Saturday, August 31, 2019

On Comedian, Dave Chappelle, Taking a Paul Bunyan Sized 7-Up Bottle and Sticking it Up the Collective Bunghole of the Woke Generation

And, gee, what a huge shock, all of the usual suspects got offended (i.e., triggered) and had to inform us all about it in their low-brow hangouts (Vox, Vice, the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, the HuffPo, etc.). Thankfully no one who appreciates good comedy listens to these killjoys and as for Dave, yeah, he killed it AS USUAL!! 

On Beta O'Dork Saying that it's AOK for a Woman to Hire Some Blood-Thirsty Doctor to Murder Her Baby One Day Prior to the Due-Date

Does this guy even have a soul? It sure doesn't seem so to me...……….Of course if those nine month old fetuses could vote......

On the 1973 PLO-Executed Kidnapping, Torture, and Cold-Blooded Execution of U.S. Diplomats, Cleo A. Noel and George Curtis Moore

Arafat of course pleaded no knowledge of the event but as usual the dude was lying. The truth of the matter is that intercepted phone conversations had ole Arafat up to his eyeballs in the thing and how we were EVER able to trust the son of a bitch again after this is beyond me.

On the Fact that (According to Connie Bruck's 1996 "New Yorker" Article, "The Wounds of Peace") a Romanian Intelligence Officer Once said About Yasser Arafat that He "Tells a Lie In Every Sentence"

Wow, so just like every Democrat and Republican inside the Beltway, in other words. Interesting (the fact that politicians from across the globe and the political spectrum appear to have at least this one thing in common; i.e., dishonesty).

On Acura Reducing the Price of its 2019 NSX by $20,000......AND ITS STILL $139,000!!!!!

So they reduced it by the cost of a stripped down Honda Civic and it's still beyond the reach of the average person. Holy moly.

On the Mass Pike

Or as I prefer to call it, "the Paying Through the Nose and/or Poop-Shoot as You're Stuck In Barely-Moving Traffic Copiously Laced with Diesel Exhaust and More 18 Wheelers than You've Ever Witnessed Before In Your Entire Life......Memorial Freeway"...………………………………………………………………...P.S. And here's the thing, I WAS DRIVING WESTWARD, away from Boston, away from the Cape, away from Maine and new Hampshire. Yes, I was going through Worcester county where several other highways merge with the pike but, still, total insanity.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Esteemed Science Reporter, Matt Ridley) if the Planet's Demand for Energy Continues to Grow at its Present Rate AND We Decided to Go Strictly with Wind Energy, the World Would Have to Build 350,000 New Wind Turbines Every Year, a Task that Would Require Millions of Tons of Steel, Copper, Concrete, Petroleum-Based Composites, and Neodymium

Needless to say, this is neither green NOR sustainable and unless we have an honest, factual conversation on this shit (which of course means putting idiots like Bernie Sanders, that idiot socialist bimbo from New York, etc. off to the side and bringing the serious people in), the world will descend not just into lunacy but perpetual poverty and maybe even human extinction. Have a nice night.  

Monday, August 26, 2019

On Rachel Maddow Recently Referring to the Brutal Repression of the Falun Gong Sect In China by the Communist Thugs of that Country as "a Brawl"

Maddow has made a lot of reprehensible comments over the years but to try and put on an equal par a group that is fully nonviolent with one that tortures, rapes, murders, forces people into labor camps, prisons, and mental institutions, and which is engaging in organ-harvesting is vile even by her nasty standards. If NBC had any sort of decency they would fire this POS immediately and issue a public apology.......but being that they don't even possess a speck of it, yeah, she'll probably get a raise.

On Bernie Sanders Saying that "We Stand with the People of Hong Kong Against Communist China"

Yeah, I don't know, coming from a guy who once praised Fidel Castro and whose own economic principles are the direct opposite of Hong Kong's, does cognitive dissonance ring a bell? Certainly does for me.

On the New York Times Apparently Garnering Two Pulitzer Prizes for Their Coverage of Trump-Russia Collusion

Hopefully they were in the category of fiction, because if they weren't they should probably be returned under the guise of horrible journalism. I mean, they pretty-much got everything wrong and for the profession to reward pure bullshit like that. Yeah, no.

On Some Deranged Buffoon Going On CNN and Saying that Trump Will Eventually Kill More People than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao and the Pathetic Host (Stelter, I Think) Offering No Pushback Whatsoever

The dude forgot Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, and the Young Turks. Oh well, maybe next time...……………………………………………………………..P.S. And let us not forget, either, Mr. Trump's four predecessors, Clinton, Obama, and the two Bushes. They killed a person or two, too. For the record.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

On Why Some Low-Life Bottom-Feeding Slant Like Adam Schiff Would Come Out of Left-Field and Warn the Country About Deep-Fake Videos

I have a pretty active imagination myself but I don't suspect that even I would have ever spit out something this bizarre. Hmm, I wonder, do you think that the fellow might be prepping some sort of defense ahead of time for God only knows what? I mean, it's either that or he's insane. You pick.

The Worst Interview of All-Time?

 I cannot believe that CNN posted this. I mean, do they really think that this went well for that obviously biased and low IQ reporter of theirs? My god, he destroyed her to the point where I almost felt sorry for the lady...….Almost, I said.

On the Fact that the Only Allowable Opinion for Folks to Have When it Comes to the Mass Migration of Third-World People Into Europe and North America is that it's a Good Thing, the Massive Increase In Violent Crime, Drain On the Treasury, etc. Be Damned, I Guess

This is how civilizations decay and ultimately die. They become weak, effeminate (look at some of those later era Greek statues - not impressive), self-excoriating, and eventually a more robust, more cohesive ideology takes over. Hopefully enough serious-minded people observe the writing on the wall and steer this ship around but, yeah, the way that the shit is presently going down, mm, it's gonna be tough. Real tough.

