Saturday, August 27, 2016

On the Fact that Even Though There Were Numerous British Missionaries (None of Whom Particularly Liked the Afrikaners and Actually Preferred the Zulus) Who Testified that the Umgungundlovu Incident Was Nothing More that a Virulent Episode of Zulu Treachery, Torture, and Homicide, There Are Still Those in the West Who Try and Pin the Blame for this Whole Bloody Affair on the Afrikaners

There's this, for example, from William Wood - "The farmers had not been sitting longer than about a quarter of an hour, when Dingane called out, 'Seize them!', upon which an overwhelming rush was made upon the party before they could get to their feet.............The farmers were then dragged with their feet trailing on the ground, each man being held by as many Zulus as could get at hum, from the presence of Dingane, who still continued sitting and calling out, 'Bulala amatakati (kill the wizards)!'.............they commenced the work of death by striking them on the head with knobbed sticks.............Retief's heart and liver were taken out, wrapped in a cloth, and taken to Dingane.............About two hours after the massacre, orders were issued to a large party to set off and attack the wagons that contained the wives and children of the murdered farmers."...................And this from Reverend Owen - "A dreadful day in the annals of the mission! My pen shudders to give an account of disclosed a a horrid instance of perfidy - too horrid to be described - towards the unhappy men who have for these three days been his guests, but are now no more.............My attention was directed to the blood-stained hill nearly opposite my hut and on the other side of my wagon, which hides it from my view, where all the executions at this fearful spot take place and which was now destined to add 60 more bleeding carcasses to the number of those which have already cried to heaven for vengeance.............About 9 or 10 Zulus to each Boer were dragging their helpless unarmed victim to the fatal spot, where those eyes which awaked this morning to see the cheerful light of day for the last time, are now closed in death."..................Not a pretty picture is it?...But, yeah, at last we now know where the ditty, "kill the Boer", came from. 

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