Wednesday, January 16, 2019

On the Neocon Porno Hangout, "The Weekly Standard", Closing its Doors for Good

Yeah, I haven't been this amped since the 2012 Sugar Bowl when Teddy Ballgame and the Louisville Cards bitch-slapped the Mighty Gators (sorry, a sports analogy was all that I could come up with......short of real porn). I just wish that it happened a few ruined countries earlier but better late than never I suppose...….Buh bye.

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media Tried for Months to Hide the Fact that the U.S.-Backed Coup In Ukraine (Spearheaded by the Usual War-Criminal Suspects; McCain, Clinton, Nuland, etc.) Had Been Permeated with Neo-Nazi Thugs, Anti-Russian Bigots, and Just Plain Ordinary Criminals -

Yeah, and even when the truth came to light they still ignored this bald-faced violation of international law and instead pitched forth this newly-minted propaganda about what a venal person that Putin is (this after not having given a shit about Russia for more than a decade!!)…….And what does it tell you about Mrs. Clinton that one of her first hires was the neocon hooligan, Victoria Nuland (a former Bush lackey and husband to Robert Kagan, one of the primary founders of the loathsome neocon think-tank, The Project for a New American Century)? It tells me that there isn't a dime's-worth of difference between her and McCain and the sooner that she ends up at Gitmo the better, I say.

On the Fact that a Great Percentage of the "Lawlessness Bred by Capitalism" that Harding's Commerce Secretary, Herbert Hoover, Complained About Was Fueled by Prohibition, a Federal Regulation - HELLO!!!

Hoover was an amazing engineer but his understanding of basic economics was worse than that of even modern-day dolts like Bush and Obama...……...and, while, yes, the damage that he did as Commerce Secretary was fairly minimal (hiring 3,000 additional bureaucrats, increasing his department's budget by 50%, expanding his department into 30 divisions, etc.), boy did the guy ever make up for it as President (raising the top tax-rate to 63%, championing the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, vastly increasing public-works projects, strong-arming businesses into wage controls, etc.), taking what was a fairly routine economic correction and turning it into the deepest depression in modern history. Thank you, Herbert, well done.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Van Morrison's Most Beautiful Songs - Edition 18

On CNN's Resident Court-Jester/Rodeo-Clown, Jim Acosta, Foolishly Preening Next to a Wall On the Mexican Border, Underscoring How Quiet that it Is, and Then Though His Tortured Logic Explaining to His 12 Viewers (21 if You Count Airports) Why We Don't Need the Wall

What's this gonzo prick going to do next? Stand next to a bank-safe and because there aren't a shitload of John Dillinger types in the immediate vicinity try and persuade us that banks don't really need safes? Oy vey.

On Former Newsweek Honcho and Current Lowbrow Court Historian, Jon Meacham, Going On MSLSDPMSLGBTQ the Other Day and Accusing President Trump of Being a Russian Foreign Agent, I Shit You Not

So after finding zero evidence of Russian collusion these shameless partisans have decided to double-down, up the ante, however you wish to put it and now try to claim that the guy's a fucking spy. Un-fucking-real (the fact that these miscreants seemingly pluck these "issues" out of thin air while simultaneously ignoring the actual misdeeds of the Clintons, the incestuous relationship that Diane Feinstein and her crony husband had with the Communist Chinese, etc.).

On Where I Disagree with Trump

I defend the guy so much from the insane leftists in the media, the political class, the entertainment industry, etc. that many might be led to believe that I'm a staunch supporter. Trust me, I'm not (50-50, at most). Here are just a few examples of where we've parted company; a) those two rounds of missile strikes in Syria, b) his junking of the Iran treaty (one of Obama's few solid accomplishments), c) his addition of $50,000,000,000 to an already unwieldy defense budget, d) his nominations of neocons Bolton, Haley, Pompeo, and Haspel, e) his continuation of the Bush/Obama policy of selling inordinate amounts of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, f) the fact that he signed a budget with a $1.2 trillion deficit tagged to it, g) his moronic notion that tariffs are good for the economy, h) the fact that far too many of the dude's tweets are punching down (the one to Lebron James, for example) and that I find quite unpresidential………….I could probably come up with more examples but I think that you understand by now that it's not so much that I support Trump as it is that I hate the media (etc.) and the way that they've been treating the guy (acting in ways towards him that they never would have done to Obama). Hopefully I've clarified some things here.