On the Fact that There Was a Sizable Temperature Increase Between 1910 and 1940 and Only a Modest Increase In Atmospheric CO2

So what does that tell you? It tells me that if CO2 was the main driver of temperature on earth and if a small amount of it produced that much warming, the massive amounts of CO2 that we've been billowing into the atmosphere over the past 30 years or so should have fried us by now AND IT CLEARLY HASN"T. Critical thinking, folks, come on.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

On the Fact that Some Numbnuts On YouTube Is Currently Trying to Convince His Viewership that Bob Cousy Wearing the Number 17 On His Lapel at the White House Today Was Some Sort of Signal to Q, Apparently Not Knowing that 17 Was John Havlicek's Number and that Mr. Cousy Was Probably Honoring Him (Havlicek Having Passed Away Last Week), Not Q!

I have argued for years now that Q is more than likely a larp (an astute observer of the obvious who's probably banging this shit out from his mother's basement) and foolishness like this only solidifies that view. Bob Cousy signaling to Q, come on!!

On the Fact that Leftist Celebrities Like Bette Midler and Bill Maher Are Seemingly More Peeved at Trump for Calling Certain Countries a Bad Name than They Are with Hillary and Obama for Destroying Libya to the Point Where They Actually Have Open-Air Slave-Markets These Days

This is the price of insane partisanship, folks. It makes you dumb to the point where you lose all perspective and I ask you, do we really need more of that? No, huh?

On the Idiotic and Hyperbolic Bernie Sanders Claiming that Climate Change Is an Existential Threat and Then Poo-Pooing Nuclear, Hydro, and Natural Gas, the Only Three Energy Sources that Could Both Reduce Our CO2 Footprint AND Maintain Our Capacity to Function as a Modern Industrial Nation-State

And again, zero pushback from the media. Pathetic, huh?....................................................................................……...….....P.S. And, yes, the lunatic could have probably proclaimed anything and they would have just bobble-headed their way to the next softball. It's how they roll these days.

On the Tendency for Certain Folks On the Right to Call Anyone Who Criticizes Israel an "Anti-Semite"

I point this out to underscore that it isn't just the left that engages in this demonization of people with whom they disagree with. The right dies it as well and it is here where they more than likely do it the most. Can you say, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, etc.? Oh, yeah.

On CNN's Mr. Potato Head Knockoff, Brian Stelter, Criticizing Fox News for Hiring Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Trump's Former Press Secretary for Those of You Living On Mars) While Simultaneously Turning a Total Bind-Eye to His Own Idiot Network Hiring Andrew McCabe, a POS Former Deep State Hack Who Will Probably Be Donning an Orange Jump-Suit In the Not-too-Distant Future

Seriously, have a you ever seen a bunch of people with less self-awareness than these media jocks? I mean, it's literally eclipsed theater-of-the-absurd levels these days. Brian Stelter, come on!

Friday, August 23, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Kim Crawford of Duke Energy) the Increased Reliance On Solar Energy In North Carolina Has Actually Created MORE Pollution and May Even Be Creating MORE Carbon Emissions In the Long Run -

Yeah, what's happening here is that the natural gas plants currently being used as backup for the solar farms (most idiot leftists like Bernie Sanders are apparently unaware that you need a fossil fuel backup for these green power-sources due to their unreliability) have to go on and off and when they operate like that they emit more air pollution and CO2 (no, not a pollutant) than if they remained on permanently, making the whole enterprise very lame indeed. Government dollars at work, folks. Don't you love it?

On the Idiots In San Francisco Apparently Wishing to Rebrand Convicted Criminals as "Justice Involved Persons"

And what are they going to call the victims of these justice involved persons, justice marginalized by deranged leftist snowflaked chowderheads persons? Yeah, that one works for me.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

On the Fact that this Country Is Staring-Down at the Most Predictable Economic Collapse In Human History (the Fact that We've Clearly Made Promises that Can Never Be Kept and the Only Two Options When the Shit Hits the Fan Will Be to Default or Inflate Our Way Out of it - Both Bad) and You Can Probably Count On One Hand the Number of D.C. Politicians Who've Adequately Addressed it (Rand Paul and Thomas Massie Come to Mind)

And the only way that something like this can be averted is to have a cohesive society and serious leaders, neither of which we have. Pessimistic? Oh yeah. 

On the Legendary Bottle Rockets

  No sell-outs, these fellas'. No sir.

On Donald Trump Saying, No Thanks, to the Reform Party in 2000 Because He Heard that David Duke Might Be Joining it's Ranks - (5:34)

I didn't vote for Trump and still have a fair number of beefs with the guy (the massive deficits, the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia, tariffs, the Syria bombings, etc.) but for the left and their shills in the media to continue to tarnish him as the second coming of Bull Connor for several awkward comments three ago and his conflicts with Don Lemon and Elijah Cummings (both of whom are total morons) is about as low as politics has gotten in my lifetime and I truly hope that the bullshit stops before we actually do get that race-war (sorry for the run-on sentence but I was on a roll).

On the Fact that the Top 20% of Income Earning Families In the U.S. Paid Over 87% of All Federal Income Taxes Last Year and so When Communist Idiots Like Mayor De Blasio Say that the Wealthy Need to Pay a Lot More In Taxes, I'm Wondering, What Does the Dude Want that Number to Be; 90%, 95%, 100%? -

Yeah, these fascistic bastards never specify? Have you noticed? It's just that bromide-ladened double-speak spewed over and over again and, yep, the media just lets 'em get away with it. Every time. Frustrating, huh?

