Monday, January 31, 2022

On MSLSD's Rachel Maddow Back In March of this Year Arguing that -

"The virus stops with every vaccinated person (and, yes, that's Pfizer grinning like a Cheshire cat in the background)."...........A bit off, eh? Of course it isn't so much that the boob got it monumentally wrong. We all screw up from time to time. My beef has much more to do with, a) her cartoonish arrogance, b) her ridiculous level of certitude at a time when not a lot was known about this experimental drug (like that jerk on the zoom conference said, "we won't know if it's safe til we start using it), c) the fact that she's never admitted her mistake never mind apologized for it, and d) she's a damned ignoramus as evidenced by her unscientific claim that the coronavirus will dangerously mutate without the vaccine and not via the carpet-bombing of it in the middle of a pandemic (similar to antibiotics with bacteria, the indiscriminate use of the vaccine could potentially put evolutionary pressure on the virus to mutate, not in a weakened state per usual but rather in a more virulent one). I mean, I get it that only liberals are allowed to speculate these days (and even with them it has to rubber-stamp the entrenched bureaucratic template (just ask Naomi Wolf and Bobby Kennedy Jr.) but this fucking Maddow lady is so obnoxious that I just had to unload. Thanks for your time.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

On What America Will Look Like if the Current Crop of Politicians Succeed with Their Identitarian Socialism Agenda

Venezuela and Lebanon had a kid and called it, Starvation with a Man-Sized Helping of Ethnic Slaughter. Something along those lines, more than likely.

On My Firm Belief that a Much Stronger Case for Regime Change Could Be Made for Australia or New Zealand Today than There Was for Any of the Bush 2, Obama Wars Prior to Trump

And, no, I'm not advocating for wars with Australia or New Zealand. It's simply a mental exercise that recognizes the huge distinction between Western countries who've experienced freedom only to have it stripped away from them by their totalitarian COVID regimes and places such as Libya and Iraq which are unfamiliar with freedom and who couldn't handle it when it was within their grasp.

On the Fact that if Someone Had the Cuomo Brothers On Video Discussing Something Unsavory (or Maybe Even Illegal) and it Was Secured While In a One-Party Consent State, the Odds Are Overwhelming that the New POS CEO of Twitter Would Banish it from His Disgusting Platform and Justify it In His Inimitable Fascist Manner

Now if it was Trump's sons, that "policy", yeah, it might get tweaked a little. Somethin' tells me.

On President Biden's Deputy National Security Adviser, Jonathan Finer, Going On Some Cable Program this Week and Saying this -

"It is a fundamental principle of all nations that its borders should be inviolate and their sovereignty should be respected."............The fellow was of course on a friendly program and so there wasn't anyone there to push back on the blatant double-standard (i.e., the regime respecting Ukraine's borders but not its own). But you all witnessed it. Judge for yourself.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

On the Fact that There Are No Publicly Financed Museums In Washington Commemorating the the Victims of Communist Regimes In the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, etc., Not On the Mall, Not Anywhere

 I mean, it's not as if they don't have the numbers; tens of millions murdered between the bunch of 'em. Could it possibly be because the Jews were killed by the Nazis (an odious group generally perceived as radical right) while the others had been victimized by radicals on the left (not a lot of criticism of communism by the Dems these day, have you noticed?)? That would be my guess, peeps. 

On the Fact that Even Though Rational Wiki Remains One of the Most Lowbrow and Slanderous Shit-Posting Sites Online, it Has Somehow Miraculously Made it to the Apex of Google's Algorithm

Rubber-stamp what the power structure advocates and, yeah, you're going to get rewarded, even if you're an idiot. A case in point.........................................................................................................P.S. The dude was so desperate to eviscerate this one individual that he actually tried to justify the annihilation of Dresden at the end of WW2, citing the easily refutable argument that Dresden was the home to munitions factories (as A.C. Grayling points out in his seminal work, "Among the Dead Cities", targeted bombing could have readily accomplished the same task and, besides, area bombing wasn't accomplishing its stated goal of breaking the German spirit) and so what if we have to murder tens of thousands of innocent civilians (a large percentage of whom were women, children, the elderly, and refugees). Twas all worth it, according to this lunatic.

Just Learning How to Fly Away Again


She's doing fine. I'm sure of it. God speed.

