Thursday, December 13, 2007


Just to let you know, Bill, that positive press-coverage you say that Huckabee's been getting, apparently it's dissipating, bro. I mean, just this past week or so alone, I've learned that 1) Governor Huckabee advocated parole for a convicted rapist WHO, after he was in fact paroled, raped and murdered somebody and 2) back in 1992 (yeah, that's 92, not 82), he advocated quarantining A.I.D.s patients to keep them away from the rest of society. That's some pretty brutal stuff, huh?.............................Serious and, yet, I cannot wait to see how you're going to go about spinning this little sucker. It's like, are you going to posit that their strong liberal bias superseded said strategic sense - that they couldn't help themselves, in other words? OR, are you going to do a 180 on Huckabee's electability - saying that, yes, it now appears that the Democrats may indeed be fearful here, a fear, I'm saying, that necessitates such negativity? Oh hell, either way, it's going to be interesting. P.S. Of course, a third possibility is that you could just flat-out ignore it for a while, focus on a different set of liberal outrages. Recreate history, in other words!!

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