Friday, October 30, 2020

On Benjamin Franklin More than 200 Years Ago Proclaiming that, "Those Who Would Give Up Essential Liberty to Purchase a Little Temporary Safety Deserve Neither Liberty nor Safety", and the Neo-Marxist Shits of Today Responding with, "Yeah, but He Was a Straight White Male"

Two huge pieces of idiocy here; a) this buffoonish notion that only white people have done nasty shit in the past (shit, there's still slavery going on in Africa right now - AS WE SPEAK!!) and b) this equally low-IQ tendency to judge 18th Century individuals according to 21st Century ethics and sensibilities (and of course doing so in an inconsistent manner; Shaka Zulu - good guy, Benjamin Franklin - not so good).............................................................................................................Of course the scariest part of this entire thing is that this crackpot foolishness isn't any longer confined to a handful of crazy humanities departments and has instead metastasized to the entire academy and even on to the corporate world (the media and big tech companies, especially). You think that the Chinese are eating our lunch now. Just wait. 

To the Folks Who Hate Trump............but Who Also Hate War (Supposedly)

George Bush and Barack Obama destroyed entire nations. Trump on the other hand has helped to broker four peace-agreements (three in the Middle-East and one in the Balkans). I mean, I get it that you don't like his tweets but, please, you do the math.

On the Fact that We In the West Have Gone from Storming the Beaches at Normandy to Cowering In the Corner with Cloth Masks Over Our Faces Worrying About a Pathogen that Has a Survival Rate for Healthy People Under 65 of Approximately 99.95%

Not quite the trajectory that I had hoped for but whatever.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Richard Feynman (My Vote for the Greatest Mind of the Past Seven Decades; Two Parts Einstein, One Part Mencken) On the Field of Science


"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts."............Uh, yeah (the propensity of these "experts" to constantly changes their minds, their inability to grasp the elementary idea of unintended consequences, etc.)!!!!!

On the Fact that Looting and Rioting Are Apparently the New Normal Now Whenever a White Police Officer Kills a Black Man (Like What Just Happened In Philly), Whether or Not it's Justified and Prior to All of the Details Coming Out

You can justify it however you desire but the harsh fact is that a) barbarism of this sort never solves anything and b) there isn't a society on the face of the planet that can tolerate shit this indefinitely without at some point splintering. Of course if that happens to be your ultimate goal all along, keep on truckin', I guess.

On Glenn Greenwald (One of the Few Honest Journalists Left In the Country) Resigning from "The Intercept" (a Web-Site that He Co-Founded In 2013) Because They Wouldn't Let Him Report on the Biden Corruption Scandal and the Media's Refusal to Cover it

I have so much respect for this fellow. No, we don't agree on everything (50-50, I'd say) but his integrity is unquestioned and at this critical point in the future of journalism, you might want to mark this day down. I have.

On the Fact that When the Democrats Proclaim, "We're the Party of Science", What They Actually Mean Is, "Don't Question Us and, oh, by the Way, There Are Actually 77 Genders"

 For the record.

On What I Got When I Typed Mr. Bobulinski's Name Into CNN's Search Engine


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

On an Australian News Network Called Sky News Australia Doing a Vastly Superior Job of Handling the Biden Scandal and Big Tech Coverup than Virtually Every Mainstream Outlet In the U.S.

  Quite an indictment, huh (not to mention, an embarrassing one)?

Some Questions that Shill, Norah O'Donnell, Could Have Posed to Mr. Biden Instead of the Cartoonishly Deferential Ones that She Gently Lobbed His Way

Mr. Biden - a) Are those emails real or not? b) Did that laptop belong to Hunter? c) Is that Hunter's signature on the computer repair shop's invoice? d) Was your son ever in that computer shop? e) Did you ever meet with Burisma executives as was stated in those emails? f) has your son ever referred to you as, "the big guy" and are you the big guy alluded to in those emails? And g) did you know that the F.B.I. has possessed the original copy of that hard-drive for over a year now and if so have you ever contacted them about the matter?............Yeah, there are probably more but how 'bout those for starters, MS. O'Donnell?

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

On this Creepy College Dropout and Psychopath Recently Referring to Dr. Scott Atlas, a University of Chicago Medical School Alum, Former Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford Medical School, and an Esteemed Fellow at the Hoover Institution, as a "Pseudo Expert" (Simply Because He Occasionally Challenges the Increasingly Ridiculous Bureaucratic Orthodoxy)


Yet more definitive proof that we are living in an upside-down universe in which delusional and autistic jerks like this guy are suddenly deemed relevant beyond their little niche and whose chutzpah isn't seen as problematic but rather endearing.......As if you needed any more. 

"Make the Entire Population Walk Around with Face-Coverings (of Varying Material, Probably Contaminated, and Likely Worn Improperly)"

 Said no doctor ever.......'Til now.

"Quarantine the Healthy (In Some Instances Indefinitely)"

Said no doctor ever.......'Til now.

