Saturday, December 9, 2023

On Jewish Settlers In the West Bank Defending Themselves from Feral, Foaming-at-the-Mouth Lynch Mobs and the Palestinians Information-Laundering and Spinning These Events to an All-too Willing Corporate Whore Media as an Example of Settler Violence

 I've made my views on the settlements crystal clear (I'm against them) but that doesn't mean that the people living in them should be accosted by small armies of mouth-breathers. Not in my book, at least.

On Van Jones Doing the Same Clown-Show that Mr. Jones Always Seems to Be Performing by Calling Trump, Yep, You Got it, a Nazi (Because as We All Know, it's a "Strategy" that Hasn't Been Tried Thus Far)

And let us not forget, Jones went to the White House and worked with the Trump administration on criminal justice reform, meaning what, that Jones is now, "Nazi adjacent"?......You gotta be careful there, Mr. Jones, with what you say, 'cause you just never know.

Friday, December 8, 2023

On Trump Recently Referring to Robert De Niro as a, "Stupid Crude Animal" (In Response to the Actor Dissing Him)

That's very unfair to stupid crude animals and I am quite sure that they're big-time insulted by the comparison. Wouldn't you be?

Thursday, December 7, 2023

On ABBA Still Being In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Johnny Rivers Still Being Out In the Cold

     Quantum physics would be easier to explain. 

On Misgendering Someone Being Seen as a "Microaggression" While Collective Refrains of, "Gas the Jews", Not so Much

If you needed additional evidence that the faculty at most of our colleges and universities are being run by a bunch of fascist bastards who make Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren seem like Barry Goldwater from 1964, this......has to push you past the finish-line. It just has to.

On How the Woke Imbeciles Would React if They Ever Witnessed Some Dude Wearing a MAGA Hat............but Also Holding a Sign that Read, "From the River to the Sea"

 Might they short-circuit a wee-bit? I would think so.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

On Numerous Media Shits Having Been so Inculcated Into this Disgusting Woke World View that They're Simply Picking "Underdogs" (Based Largely On the Laughable Construct of Intersectionality) and Relating the Stories Purely from Their Perspective

Journalism was never a stellar major to begin with but, yeah, now that they're also learning a crapload of poisonous civilization-crushing bullshit that they're polluting the airwaves with, less impressive and worthwhile it couldn't possibly be.