Monday, September 11, 2023

On Trump Having Clearly Stated, "I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE NEO NAZIS AND WHITE NATIONALISTS, THEY SHOULD BE CONDEMNED TOTALLY" and Idiots Like that Asshole from the ADL Still Referring to the Dude's Post Charlottesville Comments as "Equivocating"

 Trump slings around bullshit. I'm not disputing that (but is the guy actually lying or does he simply not know anything and shoots from the hip not even thinking?). But the lies that have been tossed at him are much, MUCH, MUCH  different in kind in that the only purpose of them has been to destroy the guy (that he colluded with Russia, that he's this huge fan of the KKK, that he's the only politician to have ever challenged an election, that he spearheaded an insurrection by telling the protesters to march peacefully/patriotically, etc.) and, I'm sorry, but that's just pure fucking evil.

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