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that Taylor (Not so) Swift Doesn't Give a Rat's-Ass About Politics and that She's Only Firing Off These Low-IQ Anti-Trump Tweets so as to Not Get Cancelled by the Woke Brigade

The only problem here is that a fair number of her fans are probably normies who may not appreciate such mindless grandstanding......and depending upon their level of agitation (which, granted, will probably be less than that of the feral SJWs) it just might backfire on ole Swift, who knows. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

On Stan Musial (the Second Best Hitter of All Time After Ted Williams) Leading the National League In Slugging In 1943 (.562) and 1944 (.549) After Having Hit Just 13 and 12 Homers Respectively

Yeah, it seems a bit strange but when you factor in the guy's doubles (48 and 51), triples (20 and 14), and the fact that he batted .357 and .347 respectively for those two years, it starts to make some sense. Still amazing, though, huh?....................................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, as Mr. Musial got older (he was only in his early 20s in '43 and '44) he also started hitting more homers and if you think that the above slugging percentages are high, how does .702 (in 1948) suit you? Rad, huh?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

On Joe Biden's Early Alliance with Southern Segregationist Senators (Talmage, Eastland, Thurmond, Fulbright, etc.) and the Corporate Media's Total Unwillingness to Ask the Guy to Disavow and Condemn Them In Retrospect -

Look, I get it, in politics you sometimes need to work with miscreants (Arafat, for instance) but, I'm sorry, if Trump has to disavow his NON-association with white supremacists then Biden needs to do likewise with his ACTUAL associations. Just to be fair, come on........................................................................................................Oh, and for the record, one of those low-life Senators, Fulbright, was also an anti-Semite and so maybe a disavowal of that, too.......While we're at it.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

On NASA's Gavin Schmidt Proclaiming that He's Never Altered the Surface Temperature Data

Uh, yeah, he's a liar............and has been for quite a while now. Exhibit A.

On Veterans Administration Police Officers Arresting a 78 Year-Old Vietnam Veteran (Robert Rosebrock) for Taking "Unauthorized" Photographs of Flags at a Cemetery and When that Was Determined by the Court to Be a Bogus Charge Attempting to Justify the Arrest by Claiming that the Dude Was Also Engaging In an "Unauthorized" Protest Because He Had Several Protest Signs Lying Face-Down Near One of their Facilities -

Needless to say the V.A. holds a huge grudge against Mr. Rosebrock who apparently never got the memo about not criticizing the federal government (in this instance the V.A.'s shitty record at assisting homeless vets). Thankfully the guy's only 78 so there's still some time, I guess (he said, with about as much cynicism as he could offer).

On the Wisdom of Mask-Mandates and Lockdowns In the Summer When Viruses Are at Their Weakest and the Human Immune System Is at its Best (When Evolution Is Most Readily Attained, In Other Words)

Total idiocy and, yeah, if you're concerned about a second COVID wave hitting us this winter, look no further 'cause here it is (the fact that these preposterous measures have most-likely postponed population immunity and weakened our immune systems) a nutshell.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

On the Fact that Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi Are Both Driving Us Off the Fiscal Cliff, McConnell's Just Going Several Miles per Hour Slower, that's All (Pelosi Pushing for $2.5 Trillion Spending Sprees and McConnell Saying, "Nah, Let's Just Do 1.7")

Yeah, I guess that the paper currency in post WW1 Germany became so debased that the people started using it in their fire-places to stay warm (a situation brought about by economic irresponsibility akin to ours)......and to those of you who think that this couldn't possibly happen in the U.S., guess what, it can (just ask Chili, Argentina, Russia, etc.).

On the Fact that this Guy Wants You to Limit Your Number of Guests for Thanksgiving, Eat While Wearing a Mask (the Old Mask On, Mask Off Routine), and Refrain from Singing During the Holiday


So he's either an idiot or a sadistic bastard who's enjoying this bullshit. Kind of a close call, huh?

Friday, October 23, 2020

On Whether Adam Schiff Desires to Protect THIS Whistle-Blower

Probably not, if I had to wager. Probably not (and please keep in mind that this guy isn't doing the anonymous schtick and is instead putting himself out there - maybe because he feels safer that way, who knows).

On the Understated Beauty of Actress, Monica Potter


Always adored her face and now that she's in her 40s and seemingly not aging even a little, yep, still on board!

On the Fact that "Listen to the Science" Has Quickly Become the Rallying-Cry for Every Irrational, Fact-Free, and Anecdote-Driven Believer In Witchcraft North AND South of the Equator............and if I Have to Hear it One More Time, Lord Have Mercy

And of course the only scientific conclusions that these obnoxious shits ever tout are the ones which justify their fascistic political views (a process which unfortunately leaves out brilliant physicians and scientists such as Ioannides, Atlas, and Bhattacharya out of Stanford, Katz out of Yale, Kulldorff out of Harvard, Gupta out of Oxford, and Wittkowski out of the Rockefeller University). Let us not forget that, either.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

On the Fact that Burt Reynolds Purportedly Turned Down Roles In "California Suite", "Magnolia", and "Terms of Endearment"

Pretty sad, huh? Of course what makes it even worse is that instead of doing these movies he did total dumpster-fire projects like "Mystery, Alaska" and "Stroker Ace". Thankfully he still has "Deliverance", "Starting Over", and "Boogie Nights" in his portfolio but, still, it could have been a lot better had the guy's judgement been better, that's for certain

