Saturday, May 11, 2019

On the Claim by Some of Trump's More Hard-Core Supporters that His Appointment of Neocons Such as Bolton and Pompeo Were Strictly for Cover and that His Real Plans Are 180 Degrees Away from Neoconservatism

While I'm clearly hoping that that's the case, yeah, I don't know; this whole concept of Trump as some great mastermind who's playing 9-D chess......seems like a stretch to me. If I had to make a guess here, Trump probably hired these two schmucks because somebody recommended them to him and being that he's a novice he took the advice. Now this isn't to imply that Mr. Trump doesn't have some good instincts when it comes to interventionism, regime-change wars, etc...….or that he won't be more judicious than his four predecessors......but just to be safe here, I say that we don't allow Mr. Bolton be the last person who Trump talks to prior to a big foreign policy decision......'cause that's another big concern with Trump, I've heard.

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