Monday, March 11, 2019

On the Low-Rent Daily Beast Coming Out with an Article Recently Which Proclaims that "Angry White Men" Are "Losing Their Minds" Over the New Comic-Book Action Movie, "Captain Marvel" (Because the Protagonist Is a Chick, I Guess - Seriously, this Is How Their "Brains" Operate)

Even putting the shameless identity politics and condescending stereotyping aside, man was this ever a moronic article in that it essentially proclaims that you cannot criticize a female action film ever......EVEN IF IT SUCKS ASS!!! And the whole fucking premise is bullshit in that I don't seem to recall very many dudes complaining about the two "Kill Bill" movies and those were about as kick-ass as female action films can get (LITERALLY). If you're asking me here, this is just more whiny SJW foolishness and the more that we ridicule it the better. Boom, done.

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