Monday, May 20, 2019

On the Fact that Even Though Iran Hasn't Invaded Another Country In Over 200 Years While the U.S. Has Been Making a Literal Habit of it (During that Same Time-Frame), it Is the Former Who the War-Hawks from the West Have Been Continuously Tarring as the Much More Dangerous Regime

Don't get me wrong. I am not now nor have I ever been a fan of Iran's theocratic government, but in terms of creating instability on the planet, THEY HAVE NOTHING ON US......and until we get OUR act together, enough already with the damned saber-rattling.

On the Fact that (as Far as I'm Aware) There Are No Laws In Germany and France Which Make it Illegal to Question the Armenian, Cambodian, Guatemalan, Ukrainian, or Kurdish Genocides but There Are Plenty of Laws Which Can Put You In Prison for Questioning THE Holocaust (and that Includes ANY Aspect of it)

And of the millions and millions of people who are fully aware of this inconsistency, not a single one has had the brass-balls to go on a major network in a major Western country to point it out. NOT ONE. Pretty pathetic, huh?...………………………………………………………………..P.S. And how in the hell does this even help the Jews? I mean, seriously, does this not fit to a tee the stereotype of Jews controlling all aspects of life? Yeah, I really think that they need to think this one through a bit more. Sorry but, yeah.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

On the Fact that YouTube Used to Be a Platform Where You Could Find Pretty Much Any Anti-Establishment View that You Were Looking for......and Now, Well Now, IT IS THE DAMNED ESTABLISHMENT!!!

 Funny about that, isn't it (and by, funny, I of course mean, the way that it's probably been since humans crawled out of the slime)?

On the Fact that "Islam Is Bullshit" Is Considered Hate-Speech but "Mormonism Is Bullshit" (for Example) Isn't

Yeah, it's more than likely because a) Mormons are almost entirely white while Muslims are black, Arab, or Asian (and hence, "marginalized people") and b) Muslims have a tendency to go off-the-wall when you dis them while Mormons could give a rat's ass...….Whatever the case, it's still a double-standard, wouldn't you say? 

On Some Lowbrow Identitarian Slant with the Moniker of "Akilah Obviously" Proclaiming that, Not Only Is it OK to "Punch a Nazi", it's Also OK to Punch Anybody Who Thinks that Nazis Should Have Free Speech -

Yeah, one of these days these morons are going to miscalculate (either by confronting the wrong people or misjudging the odds) and when they do, trust me, it is going to end very badly for them. Hopefully an adult or two will intervene at some juncture and teach these slugs about the Bill of Rights, but until that happens, dicey, very dicey...………………………………………………………………..P.S. And, yes, where in the hell are the YouTube moderators on this dumb video? I mean, this is a literal call to violence, no (not that I'm advocating that it be removed, mind you - I'm simply pointing to YouTube's double-standard)?

On the Distinct Likelihood that a Large Portion of Those Mansions In Loudoun and Fairfax Counties (In Virginia and Near D.C.) Are Owned by Defense Contractors Who've Made a Sizeable Killing Off of These Idiotic Middle-Eastern Wars

And the news-media appears to be in on the gravy-train, too, with their incessant demonizing of Syria and Russia (a new cold-war being extremely good for business), their peddling of deep-state propaganda (this moronic claim that Assad would gas his own people when he was clearly on the cusp of victory, for example), etc. - all while running commercials for Northrup Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and Honeywell. Disgusting, isn't it?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

On the Fact that When You Deplatform Folks, You Completely Eliminate Their Capacity to Defend Themselves with the End-Result Potentially Being a Dangerous Situation for Those Being Targeted (Death-Threats, Targeted Harassment, etc.)

Take the case of Gavin McInnes, for instance. The guy has been called a white supremacist, a white nationalist, a neo-Nazi, a dangerous extremist, a member of the Alt-Right, and all sorts of other buzzwords and substitutions for thought that the increasingly bonkers left has been haphazardly tossing around of late...……...AND HE IS NONE OF THESE!!! But that doesn't matter, you see, because the mainstream media has gaslit the low IQ consumers of their shit into thinking that people like McInnes, Paul Joseph Watson. and Milo are dangerous people......and what does the mob do to dangerous people? Yeah, that's correct, it confront them......and being that they don't have a platform to correct the record, need I say more?