Monday, December 3, 2007

The Absolute Truth and Consequences

And the son-of-a-bitch is always such an absolutist. Just take this as an example. Say that there's this 15-16 year-old girl who, out of desperation, I'm saying, goes into a Planned Parenthood office. She wants to consider her options but is fearful of her parents. In O'Reilly's world, this clinic would HAVE TO contact the parents, deny this desperate young girl (whose parents may in fact be abusive, mind you) confidentiality, etc.. The down-side? Well, let's just say that in this same O'Reilly world, that same young girl would probably avoid professional advice, altogether, and, yes, end up getting a back-alley abortion, instead. Pretty frigging nasty, huh?...............................Look, I'm not saying that this is an easy issue, AT ALL. I'm not even saying that the parents SHOULDN'T be informed (this, I'm saying, after all the consequences are weighed). All I'm saying is that none of this stuff (very little of it, anyway) is as clear-cut as Mr. O'Reilly constantly portrays it. And that maybe, just maybe, those on the other side of these issues AREN'T, as he says, driven by some necessarily God-less form of anarchy but, rather, a concern for folks, their emotional/overall well-being, etc.. I mean, that is a possibility, right?

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