Criminal Justice Reform Goes Out and Murders a Person, Yeah, They Tend to Be Consistently MIA (with the Media Apparently Being Fine with it, No Less) - HAVE YOU NOTICED?

It must be nice, never having to answer for yourself or your idiot policies. Oh well, the perks of being a leftist, I guess.

On Fred Astaire Once Claiming that Rita Hayworth Was His All-Time Favorite Dance-Partner

No offense to Rita (a solid performer, no doubt) but I think that Ole Freddy might have been thinking more with his gonads on this one (the fact that he also danced with Ann Miller, Eleanor Powell, Cyd Charisse, Vera-Ellen, and, of course, Ginger Rogers). Just a wild guess.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Having All of My Teeth Yanked Out with Zero Novocain by an Affirmative-Action First Year Dental Student While Madonna's Greatest Hits Is Blaring In the Background and Naked Photos of Phyllis Diller Are Also Bearing-Down On Me

I'll take, "Things that I Would Rather Endure than Having to Sit Through Even 15 Minutes of Rachel Maddow's Conspiratorial Foolishness", for a thousand, Alex. 

"The Fact that it Wasn't $50 TRILLION as Opposed to that Minuscule 50 Million"

What would be my answer to the question, "So, what's your biggest misgiving about Tulsi Gabbard's recent lawsuit directed at Mrs. Clinton?"

In the Fact that Even Carnegie Mellon Now Has Courses In Gender and African-American Studies - YES, CARNEGIE MELLON!!!

Thankfully they only offer a minor in these bullshit disciplines (where the intellectual rigor is slight to nonexistent) but, still, might we have at least one or two respites from this buffoonery? Apparently not, huh?