On Vintage Stefanie Powers (1965 to 1980, Let's Say)


Self-explanatory, I'd say.

On Living Long Enough to Hear the President of the United States Exhorting the Corporate World to Censor People Whose Constitutional Rights He's Taken a Solemn Oath to Protect

To be honest, never thought that I would.

Friday, January 28, 2022


Bring a hanky.

On Social Media Tyrants Banning Anyone Whose Views Fall to the Right of Stretch Pelosi or Which Deviate from the Talking-Points of Washington's Entrenched and Idiotic Bureaucratic State, the Banned People Migrating to Free-Speech Platforms, and the Leftist Speech-Police Proceeding to Label These Free-Speech Platforms, "Echo-Chambers", Even Though They Themselves Could Sign Up Any Time

And they also fail to understand that by banishing people en masse like this (even liberals like Naomi Wolf and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have gotten the heave-ho for wrong-think), they're kind of creating their own echo-chamber. Either that or they don't give a rat's-ass (regarding irony, hypocrisy, etc.). That's a possibility, too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

On the Fact that (According to George Leggett's Book, "The Cheka: Lenin's Political Police") from 1917 to 1922, it Has Been Estimated that the Soviet Cheka (Precursor of the K.G.B.) Executed (i.e., Murdered) Approximately 140,000 People (All Without a Trial), More than the Tsarist Regime from 1866 to 1917 and the Entirety of the French Revolution COMBINED

Yes, Stalin was the king of Russia's Murderers but Stalin wasn't a piker, either. Here is just a small sample of his handiwork - a) executed 1,300 poor bastards in Petrograd alone during the month of September, 1918, b) slaughtered close to 4,000 striking workers in Astrakhan during a three-day-long reign of terror, c) massacred close to 1,000 bourgeois in Astrakhan as a by-product of ransacking their homes (how dare these folks have possessions) and raping their spouses, d) slaughtered over 10,000 peasants in Samara and Simbirsk in a successful effort to crush a rebellion there, and e) executed more than 6,000 Cossacks in early 1920 to viciously put down an uprising in the Ukraine. Quite the death toll and when you throw in a monstrous dose of sadism that even Uncle Joe couldn't match (throwing prisoners into the Volga River with stones tied around their neck, for instance), gotta' rank the dude right up there. The medal-stand, at least.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

On the U.K. Academy of Sciences Coming Forward and Opposing Big Tech's Censoring of Medical "Misinformation" On Social Media

Probably has something to do with the fact that a) science is never settled and for the damned thing to progress at all it requires an open exchange of ideas, not a censoring of ideas just because they go against a paranoid orthodoxy and b) a lot of the so-called "misinformation" has ultimately proven to be spot-on. Of course none of this would be quite so bad if the parasitic psychopaths who bludgeon us with this rigidity of thought occasionally admitted their mistakes or better yet apologized but being that that ain't likely, just keep humiliating 'em, I guess. 

On Dinosaur Rocker, Neil Young, Getting Bent that Joe Rogan Has Doctors and Scientists On His Spotify Podcast Who Have the Audacity to Disagree with Career Bureaucrat, the Highly Conflicted Dr. Fauci, Threatening Spotify with "it's Either Rogan or Me", and Spotify Responding with, "Wow, You Haven't Died Yet?"

And, yes, the harsh fact that Rogan makes Spotify a wee-bit more cash than Neil does makes his ultimatum is even more pathetic, uproarious, etc.. My advice to ole Neil, "take a look at your life, a good long look."

Monday, January 24, 2022

A Plea to the Good People of Massachusetts

Please, folks, stop wearing those stupid face masks. You look ridiculous and they're so ineffective that even doctors Gottlieb (former FDA director) and Wen (the lunatic lady on CNN) have had to admit it (the virus is transmitted via aerosols and are thus way too small for cloth masks to be effective). I mean, I get it that the idiot politicians of your state are forcing this crap on you but if you all stopped participating in the foolishness together, what are they gonna' do, arrest you all? And let's be honest here, the sole way that this tyranny ends is through us, IF WE END IT. So ya' on board? Awesome.

