Thursday, October 31, 2019

On Al Franken Lamenting How He Wasn't Afforded Due Process When Those Sexual Misconduct Accusations Started Bearing-Down On Him

I agree with Stuart Smalley. I just wish that he had said the same thing about Judge Kavanaugh (though, yeah, that was probably asking way too much), that's all.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

On the Fact that In this Increasingly Strange World of Ours, Trump Is More of a Villain for Killing al Baghdadi than John McCain Was for Palling Around with Him

You really shouldn't have needed additional evidence that McCain was an absolute piece of shit but if you did, allow me to tie this sucker up in a bow for you. No added charge.

On 70-Something Actress, Suzanne Somers, Recently Informing Us that She's Still Having Sex Twice a Day

Please, can we all safely agree to place that little tidbit into the Too Much Information category? I sure as hell hope so.

On Low-Ball Race-Baiter/Mediocre Negro (to Steal a Term from the Asshole Himself), Marc Lamont Hill, Questioning His BET Audience (They Actually Gave this Moron His Own Show, Try and Let that Sink In) if They Feel Safe Around White Folks

Yeah, this stooge is either an ignoramus who doesn't know the F.B.I. data which shows that black on white violence is far more prevalent than vice-versa (27 to 1 when you norm for population) OR he does know the stats and is bullshitting his audience in an effort to build resentment. Either way he is one hell of a dangerous asshole and needs to be taken to task...…......and being that the mainstream media clearly isn't up to that task, it's all up to us, folks, ALL up to us.

On the Fact that Either Hillary Clinton Truly Believes that Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein Are Russian Assets and Therefore Needs to Be Institutionalized OR She's Intentionally Slandering These Two Women and Therefore Needs to Be Taken to Court

Coin-flip, anybody?

Monday, October 28, 2019

On the Fact that the Russians Have Anti-Aircraft Operations In Syria and so Of Course Trump Had to Provide Putin a Heads-Up On Our Going After al Baghdadi - HELLO!!!

Yeah, at this point Trump just needs to tell these delusional anti-Russian sociopaths to go pound sand and continue to do what any sane person would do; i.e., forge a better relationship with the world's number two nuclear power and not give a rat's ass what idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton say about it. I mean, he still is the President, right?

On the Washington Post Referring to Recently-Slain ISIS Honcho, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, as an "Austere Religious Scholar"

Yeah, when I think of austere religious scholars I think of guys like Paul Tillich, Martin Buber, Zen Buddhist monks, etc.. I don't think of guys who blow civilians to smithereens and decapitate folks...……….but that's just me, I guess...………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, yes, the obvious motivation of those morons at the Post was simply to deny Trump a victory, even one in which partisanship shouldn't play a role. That much they hate the guy. 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

On Mayor Pete Proclaiming that He'd Be Down with Removing Thomas Jefferson's Name from Buildings and Streets, Taking Down Some of His Statues, etc. (this of Course Because Jefferson Owned Slaves and Ole Pete's Modern Sensibilities Simply Can't Handle that)

And then my question for ole Pete would be, "What about Mount Rushmore, asshole? Would your next move be to sandblast TJ from that? And what about the nickel coin? Are you going to purge him from that, too?" Of course, I would also point out to the ignorant buffoon that a) slavery was a universal institution as late as the mid-19th Century (so, yeah, post-Jefferson even) and the slaves in North America were treated better than anywhere else on the planet (with African, Muslim, and Native American slavery being the worst), b) more Europeans were enslaved by Muslims than blacks by North Americans (380,000 to over a million) and yet this is completely glossed over, c) the slaves in the American South were frequently better off than the free blacks in the North and even the dirt-poor whites in the South, d) blacks were sold into slavery by their fellow blacks and so if there is guilt to had it needs be shared, e) there were tens of thousands of black people who also owned slaves in North America and, so, again, the guilt needs to be shared, f) there isn't a single place on the globe where black people are better off with white people not around and so maybe getting on those boats wasn't the worst thing, g) whatever wealth that was accrued due to slavery was wiped out numerous times over by the Civil War, h) hundreds of thousands of poor Scotch, Irish, and English were also shipped over not just to North America but the Caribbean as well, i) far more black Africans were enslaved by Arabs than by white Europeans and as far as I know no calls for reparations have ever been made, and j) the American taxpayer has already dished out TRILLIONS of dollars over the past half century to help black people (and, no, this doesn't even include the money that whites have lost due to affirmative action) and, so, yeah, maybe some mitigation there, too...……….As for Jefferson specifically, yes, he was a flawed man but he was also far more enlightened than 99% of the men of his age and for a clown like Mayor Pete to try and tar him strictly by modern standards is revolting. Fuck Mayor Pete, I say.