On the Claim that a Biden Presidency Would Constitute a "Return to Normalcy"

 So packing the court, making Puerto Rico and D.C. states (so four more Democratic Senators in perpetuity essentially), flooding the country with millions more destitute and illiterate third-world immigrants (i.e., future Democratic voters), allowing for post-partum abortions, continuing with these insane lockdowns, flirting with the moronic concept of "hate-speech" (shitting on the First Amendment, in other words), being all-in with big tech tyranny, reducing the voting age to 16 (seriously, they're considering it), forcing the suburbs to accept low-income housing through some Orwellian Obama era relic called "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" (which I'm sure will exclude Martha's Vineyard where the Obamas themselves live), neutering the Electoral College (eliminating it completely would call for a Constitutional Amendment but not to worry, they have a plan B), allowing jack-booted thugs to burn down cities without so much as lifting a paw to stop them, infusing identity politics and racial-grievance mongering into damn-near every crevice of society, confiscating firearms on a mass-scale, deep-sixing fossil fuels and replacing them with diffuse and unreliable green energy options (those rolling blackouts in California, imagine that for the entire nation), raising taxes to confiscatory levels, socializing medicine even more than it already is, and promising free healthcare to illegal aliens...........constitute a return to normalcy? Yeah, I must be getting ancient 'cause I don't remember any of this shit being the norm. Ever. Do you?   

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

On Flicking at the Window-Screen and Watching the Stink-Bugs Catapult Halfway Across the Backyard

Something to do.

On the New York Post Getting a Hold of Hunter Biden's Old Computer Hard-Drive, Finding Out that it Contained Extremely Incriminating Evidence Against the Biden Family, Reporting On the Evidence, Big Tech Conglomerates Squashing All Mentioning of it On Their Platforms, and the Corporate Press Spinning On the Story In the Most Absurd Ways Conceivable (Bringing Up Russia YET AGAIN) to Mitigate the Damage to Biden's Increasingly Preposterous Campaign

 We are currently witnessing the most egregious case of election interference in modern history and virtually no one in the media is covering it (mainly because they're part of it, I'm assuming). Thankfully there are still a sufficient number of alternative web-sites that are covering these stories (the Biden controversy, the media's refusal to cover it, and big tech censorship) but, who knows, maybe they'll get removed someday, too. It wouldn't surprise me.

On the Fact that the Dueling Presidential Town-Halls Essentially Boiled Down to Trump Being Grilled by a Hostile Adversary and Biden Getting a Nice Little Back-Rub from Georgie Boy Stephanopoulos - They Were Worthless, In Other Words

And what did the media critics like Mr. Potato Head himself, Brian Stelter, do with this big, fat softball of rank media bias? Yep, that's right, they justified it, just like they always do (they are, after all, part of the cabal themselves). Pathetic, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

On the Claim by South Africa's New Think-Tank, "Pandemics, Data, and Analytics" that the Lockdowns In South Africa Will Ultimate Cause 30 Times as Many Lost Years of Life than the Virus Alone Would Have -

In a sane world the architects of these bullshit policies would be brought before a tribunal and charged with crimes against humanity (especially in third-world countries where the folks most susceptible to COVID are already deceased). Unfortunately sane ain't us and so, yeah, ramifications, probably not.

On the American Public Being Told Six Months Ago that the Lockdowns Were Temporary and Only Being Implemented to "Flatten the Curve" and that There Was No Need for the Entire Population to Be Going Around Wearing Face-Masks (Even Going as Far as to Underscore the Unintended Consequences In Doing so)

 This is what happens when you surrender your liberty. You think that you're only giving up a little and before you know it it's 1984 (or in this instance, COVID-1984).  

Things that Fake Tapper Apparently Isn't Interested In - Edition 3

a) President Trump Signing Criminal Justice Reform 26 Years After Then-Senator Joe Biden Voted for the 1994 Crime Bill......b) The resurfacing of Hunter Biden's hard-drive which shows unimpeachable evidence of Biden family corruption and maybe worse (and F.B.I. agent with a specialty in child pornography has purportedly been called onto the case).......c) The New York Times back in 2012 writing a story with THIS as its heading, "Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises" and THIS within its text - "Voting by mail is now common enough and problematic enough that election experts say there have been multiple elections in which no one can say with confidence which candidate was the deserved winner............while fraud in voting by mail is far less common than innocent errors, it is vastly more prevalent than in-person voting fraud."......d) Obama, Biden, and Hillary destroying Libya to the point where it's currently a failed-state replete with open-air slave auctions.......e) Oxfam now proclaiming that as many as 130,000,000 people could starve to death because of these tyrannical and slantheaded lockdowns........And f) our political leaders initially saying that the lockdowns were only supposed to last several weeks as a means to flatten the curve AND THAT WAS SEVEN MONTHS AGO!!!  

Monday, October 19, 2020

On England Instituting its Mask-Mandate Back In Late July and Based Upon the Major Uptick In Cases, Do the Words, Epic Fail, Mean Anything to You?

The saving-grace of course is that while the cases are going up the deaths are staying low (a signal that herd immunity is being achieved). Unfortunately the fascist pricks in the British government have only been using cases as the benchmark and so the evil lockdowns continue without an exit strategy. Kinda' like here!

