Friday, June 30, 2017

On the Fact that the Number One Box-Office Draw for Warner Brothers In the Late 1940s Was Virginia Mayo

Yeah, I never would have guessed that (this despite the fact that she was a beautiful and versatile actress who starred in everything from musicals to westerns to gritty crime dramas and whose performance as the opportunistic and uncaring war-bride in "The Best Years of Our Lives" was absolutely stunning). 

On the Fact that the Deep State Got Trump to Bomb Syria

Everyone deserves a "Mulligan" from time to time.......Just don't make a habit out of it, Mr. Trump.

On the Fact that We Now Have Some Venal CNN Producer On Tape Saying that the U.S. Voters Are Stupid and that Kellyanne Conway Looks Like She Got Hit In the Face with a Shovel

  Say what you want about Mr. O'Keefe, he's damn good at his job (embarrassing leftists)...........................................................................................................P.S. And what do you think that the odds of feminist groups coming to Ms. Conway's defense are? 100 to 1 would be my best guess.    

Thursday, June 29, 2017

On the Legacy Media's Complete and Total Lack of Curiosity When it Comes to the Murder of Seth Rich

Fine, it was a botched robbery (I have my doubts but for the sake of argument) BUT HE WAS STILL GUNNED DOWN!! Don't we want to find out who shot the guy (for the safety of the public, at least)? I mean, I'm curious. 

On the Fact that We Now Know for Certain (Through Official Flight Logs) that Former President Clinton Made 26 Trips on Convicted Pedophile (and Probable Sex Trafficker - Check Out Conchita Sarnoff's Book) Jeffrey Epstein's Private Airplane, the Lolita Express -

And the legacy media (save for one five minute segment on "Morning Joe" in 2015) totally ignored it. Way to go, guys!

On the Fact that There Are Seemingly Numerous Surveillance Cameras In the Neighborhood Where Seth Rich Was Shot

Might we have a wee-bit of footage, por favor (you know, so that maybe we can help the cops to identify the murderer - HELLO!!)?

On the Fact that We Now Have Van Jones On Tape Referring to the Trump - Russia Story as "a Big Nothing Burger"

  Just when you thought that it couldn't possibly get any more embarrassing for these schmucks, YOUZA!!......Hey Van, you want some onion rings with that?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On Whether I Would Agree to Personally Water-Board Dick Cheney if Asked

I might.......I might (the fact that he helped get the country into two unnecessary wars, my suspicion that he probably knows more about 9/11 than most folks, etc.)................................................................................................P.S. Or better yet, how 'bout we make him do a swan-dive from the top of the Freedom Tower (you know, like all of those people who had to jump from the Twin Towers on 9/11)? That might be a more appropriate punishment.

On the Fact that We Now Have a CNN Producer On Tape Literally Saying that the Trump - Russia Story Is "Bullshit"

  The final nail in the coffin............of a once-proud news organization? Maybe.......I mean, I don't see 'em recovering any time soon.

On the Fact that (According to the Fearless Investigative Journalist, Seymour Hersh) President Trump Battered that Syrian Military Airfield Even Though There Wasn't a Dime's Worth of Actionable Intelligence Which Pointed to the Syrian Government as the Perpetrators of that Alleged Chemical Attack

  Yeah, I guess that bombing the shit out of countries is now a Presidential rite of passage or something.......Way to be different from your four stinking predecessors, Mr. Trump.

Monday, June 26, 2017

On the Legacy Media's Coverage of Jared and Elizabeth Beck's Lawsuit Against the DNC

Oh, they're all over it (and by, "all over it", I of course mean that they're completely ignoring it 'cause as we all know, CNN, the Washington Post, etc. are little more than mouthpieces for the Democratic establishment). Great coverage!!

