Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I Ignore it, Therefore it Doesn't Exist (The "Parisian" Doubt)

I get such a kick out of O'Reilly, though. He gets all upset, right, bent that the New York Times has just put a terrorist story on page 37 of it's paper. Such an outrage.......and, yet, at least they do put it IN the paper, I'm saying. When was the last time that he, O'Reilly, ever featured a story on the human costs of George Bush's war; the dead, the wounded, families being torn apart, etc.? I mean, as far as the viewers of his show go, those two MILLION Iraqi refugees are nothing but a fantasy of sorts. And, yes, all the while he's been putting Paris Hilton, etc., smack dab on the front page of his "paper", period!! Talk about hypocrisy, huh?

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