Saturday, September 16, 2023

On Hall of Fame Football Player, George Blanda, Leading the AFL In Interceptions for Four Consecutive Seasons (from 1962 to 1965), Including a Staggering 42 In 1962

I have to give the guy some slack in that he did throw somewhere in the neighborhood of a million passes that year. It was also the old AFL which was not just far more pass-happy than its competitor, the more established NFL, but a league that also specialized in the "bomb" (deep pass, for you youngsters), a high risk, high reward strategy that often ended in an interception. So, yeah, Blanda wasn't alone in having this problem (stars like Hadl, Namath, Kemp, Parilli, and others all had more picks than touchdowns back then) but, still, 42, WOW!

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