Thursday, July 29, 2021

On CNN's Lowbrow White House Correspondent, Kaitlyn Collins, Firing Out a Tweet Claiming that Most of the New COVID Hospitalizations and Deaths Are Among Unvaccinated People and Doing so Using All Caps

Of course being the crap journalist that she is she failed to ask the following basic questions. What was the size of the sample (are we talking dozens or thousands and thousands?)? Was it a representative sample or did the government stooges cherry-pick from specific areas? What was the average age of these individuals and how does it compare to the average life expectancy? How many co-morbidities did these folks have? How many of the patients died FROM the virus as opposed to those who died from another cause and who simply tested positive for COVID?............And since we're talking all caps here, how 'bout we "all caps" the 21,000 excess overdose deaths that these destructive, arbitrary, tyrannical, and unscientific lockdowns have brought about? Or maybe the 11,000 deaths and 50,000 serious health consequences that the vaccines themselves probably played a hand in (the real numbers are probably much higher as upwards of 90% of the events go unreported)? Or better yet, what about the thousands and thousands of small businesses in this country that have been destroyed forever by those same above-mentioned lockdowns? Certainly we can spare a few all-caps for at least some of this devastation, no? Kaitlyn?

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