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York, and the Rest of Those Hard-Core Leftist Buffoons Are Seemingly Hell-Bent On Eviscerating the Very Concept of Self-Reliance In the U.S. (Making Damn-Near Everything a "Right")

And they're proposing this nonsense at a time when we already have a $22,000,000,000,000 debt and $220,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities. Can you say, absolute insanity and an extreme paucity of serious people in government nowadays? I can. 

On the Fact that (According to Immigration Expert, Steve Malanga) 65% of 19th and Early 20th Century Italian Immigrants to the America Eventually Voyaged Back to Italy Because They Couldn't Make it Here

So when all of these open-borders fanatics constantly assert that America is "a nation of immigrants", what they should probably be proclaiming instead is that we're actually a nation of immigrants WHO STAYED (that and the fact that a lot of the people who came here from Europe were actually settlers, not immigrants)…...and that handing out a limitless array of freebies might not be the best way to go (the fact that it ensures people coming here for the wrong reason)...….For accuracy, I'm saying.

On Trump Purportedly Wanting to Purchase Greenland from the Danes

I'm not sure if he's serious (you never know with this fella' - that whole 4D chess thing) but if he is, the fact that there's currently a Greenland independence movement gaining momentum there, it probably wouldn't be the best move (though, yes, maybe they'd want to join the U.S.A. - everybody else wants to, it seems) and so, yeah, my advice would be, ixnay.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

On CNN's Anderson Cooper Recently Proclaiming that Whites Becoming a Minority In the U.S. Is "an Exciting Transformation for the Country" - Quick Addendum

And does he truly and honestly believe that? That the United States becoming indistinguishable from Nicaragua, Columbia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Ecuador will be a positive thing? That America has this magical soil which will transform illiterate third-worlders into Jeffersonian and Clevelandesque Democrats? 'Cause if he does, not only is the guy a shitty reporter, he's a dangerous person, too. 

On the Fact that Prince Andrew Apparently Continued His Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein Even After the Latter's Conviction

   To say that this video is damning is a massive understatement as the pathetic spin-machine bullshit coming from Buckingham Palace patently underscores. Hopefully the fucking little inbred faces some sort of judgement eventually (as the rest of us kick back with some Jolly Time) but in the mean-time at least we've got this. Enjoy.

On Joe Biden Finally Getting the Endorsement of His Wife

Yeah, I heard that she was leaning towards Harris but must have ultimately opted for domestic quietude instead. Probably a good move.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On Understanding the Alt-Right

The standard line of course is that they're simply a bunch of bigots and, while, yeah, that's probably the case with a fair number of them (Richard Spencer, Christopher Cantwell, Mike Enoch, etc.), I do think that there are some decent points occasionally made by those in the movement, such as, the harsh fact that a) minorities have frequently not faired well, b) whites are well on their way to becoming a minority in their own damned country, c) whites in particular have faced harsh treatment as minorities in the past (Haiti, South Africa, Rhodesia, Santo Domingo), and d) the virulent anti-white hatred which is currently permeating the West is very unlikely to dissipate once this demographic scenario unfolds...….Don't dismiss them fully, in other words (as tempting as you may find that).

On the Fact that In the Deranged World of the SJW, Oppressed Groups Are Apparently Not Required to Act Civilly

Kind of sounds like privilege, no (that and the left being patronizing AGAIN)?

On Those Two Idiotic Socialist Muslim Congresswomen from the Midwest Recently Being Denied Entry Into Israel by Netanyahu's Government

I'm going to surprise you on this one. As much as I detest these socialist piglets, the fact of the matter is that we dish out nearly $4,000,000,000 a year to the Israeli government and the least that these folks can do is allow our elected officials to visit there. I mean, yeah, if they start going crazy, by all means kick 'em out but you have to at least give them a chance.

On CNN's Anderson Cooper Recently Proclaiming that Whites Becoming a Minority In the U.S. Is "an Exciting Transformation for the Country"

This coming from some rich stooge who lives in a town that is 97% white, less than 1% black, and less than 2% Hispanic (Litchfield, CT)…...and who will more than likely not have to deal with the cities burning down other than to cover it in his inimitably biased manner.

On the Fact that the Proposed Trip to Israel by Those Two Idiotic Socialist Muslim Congresswomen from the Midwest Was Apparently Sponsored by a Drooling Lowlife Outfit Called Miftah, a Grand Bunch of Asshats that Have Published Neo-Nazi Blood Libels and Cheered On Female Suicide Bombers...……...and the Mainstream Media Has Completely Ignored it -

Seriously, can you imagine if Trump had an even minor connection to folks like this? My god, it would be all over the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc.. Not these two ingrates, though. Fuck no.

Monday, August 19, 2019

On the Likelihood that Slavery Reparations Will Facilitate Better Race Relations In the U.S.

My suspicion is that it will only make things worse in that it will likely build resentment, create more barriers, etc...…..And what if things don't get better for black people post these reparations? Still more reparations? Yeah, I don't know 'bout this...……………………………………………………………..P.S. It's also instructive to point out that a large chunk of the black population now resides in the middle-class and so why should working-class white people be asked to bank-roll them? Fair question, no?

On the Fact that I Know Comedy Gold When I See it......AND THIS IS IT!!

   I laughed so hard, I swear. Boll and Branch sheets, indeed.

On Florida State's Intriguing Walk-In Quarterback, Nolan McDonald

Yeah, the kid was athletic enough to get an offer from both Air Force (a predominantly running program) and Boise State (a predominantly passing program) but decided to walk-on at Florida State to be with his brother...……...and being that the four fellas ahead of him aren't exactly Charlie Ward, Jameis Winston, Casey Weldon, and Chris Weinke (great FSU quarterbacks from the past), I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the field this year...……………………………………………………….P.S. He can also play on defense (safety), so if there are some injuries or problems on that side of the ball, he can step in there, too.

