Saturday, June 30, 2018

On the Fact that Even Though Winnie Mandela Was Convicted of Kidnapping and Accessory to Assault (She Was Somehow Able to Escape the Charges of Assault and Murder but Nobody with a Brain In the Country Considered it Just) and Sentenced to a Six Year Prison Term, After Appeals, Bail, and Various Political Maneuvers, the Psychopath's Ultimate Penalty Was a Paltry 15,000 Rand Fine

If there's anyone out there who wishes to defend this woman, don't waste your time with me. Talk to families of those four young black men who were tortured and murdered by this woman and her fucking goons. Trust me, it'll be a much more interesting conversation.

On the Fact that Even Though Hydro-Electric Power Doesn't Emit a Speck of CO2 or Utilize an Atom of Radioactive Substances, You Still Have Radical Environmentalists Opposing it Because it Might Impact a Fish Species or Two and Just Because it Alters Nature Period

Never mind the fact that it could bring electricity to millions of people who currently don't possess it, prevent these folks from having to burn garbage and animal dung which is far worse for the environment, allow hospitals to have electricity 100% of the time and keep people alive longer, etc., etc.. You know, all of that fancy human stuff.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 19

Friday, June 29, 2018

On the Correlation Between Food Prices and World Biofuel Production

Looks pretty damn close to a 1.0 to me. And even the U.N. in its "The State of Food Insecurity In the World" Report has concluded that this is unsustainable and that the world's poorest people will die...….But hey, as long as we ratchet down the earth's average temperature by a couple thousandths of a degree, it'll be worth it, right?                                       

On the Fact that the 2014 C.I.A. Torture Report Was so Chock-Full of Redactions that it Was Virtually Incomprehensible -

I'm sorry but if this is one of those "institutions" that Donald Trump is waging war against, quick, throw me a rifle 'cause I am in...……...or better yet, make it a waterboard......for old time sake. The sadistic bastards.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

On the Fact that (According to the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Chaired by Bishop Desmond Tutu) the Armed Wing of the ANC Killed Far More Civilians than They Did Armed Security Forces (with Most of Those Civilians Being Black)

It's not clear as to how much Mandela played a part in orchestrating or even condoning these acts due to his incarceration (as lax as it was near the end) but what we can say for certain is that his wife, Winnie, was up to her eyeballs in them (the fact that she and her goons - the now infamous football club - had been implicated in the murder or attempted murder of at least 18 black people)…...and for leftist bastions like Hollywood to have canonized her is appalling. Sorry but, yeah.

On the Fact that Associate Supreme Court Justices David Souter and Ruth Bader Ginsberg Argued and Voted In 2008 to Establish Child Pornography as Protected Speech -

This while others on the hard left think that folks should be prosecuted for "misgendering" trannies. A brave new world indeed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

On the Fact that New York Times Columnist, Thomas Friedman, Recently Referred to the Internet as an "Open Sewar of Unvetted Information"

Maybe, but has Mr. Friedman taken a good, long look at his own rag lately? Physician heal thyself would be my suggestion.

On the Fact that Donald Rumsfeld's Lies Go All the Way Back to the Ford Administration When He Tried to Assert that the Soviets Were Spending Far More On Defense than They Actually Were, a Ploy that Prompted Mr. Ford to Add Billions More to the Pentagon Budget - (Economist Robert Wenzel Is Another Good Source On this Topic)

A more potent President like Nixon (yeah, he had a few strengths) probably would have been able to see through the bullshit but not good ole Jerry in that he bought it hook, line, and sinker. Oh well, at least Rumsfeld is out of government so there is that, I guess.

On the Unhinged, Senile, and Low IQ Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, Exhorting Her Troglodytic Supporters to Stalk and Harass Members of the Trump Administration

If a Republican official had muttered something even remotely like this about team Obama they would have run out of town in a heartbeat but a black female Democrat, yeah, not so much. And I really suggest that these folks rein it in in that one these days they're going to poke at the wrong bear  (Sawman Sawyer, for example) and it will not go well for them, not even a little.

Monday, June 25, 2018

On the Fact that the Only Allowable Opinion On Race In this Country Is that Black People Are the Relentless Victims of Relentless White Racism and that this One Singular Fact Explains Everything (Especially Why the Cops Are Always Picking On Them for No Reason Whatsoever)

So black people have complete immunity from criticism, in other words. Just great...….And how in the hell is that not patronizing and possibly even racist itself (the fact that whenever you remove agency from a person you are de facto diminishing them)? Enough already with this infantilizing of minority groups.

On the Fact that When a Nation's Average IQ Falls Below the Mid to Low 90s, it Becomes More and More Difficult for that Nation to Remain an Advanced Technological Society......and Being that We're Currently Hovering Around 98 and Seemingly Falling, Do We Really Want to Push the Matter Any Further?

It seems like an easy question......but being that nothing is even remotely easy these days, could you at least ruminate on it for a while? For Christ.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

On the Fact that (According to a 2014 Report from the Associated Press - More than Two Dozen Undocumented Children Were Handed Off to Human Traffickers by Mr. Obama's Health and Human Services Department......and AGAIN Zero Outrage from the Kristen Welkers, Rachel Maddows, Cynthia Nixons, and Peter Fondas of the World

It's gotten to the point where I really don't think that these assholes give a shit about the children......and that it's all about rank political posturing (the fact that we've elected a President that the establishment vehemently despises and so they will look for any minuscule thing that the can persecute him on - even when he does what they want like signing that executive order to keep the undocumented families together). Hopefully they can rein it in a bit 'cause it really seem like we're sitting on a powder-keg.