On Some Young Black Student In North Carolina Posing as a White Person In Order to Get On a PRIVATE Chat-Room and Discovering that Some of the Participants On it Don't Like Black People -

And now she's this massive hero 'cause as we're all aware what a few white adolescents say to each other in private is much more important than the black on black carnage that happens every fucking day in this country. Awesome job, Cenayia (following the rules of phonics not that important to the mother who named her evidently).

Saturday, October 26, 2019

On the Fact that Several of the Headlines Pertaining to the Passing of Elijah Cummings Referred to Him as a "Frequent Target of Trump"

Just a few points on this. a) Trump was just as much of a target of Congressman Cummings as vice versa and so referencing their relationship as strictly one of victim versus victimizer is more than a trifle unfair (what else is new?) and b) I found it a bit insulting to Cummings himself that they would define him on something as frivolous as this as opposed to his much more positive accomplishments. I mean, I get it that they were attempting to slam Trump by putting it that way but, damn, somebody in the editing-room should have caught this one.

On the Level of Brain-Disorder that an Individual Needs to Still Believe that the Collapse of the Soviet Economy Had Nothing to Do with Central-Planning

In this general neighborhood would be my guess (her track record of foolishness and economic illiteracy being the tell-tale signs). Agree?

On the Slantheaded Sanders Now Proposing that We Take a Certain Percentage of a $10,000,000,000 Grant and Use it to Train Ex-Convicts On How to Grow Marijuana

Does this clown lay in bed at night conjuring up with these harebrained schemes? I've got a better idea. How 'bout we give the $10,000,000,000 back to the taxpayer and let the damned convicts fend for themselves? And besides, this whole notion that millions of harmless pot-smokers have been thrown in prison is pure bullshit. Yes, some of those in prison have that as their charge but that was either because it was pleaded down from a much more serious crime or some sort of parole violation, so Sanders is full of shit on that, too...….Convicts growing marijuana - come on!! Even Sanders can do better than that.

Friday, October 25, 2019

On Idiot College-Aged Kids Referring to Liberty-Minded Individuals as Fascists and Nazis, 'Cause as We're All Aware, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and Pinochet Were Such Strident Advocates of Secure Property Rights, the Nonaggression Principle, etc.

We are quickly approaching a post-reality world in which words have no consistent meaning and are used predominantly as weapons......and until we fix the academy (where a lot of this shit originates), it'll probably get much worse before it gets better. Sadly but, yeah.

On YouTube Branding Some of Dennis Prager's "PragerU" Videos as "Unsafe for Young People" and Then Placing Them In Restricted Mode

I've never been a big fan of Dennis Prager and disagree vociferously with some of his videos (the one where he drags out some old general who tries to convince us that we need to give Israel MORE money, for example)......but unsafe for younger viewers? Come on, does anybody truly believe that? 'Cause I certainly don't (the much more obvious interpretation of course being that ole Prager is being targeted for "wrong think" and that those fascistic pricks at YouTube are putting their fingers on the scale YET AGAIN).

On Pedestrian Republican Ramrod, Charlie Kirk, Referring to Israel's 1967 Attack On the U.S.S. Liberty as a Conspiracy Theory (Accepting, I Gather, Israel's Bullshit Explanation that it Was an Accident)

The guy's in way over his head. The fact of the matter is that we now know with close to certainty that this was a deliberate attack by Israeli fighter-jets (communication intercepts, Dean Rusk's testimony, interviews with the survivors, etc.) with the goal probably being to lure us into a war with Egypt (having us do their dirty work, I guess). Of course (and unfortunately), in much the same way that you can't teach a hard-core leftist economics (other than Keynesian idiocy, that is), so, too, you can't teach a Neocon Military-Industrialist Israel-First Republican about the foolishness of Middle-Eastern involvement and, so, yeah, we're stuck with the schmuck, I guess.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

On the Fact that Officials In Ukraine Didn't Know About the Withholding of U.S. Military Aid Until August of this Year, One Month AFTER the Trump Phone Call to Mr. Zelensky (Who Also Claims that He Was Not Pressured) -

So if President Trump was using coercion on Zelensky, he was evidently doing a pretty shitty job in that Zelensky was seemingly unaware of it. Compare this to the Biden quid-pro-quo where the idiot actually brags about getting Shokin shit-canned through a threat of withholding aid AND DOES SO WHILE BEING VIDEOTAPED!!!!! But no, the media has no interest in covering this. Fucking A, huh?

On the Fact that if Disgraced Spy, Christopher Steele, Decides to Cooperate with the Justice Department and Admit that a Crap-Load of that So-Called Dossier Originated In the Minds of Glen Simpson and Various Other Clintonistas……......and that John Brennan Knew About the Dossier Well Before He's Admitted to, Yeah, this Whole Sucker Could Break Wide Open to the Point Where Not Even Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Cuomo Can Sweep Up the Carnage

Hopefully Mr. Steele doesn't suffer an attack of Epsteinitis and end up belly-up somewhere, 'cause, yeah, that would clearly throw a monkey-wrench into things (i.e., the truth).

