Thursday, May 2, 2019

On the Fact that When the English Colonists Landed In Jamestown In 1607, You Could Probably Count On One Hand the Number of People On the Entire Planet Who Spoke Out Vociferously Against Slavery and yet You Have These Morons On Twitter Continuously Popping Off About How Uniquely Horrible Americans Are Regarding this Institution (this While Ignoring the Much More Brutal Practices In Places Such as Brazil, the Middle East, and Africa)

And their treatment of Thomas Jefferson in particular is even more cartoonish, attempting to say that Jefferson was only in favor of freedom for white people when in fact if you read Jefferson's "Notes On Virginia" and other texts you can plainly see that the fellow was opposed to slavery (this and he championed numerous pieces of legislation throughout his career that helped chip away at it). But hey, who am I to get between some fool and their anti-American and anti-white narrative? Nobody, probably.

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