On the Fact that Thousands of Children Were Separated from Their Parents On the Border During the Obama Era and I Don't Seem to Recall Kristen Welker or Any of Those Other Low IQ Media Shits Even Acknowledging it, Never Mind Going Ballistic

And then they wonder why we hate their guts (the hypocrisy and double-standard being so far off the charts now that it literally oozes from them).

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 2

Saturday, June 23, 2018

"Youza, I Guess that I'm a Centrist Now"

I'll take, "Common Refrains from People Who Had at One Point Considered Themselves Liberal but After Witnessing the Sheer Craziness and Idiocy of Bozo SJWs, Deranged Pressure-Groups Like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, Hard-Core Leftist Politicians, and Partisan Media Hatemongers, They've Ultimately Surmised that that Particular Train Has Probably Left the Station", for a thousand, Alex.

On the Fact that (According to the Harry Booyens Book, "Ama Bhulu") the ANC's Response to President Botha's Offer to Release Nelson Mandela if He Would Only Renounce Violence Was to Increase the Number of Attacks On Civilians by 925% (from 4 In 1984 to 41 In 1985)

And yet for some strange reason the U.S. State Department decided to classify these fine young fellows as a terrorist organization. Go figure, huh? 

On the Degenerate Neocon, Richard Perle, Once Having Proclaimed that His Carrot Was Not Administering the Stick

I had always had a nagging hunch that this dude was a sociopath......and now I'm completely convinced of it (might making right being his only avenue, it seems). Damn those neocon shits.

On the Fact that the ANC's Late '70s Battle-Cry, "Liberation Before Education", Prompted Hundreds of Thousands of Young Black Men to Drop Out of School and Turn to Other Lesser Productive Activities Such as Agitation, Rioting, and Terrorism

Yeah, this was such a moronic strategy that even the New York Times (circa 1990 - back when they did some decent reporting) had to admit that the end-result was a "lost generation" and significant damage to the country as a whole. But hey, as long as they got black rule out of it, I guess (tongue in cheek for certain).

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 18

Friday, June 22, 2018

On the Fact that of the Nearly 50,000,000 Foreign-Born People Living In America, a Significant Majority of Them Have Come from Countries that Have a Lower Average IQ, a Higher Amount of Corruption, and a Lower Level of Economic Freedom -

Look, I get it. These are delicate issues to deal with. But if you're looking for a reason as to why multiculturalism has been an abject failure wherever it's been tried (and you don't want to blame whites completely, have grave reservations pertaining to the magic soil and propositional nation hypotheses, etc.), this might be a good place to start.    

On the Fact that the ANC Used to Constantly Refer to the Transkei Wild Coast as a Dumping-Ground for Apartheid and Now that They Control the Whole Fucking Country They Tout it as Beautiful Vacation Destination for Rich White Europeans

Yeah, that's just way, way too much irony......even for me (the fact that blacks didn't develop the region when they first had the chance, the fact that they hate whites but are apparently willing to put up with them for tourist dollars, etc.).    

Thursday, June 21, 2018

On the Fact that You Can Tell a Lot About a Country by Counting the Number of Folks Who Try to Enter it Versus the Number Who Wish to Leave it

So yeah, Apartheid South Africa where blacks by the hundreds of thousands came flooding in versus communist Cuba where people would create small makeshift dinghies and risk shark-infested waters just to get the fuck out of there, in other words. I get it now.

On the Fact that (According to the Harry Booyens Masterpiece, "Ama Bhulu") Amongst the People Who Robert Mugabe's Goon-Squads Raped, Murdered, and Dismembered In Zimbabwe Included Numerous Nuns and Missionaries

This Mugabe clown had red-flags all over him and yet this is the dude who the U.S. backed in 1980 (not one of Jimmy Carter's better moves, for sure). We really know how to pick 'me, don't we?

On Peter Fonda Tweeting that Barron Trump Should Be Ripped from His Parents and Thrown Into a Cage with Pedophiles

 Yeah, I suspect that this is little more than yet another virtue-signaling ploy pertaining to those (illegal immigrant) children being separated from their parents at the border (a practice that had also been employed during the Obama era with zero pushback from Hollywood shits but whatever). As for the grossness of the tweet, please keep in mind that this is the same vile pig who defended Roman Polansky (that nasty director who drugged a 13 year-old girl and then had anal sex with her) and who also made a pedophile fantasy film in which his "leading lady" was a 13 year-old Brooke Shields. Just to be clear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On Rachel Maddow Balling On the Air Over this Whole Children Being Separated from Their Parents On the Border Drama

Yeah, I don't seem to recall Ms. Maddow and the rest of those MSNBC propagandists shedding a tear When Clinton and Obama destroyed Libya and trip-wired a humanitarian crisis in which thousands of children starved and lost their families PERMANENTLY. Must have blinked or something.

On the Fact that (According to P.J. Johnson's 2004 Dissertation, "Seasons In Hell") Even Though Freed Slaves from America Comprised Only 5% of the Total Population of Liberia, They Quickly Proceeded to Rule Over the Indigenous Blacks of that Region Rather Oppressively and Even Began Selling Some of Them Off to the Spaniards as Chattel

Oh, and did I mention that a lot of this shit happened after blacks were granted full emancipation in the U.S.?......Musta' forgot.