On Former FDA Director, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Now Joining CNN Crazy Lady, Leanna Wen, In Finally Admitting that Cloth Face-Masks Are Essentially Useless In Stopping the Spread of COVID Because the Virus Is Transmitted via Aerosols and Are Thus Way to Small for this Type of Protection to Be Effective

I've been saying this for over a fucking year and I'm not even a doctor. Of course cloth masks and bandanas don't work and worse than that they're unhealthy (covering one's nose and mouth for 7,8 hours a day with something that's probably contaminated - oh yeah, great policy, assholes). Hopefully these events will break the logjam and prompt other individuals who've been reticent to come forward for fear of being destroyed by the fascist bedwetters to speak up, too. God willing, huh? 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

On the Fact that if the Battle of Mons Badonicus Took Place as Chronicled (Still a Sketchy Proposition in that the Precise Date and Place Remain Unknown) the Welsh Population of Briton Constitutes the Truest Descendants of Pre-Roman England In that it Was There Where the Fast Advancing Jutes, Angles and Saxons Were Finally Stopped (and Where the Legend of King Arthur Originated)

 Many of the Britons of course remained behind and intermarried with the invaders (the early Jutes, Angles, and Saxons initially came to Briton as mercenaries and it wasn't until many years later that the mass migration reached its height) while many of the Germanic people undoubtedly moved west. But there have to be at least a few pure Britons left there and hence this little mental exercise of mine.

1930s and '40s Movie Star, June Lang

I consider myself a pretty hardcore classic movie buff but I had never heard of her before until I started researching some Frederic March films, one of which she was also in. Very striking, I think.

Friday, January 21, 2022

On the Fact that When a Leader Advocates Censorship, Stifles Dissent, Pushes to Take Your Guns, and Targets an Identifiable Group for Hatred, Let Me Ask You, that Ring a Bell?

It should.

On Biden Claiming at His Press Conference that He's "Outperformed Expectations"

Well being that I didn't see him living past year one, he may in fact be right.

On Woke Soldiers

Or as I prefer to call them, cannon fodder.

On a New Survey Stating that 67% of People Don't Trust Government, 63% Don't Trust Business Executives, and 67% Don't Trust Journalists -

Gee whiz, I wonder why (the harsh fact that they lied though their teeth about natural immunity, vaccine safety and effectiveness, masks, etc. and were too damned stupid to not understand that the lockdowns would be far more deleterious than the virus).

On One of the Co-Owners of the Golden State Warriors Actually Going On a Podcast and Saying that He Doesn't Give a Shit (Paraphrasing) About the Hardships of the Uighur Muslims In China ("Below My Line" Is How the Schmuck Put it)

He better have a good reason, you say. He does, 1,500,000,000 of 'em in fact (the amount of cash that the sports league is getting from China in their blockbuster streaming package).......................................................................................................P.S. To his credit the guy did come forth with a seemingly sincere apology but from now on he probably should think before he speaks. Public Relations 101.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

On the Fact that Illegal Aliens Flying Without a Proper ID Can Now Apparently Use an Arrest Warrant as a Substitute ID and Hand that Over to Airport Security -

Airports apparently haven't gotten the memo that asking for ANY kind of ID is racist. Please, someone get them up to speed. 

On Some Leftist Lunatic Named Jason Johnson (Real Piece of Work) Going On MSLSD and Labeling the Republican Party a "Dimestore Front for a Terrorist Movement"

So to Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Dan Crenshaw, Marco Rubio, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, and the rest of the more centrist Republicans, try and find common-ground with that. Dare ya'......................................................................................................And keep in mind, this is coming from a dude whose political party wants more tech censorship, more draconian gun legislation ('cause as we're all aware, giving the government a monopoly on force has always worked so splendidly in the past), some moronic thing called the Green New Deal in which diffuse, unreliable, low power density, and high resource intensity energy options are expected to run an advanced society, more government control over healthcare (you think that healthcare is expensive now, wait 'til it's free), burdensome taxation, abortion rights right up 'til birth, a dogmatic focus on identity politics (because as we all know, it worked so well in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Nigeria, the Indian Subcontinent, etc.), open borders and amnesty for illegals, a packing of the Supreme Court, instant statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C. (so four additional Democrat Senators in perpetuity), an end to the Electoral College (they can't eliminate it without a Constitutional Amendment but, rest assured, there's a Plan B), more denigration of law enforcement (hopefully the concept of defunding the police has been cast aside but who knows with these mouth-breathers), a total end to the filibuster (one of the major bulwarks against majority tyranny), a massive ratcheting-up of an already Orwellian surveillance-state, 16 year-olds, prison inmates, and illegals to vote, and a seeming normalizing of these fascistic lockdown measures and vaccine mandates where the government can annihilate civil liberties and justify it with bogus promises of safety. Lots of radical shit, in other words.