On the Fact that Buzzfeed Recently Gave Milo Yiannopoulos's New Release, "Dangerous", a Horrible Review

Milo could have written "Moby Dick", "The Scarlet Letter", "The Grapes of Wrath", "Great Expectations", "The Age of Innocence", "Sense and Sensibility" and "The Immoralist" AND THEY STILL WOULD HAVE ROASTED HIM.......Buzzfeed, give me a break.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

On the Fact that Keith Olbermann Apparently Believes that He Can Save the Republic by Churning Out a Series of Incoherent, Unhinged, Paranoiac, and Conspiracy-Alloyed Diatribes (Lyndon Laroucheesque at Times) from His Parents' Basement

Well I'm certainly rooting for the guy......TO GET SOME HELP!!!!!

On the Fact that When Former Congressman and NAACP Leader, Kwesi Mfume, Was Asked (In an Interview with Larry Elder) What He Thought Was a Bigger Threat to Black America, the Presence of White Racism or the Absence of Black Fathers, He Said Unequivocally that it Was the Absence of Black Fathers -

And I'm sure that a bunch of white liberals boxed his ears for giving that answer. Damn sure.

On the Anatomy of Persistent Lie

I've often wondered where Obama got that bullshit notion that extreme weather events were getting worse and more frequent; an assertion that not even the IPCC has claimed.......Well, I think that I've solved the case. What either he or one of his idiot flunkies apparently did was to take an extremely small slice of the overall data (which indeed does show a slight upward trend) while totally ignoring what immediately came before and after it (he cherry-picked, in other words). It's a dishonest tactic that no reputable scientist would countenance and yet because politics has entered into the equation.......Yeah, huh?   

On the Fact that In this Country a Sailor Can Get Busted for Taking a Picture In a Submarine but the Secretary of State Can Use an Insecure Email Server (an Act Which Could Easily Expose Top Secret Information for the Entire Fucking World to Pilfer) and Not Face Any Punishment -

Only an insane and shameless partisan would fail to see the double-standard and hypocrisy here.......And, yes, they are out there.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

On the Fact that the South African Rand Was Once Worth Approximately the Same as a U.S. Dollar and Now it's Rated Junk Status

In the words of the William Hurt character from "A History of Violence","HOW DO YOU FUCK THIS UP!!!?" The ANC was given a fully functioning economy and in less than a quarter of a century THIS. This shit. They should be ashamed of themselves. 

On the Fact that Even Though the Aztec, Zulu, Turkish, and Mongol Empires Perpetrated Some of the Most Disgusting Atrocities In All of Human History, None of These Groups Have Ever Been Made to Pay Penance, Atone, or Grovel

Yep, only white people. That's it.

On the Fact that Only In the Lunatic World of David Brock and Media Matters Would the Signing Over of 20% of the Country's Uranium Supply to Some Russian Entity and Then Getting Millions of Dollars in Kickbacks, err, I Mean, Donations, from that Very Same Entity Be Seen as Totally Beyond Reproach

......well unless of course you're a Republican who doesn't share Mr. Brock's statist world views and then it would unquestionably be seen as one of the greatest atrocities in world history.

On the Fact that June Havoc and Dorothy Hart (Two of THE Most Smokingly Hot Women Ever In Hollywood) Actually Had an Onscreen Cat-Fight Once In a B-Movie Called, "The Story of Molly X"

Dorothy TKO - (fight starts at 1:08:40)

On Rights that Necessitate a Duty from Others

Yeah, I'm a major fan of those types of rights in that they aren't really rights but rather promises made by pandering politicians trolling for your vote (real rights of course being more of a negative nature; freedom from restraint, coercion, etc., and not being that which you can pluck from thin air).

Friday, June 23, 2017

On the Fact that Maxine Waters Has Gotten so Bat-Shit Crazy that Even the Schmucks Over at MCNBC Are Giving Her Push-Back Now

  Talk about embarrassing, huh?

On the Fact that Even Though There Were Hundreds of Eye-Witnesses (Firefighters, Policemen, Folks from the Media, etc.) Who Claimed to Have Heard Explosions Emanating from the Twin Towers on 9/11, Neither the 9/11 Commission Report nor the N.I.S.T. Report Make so Much as a Mention of this

Yeah, these bastards bent over backwards to try and substantiate the official story and this is one of the more egregious examples of it FOR CERTAIN.......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, they also lied about the existence of molten steel even though there were scores of witnesses for this as well (that and the fact that the shit could be seen dripping from the buildings - HELLO!). 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

On White Liberals in South Africa

Yeah, they're easy to find. Just look for the razor-wire electric fences.

