Sunday, December 23, 2007

Con-Men of a Feather

How 'bout Giuliani, though? He's pro-choice and, yet, he vows to nominate judges hell-bent on eliminating choice (strict constructionists, gee, that wasn't focus-grouped or anything, huh?). I mean, talk about equivocating, wanting it both ways, having your cake and eating it too, flip-flopping, talking out of both sides of your mouth, double-speak, covering your ass, touching all the bases, pandering, being disingenuous, selling out, and groveling, THIS is the epicenter of it all. But, no, O'Reilly, over there at Fox - he has the audacity to call John Edwards the phony. Incredible, huh?.................................P.S. And now Mitt Romney's been saying that he, too, marched with Martin Luther King. Yikes, huh? Of course, this is the same guy that's supposedly been a hunter all his life/ who couldn't even keep Guatemalans off of his own front lawn, for Christ! So, yeah, please, take it with a grain of salt, I'm saying.

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