Thursday, February 13, 2020

On the Fact that Most of History Has Been Full-Bore Hell......FOR EVERYBODY (Even the So-Called Privileged) and for All of These Brain-Dead SJWs to Try and Convince Themselves that Oppression Is Literally Everywhere Is Both Embarrassing and Disgusting Full Stop (to Steal a Phrase from the Youngsters)

Yeah, this is what inevitably happens when people become pampered and bored. They start looking for bullshit to complain about (inventing such idiocy as "microaggressions" and "intersectionality") and as a consequence the society starts to decay from within (in our case, turning on itself). Hopefully we still have some time to turn this ship around but with the current drift towards brain-dead socialism and nonstop anti-white hatred, yeah, I'm really beginning to get black-billed here, sadly. 

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