On the Fact that We Now Know with Relative Certainty that the Person Who Wired that $100,000 to Mohamed Atta WASN'T Mr. bin Laden but Rather an I.S.A. (Pakistan's Version of the C.I.A.) Piece-of-Shit Agent by the Name of Saeed Sheikh and that Our Government Has Gone Out of its Way to Conceal this Fact

So not only does Saudi Arabia have its paw-prints on 9/11, Pakistan does as well. Just great................................................................................................Sources - "The War on Freedom" by Nafeez Ahmed, "The New Pearl Harbor" by David Ray Griffin, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, "War and Globalization" by Michel Chossudovsky  

On "Justice for Chelsey"

  Yeah, I guess that if you're a Muslim in England, you can rape women with impunity and face zero consequences.............Man, where in the hell is that pandering bitch, Hillary, when you really need her?  

On that Central Park Rendering of "Julius Caesar" In Which the Caesar Character Is a Trump Lookalike Who Gets Slain In the End (a la Caesar from History)

Can you imagine if some Tea Party folks had done something similar when Obama (you know, the fellow who dropped over 100,000 bombs on the Middle East, destroyed Libya, armed the terrorists in Syria, etc.) was in office? The left would have gone ballistic and they would have been justified. CERTAINLY the sane people on the left need to call this bullshit out, no?

To Water-Board or Not to Waterboard, that Is......

Churchill is alleged to have said after WW2 that we "butchered the wrong pig (that we should have destroyed Stalin as opposed to Hitler)." Well that's how I feel about water-boarding now; i.e., that we should have reserved it for those with the most blood on their hands.......Fill in the blanks.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On the Fact that the 9/11 Commission Allowed Bush and Cheney to Testify Together, Not Under Oath, and Not on Video Tape

Looks a mite suspicious (to the point where why in the hell would you even bother?), wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On the Fact that Clinton Lapdog and DNC Apologist, David Pakman, Recently Labeled Journalist, H.A. Goodman, as "Some Guy Who Makes YouTube Videos"

Do these clowns simply not have mirrors in their homes (the fact that while Goodman does make videos for YouTube, he's also been published by the "Huffington Post", "The Hill", the "Cleveland Plain Dealer", the "Baltimore Sun", and many other outlets - this, while Pakman makes countless, yeah, you guessed it, YOUTUBE VIDEOS!!!)?

On the Fact that Hillary Clinton and British Prime Minister, Theresa May, Are Both on the Record as Saying that They Would Nuke Iran if Necessary - -

   So much for women being the meeker sex, eh?

On the Strong Likelihood that Those Who Still Accept the Official Explanation Relative to the Destruction of Building 7 on 9/11 Never Had a Set of Legos as a Youngster (Never Mind Understand Newtonian Physics; for Every Action There Is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, etc.))

'Cause if they did, they would understand that the only way in which a tall structure can symmetrically dive-bomb into its own footprint is if you seriously compromise the lower part of the structure first.......Some basic common sense, in other words.......................................................................................................P.S. And as for the airplane hitting the building and that causing the collapse, a) an aluminum plane cannot bring down a steel and concrete structure, b) the fire that resulted from the crash was a hydrocarbon fire and hence nowhere near hot enough to melt steel, and c) even if it did bring the structure down, it wouldn't have fallen symmetrically, at free-fall speed, and into its own footprint (it would have tipped over, in other words, and certainly not the whole thing), for Christ!......Legos, people, Legos!!     