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

On Some Lowlife Rapper by the Name of A$AP Rocky Recently Proclaiming Himself to Be a "Sex Addict"

Yeah, in the old days we simply used to call chaps like this, horney-assed dudes, but now, with everything having to be either an "identity" or some sort of victim status, this is what we get 24/7. Wonderful, huh? 

On Dave Chappelle's Anti-Woke Comedy Tour-de-Force On Netfix Having a 99% Approval Rating from the Fans (Three Times Higher than that of the Critics)

How delicious is that? And while, yeah, that 1% continues to be extremely loud and sometimes even violent, simply knowing that they are the minority is certainly helpful. AMEN.

On Some Deranged SJW Trying to Convince Us that the Norse Vikings Were "Multicultural"

It's of course pure bullshit in that, while, yes, the Vikings probably were a conglomeration of various Scandinavian and Celtic tribes, the fact of the matter is that they were all uniformly white and for morons like this to try and pull a slight-of-hand and somehow fuse race with ethnicity is as deceitful as it gets. Sorry but, yeah.

On the Psychotic Notion that a Fellow Who Didn't Have a Regular Job Until He Was 40 and Who Was Actually Bounced from a Commune for Laziness Can Somehow Regulate 20% of the U.S. Economy from His Idiot Perch In Washington D.C.

It seems absolutely preposterous and yet a significant percentage of the population seems to buy this dunce's bullshit. Oh well, we get what we deserve, I guess.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

On the Persistent Rumor that Hillary Clinton Has a Haitian Sex-Slave Who's Forced to Shave the Golden Moo-Moo's Twat Every Morning Just to Earn Some Breakfast

Probably not and yet still more likely than Tulsi being a Russian asset...….If only I was a betting man, huh?

On Joy Behar Accusing Tulsi Gabbard of Being a "Useful Idiot" of the Russians, Essentially Parroting the Brain-Disordered Slander of Her War-Mongering Hero, Mrs. Clinton

Let's see, where do I start? How 'bout a) you'd have to be a paranoid buffoon to even entertain such a fantasy and b) to have such a use-LESS idiot like Behar be one of your proxies is just way too ironic, delicious, etc. EVEN FOR ME?…...And Tulsi, if you're out there, girl, you really need to sue these fucks, 'cause if you don't it's just gonna' get worse. Trust me, it will.

On the Fact that Most of Trump's Truly Outrageous Actions (the Syrian Missile Attacks, the Sale of Weapons to Saudi Arabia, Fueling the Military-Industrial-Complex, etc.) Are Things that His Two Predecessors Also Did and so What Is the Media to Do?

Yep, that's right, focus on bullshit (to the point of literally making a cottage-industry out of the foolishness). Pretty obvious, huh?

On the Fact that Non-White Immigrants Vote Democrat by a More than Two to One Margin

So, yeah, if your goal is to completely crush the opposition party and seize control of the political apparatus of the country in perpetuity, nonstop third-world immigration just might be your winning ticket...……….I guess.

Monday, October 21, 2019

On the Fact that Packing the Courts, Doing-Away with the Electoral College, Getting 16 Year-Olds to Vote, Getting Convicts to Vote, Opening the Borders, Enacting Hate-Speech Laws, etc., etc. (All of Which the Democrats Are Currently Toying with) AREN'T Reforms but Rather Naked Stabs at Procuring Perpetual Power and so of Course Everyone from the Old Blue-Dog Democrats to the Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarians to the Old-Fashioned Paleo-Conservatives Need to Come Forward and Oppose this Tyranny

Yes sir, even if it means Trump getting reelected. There, I said it. Happy?

On Hollywood Reporter, Mario Lopez, Making the Inarguable, Unimpeachable, and Scientific Point that Six Year-Olds Are Way too Young to Determine Their Gender, Only to Apologize for it Later On When the Low-IQ Outrage-Mob Came Drooling for His Head

We really need to stop apologizing for this shit. I mean, I get it that Mr. Lopez was probably fearful of getting canned and all but, please, is any job so worth it that you literally have to deny reality in order to maintain it? I can't think of many myself.

On the Warped Notion that President Trump Vociferously Proclaiming His Innocence (i.e., that He Isn't a Russian Spy) Is Somehow Tantamount to an Obstruction of Justice (this Even Though Mr. McCabe Himself Is Under Oath Admitting that the Investigation Was Not In Any Way Stonewalled by the White House - this During Questioning from Senator Graham)

Yeah, using this logic, every instance that Johnny Cochrane came forward and said that O.J. Simpson was innocent during his proceedings was also an obstruction of justice. It's ludicrous and every fair-minded individual knows it. Please, enough already.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

On Hillary Clinton Now Saying that Former Green Party Candidate, Jill Stein, Is Also a "Russian Asset"

Can we all now safely say that this chick is "certifiable"? I mean, this has gotten so far beyond the essence of normalcy that she's actually beginning to resemble Nixon's paranoia. Please, somebody get this woman some help, for Christ.

