Wednesday, April 7, 2021

On the Fact that We've Known for Decades Now What Does and Doesn't Work When it Comes to Dealing with Pandemics and Yet for Some Bizarre and Inexplicable Reason We've Jettisoned Not Only THIS Knowledge but Any Semblance of Reason and Common Sense When it Comes to the Current Pandemic - -


And it isn't just that these measures are ineffective (in terms of stopping the virus), they're actually creating more suffering and lost years of life than the damned virus itself (in poorer countries like South Africa the ratio has been cited conservatively as close to 30 to 1 - per recent actuarial work from PANDA). Hopefully they'll be a day of reckoning for the politicians who've perpetrated this suffering but being that a) the people have almost uniformly acquiesced and b) there's rarely if ever a comeuppance for the ruling elite, we can likely expect more of this sledgehammer approach in the future, not less.  

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