On the Strong Likelihood that if a Researcher Ever Came Forward with a Theory Which Questioned the Mode of Death During the French Revolution, the Killing Fields in Cambodia, or Any Other Mass Killing In History, the Response Would Probably Be, "hm, that's Interesting, Let's Check it Out", but if Somebody Comes Forward Today and Questions the Mode of Death in the Holocaust, They Get Slandered and if They Live in Europe or Canada Prosecuted, too

And this helps the case of Israel and the exactly (the fact that it feeds into every Jewish stereotype imaginable relative to power, influence, deceit etc., etc.)?......Yeah, you're right, it doesn't.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017

On the Fact that While Communism Can Sometimes Look Good on Paper (You Know, In a Naive and Utopian Sort of Way), the Harsh Reality Is that Whenever You Insert Real-Life Human Beings Into the Mix, the All too Common Result Is Stalin, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, Castro, Ho Chih Minh, and a Whole Lot of Dead Bodies

And yet there are still brain-diseased leftists out there who are willing to give it one more shot. Unreal.

On the Fact that if the "One In Four Women on College Campuses Will Eventually Be Raped" Leftist Talking-Point Was Accurate, Places Like Cornell, Stanford, Amherst, Duke, and Carnegie Mellon Would Be as Dangerous as Sub-Saharan Africa Where Rape Is Routinely Utilized as an Act of War and No Sane Person Could Conceivable Believe Such Shit

Loose translation, the left is nuts.

On the Fact that the Left Apparently Sees a Person Who Goes to College for Eight Years, Who Scrounges for Four More Years as a Low Paying Intern, Who Toils for an Additional Five to Ten Years to Establish a Viable Practice, and Who Finally Makes 400,000 Clams a Year, Not as a Successful Person but Rather as a Human Debit Card that Can Be Raided Whenever They Need a Little More "Free" Cash

Talk about feeling entitled (the premise apparently being that the cash is theirs to begin with and that it is only through their benevolence that we're allowed to keep any of it).

Friday, June 16, 2017

On Steph Curry (Star Guard of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors) Saying that He Won't Go to the White House with His Teammates and Meet President Trump

So if Mr. Trump had a) destabilized the entire Middle-East by voting for the Iraq War, arming the terrorists in Syria, and deposing Gaddafi, b) destabilized Ukraine by helping to topple the freely elected government in that country, c) used a private Email server to handle confidential State Department information, d) lied to the families of the Benghazi victims by telling them that the whole thing was caused by some moronic YouTube video (this while telling his own family what actually happened), e) sent his spouse down to Haiti to get a convicted child trafficker off with just a slap on the wrist, f) made multiple trips to Jeffery Epstein's private pedophile island, g) fucked over the dirt-poor Haitians via colossally mismanaging a $14,000,000,000 relief effort, h) fucked over his opponents in the primary through collusion and dirty tricks with the RNC, i) signed away the rights to 20% of America's uranium (to Russia of all folks!!), j) threatened Iran with a nuclear bomb, k) threatened Syria and Russia with a no-fly zone, etc., etc., then it would be OK to go?......Yeah, these athletes are idiots     

On the Odds that the Recently Wounded Republican Congressman, Steve Scalise, Will Get the Same Level of Sympathy from the Media that Gabby Giffords Received

Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, less than zero.......Sound about right?

On the Fact that the Anti-White Hostility in South Africa Is Off the Charts and of a Type that Is Frequently a Precurser to Genocide

And the West continues to ignore it. Shameful..............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, if it ever does come down to a race-war in South Africa, you can bet your last dollar that Europe and the U.S. will somehow find a way to blame the whites even if they're being killed off like flies, gutted, impaled, etc.. It's what we do!!

On the Fact that Some Cretinous Piece of Trash Over at Mediaite Actually Called for Julian Assange to Be Droned -

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't seem to recall anybody over at Breitbart or Infowars (you know, the sites that the mainstream media wants censored) EVER going this the selective outrage continues.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On the Fact that the Left Was Seemingly More Angered by the Killing of Cecil the Lion by Some Miscreant Hunter than They Ever Were by the Tens of Thousands of Human Beings (Both Black and White) that Robert Mugabe's Goon-Squads Have Slaughtered Over the Decades -

Yet another pitch-perfect example of black lives only mattering when the killers are white (or Hispanic, in the case of George Zimmerman).

