Saturday, February 10, 2024

On the Democrats Now Being the Pro Fentanyl Overdose, Pro Human Trafficking, Pro You Can Steal $999.99 and Not Get Arrested, Pro Puberty Blockers for Kids, Pro You CanTorch Major American Cities While the Police Just Stand There, Pro Court Packing, Pro Censorship, Pro Post-Birth Abortion, Pro Collective Attribution, Pro Identity Politics, Pro Disarming the Populace, Pro Proxy Wars with Nuclear-Armed Powers, Pro Collusion with Huge Conglomerates, Pro Anti-Meritocracy, Pro We Can Challenge Elections but the Other Side Can't, Pro Mandates for Experimental Biological Agents, Pro Black Folks Are Simply Way too Retarded to Locate the DMV, Pro Discrimination Against Asians, Pro Overarching Surveillance State, Pro Reparations, and Pro Preferred Pronouns

Not to fret, though, as we're all aware that Trump is the true-blue extremist. 

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