On Governor Newsom Recently Stating that 90% of the Forest Fires In California Have Been Caused by Humans (Either by Accident or Intentionally)

Yeah, he probably got his ears boxed for that one (courtesy of the more rabid environmental special interests). Willing to bet.

On the Fact that Even Though a Biden Flack Is On the Record (During a Recent Fox News Segment with Leland Vitter) Admitting that the Recently Released Hunter Biden Emails Are NOT Inauthentic, We Still Have These Imbecilic Politicians (with Shifty Schiff Leading the Pack of Course) and Media Buffoons Trying to Pass Them Off as "Russian Disinformation"

And like I've said before, there wasn't a single prominent Democrat (politician OR media buffoon) prior to November, 2016 who'd ever said a damn thing about Russia (even though the Obama administration was supposedly monitoring their social media foolishness) and who in fact had made sport of Mitt Romney for asserting that the Russians were some sort of strategic problem (for the record, I, too, considered it a dumb statement)............and then Hillary lost, opening up the flood-gates SEEMINGLY FOREVER!!! Oh well, at least we've gotten some entertainment from it, I guess. Looking at the bright side.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

On the Fact that this Guy (Along with Lord Monckton) Utilized the IPCC's Own Statistics and Came to the Conclusion that it Will Be 50 Times Less Expensive to Adapt to Global Warming if and When it Happens than it Will Be to Prevent it (if that's Even Conceivable and I Would Argue that it's Not)............and so Even if These Catastrophists Are 100% Correct In Their Hypothesis, the Best Thing to Do Is............NOTHING!!!!!

   Needless to say the statists aren't all that down with this in that it doesn't funnel additional tax-dollars into their already bulging coffers but, hey, maybe if enough of us keep bringing it up.......Can't hurt.

In the Fact that While COVID Deaths Have Actually Been Rising Lately In Italy, Belgium, and France, They Continue to Decline In Sweden


Hmm, could it be because the Swedes used the same sane strategy that most countries have been using for over 100 years when it comes to infectious diseases (i.e., educating people while allowing the pathogen to work though the population)? That would be my guess, folks.............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, you'll notice that Sweden did experience a huge spike in deaths sometime in May but like I said before, that was probably due to the fact that the Swedes did a poor job at locking down the nursing homes. Had they focused their energy more on that component of public health their death-rate would have likely been even lower.

On the Democratic Crazies Hammering Judge Barrett Simply Because She Used the Term, "Sexual Preference" (Terminology that as Recently as September Was Being Used In the LGBT Paper, The Advocate)

  Gee, I wonder if these fine folks will get a talking-to. Probably not would be my guess.

On the World Economic Forum Claiming that the 17,425 Wildfires In 2020 so Far Constitutes a Record

That's strange (and/or a lie) in that the U.S. Forest Service recorded 185,209 wildfires in 1938 ( - :36). A huge difference, huh? Oh well, at least we have fact-checkers now to get to the bottom of it (he said while laughing his fucking ass off). 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

On the Fact that No Sane Corporation Would Ever Put a Crack-Head with Zero Experience in the Field On Their Board of Directors......UNLESS the Individual Had Big-Time Political Connections and Who Could Help Them Avoid Legal Scrutiny

Yeah, this whole Biden-Burisma affair stunk like a rotting mackerel right from the start......and now with Hunter's old computer hard-drive in the public's possession (showing not just the corruption but the dude's degeneracy as well), lotsa' luck spinning your way out of this one, Democrats, corporate press, etc., 'cause you're gonna' need it. Big time (to steal a quip from Dick Cheney). 

On the Idiot Senator from Hawaii Asking Justice Barrett if She Had Ever Sexually Assaulted Anybody and Ms. Barrett Just Looking at Her In Stunned Amazement and Answering, "Uh, No"

I didn't believe that anyone could be dumber than that idiot socialist bimbo from New York but, yeah, a reassessment might be in order (what's next, asking June Cleaver if she ever raped someone?).

Friday, October 16, 2020

On the Fact that There Are Dozens (that We Know of) of Variables that Go Into the Making of the Planet's Climate (Solar Cycles, Oceanic Oscillations, Plate Tectonics, Volcanic - Including Underwater Volcanoes - Activity and Inactivity, Cosmic Rays, Planetary Perturbations, Bacteria, Lunar and Galactic Cycles, Cloud Formations, etc., etc.)......and so for These Corrupt Politicians, Court Scientists, and Bureaucrats to Argue that We Can Somehow Control the Earth's Temperature by Tweaking Ever so Slightly Just One of These Factors Is Truly Something that We Must a) Ridicule and b) Fight Back with All of Our Being In that Their so-Called Solutions (a Reliance On Unreliable, Diffuse, Low Power Density, and High Resource Intensity Energy Forms) Could Potentially Result In Mass Starvation and Death

And here's another thing, if these imbeciles truly believed that CO2 emissions were going to cause a cataclysmic climate situation they would be advocating for a huge increase in hydroelectric and nuclear energy (which actually has mush less waste than solar and a tinier environmental footprint) in that these two power sources emit ZERO CO2 emissions......but of course they aren't and so what does that say? Yeah, huh? 