On Donald Trump Referring to Barack Obama In 2008 as a "Clean African-American"

Oh, wait a minute AGAIN, that was Joe Biden. Damn, why do I keep making these mistakes? Could it possibly be because of the media's constant demonization of Trump? I'm just askin'.

On When Donald Trump Made that Joke About All Black Politicians Looking Alike

Oh, wait a minute, that was Hillary Clinton. Cancel that one, too, please.

On When Donald Trump Told Ted Kennedy, "a Few Years Ago this Fellow (Obama In 2008) Would Have Been Parking Cars and Getting Us Coffee"

Oh, wait a minute, that was Bill Clinton. Cancel that, please.

On the Fact that Even Though No Cogent and Fair-Minded Person with an IQ Over 85 Truly Believes that Tulsi Gabbard Is a "Russian Asset", the Corrosive Mr. Clinton and Her Brain-Disordered Proxies In the Corporate Media Have Somehow Convinced Themselves that They Can Gaslight Enough of the Electorate Into Buying this Vile and Palpable Bullshit......and to that I Loudly Proclaim, FUCK YOU!!!

One last word -   PERIOD!! 

Friday, October 18, 2019

On the Fact that We Are Presently Staring-Down at a Grand Solar Minimum Which if it's Anywhere Near as Bad as the Maunder Minimum of the 17th Century, Could Negatively Effect Global Food Production and Maybe Even Cause Famines......and Yet All that We Hear About from These Parasitic and Fascistic Politicians, Their Sponsors In the Media, and a Whole Host of Brain-Rotting Celebrities Are Platitudes About Nonexistent Global Warming and the Dangers of CO2 (One of the Fundamental Building-Blocks of Life)

My only hope is that there are at least a few grown-ups left in the administrative state who are preparing for multiple climate eventualities, 'cause if they're only focused on global warming, yeah, that could be trouble. Just ask those who made it through the Little Ice Age (through books of course).

On the Fact that a Ukrainian MP by the Name of Andriy Derkach Is Now Accusing of Joe Biden Himself of Getting Money from Burisma; $900,000 for Supposed Lobbying -

I have no idea if this is true or not......but you have to know that if this was a Trump family member being mentioned, the press-corps would have been all over it (justifiably so - I unlike the leftists want ALL politicians under the microscope). Please, at least admit that. Come on.

On Hillary Clinton and Her Lapdogs at CNN Sliming Tulsi Gabbard with All Sorts of Idiotic Russia Innuendo (the Same Foolishness that They Tried with Trump to No Avail)

While I certainly don't agree with Ms. Gabbard on every issue (Medicare-for-All, for instance), she is clearly a person of higher integrity than the Clintons and to see this woman getting slandered by Hillary and her small regiment of bootlickers at CNN really makes me want to vomit. Sorry to be so graphic here but, yeah.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

On the Fact that (According to F.B.I. Stats) Gun Homicides In General Went Down 7% Between 2017 and 2018 and Homicides by Rifles Went Down Even More; a Whopping 26% -

And this isn't simply a blip, either, in that homicide rates have been dropping for decades now (this while gun-ownership continues to increase). Gee, do you think that maybe we don't need the government to solve a problem that seems to be getting better on its own (recognizing of course that we can never eliminate ALL murders; the 1500 every year by various knives, for example)? I'm just askin'.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

On the Fact that the Democrats Wanted Grand Jury Testimony Released When it Came to the Mueller Report (a Request that Was Fully Illegal) but Now They Won't Even Inform Us Who the Deep-State Operative Who Tried to Take Down Trump Is (nor Do They Wish that Individual to Testify)

Not all transparency is created equal, I guess. Fucking A, huh?

On the Global-Warming Mafia Putting Pressure On Carl Mears (Head of Remote Sensing Systems) to Change the Satellite Temperature Data to Make it More In Accord with NASA's Contaminated Land Temperature Readings and, gee, What a Surprise, the Spineless Buffoon Caved

 Yeah, what the fellow did (and this might even be more egregious than what Michael Mann did when he merged two separate data sets) was remove the entire error band from his graph and strictly go with the higher mark of the range, AND THE DUDE DID IT FOR EVERY YEAR!!!!! Seriously (and, yes, I've given this analogy before but it's a solid one so, please, just humor me), that would be like flipping a coin dozens of times and getting a "head" every damned time. It's just not plausible and yet these radical leftists just keep lapping it up. It's frustrating. Truly.

