Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To the Level of Her Audience

Laura Ingraham is not a stupid person (misguided - maybe, stupid - no). She graduated from Dartmouth and later from UVA law school (consistently rated in the top ten law schools by U.S. News and World Report). So, when she (while substituting for O'Reilly on the "Factor") tried to pour cold water on the global warming issue by pointing out the recent snow-storm we had, yes, folks, it had to be the Fox News audience whose intellect she was questioning................................................................................................This, obviously, is not to say that Ms. Ingraham herself believes in global warming (its actual existence, how much human activity contributes to climate change, etc.). At least from what I can gather, she doesn't. BUT, I cannot believe that SHE believes that one anecdotal episode (i.e., a snow-storm) does in any way, shape, or form represent an effective rebuttal to it. Now, Fox News's current audience, they, on the other hand, may be persuaded by it. This, I also believe Ms. Ingraham understands - and, yes, may be exploiting here.


Oso said...

I've seen Greta van Susternen (spelling?) on Fox play stupid.She's a Stanford graduate but she does a kind of folksy "I didn't know what 'fiscal' meant so I googled it" approach which I must assume ingratiates her to the ClusterFox viewership who are suspicious of intelligent women.


Commander Zaius said...

It has been my experience that sometimes not only is a higher education a waste of money-"stupid is as stupid does"- but on the other hand the much glorified "Common Sense" that many with lesser education parade around is not as common as we are lead to believe.

As someone was just an Associate Degree in a technical field to be around many of my attorney wife's cohorts can be scary. Just wait till you have an accomplished attorney make a completely stupid statement about some simple aspect of the Constitution will send chills down your spine.

Then get around common folk and have to deal with their perceptions of reality and it's easy to understand why no intelligent species has contacted us on Earth.

As far as the Fox folks are concerned none other than Glenn Beck, while he was still at CNN, made a home video of his treatment at a hospital and how crappy it and the entire system was.

As Jon Stewart pointed out sometime later when Beck has joined Fox he now was terrified that health care reform would destroy the system he thought was the best in the world.

Now on the other hand Ed Schultz at MSNBC is about a screwy as Beck at times and the entirety of my comments can apply to both the right and left wings in this country.

Commander Zaius said...

Excuse my famous typos.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I used to like (well, sort of) Greta, back when she concentrated on legalese. Now she pretty much just tows the line, 90% of her guests being conservatives or renegade Dems (Evan Bayh after he voted against the latest spending bill).....Your point is well taken, too, double b, high educational attainment/intelligence doesn't necessarily translate into common sense. And, yes, both extremes of the political spectrum are peppered with examples of that. It all kind of makes you long for the days of Bill Buckley and Daniel Patrick Moynahan, doesn't it?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit to my site. A third party? Be still my beating heart. As for education, paper means nothing. I know lots of people with lots of education who really know nothing. I won't get in a left/right, Fox/MSNBC thing because most of both are entertainment.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Welcome teacher. You have a healthy perspective on the afore mentioned cable news channels. The only one that I can handle for extended periods of time is CNN. This, in that they at least try to be fair/do some actual news. Olbermann, Hannity, guys like that, they literally make me cringe.