On Oxfam Recently Coming Out and Proclaiming that the COVID Lockdowns Could Potentially Result In as Many as 130,000,000 Deaths from Starvation Before the Madness Is Over -

And all for what, to satisfy the power-grab of a small army of mouth-breathing psychopathic rulers whose singular goal apparently is to humiliate their beleaguered subjects even more brutally than they already have? Sure seems so, huh? 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

On the Fact that Ginsburg Had the Chance to Retire When Obama Was President but Because She Was so Utterly Convinced that the Revolting (On so Many Levels) Mrs. Clinton Was Going to Get Elected, She Decided to Pathetically Hang On so that She Could Be Replaced by America's First Woman President and, Well, it Just Didn't Work Out that Way, Sorry

 Kind of like some of those contestants on "Deal or No Deal", having the chance to go home with 300 Gs but because of greed end up with about a buck and a quarter. Just comes with the territory.

On the Fact that the U.S. Senate Used to Be Filled with Countless Amazing Democrats (Jack Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, John Glenn, William Proxmire, Sam Nunn, David Boren, Paul Tsongas, Lloyd Bentsen, Dennis DeConcini, etc., etc.) and Now There Isn't a Plug One (They're All Either Morons or Hard Leftists......or Both)

And, no, I'm not arguing that the Republicans are anything to write home about, either (they've essentially become a soft progressive party in their own right firing out multi-trillion dollar legislation that will annihilate future generations almost as quickly as the Dem's foolishness), but at least they come across as partially sane. Sheldon Whitehouse, Mazie Horono, Kamala Harris, Dick Blumenthal, etc., yeah, not so much.

The Complete and Unabridged List of Washington D.C. Office-Holders Who I Respect

Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Tulsi Gabbard.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

On the Fact that When I Watch Biden Give One of His Little Speeches Now, Instead of Listening to Him (as I Know What He's Going to Stutter Out Anyway), I Count the Number of Times that He Fiddles with the Mask and/or Touches His Face 'Cause it's a Lot More Fun

I almost lost it this one time. The mask drooped under his nose for the umpteenth time and instead of pulling it up he must have thought, fuck it, and left it there a spell but either because someone prompted him or he decided on his own, he finally yanked that sucker back up and all was well.......I mean, I get it that I shouldn't be making sport of the guy but Jesus Christ we gotta laugh at something, right?

On the Fact that it Probably Wasn't the Swiftest Move on Trump's Part to Throw Out Those Pointed Tweets Directed at Sweden in that it Kind of Trapped Him Even More Inside the Lockdown Camp (of Which He's Currently Trying to Escape from)

Yeah, what he probably should have done early on was accept the 15 day lockdown to flatten the curve but then make it abundantly clear that the U.S. is a free country in which people make their own assessment of risk and that even if it wasn't the devastating side effects of locking down the economy indefinitely would more than likely cause more harm than good (granted, this would have necessitated his team performing a little research but that's what he's paying them for, correct?) and, so, no, no more dang lockdowns......but he didn't and now he's back in no-man's land again. Fucking A, huh?

On the Fact that Dr. Fauci Is a Cornell Medical School Alum and Undoubtedly a Bright Guy......but He's Also Been Trapped Inside the Bowels of the Bureaucratic State for Multiple Decades and Has a Very Specific Area of Expertise (Virology) that Doesn't Include Domestic Policy OR Epidemiology......and so Having the Whole Country Being Operated Largely Under the Whim of this Fellow for Over Six Months Now Is Justifiable......How Exactly?


Especially when we now have not just world-renowned epidemiologists from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford (Dr.s Kulldorff, Gupta, and Battacharya - lead signators of the Great Barrington Declaration) saying ixnay on the lockdowns but the World Health Organization, too, if you're catching my drift.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Things that Fake Tapper Apparently Isn't Interested In - Edition 2

a) Joe Biden consistently lying about Trump calling Neo-Nazis, fine people (if you take a few minutes to read the transcript he specifically said that he WASN'T talking about the Neo-Nazis).......b) Even the World Health Organization now admitting that these lockdowns are having devastating unintended consequences and should be halted immediately (so the exact opposite of what these chowder-headed blue-state Governors are doing, in other words).......c) All 50-something of Adam Schiff's star-chamber witnesses testifying under oath that they had no direct evidence of the Trump team colluding with Russia.......d) One of the recently declassified memos from John Brennan reading, "a proposal from one of her (Mrs. Clinton) foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service."......e) Joe Biden on tape not only admitting to extorting the Ukrainian President BUT BRAGGING ABOUT IT!!......f) Biden's son, Hunter, receiving $3.5 million from the ex-wife of a former Moscow (which I believe is in Russia) Mayor.......And g) Crowdstrike being forced to retract its allegation that the Russians hacked Ukraine with the same malware supposedly used to hack the DNC server......and later being forced to admit that they had no substantive evidence that Russian hackers stole any emails from those DNC servers (source - Aaron Mate's sensational article from Real Clear Investigations). 

