Monday, December 10, 2007

Servant of Certitude

"Typical liberal, always equivocating." He actually said that to somebody (Jane Hull, I think it was). Talk about chutzpah, huh? Where the hell does he get off(!), trying to pigeon-hole people like that? I mean, I would never use the word, "typical", to describe a conservative thinker. This, I'm saying, in that there are, what, libertarian conservatives, economic conservatives, cultural/religious conservatives, NEO-conservatives (worst of the worse, AKA)? Oh, and, yeah, as for this whole "equivocating" charge, seriously, Bill, you might want to try it yourself some time. Hell, if nothing else, it just might clear out the cob-webs for you................................P.S. And all because of a reluctance to echo Mr. O'Reilly's categorical certainty. Damned if THAT isn't pathetic, huh?

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