On the Fact that One UFC-Caliber MMA Fighter Could Decimate an Entire Regiment of Those Basement-Dwelling Tool-Bag Antifa Communists and Wouldn't that Be a Glorious Vision to Behold?

I know that that sounds a bit harsh but please keep in mind that these chumps go around attacking women, the elderly, and even gay people (that little Korean dude from Quillette, for example) and so a little taste of their own deranged medicine might do both them and the public some good, I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

On the New York Times Altering One of its Headlines Recently After a Bevy of Lowbrow Leftist Politicians Complained About the Original One (it Wasn't Anti-Trump Enough, I Guess)

There isn't a lot that surprises me these days but not even I was prepared for this level of brazenness. I mean, they're not even trying to hide it anymore.

On the Fact that from 1990 to 2012 (per the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and as Chronicled In "The Wealth of States"), New Hampshire's Total Air-Passenger Traffic Grew by an Astounding 360%, 3 1/2 Times More than Vermont's, 4 1/2 Times More than Maine's, 5 Times More than Rhode Island's, 8 1/2 Times More than Massachusetts's, and 24 Times More than Connecticut's

Hmm, I wonder, do you think that it might have a little something to do with the fact that New Hampshire doesn't have an income tax......or a  sales tax? I'm thinking that it might (especially when you combine this with New Hampshire's superior growth in other areas; net migration, percentage of the country's total GDP, etc.).

On Keeping Guns Out of the Hands of the Mentally Ill

Yeah, it sounds good but what folks have to realize is that there are literally MILLIONS of people in this country with a diagnosis of mental illness (ranging from mild anxiety all the way to schizoid affective disorder) and to deny a basic constitutional right to all of them seems a bit draconian (especially when there's not a lot of evidence to say that mental illness correlates with violent behavior). Maybe if it can be shown that a specific individual with a specific diagnosis is a threat to others we can consider it (along with due process of course) but beyond that it seems a bit dicey to me...…………………………………………………………………………………..P.S. A law like this could also dissuade people from seeking psychological help due to a fear that it might result in a loss of their gun-rights...….which would make matters worse for everybody. 

On the Fact that Joseph Mifsud Profusely Lying to Authorities Was Not Within Mr. Mueller's "Purview" While Paul Manafort's 10 Year-Old Financial Dealings Were (Apparently)

It seems fully absurd and yet the mainstream media continued to cover the foolishness as if it was all 100% legit. I mean, I get it that they despise Trump and all but to be THAT detached from reality and even basic fairness is disturbing, I think.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

On the Fact that the Race-Baiting Don Lemon Once Said that (In Relation to Alleged Sexual Assault Victims), "We Need to Hear Them Out and Have an Honest Investigation Into Whether There Is Truth to Their Stories"

Unless of course the accused perpetrator happens to be......DON LEMON!!!!! Then you  ignore that individual apparently. Unbelievable, huh (the rank hypocrisy, double-standards, etc.)?

On the Fact that Race Has Become the Third-Rail of American Discourse/the Most Dangerous Subject On the Planet to Discuss/the Topic that You MUST Have the Agreed-Upon Opinion On OR ELSE

Of course it only goes one way in that blacks and other minorities can literally say anything about white people and that's just fine. Hopefully we can ALL get away from this toxic identity-politics bullshit 'cause this isn't going to end even remotely well (this whole "conversation on race" nonsense)…...unless we do.

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Most Corrupt Murder Investigation of All Time?

 Yeah, this would get my vote; the brutal murder of two young boys who were unfortunate enough to witness a huge drug-drop near the infamous Mena, Arkansas airport and the subsequent coverup which included the murders of six witnesses, a buffoonish coroner who botched the autopsy (only to be given a 41% raise by then Governor Clinton), several justice officials getting busted for drug-dealing themselves, and the entire thing ultimately getting swept under the rug. Please, do yourself a favor and watch this great documentary. Just don't rupture a blood vessel, that's all.

On a Handful of the Most Radical and Slantheaded Senators In D.C. (Whitehouse, Blumenthal, Hirono, Durbin, and Gillibrand) Recently Threatening to Pack the Supreme Court if it Doesn't Start Ruling the Left's Way On Gun Control

As we all know, F.D.R. tried to pull this off in the '30s but the brushback from the public and even from his own Democratic party (we actually had some moderate and conservative Democrats back then) was so full-throated that the dude had to back off. Hopefully we still have enough level-headed people in this country to ward this attack off as well but being that the drift is more and more to the hard-left these days, that remains to be seen (this as they continue to call Trump the fascist).

Thursday, August 15, 2019

On Sarah Silverman Getting Shit-Canned from a Movie After Somebody Dug Up a 2007 Clip of Her Wearing Blackface

I would normally defend someone like this who gets victimized by our increasingly venal PC culture but being that ole Sarah was one the architects of it, yeah, not so much this time. You make your bed, you sleep in it. Boom, done. 

On the Fact that Somebody In Branford, Connecticut Recently Placed a Suicide Prevention Sign Right Next to a Frequently Travelled Set of Railroad Tracks (the Ones Right Next to Branford River Park)

Yeah, I don't know if they were purposefully tying to be ironic...……...or just not thinking at all, but whatever it was, it sure did give me a chuckle...….A suicide hotline number right next to railroad tracks - way too funny.

On the Fact that Blacks Perpetrate Hate-Crimes at a Rate Nearly Two Times that of Their Population While Whites Perpetrate Them a Rate Somewhat Less than Their Population -

And the odds of Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of those Democratic buffoons ever even acknowledging this are what exactly? I say, zero. What do you say?