On the Fact that Marvin P. Bush (Mr. Bush's Younger Brother) and Wirt Walker the Third (the Dude's Cousin) Were Both Key Principals in a Company called Securacom, Which Provided Security for the World Trade Center at the Time of 9/11

Yeah, it could possibly be a coincidence but boy does it ever look suspicious (the fact that at the very least it answers the key question of how the explosives got planted).......and what are the fucking odds, for Christ sakes? Seriously?

On that Fact that During a Hot Mike Moment in 2012, President Obama Informed a Russian Official that he Would Have "More Flexibility After the Election"

But that's not "collusion", I guess (the fact that Obama's a Democrat and they can do no wrong in the media's eyes - Trump, on the other hand......).

The Most Economic Performance In Movie History?

Oh, that's an easy one. Jack Palance's in "Shane". BY FAR!!............"So, what have you heard, Shane?" BANG BANG!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Biggest POS In Washington?

I hate to say this because I used to like the fellow (that and he has a shitload of competitors; Graham, Wasserman Schultz, Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, etc., etc.) but not only has Mr. McCain supported every moronic military intervention in recent memory, he's also made it extremely difficult for the families of MIAs and POWs to get information on their loved ones and it really doesn't get much lower than that, sadly.......Retirement Mr. McCain, por favor.

On the Fact that ISIS Never Seems to Bother with Israel

Yes, some of that may be due to a lack of opportunity (the fact that Israel's security is exceedingly tight) but the simple fact is that do seem to have a common enemy and so maybe there is some sort of truce, a strange bedfellows alliance, etc.. It's just a thought.

Monday, June 12, 2017

On the Fact that Mr. Bush's First Choice to Head the 9/11 Commission Was None Other than Henry Kissinger

Wow, so I guess that Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and the Devil himself were unavailable that week (the fact that Mr. Kissinger has so much blood an his hands from Vietnam, Cambodia, East Timor, Chile, etc. that he's practically drowning in it).

On Loretta Lynch Instructing Mr. Comey to Refer to the Clinton Email Investigation Not as a Criminal Investigation but Rather as a "Matter"

Can you imagine if Sessions or Trump had said this to one of their underlings? The left would have gone ballistic......and yet the CNNs, MSNBCs, Washington Posts, Salons, etc. of the world turn a blind-eye to this. Fucking unreal.

On the Fact that the Odds of Getting Ten Straight Heads While Flipping a Coin Is 1,024 to 1

Yeah, I really want the left to think long and hard on this, 'cause those are pretty much the same odds of James Hanson, Gavin Schmidt, and the rest of those lying scumbags over at NASA being able to adjust the data 100% in their favor for over a decade now without cheating. I mean, I know that the leftists (along with their corporate and Wall Street flunkies poised to cash in) desperately want this global-warming thing to pan out so that the government can exercise even more control over the economy but take a fucking introductory statistics class, for Christ!!  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

On the Fact that Only the Most Massive of Lies Needs the Threat of Prosecution Just for Questioning Them

And I can give you 6,000,000 reasons why that is true (the fact that a decent man like Germar Rudolf spent 44 months in prison simply for doing research and getting the "wrong" answer clearly being a major one).......If you're interested.

On Those "Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work" Signs In Restaurant Bathrooms


On the Fact that Wikipedia's Main Sources for Calling the Leuchter Report (a Document Which Clearly Shows that the Gas-Chambers Narrative at Auschwitz Is Total Bullshit), "Pseudo-Scientific", Are the Anti-Defamation League and Holocaust Ramrod/Serial Prevaricator, Deborah Lipstadt

I think that we just have to face it here. Wikipedia entries are little more than drive-by shootings and it would probably behoove us to get our information elsewhere. I know that I will. 

