Monday, June 24, 2019

On Slantheaded and Low-Brow Sites Such as Vox and The Daily Beast Pointing to the Low Homicide Rates In Muslim-Dominated Countries as Some Sort of Proof that Islam Is this Wonderfully Peaceful Religion that We Needn't Fear Migration from

First off, these are homogeneous countries and as anybody with even a small slice of knowledge pertaining to demographics knows, these countries tend to be the safest ones. And secondly, these countries are also extremely repressive to the point where even a modest infraction can lead to an immediate arrest, a rapid conviction, torture, and ultimately death. If these publications wanted a fairer assessment of the topic they would look to countries like France, Germany, and Sweden and compare the violent crime rates of the Islamic population with those of the longtime residents of these three countries......but being that this clearly ISN'T their priority we get bullshit like this. Pathetic, isn't it?

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