Thursday, December 6, 2007

In Defense of O.J. (Figuratively)

The thing with you, Bill, you have no perspective (and, no, I'm not talking in terms of the piddly stuff here; O.J. Simpson being one of the top three villains in the world, etc.). You go around saying that the Christians of this fine nation are being "persecuted" while, at the same time, you completely ignore perhaps the world's most egregious example of Christian persecution IN IRAQ! Yeah, that's right, bro, because of Mr. Bush's invasion of Iraq, most Christians in THAT country have either fled to Jordan or Syria, been killed by militants, or have had to worship in fear/secret. Christians are being persecuted, Bill. Christians, Bill! Surely, THAT should trump your allegiance to President Bush. I mean, you do in fact care about the Christians, don't you, Bill?..................................P.S. I didn't mean to imply that O.J. Simpson wasn't a shit - a complete and total one in fact. But one of the top three villains in THE WORLD? I mean, just confining oneself to "O'Reilly's list" alone, O.J. - he's a frigging wannabe, for Christ! And, besides, don't we still have people running around out there who (swallowing hard, excuse me) bumped off nuns BY THE DOZENS (El Salvador, remember?)? In fact, I seem to remember the U.S. government supporting those bastards. It's America's fault, Bill! Ha!

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