On the Fact that Explaining One's Actions by Cloaking Them Under the Simple Term, "Greater Good", Can Often Bring About Atrocities Previously Thought Unimaginable............and Has, Just Look at History

Thankfully we don't have tyrannical leaders nowadays who would engage in such cynical and reprehensible actions.......And, no, that isn't a gun being pointed at my head as I write this. You're imagining it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

On Low-IQ Lemon Now Saying that Individuals Who Conduct Their Own Research Should Be "Ostracized from Society"

So we're actually living in a country now where dumb-fuck assholes like Lemon can go on the air and spew hyperbolic, sensationalistic foolishness with a) zero regard for the truth, b) hatred for anyone who doesn't comply with the whims of our authoritarian government, and c) not an morsel of evidence to back up any of his bigoted and unhinged claims.Terrific, huh?......Oh, and, yeah, he gets paid for it. Don't forget that.

To the Parasitic Psychopath Whose Job it is to Pursue "Anti-Authority Ideologues" (AKA, Matthew G. Olsen)

It isn't so much that we hate authority but rather authoritarianism the caliber of which you and the rest of the current administration so magnificently exemplify (a centralized autocracy, collusion with large corporations in tech, media, pharma, etc, the scapegoating of people who happen not to share your dystopian worldview, the hardcore stifling of dissent, etc.). And we know exactly what you're doing, asshole; dumbing-down the definition of terms like white supremacist, racist, terrorist, extremist, and conspiracy theorist to the point where anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton would fit the bill. It's disgusting and if I have any say in this thing you will face a level of embarrassment where even your family will be giving you a wide-gait for a while. Seriously.

Monday, January 17, 2022

On Fauci Explaining the Reduction In Quarantine Time from 10 Days to 5 by Saying that 10 Day Regimens Would Be Way too Disruptive for Our Society

As opposed to shutting down massive swaths of the economy and closing down schools for much of 2021 which wasn't a disruption, I guess. Oh well, at least he's changing his mind for the better on this one. Thank God.

On the Fact that More Children Have Been Violated by CNN Employees than the Total Number of Deaths On January 6th - BY FAR

For perspective.......Oh wait, they haven't changed the definition of perspective yet, have they? Just can't keep up.

On the Raw Beauty of Nanci Griffith's Early Music

  The first song from her first album and it remains one of my favorites. Hope that you like it, too.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

On Trump and Loyalty

Well, being that he was poontanging porn stars while his third wife was pregnant, loyalty......probably isn't a high priority.

On the Media Whores Relentlessly Smearing Kyle Rittenhouse Simply for Defending Himself Against Two Crazy Degenerates While Totally Ignoring the Bastard Who Intentionally Used His Vehicle to Mow-Down Dozens of Citizens Whose Only Crimes Were Enjoying a Parade and Being White

The shills even went as far as to make it sound as if the vehicle itself was the bad guy, acting independently of the asshole who was commandeering it. And all to downplay the fact that the driver was a black fellow named Darrell Brooks. How fucking pathetic.

On a New Poll from Decision Desk HQ Showing that Only 30.8% of the American People Still Have Trust In Dr. Fauci (Biden and the Corporate Press Fared Even Worse; 15.5% and 10.2% Respectively)

So, even with the media propping him up, big tech censoring most of his opposition, and the fact-checking cartel rubber-stamping every one of his buffoonish statements the dude still can't get passed the one-third barrier. What an indictment, huh?

On Canada's Childish and Fascistic Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Proclaiming that a Lot of His Unvaxxed Countrymen Are Also Racists, Misogynists, etc (You Know, the Left's Usual Stock Insults, Substitutions for Thought, etc.)

 Yeah, I find this guy repugnant and ignorant to the point where he seemingly doesn't know that two of the most vaccine hesitant populations are pregnant women and black people......and so his smear doesn't even make sense. Buy, hey, what do you expect from somebody who dresses up in black face and eulogized Castro? Not much probably, huh?