On the Strange Notion that Robert DeNiro Bellowing, "Fuck Trump", In a Roomful of People Who Also Despise Trump Somehow Constitutes Courage On His Part

I've seen more risk-taking (not to mention, superior diction) on a Quickdraw McGraw episode. I'm serious.

On the Fact that 10,000 of Those 12,000 Children On the Border Who Were Supposedly Separated from Their Parents ARRIVED HERE UNACCOMPANIED -

And being that a lot of these people don't have identification, there's no proof that these kids ARE their children......and with all of the child-trafficking that's been going on these days, yeah, maybe we need to be a trifle prudent, for Christ (as opposed to strictly acting on emotion, a la the SJWs)……………………………………………………………………..P.S. And since when did we start sending children to jail with their parents when the parents have committed a crime? I certainly didn't get THAT memo.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

On the Fact that Amongst the Outlets that the Washington Post Cited as Spreading Misinformation (i.e., Fake News) Included, Ron Paul's Liberty Report, Zero Hedge, Consortium News, CounterPunch, and

So all of the sites that are anti-war and anti-police-state, in other words. Figures (the fact that the piece of shit rag is now owned and managed by Jeff Bezos, a fellow who's apparently carved out a very lucrative deal with, yeah, you got it, the C.I.A.!!).

On James Clapper Going On The View and Asserting that Trump Wasn't Under Investigation (They Were Simply Spying On the Russians, Not the Trump Team) and Two Weeks Later Senator Feinstein Informing Her Fellow Committee Members that President Trump In Fact WAS Under Investigation (for Russian Collusion)

Yeah, it's probably too much to ask of a serial prevaricator like Clapper and a demented, old parasite like Feinstein to be on the same page...….but, damn, it would be nice, wouldn't it, for a change?

On the Fact that Trump Has Seemingly Caused Many On the Hard-Left to Lose Whatever Critical Thinking Skills that They May Have Had

And, yes, I'm of course referring to the North Korea peace talks in which Trump is attempting something that if a liberal Democrat was doing it, folks like Rachel Maddow would be cheering......but because it's President Trump they're literally morphing into John fucking McCain!! UN-REAL

On Ben Shapiro Getting All Bent Out of Shape (Justifiably so) When the Leftist Media Refers to Jordan Peterson as "Alt-Right", Only to Pull the Exact Same Tactic Himself On Tommy Robinson

Yeah, Tommy isn't any more alt-right than Peterson, but because he's a working class guy who's been vilified and seen radioactive by the elites, even free-speech pundits like Shapiro apparently feel the need to distance themselves from him...….Or maybe he just didn't do his homework on Tommy, who knows.

On Having Armed Guards In Schools

I like the idea but they have to be plain-clothes guards, 'cause if they're not, they'll be little more than sitting-ducks and target number one for any potential lunatic that comes along. But, yeah, if you combine this with metal detectors and door locks that can isolate the shooter, it's a pretty decent defense, I think.

Monday, June 18, 2018

On President Trump Attempting to Make Peace with North Korea (Essentially Adopting the Noam Chomsky Plan of Halting Those Joint Military Maneuvers at the Border) and Leftists Like Rachel Maddow Acting Like Deranged Neocons Just Because They Don't Want to Give the Dude Credit for Anything

Thankfully there still a few sane people on the left (Jimmy Dore and H.A. Goodman, for example) who haven't come down with Trump Derangement Syndrome and who WILL give the President credit when he does something good (you know, like avoiding a nuclear war!!). Rachel Maddow and the rest of those partisan douche-bags at MSNBC, yeah, not so much.

On the Fact that Crowdstrike (the Bullshit Outfit that the DNC Used to Examine its Computers After the Emails Were Leaked) Apparently Received a Huge Check One Day After the Seth Rich Murder and Another One One Day After the Strange Death of Shawn Lucas -

It could be a coincidence...….I guess. I only wish that there weren't so damned many of them...….That's all.

On the Fact that Dozens of U.S. Congressmen and Senators Own Stock In Numerous Defense Contractors that the Pentagon Routinely Does Business with -

And I would love to see the voting pattern of each and every one of them; how they vote on war, the defense budget, etc…..Something tells me that I won't be surprised.

On the Strange Notion that a Massive Influx of Mostly Uneducated and Unskilled Migrants Who Don't Speak a Word of English Will Magically Create Economic Growth, Alleviate the West of its Demographic Decline, and Pay for the Generous Social Programs that They Themselves Appear to Be Flocking to

It's a deluded fantasy but being that the left sees it as an opportunity to both virtue-signal AND troll for more votes, yeah, you can probably expect more of the same.

