Saturday, May 16, 2015

On the Fact that India's Affirmative Action Policy Was Only Supposed to Exist 20 Years But Still Exists Today and Has Actually Expanded to Include Groups ("Other Backward Classes") that it Was Never Intended to Help (the Category as Written Being Little More than an Incidental Afterthought)

This is unfortunately the standard trajectory of preferential policies; a) the fact that they have a tendency to go on and on because no society has ever achieved even representation across its ethnic groups and b) the fact that members of the non-preferred groups will invariably make concerted efforts to get themselves classified as members of the preferred group (white Americans with traces of Native-American ancestry, white Australians with traces of Aboriginal ancestry, etc.). Of course, the most tragic eventuality of all is the fact that affirmative action policies almost always lead to resentment by the non-preferred groups and unfortunately in India's case this has meant thousands and thousands of episodes of violence. Thank you yet again, dumb central planners.


dmarks said...

Quotas create their own caste system, Will.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

They certainly do and Sri Lanka's experience with them was even worse than India's (violence-wise).

dmarks said...

The supposedly well-meaning Grand Wizard John Myste's of the world typically get these results.