Saturday, January 15, 2022

On the Fact that Present-Day Journalism Has Reached Such an Embarrassing Low Ebb that a Self-Identified Liberal British Comic Named Russell Brand Is Delivering a Much More Accurate and Insightful Analysis of Our Current Political Climate than CNN, MSLSD, Fox, etc.

Check out the dude's Rumble channel (I'm trying not to give ScrewTube any more clicks than is absolutely necessary). I don't want to say that he's fully red-pilled yet but he's definitely taken a lick or two, that's obvious.

On the Fact that Bill Maher Got Senator Coons to Admit On His Show that Having Already Infected Individuals Get the Covid Vaccine Is Illogical but as Soon as Ole Coons Got Back to Washington He Immediately Went Back to Shilling for Pfizer, Using the Pandemic as an Excuse to Further State Power, etc.

Yeah, Coons probably believed that going on that show would be a safe place to spew his partisan drivel (a la those idiotic cable news networks) and was unaware of Maher's quasi red-pilling......BUT HE IS NOW!! Oh yeah. Ha ha.

On the Fact that CNN's Rating Are Down 90% from this Time Last Year (Quick, Someone Storm the Capitol Again)

A head-scratcher in that who in his proper mind wouldn't want to look at this gorgeous face every fucking week? Certainly not this guy.

Friday, January 14, 2022

On the Fact that the Vast Percentage of Inner-City Crime Victims Are Poor Black People as Well and so it Wouldn't Behoove the Shameless and Rank Politicians of Today to Focus at Least Some of Their Energy On Them and Not the Entirety of it Coddling Jerk-Off Street Hooligans?

It's certainly what I would do (speaking as someone who would never sully himself in such a disgusting profession).

On Famed Economist, Elizabeth Warren, Trying to Blame the Rising Cost of Food On Greedy Grocery Store Chains (Singling Out Kroger for Some Strange Reason) and Not On Rampant Government Spending Together with Disincentives On the Production Side; Inducements Not to Work, Disruptions In the Supply Chain, Over-Regulation, Increased Energy Costs, etc.

Yes, Kroger is a profitable company but let's also have some perspective here. a) Kroger's operating margin is 1.95% (their profit margin less than half of that). b) The operating margin for the grocery industry as a while is 2.53%. And c) the operating margins for the pharmaceutical and green energy industries (two sectors of the economy that Mrs. Warren is currently orgiastic over) currently sit at 24.17% and 23.3% respectively.............And what's this notion of retail businesses suddenly becoming greedy now that Biden's in charge (wholesale prices have actually risen faster than retail prices but whatever - It's ludicrous and yet this is ole Liz Warren, part and parcel. Source -

Thursday, January 13, 2022

On the Fact that White Europeans Colonized and Migrated BECAUSE THEY COULD

What, you think that Shaka, Dingane, and the rest of the Zulu chiefs, had they the wherewithal and initiative to build big vessels and sail thousands of miles, wouldn't have traveled to Europe, Asia, and the America's spreading their way of life and potentially harming the indigenous populations? 'Cause if you do, there are thousands of ghosts haunting the prairie east of the Drakensberg Mountains who will probably beg to differ.    

On the Fact that One of the Trees In My Neighbor's Yard Is Transitioning to Be an Asparagus Plant

Being a libertine it doesn't bother me one iota. Just as long as the trans-asparagus doesn't make me use ludicrous pronouns or admit that said piece of vegetation actually is an asparagus plant and not a tree pretending to be one. So, do we have a deal?

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

On the Government of Japan Banning Covid Vaccine Mandates and Discrimination Based On Vaccine Status

They've also placed heart warning labels on the packaging thus providing their citizens informed consent. Finally some sanity emerging.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

On the Fact that In 2018 (the Most Recent Year that I Could Locate) There Were 10.3 Million Arrests by Police In this Country and of These Incidents the Cops Only Discharged Their Firearm a Total of 3,043 Times (so Less than .003% of the Time), Killing a Little Under 1,000 (424 White, 251 Black, the Balance Either Hispanic or Undisclosed) -

Not saying that it's desirable for cops to kill a thousand people a year (regardless of their race) but in a country of 330,000,000 people and with a crime rate that far exceeds those of East Asia, Europe, etc., a significant improvement in the stats is probably unlikely. Hope that I'm wrong.