On Bill Maher Attempting to Persuade His Clapping Seal Audience that Trump Is the Most Dictatorial President In U.S. History

Maher makes a lot of stupid comments and so I'm not entirely certain if this is the stupidest, but it's gotta be right up there. The fact of the matter is that Jackson (the Trail of Tears, his absolute defiance of a Supreme Court ruling), Lincoln (his closing down of numerous newspapers, his targeting of civilians, his suspending of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, the deportation of Clement Vallandigham), Wilson (his insane level of war-mongering, the Sedition Act of 1918, his segregating of the Federal work force, the persecution of Eugene V. Debs), the two Roosevelts (FDR interning the Japanese, attempting to pack the courts, creating federal departments out of thin air, etc. - TR setting records for executive orders, starting the country on the path to imperialism) , LBJ (his incessant lies about Vietnam, his strong-arm tactics with Congress), Nixon (starting the war on drugs, expanding the surveillance state, the Watergate affair), and Bush Jr. (his enhanced interrogation and rendition policies, a monstrous expansion of executive power, preemptive wars) were all far more tyrannical than Trump (who's far from an angel, I grant) and for shits like Maher to be such a captive of the moment (as well as ignorant) does little more than sprinkle fuel an already out-of-control fire, I would argue.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 1

On the Fact that if Any Other World Leader Sang Some Horrid Song About Murdering a Minority Group, the West Would Be In an Uproar and Would at Least Explore the Possibility of Granting this Minority Group Refugee Status......but Being that the World Leader In this Instance Is a Black African and the Minority Group a Bunch of White Folks, Pure and Deafening Silence Is all that We Hear

I guess that Western leaders have no choice (politically, I'm saying) in that if they were to acknowledge these atrocities they would then have to admit that this whole rainbow-nation concept has been a colossal failure...……...and to them that would clearly be bridge too far...………………………………………………………………………………..P.S. And can you even conceive of a population that is better equipped to seamlessly integrate into America society than these Boer farmers? I certainly can't think of one.

On the Fact that Moped-Related Crime (Crimes In Which an Individual Steals Something and Then Hops On a Moped and Takes Off) Have Risen by Nearly 3,000% Since 2012 -

So yet another thing that appears to correlate perfectly with mass immigration, in other words. Awesome!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

On the Fact that While it Wasn't a Perfect Solution (the Lack of Contiguousness, Especially), the 1913 Land Act In South Africa Gave to the Various Black Tribes Some of the Most Fertile, Beautiful, and Resource-Rich Land On the African Continent (Bophutatswana, for Instance, Having a Large Chunk of the World's Platinum Production) that Could Have Conceivably Been Converted Into Agricultural, Mining, and Tourism Meccas but, alas, it Wasn't to Be

Of course, a lot of the anti-Boer critics out there love to point out that the amount of land that was afforded to the blacks was less than 10% of the total area of South Africa, but what these people fail to understand is that a) a major chunk of South Africa gets minimal rainfall which makes it extremely difficult to farm and raise cattle on, b) Prime Minister Verwoerd was more than willing to construct factories on the border of these territories so that the blacks could be employed while they were building up their own countries, and c) the land that was given to the blacks was where their tribes had historically resided AND WHERE THEY WISHED TO BE...….I mean, I know that these facts smash the narrative of blacks being purely the victims in South Africa and all but when you take the time to go back to the early history (the works of John Bird, Noel Mostert, John Centlivres Chase, George McCall Theal, W.C. Holden, etc.), countless original sources (the Cape Archives, the writings of missionaries, etc.), and some of the lesser reconstructed recent writings (i.e., those of Ilana Mercer, Dan Roodt, Harry Booyens, Cuan Elgin, etc.), you'll see that the truth is murky at best......and that if there were bad white men, they were British and not Afrikaners.

On the Fact that a Chick Could Tie Her Husband Up, Blow His Eyeballs Out with a BB-Gun, Set His Mustache On Fire, and Chop Off Half His Toes and the First Words that the Arriving Cop Would Probably Utter Would Be, "What Did He Do?"

 Yeah, I guess that either the police just assume that the husband had it coming to him or the wife throws out some bogus counter-accusation......and being that the husband is generally bigger...... - …………………………………………………..…………………………...P.S. And, yes, this is one of the reasons why men are afraid to report domestic abuse (this in conjunction with good old stubborn male pride); the fear of being arrested!!

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 17

Friday, June 15, 2018

On the Fact that On Page 294 of the Recent IG Report, You'll See the Words, "Hillary Clinton and Foundation - Crime Against Children"

     And I'm sure that CNN and the rest of the legacy media will be all over this (and by, all over this, I of course mean, not a damn speck of coverage).

On the Amount of Cow Manure that I'd Be Willing to Shovel for Just One Night with Eva Marie Saint and/or Susan Hayward

Do the words, gross tonnage, mean anything to you?

On the Fact that Maybe the People Who a) Despise Trump so Much that They Wish to Leave the Country and b) Think that South Africa Is Doing Amazingly Well Under ANC Rule Should Move Down There

Can you think of a better way for these folks to display the power of their convictions and avoid looking like a fucking hypocrite? I can't (though, yes, they just might want to consult with Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch and a handful of Boer Farmers first).

Thursday, June 14, 2018

On the Flying Cheetahs

These brave South African fighter pilots were amongst the most skilled on the planet and their contributions during the Korean War cannot be overestimated. Here is just how one of their numerous U.S. Marine citations reads - "We were catching all hell because of an overwhelming Gook (an unfortunate term, granted) counter-attack. The tide of battle was leaving casualties in its wake like seashells cast upon a beach. It was then we saw four silvery streaks plummet from the skies with guns blazing. It was so wondrous a sight we completely forgot our whereabouts or line and just stood up in our foxholes and cheered. The Hall of Fame does not possess any greater men than those who flew that day."......Please, do me a favor. The next time that some slantheaded fool in the media tries to sour you on the Afrikaners while placing endless praise on the pinko, Saint Mandela, take a few minutes and remember this......for perspective.