On ABC News Using Old Footage from a Kentucky Artillery Show and Attempting to Convince Us that it's from the Kurdish Region of Syria (the Angle of Course Being to Underscore How Trump Is "Abandoning the Kurds)

 Yeah, this was either a deliberate attempt to damage Trump (they're suddenly these mega interventionists now that Trump is trying to end these endless, stupid wars) or one of the worst examples of editorial mismanagement in broadcast history. Either way it doesn't instill much confidence, does it?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

On the Fact that if the Democrats Wanted to Impeach President Trump for Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia, an Act that Has Contributed Heavily to the Current Genocide In Yemen, I Might Actually Be Down with that...……...but this Other Bullshit (a Relatively Innocuous Call to a Foreign Leader), No, Not so Much

And the reason why they're not going after the guy on Saudi Arabia is because if they ever did, they would also have to go after Bush and Obama FOR DOING THE SAME FUCKING THING and THAT they would not do (cowardly a-holes that they are).

On the Fact that Obama Destroyed Libya and the Left Didn't Hammer Him for it, Why, Because He Did it with "Dignity"?

Yeah, this is what happens when you combine brain-dead partisanship with a total unwillingness to scratch below the surface of something. Pathetic, isn't it?

On Kamala Harris Telling Chris Cuomo that Her "Preferred Pronouns" Are She, Her, and Hers

Have we reached critical cringe yet (the fact that these radical Democratic candidates are pandering to literally every aggrieved group that they can think of, using the lingo of identity politics to a tee, etc., etc.)? OF COURSE THOSE ARE HER DAMNED PRONOUNNS!!!!! She's a woman, for Christ! My God. These idiots.

Monday, October 14, 2019

On the Left Siding with the C.I.A. and F.B.I. (Two of the Most Repugnant Outfits In the Nation's History) Against an Anti-Establishment Politician Who Could Potentially Disinfect Those Rump Organizations...……...and All Because He Argued that Mexico Wasn't Sending Their Finest and a Handful of Other Poorly Articulated Comments

Yes, Trump says some dumb shit from time to time but this could be our final opportunity to cleanse the D.C. government of these venal and corrupt deep-state bureaucrats...…and, so, yeah, maybe we need to get behind him. At least for this.

On Louisville Beating Wake Forest Saturday, 62 to 59, IN FOOTBALL!!

Yeah, I haven't seen this little defense since Tonya Harding put can fulla' whuppin' on Paula Jones back in the era of Celebrity Boxing. And it was just as much fun, too. RAININ' TOUCHDOWNS! Oh yeah! 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

On the Bizarre Reality of Having a Republican President Pushing for Better Relations with Russia and a Democratic Party Trying to Initiate Another Cold-War

Imagine some fellow coming out of a 40 year coma and seeing this. Man would he ever confused. Hell, I'm confused!

On the Fact that if a Democratic Politician Had Made this Tweet Bashing the Iraq War and Thereby Throwing the Bush Administration Under the Bus, He or She Would Be Lionized but Because it Was Trump Who Did it, Crickets

So even when the dude sings from the left's own supposed songbook, they still won't give him any due. Trump-Derangement-Syndrome, indeed.

On the Fact that Since None of the Doomsday Scenarios Uttered by Environmentalists Over the Years Have Ever Come Close to Coming True, the New Strategy Now Appears to Be One of Putting Mentally Deficient Congresswomen and Young Swedish Girls On the Autism Spectrum Front and Center to Scare the Folks

It's worth a shot, I guess (low-information voters being what they are these days).

On the Concept of Taxing Capitalist Western White-Majority Countries for Climate Change, Sending Those Factories Off to China and India Which Don't Have Anywhere Near the Environmental Protections that We Do, and Thinking that You're Somehow Protecting the Earth

These people are brain-dead and being that the media is so far up their butts on this and damn near every subject, they never get questioned for such full-bore idiocy. Oh well, maybe some day.

On the Fact that "Criminal Justice Reform" Apparently Has as One of its Central Tenets the Early Release of Cold-Blooded Murderers -

Yeah, the chick was only 16 and had had a hard life but, I'm sorry, 15 years for murdering some dude in his sleep (in addition to pilfering his shit) doesn't ring right with me and I truly hope that this isn't a portent of things to come, 'cause if it is, you think that there's violence now. Look out!

The Most Beautiful van Morrison Songs - Edition 28

Saturday, October 12, 2019

On Celebrity, Sam Smith, Recently "Coming Out" as "Nonbinary" and "Genderqueer" -

So two things that didn't exist until about a week ago and which were plucked out of thin air by a bunch of deranged leftists, in other words. What a world, huh?...……...Oh, and for the record, the dude's a dude. A confused dude but a dude nonetheless.

On Georgia Tech Losing to Duke In Football Today, 41 to 23

And how did the Georgia Tech Beat-Writer for handle the lopsided loss? Give the Blue Devils some credit? No, of course not. That would have been much too magnanimous and so what this schmuck did instead was make fun of the poor attendance at Wallace Wade Stadium. Real classy, huh? Fucking moron.