On Justice Sotomayor Claiming that There Are Currently 100,000 Children Hospitalized with Coronavirus (the Legit Number Is 3,300), Many of Whom Are Hooked Up to Ventilators

She also stated that the Omicron variant is as deadly as Delta.......Oh well, at least Trump didn't say this shit 'cause then it would have sounded really dumb (dumber, actually).     

Monday, January 10, 2022

On Don Lemon Suggesting that Peppermint Patty Shouldn't Call On Peter Doocy Anymore Because Fox Isn't a "Legitimate News Organization"

 So the one fellow who asks pointed questions of the Biden administration, Lemon wants out and his 27 viewers agree. Consider it done, Don.

On the Fact that if a Person or a Group of Persons Attempts to Induce Anxiety and Fear, Isolate You, and Make You Less Engaged In Life, the Odds of These People Being the "Good Guys" Are Likely In the Neighborhood of Zero

A morsel of advice as we slog our way though the present-day lunacy where one slopeheaded dictator after another craps his trousers and informs us, "Relax, it's for our own damned good."

Sunday, January 9, 2022

On the Fact that Just Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, Elderly Black People Never Got Mugged, Young Black Children Never Got Slaughtered In Drive-By Shootings, and Black Families Were More Intact than White Families

 I have an idea. How 'bout instead of doubling-down on measures that may in fact be counter-productive and which are contributing mightily to our $30,000,000,000,000 debt (it's actually six to eight fold that when you throw in unfunded liabilities; Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veteran's benefits, pensions for government workers, etc.), we backtrack a little and try to deconstruct what exactly went wrong? Worth a shot, no?

On the Two Chowderheads Dressed In Black Who Were Busting Windows On the Right Side of the Capitol Building On January 6th (or 9/11 2.0 as Kamala Harris Like to Call it)

Any thoughts as to who those two shits were? It kinda' seemed like they were up to no good, didn't it? I'm just askin'. I mean, we are trying to hunt down these MAGA folks, right? Unless............

On Brian Stelter Actually Doing a Segment On How Journalists Have Been Traumatized by January 6th and How Many of Them Are Still Battling PTSD

So a fiasco where no one was armed, no one was killed (save for that lady who was shot point-blank by an unhinged Capitol cop), no one has been charged with insurrection, treason, or anything remotely serious, and which lasted only a few hours is giving these reporters indigestion and a bit of insomnia. Wow, huh? Let's just hope that they never get shipped-off to any war zones where they could be held captive like Bob Simon or decapitated like Daniel Pearl. 'Cause that would really make 'em lose some sleep. 

On the Fact that the PCR Test Is Apparently Counting Coronavirus 229E as a Positive Now (229E Being a Cold for 99+% of the Population) -

Granted, this is only an anecdote but at least at this fellow's place of employment they're counting the least virulent strain of the coronavirus as a positive read. You gotta' wonder, huh?................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, and you would think that this would be an interesting topic for trained journalists to investigate. Not anymore, I guess (way too busy pleasing Pfizer, etc. OBVIOUSLY). 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

On the Fact that Mamma's Boy Is Apparently Butt-Hurt Over Images Such as this


I'm not a big fan of Hitler comparisons but if you're doing everything in your arsenal to get every man, woman, and child in your country to accept the same exact medical procedure that has no long-term safety trials, is pointless if you've already had the virus, is completely unnecessary for children, and which has accrued more adverse reaction than all previous vaccines combined, significant blow-back you're likely to endure.

Friday, January 7, 2022

On Vice Running a Story Last Year with the Heading that Stated, "Anti-Vaxxers Are Terrified the Government Will 'Enforce' a Vaccine for Coronavirus"

Needless to say it was just another gratuitous hit-piece on citizens with concerns ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR VACCINE and who don't believe that it should be forced on individuals to the point where they forfeit their livelihood absent compliance. Of course no corporate hit-piece would be complete without it labeling all dissenters as conspiracy theorists, especially when, you know, THEY WERE RIGHT!!

On the Fact that Jamie Raskin, Maxine Waters, and a Whole Host of Other Radical Democrats Took to the House Floor and Challenged the 2016 Presidential Election and Not a Single Political Hack or Media Shill Blew a Gasket Out of it

 I don't see how this can go on. We either have rules that apply to both parties or it's over. Hopefully some arrangements can come to fore where order is restored with consent......and not brute force, the usual method.