On the Fact that Hard-Leftists Like the Insufferable John Oliver Have Apparently Decided to Throw Hugo Chavez Under the Bus In Some Pathetic Effort to Salvage Socialism from the Scrapheaps of History (You Know, that Whole Thing Where You Blame the Ruler and Not the System - as if Socialism Has Ever Put Forth a Knowledgeable, Competent, and Beneficent Ruler)

And please keep in mind that these are a lot of the same assholes who had been praising Chavez just prior to this most predictable of collapses. Fair-weather friends, indeed...……………………………………………………………………………………..P.S. And, yes, I really wish that they'd stop bringing up these Scandinavian countries as proof that Socialism works. a) Sweden built up it's wealth in the decades prior to socialism and ultimately had to reduce the size of its government in the '90s to salvage its system, b) Norway has massive amounts of oil that it is sharing amongst a small and exceedingly homogenous population, and c) Denmark actually scored higher then the U.S.A. on the Fraser Institute's ranking of economic freedom...….Bottom line, these are mixed economies at most.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

On New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, Instituting a Quota System for the Cities Best High Schools by Eliminating the Standardized Test Requirement

The only problem here is that it's not so much hurting whites but Asians......and they don't seem too happy about it! Luckily for comrade de Blasio, the New York Times and other leftist rags appear to be ignoring it and, so, yeah, the numb-nuts will probably skate YET AGAIN!!

On if Trump Wins the Nobel Prize

And what are the haters gonna say then, that he fucked some chick on the committee? That he shouldn't have made peace with North Korea? I'm certain that they'll come up with something.

On the Fact that the Military Wing of the Pan Africanist Congress Had Made it Plainly Clear that Their Attacks On White Civilians Were Justified Because the Afrikaners Had "Robbed Africans of Their Country"

And the fact that these barbaric plans were being drawn up and executed from various Cape Town townships, a region where sub-Saharan blacks had NEVER historically lived, is simply another coincidence, I guess.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

On the 1960 "Winds of Change" Speech In Which Great Britain's Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan, Essentially Informed the South African Boers that They Were Royally Fucked and that They Shouldn't Even Think About Migrating to England

And please keep in mind that this was after South Africa had sided with England in both world wars and with America in the Korean War. Thanks for nothing, I guess.

On the Fact that a Truly Oppressed Population Wouldn't Have -

a) every textbook in every school system spitting out a narrative of their supposed oppression, b) a radical affirmative action policy which has given them a massive advantage over their oppressors when it comes to college admissions, municipal hiring, government set-asides, etc., c) an entitlement milieu in which they receive a hugely disproportionate percentage of the transfer payments (per capita) and d) a societal crime situation in which they're 1/27th as likely to be violently attacked by their oppressors as vice versa. Not in any sort of sane and logical world, at least...………………………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, yes, this is coming from somebody who was down with the "cause" his entire life and who has simply had it up to his eyeballs with folks like Obama infusing racial consciousness into every microcosm of life, with slimy outfits like Antifa and Black Lives Matter denigrating whites to a self-parodying degree, and with everybody and their brother putting their heads in the sand with what is plainly happening in Europe and South Africa...….Just to be clear. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

On the Fact that the Left Used to Be Staunchly Anti-War and Now They Seem to Be More Concerned About Misgendering a Tranny than They Are by the Nightly Images of Mangled Bodies In Yemen

And, yes, the pictures are so gruesome that you really can't tell which pronouns to use. Talk about irony.

Still My All-Time Favorite Performance

Anne Baxter in "The Razor's Edge". STUNNING!!    

On the Fact that, Gee, What a Huge Surprise, a Lot of These Pro-Military Interventionist Think-Tanks (the Institute for the Study of War, the Atlantic Council, the Brookings Institution, the Heritage Foundation, etc.) Get a Shitload of Their Funding from Defense Contractors Such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Dyn Corp, Northrop Grumman, etc. -

From blood money, in other words. Way to go, guys. Way to tame that Military Industrial joining it.

On the Fact that the Per Capita Lifetime Budgetary Impact of Whites In the U.S. Is +$220,805 While that of Blacks Is -$751,200 -

If 21st Century black Americans are still an oppressed group, then they are the luckiest oppressed group in the history of the world. Sorry but, yeah.     

Sunday, June 10, 2018

On the Fact that Some Moron On My Facebook Page Recently Referred to South Africa Being at Stage 6 On Genocide Watch's Web-Site as "a Fact that Means Nothing" (There Are Only 8 Stages, by the Way, with Stage 8 Just Being the Mop-Up Phase)

Gee, I wonder if this fellow would have such a cavalier attitude if he lived there himself. Probably not, would be my guess.

On the Fact that When I Pulled Into the Starbucks Parking Lot In New Milford, Connecticut Yesterday, the First Object that I Noticed Was a Huge Sign that Read, "NO LOITERING"

Yeah, I guess that this franchise didn't receive the memo about letting people hang out at their establishment, take up tables that paying customers could be using, use their restroom as if it was their own personal bath, etc.. What a pity (though, yes, I'm sure that management will eventually get a stern talking to).

