Monday, November 17, 2008

Where the Hell is Dana Carvey When You Need Him?

Senator Al Franken????? Oh hell, why not? The country seems to be going down the tubes anyway. Why the hell not add a little slice of comic-relief, a man sized dose of absurdity, etc.? Granted, I would have greatly preferred Dana Carvey or Phil Hartmann (God rest that poor fellow's soul, huh?). This, I'm saying, in that at least those comedians did impressions (ever see Carvey's impressions of Ross Perot and the first President Bush? - hilarious, huh?), too. But, hey, the "Al Franken Decade", "Stuart Smalley", that was some pretty good stuff as I recall. And during these hard times, I will absolutely take it, my friends. Oh, wait a minute, he actually will be casting votes, huh? Yikes! In the words of Miss Emily Littella, "never mind".


Anonymous said...

Phil Hartmann did a good Bill Clinton too. Remember? His death was a tragedy.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And he did a good Sinatra, too.