On the Fact that Even Though Anyone Can Inspect the Interrogations On YouTube and Easily See that There Was No Coercion Involved In Them, You Still Have Brain-Diseased Beached-Whales Such as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Trying to Argue that the Confessions from the Central Park Five Were Brought About via Duress

And these confessions weren't any garden-variety confessions, either, but rather incredibly detailed ones. So there's that, too. But, please, don't take my word for it. Watch the videos for yourself and then decide.

Friday, October 11, 2019

On Deliverance Boy, Joe Scarborough, Arguing that Mr. Trump Is Unfit to Serve as President (Implying that He's a Nut-Job, I Guess)

Coming from a dude whose own past includes a dead intern suddenly showing up in his office one night, yeah, he just might want to tone it down a trifle (especially if Trump is as unstable as he alleges). I'm just sayin'.

On the Fact that if We Reduced Military Spending by 5%, Cut Foreign-Aid by 10%, and Stopped Funding the Afghanistan War Fully, it Would Reduce the Federal Deficit by Nearly $90,000,000,000

Yeah, that's nearly a 10% reduction in the deficit and while I get it that entitlements are the biggest problem moving forward, if we could cut some of this other bullshit first the haircut required for some of these bigger ticket items won't have to be so draconian. You see what I'm sayin' here, right?

On the Concept of Taxpayer-Funded Outfits (Like, I Don't Know, Planned Parenthood Maybe) Funneling a Sizable Chunk of Those Dollars Back to the Political Party that Is Significantly Bankrolling Them

Seems majorly corrupt and yet this is how a great deal of the sausage gets made. Infuriating, isn't it?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

On Ellen DeGeneres Taking a Shitload of Grief from Her Fellow Celebrities for Hanging Out with George W. Bush

I detest the entire Bush family (and, yes, that includes George Sr.) but, no, I'm not going to blast someone simply for sitting down with one of 'em while watching a ballgame...….And then there's the double-standard. The fact of the matter is that Obama dropped even more bombs on the Middle-East than Bush did (this According to Consortium News) AND he smashed Libya but you never hear Meryl Streep, Mark Ruffalo, or any of these other low-IQ actors saying that you can't sit down with him. Nope, 'cause he's on THEIR team. Disgusting, isn't it (the lack of moral compunction, etc.)?

On the Fact that (According to Writer, Douglas Murray) by the Middle of the 21st Century, There Will Be More Muslims Under the Age of 15 Residing In Austria than Native Austrians (of that Same Age)

So at best Austria will turn into Turkey and at worst they'll become yet another failed-state. Way to destroy your country, guys. Great job!!

Note to Partisan Hack Masquerading as a Real Journalist, Chuck Todd (Pertaining to the Dude's Claim that Trump Is "Digging Up Dirt On Joe Biden")

A few points here, asshole. a) It wasn't so much "dirt" that Trump was trying to uncover but rather corruption (dirt conjuring up such stupid nonsense as extramarital affairs while corruption is much more serious) and b) you really didn't have to shovel all that deep to find the stuff in that ole Joe is on fucking tape bragging about it!!…...And, dude, this idiotic retort of yours, "debunked conspiracy theory" (the one that you dredge-up whenever somebody bashes you between the eyeballs with a fact that blows to shreds your low-IQ narrative), it's gotta' go. a) It isn't helpful and b) it makes you look like a total moron. Look, I get it, you can't stand Trump and you're scared to death that some of your "faves" might be taking a fall but being that you're still technically a journalist, can you at least try to do some actual reporting? Please. Pretty please.

On the Fact that Since Two of the Central Tenets of Fascism Are the Merging of State and Corporate Power and the Suppression of Opposition Viewpoints, Yeah, I'd Say that the Modern-Day Democratic Party with its Incestuous Ties to Big-Tech and the Legacy Media (with the Goal of Course Being to Stifle Dissent) Is Pretty Fucking Fascistic These Days, Sorry but, Yeah

And yet if you asked the average sub-100 IQ citizen who the real fascist is, they'd probably say, Trump (he does, after all, say a lot of nasty things). Go figure, huh?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

On the Fact that Burn Acreage In the U.S. Is On Pace to Be Lower than 7 of the Prior 10 Years and Yet We Still Have Drooling Buffoons Like Leonardo di Caprio and Bill Maher Attempting to Convince Us that Fires Are Getting Worse Due to Climate Change

Why can't this chowderheads simply entertain us?......Or if they're going to talk about politics, science, etc., can't they at least do a little research before they do? Too much to ask?