On Keith Olbermann Recently Stating that the Trump, Russia Controversy Represents "the Darkest Moment of Representative Government in this Country"

So, worse than when Polk, Lincoln, McKinley, TR, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and the Bushes needlessly plunged the country into idiotic wars, worse than when Jackson did the Trail of Tears and flagrantly ignored a Supreme Court order, worse than when Lincoln jailed THOUSANDS of citizens simply for protesting a war and deported Clement Vallandigham, worse than when Wilson shamelessly pushed forward the Sedition Act and railroaded Eugene V. Debbs, worse than when FDR interned over 100,000 citizens simply for their ethnicity, worse than when LBJ lied about the Gulf of Tonken, worse than when Nixon lied about the Watergate break-in, etc., etc., in in other words? Wow, that Trump must be one nasty bastard.       

Friday, June 9, 2017

On Holocaust Industrialist, Deborah Lipstadt, Having Recently Referred to the Holocaust as the "Best Documented Genocide In History"

And by, the best documented (better than even the killing fields of Cambodia, the Katyn and Vinnysta massacres in Poland and Ukraine respectively, in which mass graves were located and the bodies exhumed), she of course means, a) zero forensic research by experts from neutral countries, b) zero autopsies confirming death by asphyxiation or poisoning, c) zero documents proving the existence of homicidal gas-chambers, d) zero mass graves ever having been exhumed, etc..............She wanted to keep it pithy (to steal a phrase from the recently shit-canned O'Reilly), I guess.  

On the Fact that of the 1,400 Child Rape Victims of Muslim Gangs in Rotherham, Not a Single One of Them Turned Out to Be the Offspring of Rich White Bleeding-Heart Elitist Progressives

How fucking convenient (not to mention, unsurprising) is that?......Per usual.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

On the Number of Chicks (Rich, Poor, or In-Between) Who Wouldn't Want to Wear this 1.7 Carat Garnet and Diamelle White Gold Ring

Oh, it's gotta be close to zero I would think. I mean, look at the thing!!

On Alex Jones Having Recently Referred to Megyn Kelly as a "Cold, Robotic, Sociopath Lawyer"

Admit it, folks. There a part of you that likes Alex Jones. I mean, where in the hell else can you get this type of entertaining and gonzo commentary? YOU CAN'T!.......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the fact that the latter is supposedly interviewing the former this Sunday night - holy frigging moley!!


Seriously, how fucking moronic are these people; the Dave Weigels of the Washington Posts, the Chris Cuomos of the CNNs, the Lawrence O'Donnells of the MSNBCs, etc.? I mean, I understand that they're in full-blown panic-mode and all (the fact that their candidate lost, the fact that they no longer completely control the narrative, the fact that their viewership is shitting the bed, etc.) but they're really starting to look like children at this point, spoiled-brat children.......and it's embarrassing.

On the Fact that the City of New Orleans Recently Took Down a Statue of Robert R. Lee -

So we've actually gotten to the point in this politically correct, SJW-driven world of ours that a man who everybody from Winston Churchill to Jimmy Carter has praised as someone of great integrity, a man who was actually more anti-slavery than Grant or Lincoln and who literally freed slaves once he had the opportunity (his wife's upon his father in law's death), and a man who was as gracious in defeat as he was in victory has to be purged like this. Man, are we ever fucked.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On the Fact that In a Murder Scenario, if the Police Cannot Find Any Leads on the Street or Amongst the Victim's Family and Friends, They Are at that Point OBLIGATED to Investigate His Work Situation and if the D.C. Police Department Is NOT Doing that In the Seth Rich Investigation, Then They Are Committing Gross Malpractice

And what part of this does the deep-state/legacy media not understand exactly (and/or refuse to understand)?......I mean, it's a simple concept.

On the Fact that Mrs. Clinton Simultaneously Stated IN ONE LONE INTERVIEW that the Wikileaks Releases Were Both Devastating to Her Campaign and Actually Quite "Run-of-the-Mill"

Sometimes a lowlife scum can lie so often that he or she will literally lose track of what they say, with nonsequitors such as this frequently being the result.............Of course it helps when the person who you say the lies to is just way too cowardly and cucked to challenge your shit and with Mrs. Clinton that seems to be the case exclusively these days. Sadly.