On the Fact that the Leader of Those Retarded Chaps Who Planned to Kidnap the Governor of Michigan (Something that Never Would Have Succeeded but Whatever) Is On Tape Saying that President Trump "Is Not Your Friend" and Is Himself an "Enemy" and a "Tyrant"......and so to Try and Tie the Two of Them Together for Rank Political Purposes Seems Itself Rather Retarded, Wouldn't You Say?

They are so desperate to further this "Trump is a racist" template that they'll pretty-much glom on to anything these days. Yep, even if it's retarded.

On the Fact that the Last 8,000 Years (Starting with the Holocene Warming Optimum) Actually Show a Modest INVERSE Correlation Between Temperature and CO2


And, so, yeah, maybe crashing the economy and impoverishing people with these diffuse, unreliable, high resource intensity, and low power-density energy options isn't the wisest path to follow progressing forward, I'm just sayin'.

Please, Share this Video Everywhere

   The lunacy (this monomaniacal focus on a singular disease at the expense of literally everything else and a total unwillingness to consider the collateral damage of one's policy - little things, like starvation in the developing world) has to end soon and perhaps this can help (fingers crossed, completely).

Monday, October 12, 2020

Barbara Bain

 What would be my answer to the question, "So, what was the main reason that you watched "Mission Impossible" as a youngster even though you had zero idea what was going on in each episode?"

On the Fact that as Early as 2017 ( Crowdstrike Was Compelled to Retract its Allegation that Russia Had Hacked Ukraine's Military Using the Same Malware Supposedly Found After the DNC Breach and Later that Year Admitted Under Oath that They Had No Substantive Evidence of Russians Hacking Into the DNC

So these partisan assholes falsely accused Russia of hacking, not once but twice (which under normal circumstances would have been sufficient to put this bullshit Trump-Russia collusion narrative to bed for good but being that we now live in the era of Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon, yeah, not so much).......Talk about poking the bear, huh?

On Classic Film Star, Faith Domergue


Or as I sometimes call the gal, Hedy Lamarr after a hard night of tequila shots (and, yes, I'm of course kidding here in that the woman is obviously pretty - just trying to be a wise guy, that's all).

On the Corporate Press (with Zero Evidence) Constantly Referring to the Proud Boys as a White Supremacist Group


Well, being that their head-honcho is an Afro-Cuban and the organization has many other minority members, probably not, would be my guess (the much more logical explanation of course being the media wishing to slander these fellows simply because they're conservative traditionalists and don't hate their country).

On the World Health Organization Finally Coming Out Against These Insane Lockdowns

Yeah, a bit late but at this stage in the game I'll take it.......Now if we could only get these insane Mayors and Governors on board. 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Things that Fake Tapper Apparently Isn't Interested In - Edition 1

a) Joe Biden having made a shitload of racially insensitive statements over the years (Obama "a clean black man", "they'll put ya' all back in chains", "you ain't black of you don't vote for me", the black population "not being diverse", etc.).......b) Joe Biden not just showing up at Robert Byrd's funeral but also giving a speech there (Byrd being a former KKK head-honcho).......c) Joe Biden having a much more credible sexual assault allegation directed at him than the ones which the Dems implemented to try and destroy Kavanaugh.......d) The director of the Illinois department of health admitting at a live press conference that they were including hospice deaths and deaths from clear alternate causes in the COVID death tally.......e) President Trump being the first U.S. leader since Jimmy Carter to not have started a new war.......f) President Trump helping to bring about peace agreements in the Middle East and the Balkans.......g) The COVID death-rate plummeting to levels akin to those of the seasonal flu (infections going up, deaths down).......h) Democratic mayors essentially sitting back and allowing hooligans to burn and loot their cities.......i) Blue-state Governors mandating COVID infected patients back in to nursing-homes, policies that probably ended up in the deaths of thousands.......And j) the devastating unintended consequences of these lockdown policies more than likely having resulted in more death and suffering than the virus itself (deaths of despair, deaths from delaying medical treatments, screenings, etc., starvation in the developing world, etc.)....................................................................................................And, yes, please stay tuned for edition 2, coming shortly.   

On the Leftists and Media Buffoons Now Accusing Mike Pence of "Mansplaining" (a Deflection from Ms. Harris Being an Absolute Train-Wreck, I'm Assuming)

They are nothing if not predictable (as in, of course they were going to play the female card, how could they not?). That I'll give 'em.

On Ruth Bader Ginsburg Having Stood for the Little Guy

......except for when she sided with the Town of New London (in Kelo Versus New London, 2005), a community that wanted to seize a working-class area of the town, entirely bulldoze it, and build commercial interests instead. There she sided with the big boys. 

On Keith "Yep, I'm Still Alive" Olbermann (On His Embarrassing and Poorly-Watched YouTube Channel) Calling Trump Supporters, Maggots, Scum, Terrorists, and Worthless Anti-Semites Who Should Be Prosecuted, Convicted for Their "Crimes", and Removed from Society (so a Whisper Below Pol Pot, In Other Words)

So much for the asshole mellowing out with age. Damn, huh (political prosecutions, ethnic-cleansing, etc.)?

