Friday, November 16, 2007

Guilt by Nonassociation

Of course, so, too, does his jihad against MSNBC continue. This time, though, damned if he wasn't able to incorporate (drum roll, please) Rosie O'Donnell (talk about a perfect storm, huh? - she obviously being another of his targets) as well into the equation............................That's right, apparently Ms. O'Donnell did have some sort of negotiations with the network (something about offering her a show, I gather) - preliminary and, yet, man, did Mr. O'Reilly ever have a field-day with them. The fact that these negotiations broke off early and led to nothing, that was obviously beside the point. HIS shit had already left HIS rectum. And, no, neither did it matter, either, once in fact it (i.e., the obvious) was pointed out to him; the illogical fit of Rosie O'Donnell and MSNBC. Na, that just made him turn up the juices even more, "Of course, it's a perfect fit. They're just as far to the left and loony as she is. She'd have a perfect home over there.".................................I mean, talk about insulting, huh? To say that the skilled and highly intelligent professionals of that network (from Chris Jansing all the way to Chris Matthews, I'm saying) have as THEIR kindred spirit....some lunatic conspiracy theorist, an absolute fountain of misinformation (yeah, I actually kind of DO agree with O'Reilly about her), etc., that is absolutely beyond the pale, folks. Way to go, Mr. O'Reilly - ya' frigging turd.

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