Monday, December 31, 2007

Slime and Prejudice

Romney's speech, Bill (you know, that "please don't hate me because I'm a Mormon" speech he gave recently), while it may not have been as blatant as some of his other missives, was nothing but another blatant attempt on his part to ingratiate. And if that wasn't bad enough, bro, he basically excluded millions of others (non-believers) from his obviously focus-grouped paradigm. Yeah, Bill, he didn't just "fail to mention" atheists in his speech. He went out of his way to eliminate them as meaningful participants in modern American democracy. That, me-bucko (and, yeah, I think if I got you drunk you'd probably agree with me) was well, well, over the line. Even for a neocon, I'm saying....................................P.S. I found it hilarious, Bill, that you would actually have the balls to say to your atheist guest, "I'm just getting tired of the whining." Tired of the whining? Bill, that's all you frigging do (well, that, and the fact that you infuse it with spite/intolerance) - NIGHT AFTER NIGHT!! I mean, talk about some irony, huh?

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