Saturday, October 10, 2020

On the Fact that the Words; Trade-Offs, Unintended, and Consequences, Are Apparently Not In this Asshole's Vocabulary

Yeah, he so reminds me of Captain Ahab, focusing on one thing at the expense of everything else (1.4 million excess deaths from tuberculosis, for example - and seemingly not caring about it. Hopefully when this whole thing is over he'll be made to pay for his crimes but being that he's politically connected to the nines, probably not, would be my guess.......................................................................................P.S. And did you see his interview with Chris Cuomo, Cuomo serving-up nothing but softballs and this clown reciprocating by praising Fredo's lunatic brother (AKA, the Governor of New York)? It was an abomination and yet this is the bullshit that's constantly being pushed-out nowadays. So frustrating. 

On the Deranged Governor of California Reminding Restaurant Goers to Put Their Masks Back On In-Between Bites of Food (so to Constantly Touch the Mask, Their Messy Face, etc.)


Yeah, when I first saw this I thought, "this has gotta be the Onion or the Babylon Bee", but, alas, it wasn't and was just more insanity (the "new normal", if you prefer). Oh well, at least it was funny.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Thursday, October 8, 2020

On the Fact that In One of the Newly Declassified C.I.A. Documents, John Brennan Talks About -

"......a proposal from one of her (Mrs. Clinton) foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service."......Oh yeah, that doesn't sound incriminating in the least (said while channeling Fake Tapper, of course). Not at all.

On the CDC Now Suggesting that We Have a "Virtual Thanksgiving" this Season

It's clear now that these assholes aren't going to achieve maximum contentment until they squeeze every fucking molecule of joy and meaning from our lives - with this just being their latest foray. Unbelievable, huh? Virtual Thanksgiving.

On Michelle Obama Dusting Off that Old "Kids In Cages" Talking-Point (at the DNC Convention) While Refusing to Disclose per Usual that it Was Her Dear Hubby's Administration that Constructed the Damned Things

I kinda liked Michelle at first. She seemed like a solid first lady who concentrated on a few subjects important to her (childhood nutrition being the big one as I recall)......but, yeah, when she started becoming overtly political and in a manner that was laced with racial grievance mongering, I changed my mind and now I don't particularly care for her at all.......Funny how that all happens, huh?

On Fake Tapper and the Rest of CNN's Best and Brightest Blasting Trump for Saying that We Shouldn't Fear COVID

So FDR proclaiming that we shouldn't fear World War Two was a positive statement but Trump proclaiming that we shouldn't fear a virus that isn't a serious threat to 90% of the population isn't. Seems a trifle inconsistent, wouldn't you say?

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

On Hillary Clinton Advising Biden to Not Concede On Election Night No Matter What......and the Corporate Press, Instead of Questioning These Two About What Seems to Be an Insane Strategy, Harassing President Trump as to Whether HE'LL Accept the Election Results

The left is always accusing the right of what they themselves are doing and the media is always there to push it along............and here we go again (as in, I've seen Gilligan's Island reruns less predictable).

On the Fact that if the Choice Is Between a Foolhardy Douche-Bag On the One Hand and a Sure-as-Shit Descent Into Collectivism and a Probable Balkanized Hellscape On the Other, Yeah, I'm Probably Gonna Go with the Former

And it honestly isn't that hard of a choice for me. Is it for you?

On the Fact that Trump Wants to End the Endless Wars and His Enemies Don't - Just Let that Percolate Inside Your Brain a Bit

Quite painful, isn't it?

On the Fact that C.I.A. Director, Gina Haspel (One of the Architects of Bush's "Enhanced Interrogation" Program but I Digress), Just Happened to Be that Agency's London Bureau-Chief at Precisely the Same Time that George Papadopolous Was Getting Set Up by the U.S. Surveillance-State There............and so Maybe, Just Maybe, that's the Reason Why the Gal Is so Hesitant to Declassify Documents Which Will Undoubtedly Blow the Lid Off of this Whole Spygate Scandal - Simply a Conjecture

While it's true that Trump has made some good decisions as President (tax reductions, troop removals from Syria, peace talks, etc.), he's also made some bad ones and a lot of those involve personnel (Bolton, Haspel, etc.). Hopefully he corrects this one quickly as the citizens need to know this shit before November 3rd, you know, to make an informed decision.

On the Fact that there Are Actually Some Deranged Leftists Out There Who Are Trying to Read Something Sinister Into Amy Coney Barrett Adopting Two Haitian Children

Imagine being those people, waking up every morning and trying to conjure up new and unique ways to destroy people's lives. It's gotta be awful and yet these mouth-breathers are literally coming out of the woodwork.......Doesn't say much for our future, does it?

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

On the Fact that Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Live In the Inner-City (and Never Has) and so it's Very Easy for this Asshole to Advocate for a Lesser Police Presence There

As opposed to the law-abiding black populations of these areas who want the police presence to either stay the same or get larger (and who are also constantly ignored by the jerk-off faux-journalists at CNN and MSLSD but I digress). For the record.

On the Fact that John Podesta and Company Could Crush the Pizzagate Conspiracy In Less than Two Minutes, All that They Need to Do Is Explain What Those Coded Emails Mean............and Yet for Whatever Reason They Refuse to Do so and the Media Shits Simply Won't Question Them

And like I've said before, I am more than willing to entertain an innocent explanation. The schmucks just have to give me one, that's all.