On Mrs. Clinton Recently Referring to (In Yet One More Powder-Puff Interview) the Wikileaks Emails as "False Information"

What a lying sack of garbage. Wikileaks has a perfect record and the nasty bitch knows it. If only we had somebody in the media who was interested in actual corruption and who could confront her on these virulent lies......but unfortunately (and as the Wikileaks points out) they themselves are a massive part of it and, so, no, don't hold your damned breath.. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

On the Fact that the Bulbous Bette Midler's Response to the London Terror Attacks Was Simply that "Men and Religion Are Worthless"

Wow, what a huge relief. For a minute there I thought that she was going to engage in some idiotic and shameless virtue-signalling, stereotyping, etc.. So glad that that didn't happen........................................................................................P.S. I should also point out here that her candidate, Mr. Clinton, helped to uncork a lot of this shit by a) helping to topple Gadaffi and creating a failed state in Libya, b) approving the sale of advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia and thereby creating yet another humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and c) funneling weapons to terrorists in Iraq and Syria; shit that if a man had done them............    

On the Fact that Media Matters Is Apparently Trying to Get Sean Hannity Off the Air Simply for Covering the Seth Rich Murder In a Manner that THEY Find Objectionable

I don't care for Sean Hannity (his brand of rancorous partisanship has never been my thing) and if the fellow got cancelled I wouldn't shed a tear but, I'm sorry, this is not the way to do it. a) It's a capitulation to the partisan shits, fascists, and hooligans and b) it represents a horrible precedent that if we aren't careful could lead to a severe curtailing of free speech. I mean, I understand that Mr. Brock doesn't like conservative speech and all but a lot of folks don't like him, either, and if his opponents ever get a chance to turn the tables, he just might wish that he had been a little more prudent in his dispensation of cosmic justice, the ends justify the means, etc..

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media (the Washington Posts and CNNs of the World) Seems Infinitely More Preoccupied with Defending the Corrosive and Slimy DNC than They Are With Finding the Killer of Seth Rich

Yep, and that's in the Wikileaks as well (the collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign, the screwing of Sanders, etc.). No surprise here!!!!!    

On Shawn Lucas Doing this and Then Mysteriously Croaking (from a Drug Overdose - a Fellow Who Purportedly Never Did Drugs EVER) One Month Later

   Yeah, at this point, I think that I'd rather be in Afghanistan than anywhere near the Clintons, Wasserman Schultz, etc. (the fact that over there you at least have a prayer of staying alive, for Christ). Big time.

Monday, June 5, 2017

My Apology to Van Jones (Yeah, You Heard Me)

I've given Mr. Jones a lot of grief over the years for his brief experience in the 9/11 Truth Movement and, while I'm still not a big fan of the guy overall (the dude's affinity for green energy boondoggles, his propensity to play the race-card on occasion, etc.), I realize now that I was wrong to do that. In fact, if the guy can be criticized at all for this subject, it's that he didn't keep to the strength of his convictions and try to educate the citizens (a la, David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Paul Thompson, etc.). Granted, maybe he didn't know much about it and was just being a knee-jerk partisan who ultimately realized that his career would be toast if he didn't repent......but, still................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, let me specify one more time that I am not accusing anyone in particular here (though, yes, the way that Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Cheney come across here is hardly reassuring - that I will admit to), just that there are a myriad of unanswered questions and that it was exceedingly unfair of me to trash Jones the way that I did without having looked into the matter myself. That's all. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Nah, not really. Not anymore.............Now if she was presenting an Obama or Hillary head, MAYBE (the fact that that would at least be cutting against the grain a bit)