On Corey Booker Stating that as President He Will Set Up a Separate Agency to Deal Specifically with White Supremacy, Hate Crimes, etc., 'Cause as We're All Aware, There Simply Aren't Enough of Them Already

   And, yes, what about black on white hate-crimes? Is Mr. Booker's additional layer of bureaucracy going to address these? Me, I kinda' doubt it (the fact that Mr. Booker is a race-baiter and demagogue, always pandering to his base, etc.).

On Kirsten Gillibrand (Yet Another One of Those Democratic Schmucks Polling at 1%) Coming Out In Favor of a Mandatory Buy-Back Program for Certain Semi-Automatic Guns (AR-15s, etc.)

Well then she also needs to come out in favor of building a whole bunch of new prisons, 'cause there are literally THOUSANDS of gun owners who will flat-out not turn their weapons in. Hopefully she understands that...….and is prepared for it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

On the Fact that Two Police Cars Showed Up at My Condo Complex the Other Night to Break Up a Noisy Domestic Disturbance

Yeah, I guess that some drunken idiot referred to my neighbor as, "Chris Cuomo", and my neighbor went ballistic and threw him down the stairs. Some people, huh?

On Don Lemon Getting Sued by Some Fellow Who Claims that Ole Lemon Sexually Assaulted Him In a Hamptons Bar Last Year

If you go by Don's own criteria, he should step down, because an accusation alone is sufficient to destroy a individual. Needless to say, I don't personally subscribe to such a fascistic approach and so I will provide to him the same presumption of innocence that I gave to Kavanaugh......and that Lemon didn't, FOR THE RECORD.

On the Fact that the Federal Government Couldn't Protect a Single Guy in a Cage When it Was Absolutely Necessary to Do and so How In the Fuck Are They Going to Effectively Care for 330,000,000 People via a Government-Controlled Healthcare System?

Color me cynical but I'm having a real hard time wrapping my mind around this one. Hopefully our soon-to-be socialist overlords can thread that needle at some juncture but being that it's never happened in the entire history of the planet, confident I am not.

On the Likelihood of Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush Getting Accepted Into Stanford and UT-Austin if Their Last Names Weren't Clinton and Bush

Obviously I'm speculating here but based upon what I've seen and heard from these two women, I'm probably gonna have to say, close to zero. But who knows, right?

On the Fact that On July 24th, a Group of New York Area Fire Commissioners Gathered Together and Called for a New Investigation Into 9/11...……...and the Corporate Media Ignored it Completely -

Yes, this happened around the same time that John Stewart was shaming Congressmen into taking better care of the first responders and so that received a lot of the coverage but, still, to not acknowledge this event at all seems unconscionable to me......but that's just me, I guess.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

On Deranged Presidential Candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, Observing the Fifth Anniversary of the Ferguson Race Riots by Claiming that Michael Brown Was Murdered

These women are absolutely loathsome and I sincerely hope that Officer Wilson (who even the Obama Justice Department couldn't find issue with) sues them for their libel...….I mean, this is just fucking sick and talk about dividing the country. Crap like this is dividing the country.

On Beta O'Dork Claiming that ALL Trump Supporters Are, Yep, You Got it, RACISTS!!!!!

I'm far from an expert on politics but I'm pretty sure that insulting half the populace is probably a stupid move (though hardly a surprising one coming from an imbecile polling at 0%) but whatever...……………………………………………………………………...P.S. It also should be pointed out here that a fair number of those Trump supporters are probably nominal Trump supporters who voted for him in 2016 mainly because they were fearful of Mrs. Clinton's idiotic no-fly zone over Syria proposal and are planning on voting for him again in 2020 because they hate socialism, advocate national sovereignty, and believe that the Democratic field is shit. Persuadable people, in other words (all of whom this moron just insulted).

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders and that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Are Apparently Trying to Cap Credit Card Interest at 15% (Leftist Dullards Seem to Have a Fetish for the Number, 15 - Have You Noticed?)

We have a 5,000 year historical record of price-controls not working, and of them actually doing harm (causing shortages, distorting markets, etc.), and yet generation after generation we continue to have these fascistic and brain-diseased politicians believing that it will somehow be effective THIS TIME......and so here we go yet again.

Monday, August 12, 2019

On the Fact that Powerful Criminals Murder Witnesses All the Time and so to Be Dismissive of that Being the Case with Mr. Epstein Is Foolhardy, I Would Argue

And if you don't think that our politicians are capable of murder, I have just one word for you, WAR (the fact that degenerates like the two Bushes, the two Clintons, Cheney, McCain, Albright, Graham, and Obama didn't seem to think twice about slaughtering people under the guise of freedom-fighting). Yeah, huh?

On Bernie Sanders Getting Shamed Into Paying His Field-Workers $15 an Hour and One of the Dude's Responses Being to Cut Their Hours

So the moron gets an up-close and personal economics lesson and he's simply too stupid to connect the dots. A pity, huh (though, yes, the irony is fully delicious, for sure)?

On Joe Biden Telling a Group of His Supporters that He Was the Vice President During the Parkland Shooting

   Yeah, the guy is either losing his mind or he has such a low regard for his audience that he doesn't believe that they'll catch the lie. Either way, it's troubling and maybe the fellow should step aside, I'm just sayin'.

On How Flooding a Sovereign Country with Poverty and Educational Failure Helps that Country Other than it Greatly Advances the Hegemony of One Particular Political Party

The obvious answer of course is that doesn't enhance it in that while, yes, certain businesses may be helped by the cheap labor, a significant percentage of these third-world migrants end up as public-charges or in prison. I mean, get it that simply saying the words, "Trump's right", is toxic nowadays but, yes, in this instance, the man IS right, we DO need a more merit-based immigration approach and if that means only letting in Norwegians and Koreans for a few years, OH WELL!! 

