Thursday, July 22, 2021

On the Fact that the CDC's Bullshit About Outdoor COVID Transmission Was so Flagrant that Even the New York Times, THE NEW YORK TIMES, Was Forced to Point it Out (the CDC Asserting that Up to 10% of the COVID Infections Were Happening Outdoors When In Reality the Number Could Be as Low as 0.1%) -

And the way that they worded it was quite sleazy, suggesting that LESS than 10% of the infections were happening outdoors, a tactic that allowed them to be technically accurate (in a manner similar to Will Hart suggesting that LESS than a 100,000 people die from abject boredom every year while perusing CNN and MSLSD) but also permitted them to float a bullshit number to keep the panic-porn percolating (say that real fast three times). I mean, it's almost impressive (the sheer deviousness) what these assholes can come up with. If only they could harness it.

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