Thursday, November 26, 2020

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

On the Fact that a Second Trump Term Would Probably Mean the Arrests of a Large Number of Powerful People (Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe) and, so, Yeah, There Is SOME Incentive for the Entrenched Underbelly of D.C. to Try and Make that Not Happen......and to Maybe Even Cheat a Little

Not saying that that's what they did, just that it wouldn't surprise me, that's all.

On Mask Mandates

Or as prefer to call them, human dignity annihilating policies that have quickly become articles of faith to a Hodge-podge of statist tyrants who seemingly rejoice when enforcing subservience to their brazen almighty, the government. Though, yeah, mask mandates, works as well.

On the Fact that if Trump Had Won the Election and Hundreds of Sworn Affidavits Asserting Voter Fraud Started Coming In, Do You Really Think that Bullshit Outlets Like CNN, AP, and MSLSD Would Be Calling Trump the Winner and Claiming that There Was No Evidence of Voter Fraud?

That's kinda' checkmate, no (the fact that no cogent and fair-minded person could ever answer, yes, to that question and, so, BOOM, done)?

On the Fact that While I Still Don't Have Any Smoking-Gun Evidence as to Who Murdered Seth Rich, the Hard Fact that John Podesta Stated in One of Those Wikileaks Emails that He Was, "Definitely for Making an Example of a Suspected Leaker, Whether or Not We Have Any Real Basis for it", and a Few Weeks Later Mr. Rich Dies, Has to at Least Make this Creepy Asshole a Person of Interest, No?

Not according to the Washington police department, apparently (ditto for CNN and MSLSD, neither of whom give a rat's-ass about Rich's murder 'cause as we're all aware it is much more important to get Trump to disavow David Duke for the 7,000th time).  

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

To the Good People of California

Please, celebrate Thanksgiving this year as you always have; inside, with as many guest as you want and for as long as you desire, and if any jack-booted miscreants come to your door to question you about these decisions tell them to go pound sand. It's time to take a stand, people. Past time, in fact.

On People's Willingness to Be Herded and Nondescript and to Bury Their Individuality for the Sake of the Collective

 Yeah, this is the most dispiriting part of the entire COVID nightmare; people just doing what their told, taking what the statists say as gospel, etc.. Hopefully it reaches a tipping-point when and if these assholes make a vaccine mandatory in that that would be one hell of a bridge too far, wouldn't you say?