Sunday, June 11, 2023

On the Fact that Even Though Joe Biden, David Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, Bubba Clinton, and Sandy Berger Have All Committed Far More Blatant Violations of the Espionage Act than Trump Has, it's the Latter Individual Who this Corrosive Beyond Belief Justice Department Has Decided to Indict

And we all know why the fascist pricks are pushing this foolishness. They want Trump out of the 2024 race and the only thing that they can come up with at this juncture is to try and make him ineligible. And what exactly are they so frigging scared of; that Trump will end their idiotic war, that he won't let the deep-state collude with private corporations to censor American citizens, that he won't allow hordes of illegal aliens to rush into the country, that he won't have an open-door policy with the mentally ill Dylan Mulvaney? I'm just wondering 'cause it is getting a little weird these days. 

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