On MSNBC's Resident Deliverance Boy, Joe Scarborough, Apparently Believing that Trump and the Russians Killed Mr. Epstein

Yes, it is so comforting to know that these "authoritative" news-sites stay away from conspiracy nonsense...….'Cause what would we do without that?

Sunday, August 11, 2019

On Howard Cosell Several Times Claiming that Floyd Patterson Had a "Glass-Chin"

From a guy who was never punched in the kisser by anyone, never mind by Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, or Ingemar Johansson. Glass-chin, my ass (Liston being the only one to put Floyd down and keep him there).

On the Fact that that Metropolitan Correctional Center In Manhattan Had Just Two Jobs Pertaining to Epstein, a) Preventing Him from Booking and b) Keeping the Cork-Soaker Alive and, I'm Sorry, but 50% Just Doesn't Cut it

And the media seems to have no interest whatsoever in probing this, gleefully accepting the retarded government narrative. Thankfully we now have some independent news sources and while I don't necessarily accept everything that they say, at least they're asking some questions, for Christ, and for that I'm grateful.

On the Fact that Whenever Somebody Dies Mysteriously, One of the First Things that an Investigator Will Try to Figure Out Is Who Benefitted from it, and I Would Really Like to Know Who the Geniuses Over at Yahoo News Believe Benefitted More; the Guy Who Banned Epstein from His Resort and Completely Cooperated with Authorities the First Go-Round or the Guy Who Took 26 Ventures On Epstein's Lolita Express and Frequented Orgy Island

Sad, isn't it, that the citizens have to grill the media when it's the media who should be grilling the politicians......OF BOTH PARTIES? And, yet, that's how it has to be, I guess.

Quick, Before YouTube Takes it Down

  Conspiracy theory THIS. Please, I dare you.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

On the Distinct Likelihood that a Society Which Emasculates its Men Will Eventually Be Replaced by One that Doesn't

It's just common-sense, folks. Old-fashioned common-sense.

On the Ludicrous Notion that Some Childlike Idiot Girl Who Apparently Can't Figure Out a Garbage Disposal and Who Uses Such Terminology as, "Tippy-Top", Can Somehow Manage Not Just the Country's Vast Energy Supply but its Entire Economy Through Some Nonsensical Proposal Called, "The Green New Deal"

It's easy to laugh this shit off but as the country imports more and more of these third-world caliber socialists, it won't be quite so funny down the road, I promise you.

On the Fact that the Cameras at the Jail Where Epstein Was Being Housed Just Happened to Be Inoperable On the Night that He Supposedly Offed Himself

Yet another Festivus miracle, I guess (as people continue to be called conspiracy theorists simply for pointing nonsense like this out).

The Most Predictable Suicide of All Time?

Yeah, it's gotta' be right up there to the point where anyone who claimed that this guy was going to live to make it to trial was probably lying. Of course there are some people out there who claim that he IS alive (either in some government protection program in the U.S. or an Israeli kibbutz somewhere close to Tel Aviv) but being that that is (to steal a key phrase from Mr. Mueller) clearly beyond my purview, I'll pass for now.

On the Fact that Jeffrey Epstein Just Committed Suicide Today

Nah, that's not suspicious, not even a little (high profile cretins on suicide-watch with mega-dirt on high ranking government officials and even royalty off themselves all the time, correct?). I mean, it's not like people close to the Clintons ever croak mysteriously or anything. Heaven forbid!

Friday, August 9, 2019

On the Fact that While I Don't Suspect Bill Clinton to Be a Pedophile (of-Age Booty Being More the Guy's Thing), I Do Think that Maybe Ole Epstein Set Him up with 16 Year-Old (or Two), Told Him that She Was 21, Filmed the Two of Them Getting it On, and Has Been Using that as Blackmail Over Him

Yeah, it's hard to think that NOTHING happened during those 20-something trips on Epstein's Lolita Express. We are, after all, talking about Bill Clinton, for Christ.

On the Fact that Trump's Tax-Cuts Were Exceedingly Modest ($1.47 Trillion for Ten Years) with the Highest Rate Being Reduced from 39.6% to 37% and with Some Folks In the Top 1% Actually Paying a Higher Rate Under the Plan (Those Making Between $400,000 and $425,000 a Year Going from 33% to 35%) -

I like the plan (anything that allows people to keep more of their own money is fine by me) but unfortunately Mr. Trump and his Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill weren't nearly as serious about cutting spending and the deficit has mushroomed. Hopefully they can get a hold of this problem but being that I have zero faith in either one of these criminal enterprises (i.e., political parties), confident I am not.   

On a Clinton-Appointed Judge Throwing Out the DNC's Retarded Law-Suit Against President Trump Regarding Russian Collusion and Claiming that the Plaintiff Showed Zero Evidence that Julian Assange and Wikileaks Stole the DNC Information and, AND the Legacy Media Completely Ignoring the Story

Yeah, if it was a liberal President who had received this type of vindication, I'm pretty certain that the New York Times and the Washington Post would have blasted it on page one and CNN would have led with it on every broadcast 24/7 for days. Trump, not so much. The creeps.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

On Train-Wreck Presidential Candidate, Corey Booker, Demanding that Mr. Trump Cancel All of His Rallies Because They Serve as Breeding-Grounds for White Supremacists (and Please Keep In Mind that There Are Literally Thousands of Folks Who Come to These Rallies, the Overwhelming Percentage of Whom Are Decent, Law-Abiding Citizens)

(The chutzpah of this imbecile aside) I have a better idea. How 'bout we cancel all of Senator Booker's rallies (such that they are) because they're clearly breeding grounds for young, angry black fellows who already despise whites and who are prompted by Mr. Booker's divisive anti-white rhetoric to perpetrate violence not just on whites but also on Asians, Hispanics, gays, etc.? I mean, that would make a lot more sense in that interracial violence in America is overwhelmingly black on white, black on Asian, and Black on Hispanic ( and being that the main job of a politician is to protect the citizenry, seems like a relative no-brainer, no?