On Norman Mailer Suggesting In 1971 that He Was Considering Voting for President Nixon Come the Next Election

Part of it was the fact that Nixon had made peace with China and the Soviet Union but it also had to do with Mr. Mailer's sense that the media and the left had been exceedingly unfair to Mr. Nixon. Hmm, yeah, that kinda' sounds familiar, huh (the strong likelihood that a lot of people who didn't support Trump the first time will end up voting for the dude as a response to the insanity of the mediaites, hard-core leftists, etc.)?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Douglas Murray's 2017 Clarion-Call, "The Strange Death of Europe") by 2015, There Were More British Muslims Fighting for ISIS than for the British Armed Forces

And you'd think that that would be something worth being concerned about...……...but, alas, it apparently isn't. At least not in the minds of most British politicians. Perplexing, huh?

On Back When Late-Night TV Was Interesting, Thought-Provoking, etc.

  Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal in an epic throw-down. Just try finding something like that today. You can't!!

On Mitch McConnell Fearing that a U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Northern Syria Will "Strengthen Assad"

Which is actually a good result because (and here's where morons like Mitch McConnell, Mrs. Clinton, Lindsey Graham, Meghan McCain, etc. get lost in the details) the alternatives to Assad aren't Democratic Republicans like Jefferson and Madison but rather al Qaeda and al Nusra. I mean, I get it that these war-hawks seem to believe that there are a flock of moderate and reasonable rebel forces out there who we'll somehow be able mold into our own mythical prototype......but that's bullshit and we need to call it out completely moving forward, 'cause we can't fight another war, people. We simply can't.

On President Trump Stating that He Plans to Pull All U.S. Soldiers Out of Northern Syria and, Gee, What a Huge Shock, this War-Mongering Miscreant Voices Her Usual Bromide-Addled Protestations as a Response to it (I Guess that She Wants Us to Stay There FOREVER)

Like father, like daughter. What can I say?

Per the IPCC's Third Assessment, Circa 2001

"In climate research and modeling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that LONG-TERM PREDICTION OF FUTURE CLIMATE STATES IS NOT POSSIBLE (emphasis, mine)."...…………………………………………………………..This is quite instructive in that it shows just how far that this whole process has descended from one of hard-science to one of political idiocy where we actually have mildly challenged Congresswomen proclaiming that we only have 12 years to act and an hysterical young Swedish girl having a nervous-breakdown for the entire planet to witness. It's sad. It really is.

On the Fact that Google Has the Capacity to Roughly Approximate an Individual's Political Affiliation by Their Searches and it Is Altogether Likely that (In this Upcoming Election) They Will Post Get-Out-the-Vote Logos to Those Who They Think Are Democrats, an Action that Could Potentially Deliver Hundreds of Thousands of Extra Votes to the Democratic Candidates

And the corporate media is seemingly OK with it. Big surprise, huh?

Monday, October 7, 2019

On Cretins Like MSNBC's Katie Tur Proclaiming that the Politico Story Which Alleges Democratic Interference with Ukraine to Deep-Six Trump Is Nothing but a Conspiracy Theory

Well except of course that we now have documented evidence from the Ukrainian embassy in Washington and their sitting ambassador that some sleezeball DNC operative named Alexandra Chalupa had made contact with Ukrainian officials trying to dig up dirt on Trump (, all of which makes Katie Tur either a liar or a crap journalist. Please, you decide.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

On the Fact that the Whistleblower Form Was Changed from Not Allowing Second-Hand Information to Allowing for it......and this All Apparently Took Place at Around the Same Time that that Leaker Came Forward Trying to Damage Trump (Regarding His Phone-Call with Ukraine's President) -

Just another coincidence? Yeah, right.

On the Fact that There Are Actually Some Slantheads Out There Who Are Pissed Off by the Lack of Black People In "Game of Thrones"

Yes, 'cause as we all know, there were tons and tons of sub-Saharan black Africans in Medieval Europe. I mean, come on (and by, come on, I of course mean, wink wink).

On the Distinct Possibility that this Counterproductive and Extremely Vapid Re-Racialization of Our Society Will Ultimately Cause People to Notice Things (the Ridiculously High Black Crime-Rate, the Penchant for Hispanic Immigrants to Utilize Welfare Programs, and the Poisonous Nature of Islam, to Name a Few)......and that These Noticed Things Will Do Absolutely Nothing to Bridge Whatever Divide that Our Douche-Bag Politicians Have Fostered Over the Past Decade or so

Yeah, we're sitting on a huge powder-keg. That's for certain (and, no, that doesn't even include the $22,000,000,000,000 debt, $220,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities, etc.............which could easily light the match).

Saturday, October 5, 2019

On Dumb-as-a-Fucking-Fire-Hydrant Leftist Actor, Robert De Niro, Recently Getting Accused by a Former Female Work Associate of Gender Discrimination, Harassment, Unwaned Physical Contact, and Verbal Abuse

Believe all women, no (as in, I don't seem to recall any stipulations)?

