Wednesday, June 26, 2019

On the Fact that Every One of the People In Those Detention Facilities On the Mexican Border Is There Because They Willingly Broke U.S. Immigration Laws......and Being that They Also Free to Vacate and Return Home Whenever They Wish to, it Is a Very Big Stretch Indeed to Claim that These Folks Are Being Housed In "Concentration Camps"

And that's the big key here; the harsh fact that the folks who ended up in Hitler's concentration camps and Uncle Joe's Siberian work camps were taken there against their will and forced to remain under much, MUCH, MUCH worse conditions (many of them not surviving). Nothing remotely similar is happening on our Southern border in that, while, no, the circumstances are hardly ideal, nobody is forcing these folks to violate our immigration laws and nobody is forcing them to stay in these facilities. My suggestion is that the two parties come together and try to fix this chaos by a) beefing up border security (the word has gotten around that the border is porous and that's why they're coming - that along with the promise of welfare), and b) expanding these facilities and making them much more humane...….To be much less political, in other words.

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