Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well Dressed Man

"The Maltese Falcon" is obviously a classic film, with numerous classic scenes. Especially noteworthy, I find, are the ones involving Bogie and Peter Lorre. Take, for instance, the scene in which Bogie's Sam Spade sucker punches Lorrie (Joel). He knocks him out and, yes, continues to go about his business. After 2-3 minutes, Lorrie comes to. This, but, instead of going after Bogie, he calmly gets off the sofa and walks to the closest mirror. Apparently not liking what he sees, he says (as wryly and deadpan as a human can possibly be) to Bogie, "Look what you did to my shirt." I mean, youza, talk about laughing. I practically fall off my chair, for Christ! This, despite the fact that I know it's coming. Kind of like a Seinfeld episode, more or less...........................................................................................Oh, and, yeah, then there's that other scene in which Bogie is slapping Lorre around. Lorre protests and Bogie says to him, "I'll slap you when I need to slap you....and you'll like it!" I definitely like that goofy scene, too. Hell, folks, it's almost Jacobian.


Oso said...

I got curious about this movie,Avatar.Apparently it's either a video game,or marketed to promote a video game.
Not even a pretense of acting or scripting.
Knowing you as a student of cinema,in particular films like the one you just described-you gotta be as displeased as I am at the steady drop in quality.
Occasionally the Indie flicks are good,I saw a really good English flick Death at a Funeral awhile back.But back in the day it was the major studios putting out a significant amount of good films.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I found out (via the David Letterman show) that there's this incredibly hot young black chick in "Avatar". But, because of all of those computer graphics you describe, you don't even get a chance to see her. For that reason alone, I give it a thumbs down.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Volt, if you're out there reading this, imagine that slapping scene NOT WITH BOGIE AND LORRIE but instead with Rusty and Clif. "I'll slap you when I need to slap you, Clif, and you'll like it!!" Would that not be a hilarious take?