On Clifton Webb Once Claiming that Barbara Stanwyck Was His "Favorite Hollywood Lesbian"

It takes one to know one (though, yes, I'd have to agree with the dude - apologies to Garbo, Dietrich, and Bankhead)?

On the Fact that India Was One of the Most "Diverse" Countries On the Planet and it Worked Out so Swimmingly Boffo There that Two Large Chunks of it Broke Off and Formed Pakistan and Bangladesh

And unfortunately that's what I see happening in America; the Southwest breaking off and forming an Hispanic country, the Midwest breaking off and forming a white European country, the Southeast breaking off and forming a black country, and the Northeast continuing with this multicultural experiment. I could be wrong (and I clearly don't have a precise timetable) but I doubt it. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

On the Fact that the Pan Africanist Congress (Circa 1960) Supported an "Africa for Africans Only" Policy Which Viewed All Whites and Indians as Unwelcome Interlopers

What a vile, idiotic, shortsighted, and racist view to have espoused. The truth of the matter is that whites have been in the Cape Town region since the mid-17th Century while the Xhosa and Zulu people were still hundreds of miles to the North. And doesn't this give the whites of Europe a justification to counter by saying, "OK but then that also means, 'Europe for white Europeans only' - just to be fair"? It seems as if it might.  

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 16

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Study by the Brookings Institution) 44% of College Students Believe that Hate Speech Isn't Protected by the First Amendment and 51% of Them Think that it's AOK to Shout Down a Speaker that You Disagree with -

So the indoctrination that these shitholes have been forcing down our gullets has been successful, in other words. Just great.

Friday, June 8, 2018

On F.B.I. Undercover Agent, Larry Grathwohl, Asserting that the Weather Underground Was Planning On Reeducating Dissenters and "Eliminating" Those that Couldn't Be Reeducated (the Estimate Being as High as 25,000,000)

   So, ya' still think that Bill Ayers is a decent guy, leftists?...……...Hard to spin this one, huh?

On the Fact that Back In 2010, CNN Broke a Story About Child Pornography Being Downloaded en Masse at the Pentagon (Over 5,000 People Were Supposedly Involved), Only to Drop it a Few Months Later with No Explanation Given -

Marching orders, maybe? Who knows. An honest media would help.

On the Fact the F-Bomb Has Apparently Lost its Power to Shock (from Overuse - My Guess) and so Slantheads Like Bee Have Decided to Dust Off the C-Word to See if that Gets the Job Done

As much as I hate to burst this moron's bubble, the only truly shocking thing about this schtick of hers is its extreme lack of depth and insight and the fact that it isn't even remotely funny......but, hey, to each his own, I guess.

On the Fact that the Left Emptied it's Magazine so Rapidly and so Vociferously On Trump that I Vividly Remember Thinking to Myself, "Man, the Only Thing that These Imbeciles Have Left Is to Say that He's Fucking Ivanka"

Enter Samantha Bee - with my only shock being that no one did it sooner...……………………………………………………………………..P.S. Some dude on my Facebook page went there, too, and I was like, "Dude, do you really want to venture there?", and he was like, "Yes, Yes, I do."......Needles to say, the conversation ended there.

On the Fact that the Only Multicultural Societies that Have Functioned (and, Yes, I am Using the Term Quite Loosely Here) Over the Years Have Been the Ones that Have Had a Strongman Holding it Together by Force; Saddam Hussein In Iraq, Stalin In the Soviet Union, European Colonists In Africa and Elsewhere, etc.

And yet we still have these douche-bag Western leaders like Barack Obama, Theresa May, and Angela Merkel believing that if we just keep plugging it'll eventually work...……...and that if it doesn't work it isn't their fault but rather ours...….What a colossal racket, huh? 

On 20th Century Western Democracies Observing the Mass Slaughter and Even Genocide In African Countries Like Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, and the Central African Republic While Simultaneously Attempting to Force White South Africans to Submit to the Same Thing

Yeah, it's easy to speak in abstractions and platitudes when it's somebody else's safety that's at stake (kind of on par with the Muslim invasion of Europe being a working man's problem and not one which harms the elites - at least not yet). Have you noticed?

Thursday, June 7, 2018

On the Fact that Easily Trump's Worst Act as President so Far Has Been His Decision to Continue with the Clinton-Obama Policy of Selling Weapons to the Repressive and Genocidal Regime In Saudi Arabia

But the leftists can't attack him for this because they'd also have to roast Obama and Clinton......which needless to say is a nonstarter and so they focus instead on superfluous shit like the President's moronic tweets, the Stormy Daniels fiasco, etc...…..So transparent.

A Question for Vile Propagandist, Michael Moore

Hey tuba-lard, if that Cuban healthcare is so awesome (as you tried to assert in that piece-of-shit film of yours; as if the hospital that they showed you is the one that the ordinary Cuban citizen gets to go to - you idiot!), then why are folks taking abandoned pickup trucks, turning them into boats, and risking their lives in shark-infested waters to get the hell away from it? That's all. I'll wait.  