On the Group, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

I used to think that 9/11 truthers were bonkers and many of them clearly are (the no planes theorists, for example), but when you have over 1,500 architects and engineers telling you that the official explanation is bullshit, that's a hell of a lot more difficult to brush aside. And they do make a great many compelling points; a) the fact that all three buildings in Manhattan came down at free-fall or near free-fall speed, straight in to their own footprints, and in a symmetrical manner (something that could have only taken place with explosives), b) the fact that there was evidence of nano-thermite all throughout the rubble (a tell-tale sign of explosives), c) the fact that there were hundreds of witnesses (including media people) who claimed to have heard explosions, d) that fact that no high-rise structure had ever collapsed due to fire prior to 9/11, e) the fact that the fires in all three buildings were hydrocarbon-based, oxygen-starved, and nowhere near hot enough to create molten-steel (you could literally see it dripping down from the twin towers), f) the fact that the debris from the falling buildings was catapulted hundreds of feet outward (yet another signature of controlled demolitions), g) the fact that there were subtle signs of squibs happening well below where the planes had impacted and well below the fires, etc., etc......................................................................................................Look, I'm not saying that 9/11 was necessarily an "inside job" but at the very least there needs to be a much more thorough investigation than what the 9/11 Commission (the executive director of which had been on the Bush transition team and a member of his Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board) and N.I.S.T. gave us. THAT I will say.    

On the Fact that the Left's Definition of a "Botched Robbery" Is Apparently One In Which the Dude Is Shot Twice In the Back and Nothing Is Taken................and the Dozen or so Street Cameras Aren't Working............and the Police Have Zero Leads

Now THAT'S a "conspiracy theory".

Friday, June 2, 2017

On Debbie Wasserman Schultz Recently Threatening the Capitol Police Chief Because He Refused to Hand Over Evidence to Her

  Not dizzy with power enough.

On the Fact that the Wholesale Slaughter In Yemen Is Apparently AOK Just as Long as it's Good for the American and British Military Industrial Complexes

Vomiting yet? I AM.

On the Fact that (According to Countless Sources; "Time", "Newsweek", "Times of India", etc.) Even After Pakistan's President, Mr. Bhutto, Had Warned the First President Bush Numerous Times that His Policies in Afghanistan of Arming the Mujaheddin Were Creating "a Frankenstein's Monster", He Continued the Craziness (Even Giving bin Laden Free Reign Over the Entire Country) and Damned if Those Bastards Aren't Our Enemy Today

We never learn (Trump as we speak sending even more arms to the Saudis and how much you wanna bet that that shit will someday be used against us).

On the Fact that In 2013, Washington Post Owner, Jeffrey Bezos, Landed a $600 Million Dollar Contract with the C.I.A. -

Oh, that'll ensure some hard-hitting, no-holds-barred coverage of the deep state - NOT!!!!!............That and they just hired John Podesta as an editorial writer. John Podesta!!!!!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

On the Fact that Amongst the Featured Boy Bands at James Alefantis's "Family Friendly" Pizza Restaurant Have Been the Sex Stains and Heavy Breathing (Led by Some Freakish Douche-Bag Named Majestik Ape)

Oh yeah, I'm bringing my 7 year-old (if I had one, that is) there, no problem.

On the Fact that this Poor Bastard (Some Punk-Assed Fascistic and Mediocre Leftist Who's Inexplicably Risen to Fame on YouTube Under the Handle of "Secular Talk") Peddles the Same Hackneyed and Discredited BS Narratives (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change, the Notion that Socialism Is Viable, etc.) that the Young Turks Shit Out but They Haven't Gotten Demonetized and He Majorly Has

That's gotta be painful.......But hey, at least he's got that microphone. LOL!!

On the Fact that "Debunked" and "Conspiracy Theory" Have Officially Replaced "Hocus Pocus" and "Abracadabra" In the Leftist Lexicon When These Bastards Want Something to Vanish

Have you noticed?

On the Fact that (According to 2002 "Newsweek" Article and Buttressed by a "Democracy Now" Interview with General Wesley Clark) There Were Actually Some Neocon Henchmen in the Bush Administration Who Wanted to Invade Not Only Iraq but Iran, North Korea, Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia

So, yeah, it could have been a lot worse if maggots like Richard Perle (a piece of shit neocon who's never so much as been in a fistfight himself but who has zero qualms about sending YOUR kids off to die in one of his "total war" efforts) had had their way. Frightening, huh?