On Blue Check-Mark Twitter Imbeciles Blaming Glenn Youngkin (Virginia's Governor-Elect) for the Recent Icy Traffic-Jam On I-95, a Preposterous Accusation Being that the Dude Hasn't Even Been Sworn-In yet

All of us jump the gun from time to time (I almost did it recently over the accusation that Merriam Webster had changed the definition of antivaxxer to salve political whims - it was bogus and I'm glad that I did a second search) but these nutjobs do it incessantly. If only there were fact-checkers for foolishness like this. Oh wait.......

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

On Manhattan's New Bleeding-Heart SJW DA, Alvin Bragg, Purportedly Wanting to Charge Armed Robbery Suspects with Petit Larceny (an Action that Would Reduce the Maximum Sentence from 25 Years to 1) -

He's also wants to reduce the charges for other dangerous crimes such as residential burglary and weapons violations by convicted criminals. And to make matters worse he's pulling these stunts during one of the largest upticks in violent crime that New York has seen in quite some time. Look, I get it, Giuliani and Bloomberg were far from the most likeable people in the galaxy......but they both kept the people safe and since a large number of those people were black (the good, law-abiding inner-city black people who the leftists ignore while simultaneously coddling the city's most virulent thugs), it's very hard to not wax nostalgic these days.

On Bill Gates Recently Proclaiming that One of His Prime Concerns for 2022 Is a Mistrust of Government

Yes, 'cause as we all know, an overabundance of trust in one's government has bore such wondrous fruit over the millennia. Jesus.................................................................................................................And who is this guy to think that just because he has money coming out of his pie-hole (his net-worth has skyrocketed during the COVID hysteria while others have lost their shirt, how convenient) and has shown competence in one specific area he can now be a major player in public health policy (not just in the U.S. but in the entire world)? It just seems so bizarre.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

On the Protected Claiming that They Need to be Protected from the Unprotected by Coercing the Unprotected to Use the Same Protection that Apparently Hasn't Been Protecting the Protected in the First Place

Yeah, this is so nuts that Alice In Wonderland stopped by but because she couldn't make hide nor hare of literally ANYTHING went back down the rabbit-hole where she could at least find a morsel of sense. Can you blame her?

Monday, January 3, 2022

On the Fact that When the Republican Leadership Was Toying with the Idea of Deep-Sixing the Filibuster to Ram Through Their Judicial Appointments Senator Schumer Argued that the Republicans Were Turning the Country Into a Banana Republic by Altering the Rules to Get Their Way

He's of course singing a different tune these days as he now seems more than willing to get rid of that very same filibuster to get HIS way. Oh what a difference 20 (or so) years make.................................................................................................P.S. And just for the record, I fully agreed with Schumer back then, not because of any partisan considerations but because I've long viewed pure democracy as a form of mob-rule which needs to be tempered by elements such as the filibuster, each state getting two senators, and the electoral college.......As for Schumer himself, yeah, he's a tool. 

On Who You Would Trust More to Watch Your Teenagers

While answering it honestly of course.

On Watching People "A" Standing In a Restaurant with Masks On and People "B" Sitting In that Same Damned Restaurant with Masks Off

So I guess that COVID only infects people in the 4'10" to 6'6'' range. advantage for the wheelchair-bound.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

On Doing a Search for Kyle Rittenhouse Pictures and Finding that 90% of the Ones that Registered Were Either of Him Running with His AR-15 or One of His Mugshots

Yeah, I guess that they couldn't find any of him as an innocent 12 year-old like they did with Trayvon Martin. Maybe next week.

America's Next Billionaire (the Strong LIkelihood that Ole CNN and the Rest of Those Slime Factories Parading as News Outlets Might Have to Dig Deep Into Their Pockets Again)?


The lone thing that would make me happier, me getting the money......and even then I'm not so sure.

On Figure Skating Legend, Michelle Kwan


She is arguably one of the top 5 skaters of all time. No, she never won an Olympic gold medal (a silver and a bronze her two best finishes) but get a load of these accomplishments; 9 U.S.A. championships (sick, huh?) with 3 second place finishes and 5 world championships with 3 additional second place finishes. I mean, these are Michael Jordan, Joe DiMaggio caliber results and while, no, I'm not necessarily a big winter sports fanatic, lotsa' respect for this lady. And how.