On the Fact that if You Were Ever to Ask the Average SJW College Student What Was Currently a More Pressing Problem In the World, Microaggressions and the Need for Safe Spaces or the Cholera Epidemic In Yemen, I Bet that They'd Say the Former......Because They Probably Couldn't Find Yemen On the Map, Wouldn't Know What the Hell Cholera Was, and Have Been so Brain-Washed Into this Nonsensical Paradigm of Cultural Marxism, Postmodernism, and Intersectional Feminism that They Spew this Type of Base and Foolish Drivel the Same Way that a Coyote Shits In the Woods, Indiscriminately

And even if they did understand the question, they'd still probably select the former because if they were to do otherwise they would then have to admit that it was Obama and Clinton who armed Saudi Arabia and helped to create this catastrophe and they're simply ill-equipped to do that. The schmucks. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

On the Response of Many On the Left to Trump's Supposed Racism Being These Constant and Insipid Threats to Move to Canada (They Never Do of Course), a Country that's Even Whiter than the U.S.

As opposed to Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, or Morocco, where they never threaten to move. Irony lost? Probably, huh?

On the Mainstream Media Plastering Images of Immigrant Children In Cages, Immediately Blaming Trump for it, and Then Attempting to Spin Their Way Out of it When it Was Discovered that the Images Are Actually from the Obama Years -

Yeah, something tells me that they're going to drop this story real quick and act like it never happened. You wanna bet?

On the Fact that a Significant Percentage of the Criticisms Levied at Trump These Days Appear to be Little More than Invective-Driven, Insult-Dominated, Hackneyed, Ill Thought Out, and Hysterical Diatribes that Are Almost Impossible to Respond to In Any Meaningful Capacity

Have you noticed?...………………………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, yes, let me reiterate AGAIN. THERE ARE legitimate criticisms and sane arguments that one could assert and when they're made I'm more than willing to entertain them. Just please, no hyperbole or bromides, O.K.?

On the Fact that Even Though Africa Was a Continent with a) More than 2,000 Different Languages and b) a History of Intergroup Enmity that Was Longer and Even More Virulent that the One Between Germany and France, the Departing Colonial Europeans of the 20th Century Somehow Thought that These Artificially Concocted Countries that THEY Created Would Suddenly Morph Into Enlightened Democracies, as Opposed to What Truly Materialized; Communist Schemes, Buffoonish Dictatorships, Absurd Levels of Corruption, Constant Blood-Letting, etc.

I'll take, "Shit that Inevitably Happens When Hubris, Piety, and Naivete Reach Their Apex Simultaneously", for a thousand, Alex...……………………………………………………………………………...P.S. Joking aside, it is of course easy now to proclaim that White Europeans should have never bothered with Africa (save for possibly some trading) but being that colonizing is a universal trait of not just all human groups but all species, it is really hard to envision history playing out any different (that and since the Europeans brought infrastructure, advanced agriculture, technology, medicine, etc. to the African continent maybe it wasn't the worst thing for blacks, I'm just sayin'). 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

On Those Emails Between Strzok and Page Which Show an Extreme Level of Confidence In a Hillary Clinton Victory but Which Also Express the Need for an "Insurance Policy"

How in the hell is this not a smoking-gun that at the bare minimum the F.B.I. had been politicized (the worst interpretation of course being that a soft coup was being instituted)? And what about the part that talked about Obama wanting to be kept abreast of the entire matter - is not THAT a wee-bit suspicious, too? It certainly seems suspicious to me.

On Rosanne Barr Asking Jimmy Kimmel if He Agreed with Mrs. Clinton's Foreign Policy and Instead of Answering the Question (Probably Because He Had Zero Inkling of Her Positions and Past Record but Whatever) He Simply Responded with His Standard Stock Phrase, "Yeah, but Trump Is Crazy"

Have we seriously reached a point in our social evolution where people like Rosanne Barr are on the saner side of the ledger? Kinda' seems that way, huh (the fact that Rosanne recognizes Clinton's hand in fucking up Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, etc. but others like Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olbermann seemingly do not)?

On that Lying Sack of Garbage, Clapper, Going On "The View" Recently and Saying that His Spooks Weren't Spying On Trump but Rather Hunting for Russians and that Trump Should Actually Show Gratitude for this

How these fascistic pricks slither out of bed every morning and still be able to look in the mirror after spouting such horseshit (he even went as far as to blather that he didn't like the word, "spy") is beyond me (the harsh fact being that I've heard much better spin jobs by misbehaving seven year-olds on the playground). Hopefully he ends up paying a price, someday.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Ilana Mercer On Why WASP Socities Wither

    If these 19 minutes don't red-pill you, then you can't be red-pilled.

On the Fact that the Art In Embassies Program Allows Affluent U.S. Citizens to Import Art from Other Countries Through a Private Shipping Channel that Bypasses Customs and Avoids Airline and Port Security

So an open invitation to traffic in drugs and people, in other words. Just wonderful.

On James Alefantis Using a Picture of Antinous as His Instagram Logo

Nah, nothing creepy about this fellow. Nothing at all...…………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, yes, for those of you who are unfamiliar, Antinous was a young Greek man who after he perished was made into a deity by the Roman emperor Hadrian (the two men were lovers) and who among his numerous perversions was pederasty (men having sex with boys).

On the Fact that I Was Just Informed that the Washington D.C. Police Department Has Recently Hired O.J. Simpson to Help Them Solve the Murder of Seth Rich (as Well as the Untimely Deaths of Shawn Lucas, John Ashe, Victor Thorn, Joseph Montano, Klaus Eberwein, Beranton Whisenant, Monica Peterson, etc., etc.)

