Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why Do You Hate the Troops, Bill?

Hey, Bill, I've heard that the military's desertion rate is the highest it's been in 25 years. If I were to report that, would THAT be considered an anti-military story? Seriously, I'm saying, and would I myself be considered a hater of the military as well? I mean, not to be overly rhetorical, mind you, but you do see what you're doing here, don't you, bro? You've basically created a situation here (granted, it's essentially in your own mind but, still, you apparently do have some influence) where you've "scoundrelized" objectivity, stifled dissent, and, yes, dumbed down the journalistic profession substantially............................Of course, so, too, is your hypocrisy a nasty and troubling thing at times. i mean, I've already documented your refusal to cover the Walter Reed story (not exactly "supportive" of the troops then, now were you?) - choosing, instead, to "support" the Bush administration by not embarrassing it. Couple that, of course, with all the other stories you've ignored; inadequate body armor, reductions in standards (recruitment-wise), the pandemic of P.T.S.D. and T.B.I. as a result of this war, multiple/lengthened deployments, etc. and, really, a person has to wonder, is your allegiance really to the American soldier? I'm serious, bro, I'm thinking the only way that you might report on the fact that (drum-roll, please) one in four homeless persons is a if in fact our present "commander" in chief gets kicked out of his (actually, it's our)....out on to the curbs of, yes, Pennsylvania Avenue.

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