On the Fact that Women, Blacks, and Other Minorites Need to Decide,Do They Want to Be In Public Office or Do They Not Wish to Be Criticized, 'CAUSE THEY CANNOT HAVE BOTH!!!!!

 Yeah, this is really getting stale; Trump criticizing a black individual (usually after they've bashed him first) and the media shamelessly and buffoonishly extrapolating it to mean that Trump hates all black people. It's ludicrous......and yet it continues day after day. Unreal.

On My Strong Belief that the Right Shouldn't Play Tit-for-Tat and Blame Sanders, Warren, and Their Venal Socialist Rhetoric for the Mass-Shooting In Dayton In that While I Can Understand it from a Consistency Perspective (What Is Good for the Goose...…), it Is Always Best to Retain One's Principles (In this Instance, Blaming the Person Who Pulled the Trigger......and ONLY Him)

And plus there are far more effective ways of beating back the socialists; with facts, logic, reason, and evidence, especially and it is those that I strongly prefer, thank you.

On Dumb-as-a-Stump Texas Congressman, Joaquin Castro, Publishing the Names and Employers of 44 Trump Donors from San Antonio -

This was such a reckless and dumb act that even one of the low IQ and biased to-the-hilt mouth-breathing slants over at MSNBC took the guy to task over it. I mean, this is a dangerous fucking game that these leftists are playing and you'd think that they'd have leaned this by now. Apparently not, though.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

On 170 Trump Supporters Going to Baltimore, Engaging In a Clean-Up Operation that Rounded Up 12 Tons of Garbage, and the Idiot Leftist Media Attacking Them for it -

I don't know what the motivation of these Trump supporters was but being that they did something that was a) tangible and positive and b) above and beyond anything that Cummings and the rest of the parasite class has ever been willing to do leads me to believe that at the very least we shouldn't be bashing them. But, hey, what do I know?

On the Fact that In the Old Days People Would Relish the Opportunity to Crush Somebody In a Debate if They Determined that that Individual Had Dangerous and/or Moronic Ideas and Now We Shout Such People Down, Ban Them, Deplatform Them, Proffer Fascistic Hate-Speech Laws, etc.

Stupidity and fascism is a toxic mixture and every day we toss in a wee-bit more of each to the point where I'm not so certain that we can turn this thing around anymore. Sorry to say but, yeah.

On the Fact that the Free-Speech Movement Started In Berkeley and Look at Berkeley Now

Pure unmitigated madness and if you want to know what a civilization in decline looks like, exhibit A, right here.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

On the Fact that Instead of Teaching Young People to Be Financially Adept Human Beings, We're Subsidizing Them Towards Worthless Degrees In Buffoonish Majors and Saddling Them with Tens of Thousands of Dollars In Debt and an Extreme Level of Self-Hatred (this While the Works of Twain, Milton, Cicero, and Plato Continue to Collect Cobwebs In the Library)

Yeah, unless you plan to major in one of the STEM fields, college is probably not a good idea. I would say either look at one of the technical schools or try and secure an apprenticeship. I mean, you can always learn about the liberal arts later through various online programs or even on your own (with the added bonus of zero indoctrination). Why go into debt over it?

On the Fact that the 73% Illegitimacy Rate In Black America Is a Catastrophic Reality of Civilization Destroying Magnitude and Unless the Situation Gets Rectified Trillions More In Welfare and Income Redistribution Will More than Likely Be Money Wasted

Yeah, I get it. It's a major black pill. But it also explains a lot and maybe, just maybe, it can help us formulate some different strategies moving forward, 'cause what we've done so far hasn't exactly worked. To say the least.

On the Fact that Obama Is Still Pushing that Preposterous Lie that an Individual Can Purchase a Weapon Online and Have it Delivered Directly to His House Without a Background Check

The dude is a former law professor and so he clearly understands the necessity for precise language. Unfortunately he's also a hard-core politician whose primary goal it seems is to deceive people, and that's exactly what he's doing here. The fact of the matter is that, while, yes, you can make a weapons purchase online, THE GUN IS NOT SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOU!!! It is shipped to a licensed gun-dealer near you and it is there where you undergo the usual background check. Granted, the truth doesn't always make for a rousing campaign show-stopper but, please, we aren't all children and, yes, precision of language IS important.

Monday, August 5, 2019

On the Fact that if the Democrats Had Any Semblance of Guiding Principles (as Opposed to this Naked Push for Infinite Power), Instead of Bashing Trump for His Stupid-Assed Tweets, They'd Be Hammering Him for His Astronomical Budget Deficits but Because They're Bereft of Principles and Have Contributed to These Huge Deficits Themselves All that We Get from These Buffoons Is Constant Virtue-Signaling and Faux Moral Outrage

Frustrating, isn't it (the fact that there are legitimate areas of concern with this President but the stupid-assed Democrats can't seem to avert their eyes from that bright, shiny object)?

On the Fact that the Black Homicide Rate In the U.S. Is EIGHT TIMES that of Whites (with a Significant Percentage of the Victims Also Being Black) and Yet if You Listen to Demagogic Parasites Like Mayor Pete, Corey Booker, etc. You'd Think that it Was the One-Eighty Opposite -

We cannot let these politicians get away with this bullshit. They're sewing the seeds of resentment through this constant victimization and you don't need to be a genius to know that approaches of this type rarely end well (Ukraine, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, etc.). It's gotta' stop, because if it doesn't...……...Let's just put it this way, you think that Trump is bad, wait 'til you see his successor.

