Monday, February 19, 2024

On a Recent Poll Among Historians that Had Biden Ranked as the 14th Best President Ever (Biden, the Asshole Who Keeps the Southern Border Open for Drug and Human Trafficking, Continues with a Moronic Proxy War with Russia, Colluded with Big Tech Conglomerates to Silence His Political Adversaries, Regularly Engages In the Fascistic Tactic of Collective Attribution, Wants to Disarm Law-Abiding People - a Group with a Lower Crime Rate than Cops, Has Continuously Fostered Racial Division Since He's Been Sworn In, and Has Added More to the National Debt than Any President In Our History - Yes, that Biden)

So these supposed experts and scholars had 31 Presidents ranked BELOW shit for brains Biden. Says a lot about the history profession and its hard left propensities.

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