Monday, March 4, 2019

On the Battle of the of the Arickaree (Sometimes Referred to as the Battle of Beecher Island), In Which 50 Frontiersmen Under the Command of Major George Forsyth Held Off Close to a Thousand Sioux and Cheyenne Warriors Led by the Legendary Chieftain, Roman Nose (the Whole Affair Lasting More than a Week and One In Which the Men Had to Eat Their Own Dead Horses Simply to Ward Off Starvation)

It was one of the most heroic acts in American history and yet because it involved Native-American tribes we're somehow not permitted to take any pride in it (never mind the fact that the campaign was purely a response to dozens of Indian attacks on small homesteads in Kansas and Colorado in which women and children were tortured, murdered and decapitated in that that apparently doesn't count!). What a shame, huh? That we're THAT politically correct.

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