Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Sisyphus of Stupidity

I can't believe O'Reilly, though. He's actually blaming the "secular progressive" movement (yeah, like it's an actual movement; strippers, Log Cabin Republicans, counselors from Planned Parenthood, etc. - all joining forces against him) for that fellow with tuberculosis...hopping on a plane, exposing others to infection, etc.. It's like, talk about the imbecile jumping the gun, blatantly, huh?...........First of all, how the hell does O'Reilly know the ethical mindset of this or any other complete/ total stranger, for Christ(!!)? I mean, seriously, this fellow, for all we know, might be an even bigger traditionalist/ hypocrite than O'Reilly himself is. But even beyond that, though, to blame an isolated event on what is truly nothing more than a solitary man's eccentric paradigm (yeah, O'Reilly's I'm talking about) - it's preposterous, I'm saying! It's like, couldn't we just as easily blame the TB man's faux pas on Ayn Rand, a conservative philosopher who had in fact espoused, HELLO(!!), SELFISHNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

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