My Favorite Songs as of January 3rd, 2022 (In No Particular Order)

1) Every River - Kim Richey, 2) Through the Glass - Susan Werner, 3) Free Man In Paris - Joni Mitchell, 4) Money Talk - Pretenders, 5) Guitar Town - Steve Earle, 6) Easy from Now On - Emmylou Harris, 7) Easy from Now On - Carlene Carter, 8) Postcard - Uncle Tupelo, 9) Rough God Goes Riding - Van Morrison, 10) You Don't Seem to Miss Me - Patty Loveless, 11) The Way We Make a Broken Heart - Rosanne Cash, 12) Shouldn't Be Ashamed - Wilco, 13) All My Tears - Julie Miller, 14) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - The Band, 15) Maybe Sparrow - Neko Case, 16) Anything with Wings - Carrie Newcomer, 17) Ain't No Cure for Love - Jennifer Warnes, 18) Guilty - Bonnie Raitt, 19) Aryan Mist - Van Morrison, 20) Take Me, Take Me - Rosanne Cash, 21) Love Is a Ride - Lucy Kaplansky, 22) Showdown at Big Sky - Robbie Robertson, 23) Have You Ever Seen the Rain? - Creedence Clearwater Revival, 24) The Sun, Moon, and Stars - Nanci Griffith (RIP), 25) Ways to Be Wicked - Lone Justice, 26) Kid Charlemagne - Steely Dan, 27) From the Ashes - Rosanne Cash, 28) My Girlhood Among the Outlaws - Maria McKee, 29) One More Night - Kelly Willis, 30) Monday Afternoon - Lori McKenna, 31) Under Suspicion - Delbert McClinton, 32) Good Thing - Patty Larkin, 33) Wheels - The Flying Burrito Brothers, 34) At My Window Sad and Lonely - Billy Bragg and Wilco, 33) Letter to Mom - Iris Dement, 34) Oh Heartache - Rosie Flores, 35) Love's Glory - Patti Scialfa, 36) Chained to These Loving Arms - Patty Larkin, 37) Icy Blue Heart - Emmylou Harris, 38) Rain - Patty Griffin, 39) Hey Jezebel - Allison Moorer, 40) Still I Long for Your Kiss - Lucinda Williams, 41) Nimbus - Ralph Towner, 42) Sorrowful Angels - Patty Loveless, 43) Someday Soon - Judy Collins, 44) Wrapped - Kelly Willis, 45) Long as You Know You're Living Yours - Keith Jarrett, 46) Nowhere Train - Carlene Carter, 47) Baby Where Are You - Sue Foley, 48) I Know Why the River Runs - Julie Miller, 49) Brazil - Patty Larkin, 50) Am I the Only One - Maria McKee, 51) This Ole Honky Tonk - Rosie Flores, 52) So Long Baby Goodbye - Katy Moffatt, 53) Redwood Tree - Van Morrison, 54) Set Out Running - Neko Case, 55) Unfinished Sympathy - Gary Burton Quintet, 56) Lost and Found - Patty Larkin, 57) Into the Mystic - Van Morrison, 58) The Unforgiven - Hal Ketchum, 59) Lesson In Survival - Joni Mitchell, 60) Two More Bottles of Wine - Delbert McClinton, 61) Baba O'Reilly - The Who, 62) Return of the Grievous Angel - Gram Parsons, 63) I Was the One - Jimmie Dale Gilmore, 64) What Kind of Love Is this - Carrie Newcomer, 65) I Remember Joe - Nanci Griffith

Saturday, January 1, 2022

On Quebec's Power-Mad and Boneheaded Premier, Francois Legault, Instituting Yet Another Idiotic and Unscientific Curfew and with this One You Can't Even Walk Your Damned Dog -

They want us to walk around with vaccine passports (nothing Orwellian about that, no siree). OK, but only if these disgusting and undoubtedly conflicted piece-of-shit politicians have to walk around with papers showing that their IQ is at bare minimum room temperature. Sound fair? I'm thinking so.

On the Lunatic Governor of Oregon Recently Signing a Bill that Removes Reading, Writing, and Math Requirements for Graduating High School In an Effort to Assist Children of Color Because as We All Know Lacking Proficiency In Those Areas Is Extremely Vital In Getting Ahead These Days -

And the chick also seems to be admitting that either the the teachers are too incompetent to teach these subjects or that the minority students are too imbecilic to learn them. Either way it's not a good look.