Monday, October 25, 2010

Miscellaneous 34

1) I live in (supposedly) the tough part of town. And I have to be honest with you here. When I'm out late at night walking, and I see some young people (they're almost always white - so, please, do not go there), I DO tend to get nervous. Does this mean that I'm stereotyping/sliming all of the young people in my neighborhood? I sure as hell hope that it doesn't. And, yeah, this is exactly why I'm willing to give Juan Williams a break on his recent controversial comments on Muslims (that, and, plus, if you listen to the entirety of Mr. Williams's comments, he was basically defending Muslims).............2) I also have to wonder here. What if Mr. Williams had made a similarly disparaging/stereotypical comment about the Tea Party people? Would NPR have fired his sorry ass for that? I personally don't think that they would have. Hell, folks, they might have even given him a raise/contract extension.............3) They say that even a broken clock is right twice a day. To which I would always counter by saying, "Yeah, well what about Tom Tancredo?" Well, guess what, folks? It looks like I finally might have to add Mr. Tancredo's name to the adage. I was watching Fox the other day and in this interview he said that, GET THIS, we really need to look at legalizing marijuana, that the "war on drugs" is failing, and that the legalization of pot would be one effective way to neutralize the drug cartel. Wow, huh? Let's just say that I couldn't frigging believe it....You go, Mr. Tom Tancredo.


Oso said...

I haven't confirmed this, but read somewhere NPR essentially had told Williams not to screw up again or he was gone. Like the 3 strikes thing? Ex-con in California with 2 strikes stole a pizza and was sent back for life. His lawyers were crying about "Life for a pizza?" but it was the transgression itself,not the content of the transgression. Like I said, can't swear the NPR thing's true yet.

Rusty Shackleford said...

Oso,I think the Juan Williams dust up is that NPR,a tax funded entity has all left leaning commentators who can say essentially any negative thing about the right but Juan went off the reservation going on Fox occasionally.NPR and its parent PBS receives over 400 million per year of tax payer funding.Which as you might guess I fully disagree with.

Oso said...

I understand your reasoning.To be honest I never listen to NPR, I do watch PBS.Your point is valid regarding taxpayer funding.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Oso, I don't think that NPR has ever felt good about his, Williams's, Fox association. Maybe this whole Muslim flap was their excuse for canning him......Russ, I don't listen to NPR. I suspect, though, that you're probably right about their bias. And I agree with you on the funding. All enterprises should should rise or fall according to their merit.