Monday, December 24, 2007

Gag the Messenger, Sean Hannity Style

I'm telling you, folks, if I have to hear it even one more time; Sean Hannity's dissing of Al Gore and his private jet, I'm going to flat-out frigging die. It's like, even if Al Gore IS being a hypocrite here, I'm saying, does that alone obviate his message entirely? Of course, not (a person preaching against drugs while doing them - that doesn't mean that drugs are good, right?). And, besides, what the hell does he expect Gore to do, ride in coach? The secret service alone, I'm saying.................................I don't know, the way I see it here, nothing short of Al Gore (who I, I have to admit here folks, don't have much in terms of love for, either) fading into the woodwork will satisfy him. Now THAT'S a frigging ruse, for Christ! Don't ya' think?

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1138 said...

Gore wasn't and isn't protected by the`Secret Service after leaving office.
Dick Cheney will be the first former V.P. to get Secret Service protection and that will end in July.