Friday, March 29, 2019

On Democratic Presidential Hopeful, Peter Buttigieg (Yeah, I Never Heard of the Dude Before Today, Either), Arguing that President Trump Has "Radicalized the Nation"

Wow, so the guy who wants to be the standard-bearer for a party that a) argues for open borders, b) wants illegal aliens to vote, c) consistently engages in identity politics (always demonizing white folks in the process), d) wants to eliminate the electoral college, e) believes that post-birth abortions are a woman's choice, f) thinks that the world will end in 12 years if we don't enact something called a Green New Deal, g) wants to give high school students the right to vote, h) wants to give blacks slavery reparations, i) wants to institute an iron-fisted and highly centralized Medicare for all scheme that will all but eliminate private insurance options, j) parades around such a buffoonish and easily exploitable term as, "hate speech", k) is toying around with the idea of packing the courts (with progressive judges who wish to make laws from the bench), l) wants prison inmates to vote, m) attempted to bring down a duly-elected President over thorough bullshit, n) believes that gender is a social construct, etc., etc. is calling the other side radical. Now THAT is rich.

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