Friday, September 22, 2023

On the Fact that Even Though the President's Staff and and the Secret Service Coordinate with Him Prior to a Speech and Give Him Specific Instructions as to Where to Go After the Speech (Ditto, Getting Off of a Plane, etc.), at Virtually Every One of These Events We See President Biden Walking Around Aimlessly Afterwards

 Yeah, this is textbook 25th Amendment stuff but the Dems are in a tight bind here, leave the guy in office and allow the deterioration to continue or promote the dumpster fire, Kamala. I suspect that they're simply trying to buy time until the campaign begins in earnest, talk the fellow out of running again, and insert an alternative such as Newsom, Whitmer, or one of the other dimwitted governors (this may necessitate bribing Harris with a Supreme Court gig, the Attorney General job, or whatever in that she is clearly not an option).......Of course there could also be a Plan C, D, etc. and that shit I could only imagine. 

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