Monday, October 14, 2019

On the Left Siding with the C.I.A. and F.B.I. (Two of the Most Repugnant Outfits In the Nation's History) Against an Anti-Establishment Politician Who Could Potentially Disinfect Those Rump Organizations...……...and All Because He Argued that Mexico Wasn't Sending Their Finest and a Handful of Other Poorly Articulated Comments

Yes, Trump says some dumb shit from time to time but this could be our final opportunity to cleanse the D.C. government of these venal and corrupt deep-state bureaucrats...…and, so, yeah, maybe we need to get behind him. At least for this.

On Louisville Beating Wake Forest Saturday, 62 to 59, IN FOOTBALL!!

Yeah, I haven't seen this little defense since Tonya Harding put can fulla' whuppin' on Paula Jones back in the era of Celebrity Boxing. And it was just as much fun, too. RAININ' TOUCHDOWNS! Oh yeah! 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

On the Bizarre Reality of Having a Republican President Pushing for Better Relations with Russia and a Democratic Party Trying to Initiate Another Cold-War

Imagine some fellow coming out of a 40 year coma and seeing this. Man would he ever confused. Hell, I'm confused!

On the Fact that if a Democratic Politician Had Made this Tweet Bashing the Iraq War and Thereby Throwing the Bush Administration Under the Bus, He or She Would Be Lionized but Because it Was Trump Who Did it, Crickets

So even when the dude sings from the left's own supposed songbook, they still won't give him any due. Trump-Derangement-Syndrome, indeed.

On the Fact that Since None of the Doomsday Scenarios Uttered by Environmentalists Over the Years Have Ever Come Close to Coming True, the New Strategy Now Appears to Be One of Putting Mentally Deficient Congresswomen and Young Swedish Girls On the Autism Spectrum Front and Center to Scare the Folks

It's worth a shot, I guess (low-information voters being what they are these days).

On the Concept of Taxing Capitalist Western White-Majority Countries for Climate Change, Sending Those Factories Off to China and India Which Don't Have Anywhere Near the Environmental Protections that We Do, and Thinking that You're Somehow Protecting the Earth

These people are brain-dead and being that the media is so far up their butts on this and damn near every subject, they never get questioned for such full-bore idiocy. Oh well, maybe some day.

On the Fact that "Criminal Justice Reform" Apparently Has as One of its Central Tenets the Early Release of Cold-Blooded Murderers -

Yeah, the chick was only 16 and had had a hard life but, I'm sorry, 15 years for murdering some dude in his sleep (in addition to pilfering his shit) doesn't ring right with me and I truly hope that this isn't a portent of things to come, 'cause if it is, you think that there's violence now. Look out!