On Burt Lancaster's First Leading-Lady Being Ava Gardner (In the 1946 Classic, "The Killers")


Not the worst way to begin one's career, that's for certain.............Blistering, huh?

On White Nationalist, Richard Spencer (Some People Refer to Him as a White Supremacist but Being that I Attempt to Use Words by Their Proper Definition and Not Just Make Shit Up Like Those Smores-Roasting Activists and Media Shits Do, I Opted for the Appropriate Term), Coming Out and Endorsing Joe Biden

 I in no way hold this against Mr. Biden in that I've never been a big fan of, a) guilt by association or b) calling folks to task for things that are beyond their control, HOWEVER and just to be fair, Mr. Biden should be made to condemn Richard Spencer not once, not twice but the same 6,476 times that President Trump was forced to condemn David Duke. I mean, what's good for the goose, right? 

Monday, October 5, 2020

My Dying Wish (They're In Vogue Now, I've Heard)?

Let's see, how 'bout we ship all of these low-IQ identitarian Marxist scumbags off to North Korea, Venezuela, or some other pinko hellhole and have them live there for 6,7 months and if they like it let 'em stay and if they don't we let 'em back in but only after they apologize to every individual whose business was destroyed and/or whose person was violated. Granted, it'll never happen but, damn, what a thought-experiment, huh?

On the Fact that the Suppression and Demonization of Hydroxychloroquine by the Mainstream-Media and Political-Class Has Seemingly Been Based Entirely On Anti-Trump Politics and to Me this Is Simply Mind-Boggling

Of course this whole strategy could come back to bite them in the ass if it can finally be proven that HCQ was an effective treatment for COVID all along - this in the form of class-action law-suits, which if effective could put CNN and company out of business forever ('cause even if these idiot outlets are owned by billionaires, everybody has a breaking-point) and how great would that be? 

On One of the Individuals that the Minnesota Freedom Fund Got Out On Bail Being a 36 Year-Old Predator Who Allegedly Raped an 8 Year-Old Girl

I sure as hell hope that the guy is innocent, because if he isn't and has a proclivity to repeat this shit, those bleeding-hearts at the ole Freedom Fund just might have some 'splainin' to do, wouldn't you think?

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Article from BMJ Open Journal - Cloth Face Masks Are Breached by 97% of Particles and if Worn Improperly Could Potentially Lead to Numerous Additional Infections

The pro-mask crowd of course is always quick to point out that the COVID particles are often attached to spitballs and/or other forms of flying mucus and so the masks ARE effective......but being that the mode of transmission is probably these tiny aerosols recycling inside of buildings, the porous nature of these cloth masks makes them ineffectual at best and a problem at worst.......Yeah, it's time to unmask.   

Sunday, October 4, 2020

On the Fact that Mr. Biden Either Thinks that Packing the Courts Is a Good Idea............or He Doesn't

Unfortunately the dumb-asses in our media probably won't press him on the question 'cause they know that however he answers the thing he'll likely lose some votes......and they sure don't want that!

On Rome's Emperor, Avitus, Giving the Visigoths Permission to Conquer Spain In 456

Well, being that the entire Western half of the empire was pretty-much circling the drain at that point anyway......and that there probably wasn't a damned thing that he could have done to prevent it (even had he such an inclination), good call, I guess.

On the Fact that Even Though California's Law, SB 145, Isn't Nearly as Creepy as Some Have Described (it's More of a Mechanism for Treating Gays and Straight People the Same), it Still Allows (for Example) a 24 Year-Old to Have Sex with a 14 Year-Old Kid and that I'm Afraid Is a Little TOO California for My Liking

Sorry but, yeah.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

On a 33 Year-Old Black Asshole Dressed In a Colin Kaepernick T-Shirt Going Into a Louisville Establishment and Executing Three People (One Black, Two White) at Point-Blank Range............and the Corporate Media Buffoons, to the Point that They Are Covering it, Referring to it as a, "Random Act"

Yeah, there's only a racial motivation when the perp is white (can you imagine if the fellow was wearing a Trump T-shirt?)......or so it seems.

On the Fact that it Now Appears as if the Sub-Source for Christopher Steele's Patently Absurd Dossier Was a Suspected Russian Spy and Threat to National Security -

So it was Clinton and company who were actually colluding with the Russians, not Trump (something long suspected but now with evidence). Well I'll be damned.

On Trays of Mail (Including Absentee Ballots) Recently Being Found In a Wisconsin Ditch......but Instead of Focusing On this Very Serious Situation the Media Buffoons Are All Caught Up On the Fact that President Trump Misspoke and Said, River, Instead of, Ditch -

The level of embarrassment should be off-the-charts with these clowns but, alas, it isn't......and plug away they continue. Pathetic, huh?

On the Fact that In the Eight Years of the Respective Bush and Obama Tenures, Median Household Income Went Up .7% for Bush and 1.8% for Obama............While In Just Two and a Half Years of Trump's Tenure it Went Up 8.2%

So this one major selling-point of Trump's getting bludgeoned in an election year is purely coincidental, I'm supposing.......OK, I guess.