Hey, it's worth a shot, no (the fact that the Juice did such a great job of finding the "real" killer of Nicole, the fact that the D.C. cops have seemingly made zero progress, yada yada)?

Sunday, June 3, 2018

On Starbucks Forcing Tens of Thousands of Their Employees (99.9999% of Whom Have Done Nothing Racist) to Sit Through Some Demeaning, Race-Baiting, Brain-Washing, and Self-Loathing Reeducation Camp Foolishness Just Because Some Manager In One Store Did the Right Thing by Asking Two Black Bozos to Leave Because They Were Loitering

And just look at who's spearheading this shit. I mean, it's a virtual who's-who of brain-dead leftist agitation; George Soros, Eric Holder, Sherrilyn Ifill, Heather McGhee, and Bryan Stevenson - just to name several. Of course what makes it even more preposterous is that the fucking approach doesn't even work TO BEGIN WITH (a lot of people ending more racist than when they started -!!! Nope, it's pure, unadulterated virtue signaling...….but whatever. 

On New Jersey Cops Beating the Daylights Out of Some Woman On the Beach and the SJWs Are Strangely Silent

    Might it have something to do with the chick's skin-tone (the fact that if it was a black woman under that clenched fist bullshit outfits like CNN would have gone 24/7 on it, but being that it's a white chick, yeah, not so much)?

Saturday, June 2, 2018

On that Fact that Not Only Did the Insufferably Unfunny Late-Night Dunderhead, Samantha Bee, Refer to Ivanka Trump as a Cunt, She Strongly Insinuated an Incestuous Relationship Between Ivanka and Her Father (and All Because Ivanka Kissed Her Child and Posted the Image - Seriously)

I want you think for a second how folks would have reacted if somebody had said something similar to this about Obama and HIS daughters. What do you think would have happened to that person? I certainly know that I have a theory.

On the Fact that No One Has Been More Vile, Vulgar, Insulting, Misogynistic, and Slanderous On Social Media than that Deranged Moron, Keith Olbermann, and Not Only Has the Dude Experienced No Repercussions from this, He's Actually Been Rehired by the Same Company (ABC and its Subsidiary, ESPN) that Just Shit-Canned Rosanne

The double-standard has gotten so bad that even Brooke Baldwin on CNN is staring to notice and good for her (the first sign of some sanity at that network in quite some time).

On Valerie Jarrett (the "Victim" of that Roseanne Tweet) Recently Praising Communist Cuba for its Awesome Education System -

So no blowback for that (praising a piece-of-shit country that has tortured, slaughtered, and imprisoned not just men but women and children, too) but Rosanne gets ruined (for a tweet that may or may not have been racist in its intent - the fact that Ms. Jarrett kind of does look like the Kim Hunter character in "Planet of the Apes")...….I guess.

Can You Detect a Difference?

I can't.

On the Fact that Al Sharpton Was One of the Key Voices In Getting Rosanne Fired from ABC

How rich is that? Sharpton, an individual who has insulted everyone from gays to Jews to the ancient Greeks (a twofer for Al in that he referred to them as, "Greek homos"), who falsely accused somebody of rape, who helped start the Crown Heights pogrom, who owes the taxman millions of dollars, etc., etc., is not only judging the morals of somebody else, he's trying to remove their livelihood. Pretty unbelievable, huh?......And the bastard still has a platform, too! Talk about irony.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 15

Friday, June 1, 2018

On Fifty Cent Sonic Corn Dogs

You had a better chance of surviving Dresden, Hiroshima even.

On the Fact that Just as Nelson Mandela Was Hitting the U.S. as Part of His Victory Tour In 1990, this Man and Political Dissident, Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, Was Being Thrown Into a Stinking Prison by Fidel Castro Where He Languished for Nearly Two Decades

And I'll bet you a buck that you've never heard of the guy. I'm correct, huh?...………………………………………………………………………..P.S. And what about the irony; the fact that this fellow is black, the fact that Mandela and Castro were close buddies, the fact that blacks were far better off under apartheid than they ever were under the venal and murderous Castro, etc.? Does it get any richer than this shit?

On the Fact that 52% of Muslims In England Think that Homosexuality Should Be Made Illegal -

 So much for the magic dirt theory (the idiotic notion that immigrants from markedly disparate cultures will by osmosis accept and internalize the values of the host country).

On the Low Infant Mortality Rate In Cuba that Michael Moore Brags About

First off, it was even lower prior to the "revolution" but that aside, the stat doesn't include a) the massive number of forced abortions in Cuba (if it appears that the baby will be impaired in any way they abort it), b) the fact that Cuba doesn't include stillborns in their death toll, and c) the countless number of times that the doctors lie about the age of the dead child (saying that it was two years old when it was only seven months - for example - because the world health organizations don't track the deaths of children over one). Not that Michael Moore cares about the truth, mind you, but the rest of us do...……...and in an era of propaganda......

On the Fact that if it Wasn't for South African Aircraft, South African Vehicles, South African Weaponry, and the Brave South African Soldiers of the Early 1940s, it Is Highly Unlikely that Emperor Haile Selassie Would Have Ever Reclaimed His Country of Ethiopia from the Italian Fascists

And who exactly were those brave South African soldiers? Yeah, they were mostly Dutch, French, and German AFRIKANERS - that's who!...……...Don't worry, though, these fellows don't have a monument yet......and they probably never will (sorry, Robert E. Lee).