Tuesday, February 13, 2024

On the Fact that Alan Goodman, a Shit-for-Brains Israel Who Went to the Temple Mount In 1982 and Murdered Several Arab Worshipers While Wounding Double-Digits More Was Tried Immediately In an Israeli Court, Convicted of Murder, and Awarded a Big, Fat, Juicy Life Sentence

First off, condolences to the victims but I also want you to compare how the Israelis deal with their terrorists with how the Palestinian leadership handles theirs. The former metes out swift and punitive punishment to their a-holes while the latter either venerates the killers (suicide bombers who are no longer with us) or rewards them in a more earthly sense. The contrast is of course massive and the fact that the Israel haters fail to acknowledge (or even see) it speaks volumes, doesn't it? 

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