On the Fact that the Dayton, Ohio Shooter Was Seemingly a Pro-Satan Leftist Socialist Who Hated President Trump, Wanted Mr. Biden to Keel, and Was Hoping for an Elizabeth Warren Victory In 2020 (He Was Also In Favor of Stronger Gun-Control Laws - Except for Him, Apparently) -

And hence the extreme paucity of coverage from the droolers over at CNN and MSNBC. They can't blame Trump and so it isn't newsworthy, I guess.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

On the Fact that While You Can Make Wind Turbines Out of Steel, You Can't Make Steel from Wind Turbines (the Fact that Wind Is a Diffuse, Unreliable, and Low Power-Density Energy Option that Has Serious Limitations for Industrial Use) and so When These Behemoths Ultimately Shit the Bed...……...THEN WHAT???

It's a fair question, no?

On Mayor Pete Proclaiming that the Country Is Under Assault from Violent Right-Wing Racists

Let's see if I've gotten this straight. We have thousands of young black kids getting mowed-down by fellow blacks every year and this demagogic buffoon is trying to instruct us that a handful of white yahoos are what black Americans should truly fear. Oh yeah, that makes total sense - NOT!! 

On Owen Benjamin Joking Recently that He Almost Wants Slavery to Come Back Simply Because it Would Force the Moron, Sean King, to Admit that He's White

Sacred cows, he has none (the hallmark of a great comedian but I digress). OBVIOUSLY.

On the Fact that the Partisan Buffoons Over at Snopes Have Actually Fact-Checked Nearly Two Dozen Clearly Satirical Pieces by the Babylon Bee -

Two possibilities. Either the folks over at Snopes are complete and total morons or they're attempting to hit the Bee with some sort of fake news tag in an effort to lower them in the algorithm (the fact that the Bee frequently ridicules liberals). Either way it doesn't enhance their credibility one bit and you'd probably do well to avoid that site in the future. Know that I will. 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Mayor Pete's Campaign Strategy In a Nutshell

a) Attempt to score victim points by stressing his gayness (he is after all a white man). b) Engage in humongous amounts of anti-white vitriol (penance of sorts). c) Constantly brag about his military service and lord it over his opposition. d) Try to justify his fascistic policy proposals by awkwardly citing scripture. And e) display a caliber of Trump Derangement Syndrome that makes every other case of it seem like adulation by comparison...….And you know what, it just might work (the level of craziness that's permeated large swaths of the country suddenly making the unthinkable mainstream)! Stay tuned, I guess.

On the Fact that this Slip-and-Fall Buffoon Is Apparently Still Contemplating a Run for the Presidency (Not of His Condo Association, Mind You, but of the Entire Fucking U.S.A.!!)

Yeah, it could get a tad dicey in that the dude's legal issues haven't exactly disappeared but, yeah, in terms of sheer entertainment, I'm all for it. The more the merrier (with apologies to the great Jean Arthur).

Friday, August 2, 2019

On Tulsi Gabbard Pulverizing Kamala Harris On National Television this Week and Elements of the Democratic Establishment Responding by (and I Sincerely Hope that You're Sitting for this) Trying to Infer that She's Some Sort of Russian Operative

While I understand that the playbook of the modern-day Democratic party is thinner than a McDonald's menu, you'd think that going to that same buffoonish well two times in succession probably wouldn't be a go......and yet it was. Unbelievable, huh (the level of stupidity, lack of originality, etc.)?

On the Fact that Baltimore Has a Higher Homicide Rate than Honduras, South Africa, Mexico, and Numerous Other Crime INFESTED (Yeah, I Said it!) Places

Granted, countries and cities are different and so, yeah, the comparison here is far from perfect but, still, would you want to reside in Baltimore with these numbers? I sure wouldn't.

On the Fact that In 1999, Race-Baiting and Corrupt Congressman, Elijah Cummings, Referred to His Own District In Baltimore as, DRUG-INFESTED!!!!!!

OK, so it can't be the word, "infested" then...….NEXT!!!    

Thursday, August 1, 2019

On Actress, Ellen Pompeo, Currently Facing Racism Charges Simply for Saying that Kamala Harris Seemed a Tad Overconfident In the Last Democratic Debate - Quick Addendum

And Harris isn't even all that black in that her mom is South Asian and her father a light-skinned mullato from Great Britain. So a quarter, at best (same as George Zimmerman's mother - ironic, huh?)…….But whatever/the SJWs don't deal in facts..

On Actress, Ellen Pompeo, Currently Facing Racism Charges Simply for Saying that Kamala Harris Seemed a Tad Overconfident In the Last Democratic Debate

The foolishness just keeps ratcheting up to the point where I'm actually running out of descriptors for it. Thankfully Pompeo didn't cave in the the lynch-mob and that is really how it has to be moving forward, 'cause once they smell that blood, you're done.

On Activist-Posing-as-Journalist, Chuck Todd, Proclaiming that He Won't Have Any More Global-Warming Skeptics On His Dopey Sunday Program (as if He Had All that Many to Begin with)

Of course he won't, 'cause if he featured somebody like Will Happer, Richard Lindzen, Judith Curry, or John Christy, they would utterly humiliate him and ole Chuck would be shit-canned on the spot by his corporate masters who undoubtedly have a stake in this whole scientific industrial complex. I mean, HELLO!!

On Daniel Webster's Proclamation that "Good Intentions Will Always Be Pleaded for Every Assumption of Authority"

I tend not to use the words, true and politician, in the same sentence but, yeah, Mr. Webster's thoughts here are about as true as it gets (this as I watch those gruesome Democratic candidates attempt to cloak their fascism in such glorious beneficence-speak). Amen in fact.