On the Fact that We Have Actually Reached a Juncture In this Rapidly Devolving Society of Ours In Which the Skin Pigmentation, Gonads, Sexual Preference and/or Identity, Religious Affiliation, Ethnicity, etc. of the Speaker Are More Important than the Speech Itself

And while the West is engaged in this abject foolishness, the Countries of Eastern Asia are working hard to preserve their cultures and focusing on the hard-sciences. Gee, I wonder who the 21st Century will belong to. Yeah, huh?

On Miami Hurricane Quarterback, Jarren Williams, Completing All 7 of His Passes to Start the Game Today (Versus Virginia Tech)

Unfortunately for the 'Canes, 3 of them ended up in the hands of Virginia Tech defensive-backs and, so, yeah, in came the backup who seems to be doing better. For now, at least. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

On Nimrods Like the Young Turks Claiming that They Aren't In Favor of Open-Borders Policies

No, they don't come right out and proclaim that they want open-borders (that would be much too obvious) but being that these folks also a) don't favor a border-wall, b) support amnesty, c) desire to abolish I.C.E., d) argue against more deportations, e) want illegal aliens to vote, f) don't want to detain people at the border (they apparently want us to release them into the country or put them up in the Hilton), and g) support sanctuary cities, might they simply be parsing words? I'm just askin'.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

On Neocon Dolt, Bill "I've Been Wrong On Everything so Far" Kristol, Signing On to a Soho-Forum Foreign Policy Debate with Anti-War Radio's Scott Horton (Scheduled for Some Time Next Spring)

I kinda' doubt that it happens (the likelihood that Kristol will ultimately read up on Scott and determine that he doesn't to risk the probable humiliation)…...but if it does, look out, 'cause it could get ugly.

On Bernie Sanders Putting Forth a Wealth Tax Proposal (AKA, a Plan to Legalize Theft)

Yeah, it's only 1% for couples worth $32,000,000 but, still, that's $320,000 a year on top of everything else that they're already paying the government. And morons like Sanders also have to realize that a sizable portion of that $32,000,000 is probably in property, capital investments, and other such things that aren't so easily liquidated and so, yeah, simply cutting a huge check every year might not be all that doable...………………………………………………………………….Of course the biggest problem with this parasitic money-grab is the fact that it will likely change behavior; folks either making less of an effort to accumulate wealth or simply moving out of the country (much akin to what people did in France in response to their punitive taxes) with tax revenue plummeting as a result. Not that Sanders has thought that far ahead, mind you, OBVIOUSLY.

On "Assad Murdering His Own People" Being the Pretext for Our Involvement In the Syrian Civil War

Well being that it was a war and a war that was largely started by the U.S.A. (on the behest of Israel, no less), yeah, I'm probably gonna have to cry, foul, on that one...………………………………………………………………...P.S. I would also instruct you to go back and listen to that presentation by General Wesley Clark when he said that the neocons were planning to do regime-change in seven different Middle-Eastern countries......and that Syria was high on the list MEANING that the civil war was probably just a convenient pretext for what they wanted to do anyway. My theory at least.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

On Race-Baiters, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, Jumping All Over the Jussie Smollet Story Trying to Make Political Hay Over it and Then When We Ultimately Discovered that it Was Total Bullshit They Acted Like Nothing Happened and the Media Never Once Pressed Them On it

How do these assholes not get completely laughed off the stage? I mean, this is some seriously disgusting shit that they've been pulling and you'd think that there would eventually be a price for it. But, no, never. Unreal.

On Some Guy Telling Me Once How He Tried to Get a Ticket to See Taylor Swift but Wasn't Able to and so He Went to See a Bottle Rockets Show Instead...……...and Then Smiling at Me as I Evidently Looked Quite Perplexed

Yeah, he got me. No worries, though, as I'm already plotting my revenge......which will be sweet, I promise you.

On the Fact that a National Gun Registry Will Make it so Much Easier for the Politicians to Confiscate Weapons from the Public and I Kinda' Think that this Is Why Lowlifes Like O'Dork and Mayor Pete Are In Favor of One

Agreed? Hope so.

On the Distinct Possibility that the Hard-Left Will Ultimately Turn On Bernie Sanders In an Effort to Destroy Him 'Cause the Fellow Is Just too White, too Straight, too Male, etc.

So for stupid reasons, in other words (the smarter reasons of course being that he's a moron, a parasite, and a collectivist buffoon). Just great.

On the Fact that Hard-Core Grievance-Mongers Like Kamala Harris Seemingly Wish to Make Known Gang-Members (You Know, that Group In America Which Perpetrates Approximately 50% of the Murders In the Country) Exempt from Red-Flag Laws -

Yeah, this is what happens with leftism. It has so many ridiculous precepts that it ultimately eats itself and this is a pitch-perfect example of it (their desire to confiscate guns colliding with a psychotic need not to offend black people). Damn, huh?