Friday, November 30, 2007

Miscue Times Two

I love it. O'Reilly, right, he's always belly-aching about Obama, accuses him of not having the courage to do tough interview shows (his, obviously, first and foremost amongst them) - choosing, instead, to go on the Oprah show, etc.. Well, GUESS WHAT, Mr. Obama, not only has he gone on Good Morning America (Mr. O'Reilly mistakenly saying he hadn't), but he's recently added Meet the Press as well to his itinerary. Does Mr. O'Reilly give him credit for this? Of course not. For, to do so, I'm saying, would require him to acknowledge something that contradicts him....DOUBLY. First, he'd have to admit that Obama has in fact cleared the bar that he, O'Reilly, has set for him; handling a tougher set of q and a, etc.. That, and he'd also have to acknowledge that Tim Russert (yes, an evil NBC news employee), during this interview, acted as far from a water-carrying Democrat as O'Reilly himself. He'd have to do something that just isn't in him, in other words...............................P.S. This is just so typical, isn't it - him deleting information that doesn't suit him, his theories, his propaganda, etc.? And the fact that he has the balls to call his rivals on the carpet FOR PRECISELY THE SAME THING (his allegations largely hyperbolic, of course) It's practically hilarious, I'm telling you.

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