Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quick, Where's My Flight-Suit?

So, have you heard the latest buzz from the neocons? According to them, the infamous bunch of hoodlums that we've since come to know as "Al Qaeda in Iraq" (you know, that construct that never existed UNTIL WE invaded the country) has, because of the surge, been decimated. Mission accomplished, part 2, I guess is what they're going to call it. Well, guess what, friends? I've decided that, this time, I am going to take the bait. This, I'm saying, in that, yes, now that we've totally (allegedly) dismantled Al Qaeda (which was, after all, the stated reason for our staying there), there isn't any longer a reason for our being there. We can leave/ we won. Yippee, victory in Iraq!................................You see what I'm saying, right? If the Bush administration, after having made such a pronouncement, still maintains that we cannot leave Iraq, they're either going to have to admit that they lied 1) about Al Qaeda having been defeated or 2) that the reason for our continued presence was in fact to fight Al Qaeda in the first place. Bottom-line, folks, we ARE refereeing a civil war. What, pray tell, ELSE could it be? Oh, wait a minute, there's oil, huh? I forgot about that.


Anonymous said...

Will, sucks moose cock for Sarah Palin's enjoyment

Mordechai said...

pleasures himself by making ludicrous analogies.

No widdle willy, that is YOUR shtick;

You know the real reason you created this waste of bandwidth.

It is almost the only thingy you ever do on the tubes, except for your special naughty nights, but then again we won't discuss that will we?

Oh right you post all about the dead stars you do it to, LOL

Seems you keep having these pot kettle moments eh willy?

Mordechai said...

He seems angry, vociferous, and very defensive of his opinion and use a scorched-earth way of criticizing anyone not in his expected ideological mold narrow mold.

Thanks for describing willy-boy to a perfect Tee