Monday, December 20, 2010

Miscellaneous 47

1) Here's an interesting statistic, folks. I've heard that recent studies on don't-ask/don't-tell have indicated that some 80% of the gays currently serving in the military have also said that they actually plan on staying in the closet (for the lack of a better way to put it). So, yeah, all of this "disruption" stuff that people like John McCain are talking about is nothing but rubbish....Not that he's ever going to stop bitching - obviously.............2) Did any of you see Mr. O'Reilly's interview with Sarah Palin last week? It was kind of interesting, I thought. I especially liked the way that O'Reilly started busting her about this reality TV gig of hers. Of course, it didn't get real awkward until he asked her if she'd ever consider putting fellow reality diva, Kate Gosselin, in her cabinet....Let's just put it this way. She didn't look all that happy.............3) I've known for a while that the junior Senator from the state of New York was a gal by the name of Kirsten Gillibrand. Other than her name, though, I really didn't know that much about her (something about the NRA liking her - that's about it). Well, I finally got to see her (on Hardball) and, guess what, the lady's frigging hot (apologies if you already knew this)! So hot, that, yes, it prompted me to do some research. It appears, folks, that the lady has lost some 40 pounds since being appointed a year and a half ago. Not that she was all that bad before, mind you, but, now, with this new-found/size 4 svelteness, all that I can really say at this moment is booyah!!!!....Gillibrand in 2016!!!


Commander Zaius said...

Yeah, Gillibrand is a MILF.

Can't wait for the 2012 POTUS run. It will be a cluster fuck but Romney, Newt, and others will have to tear Sarah apart before she gets to South Carolina or they will not have a chance. Because if she does run she will win South Carolina.

Marcus said...

"Sweet" Sarah Palin...ugh. A nice looking lady but just a wee bit polarizing politically. She is damaged goods in that she is un-electable but does carry a lot of clout with the Tea Party gang...sorry I can't help myself...if O'Reilly got under her skin it's funny.

Will: You need to to take care of bidness wit de women!

Rusty Shackleford said...

Romney,Palin,Newt,Huckleberry wont be around after the convention in Tampa.
Take the following and mix and match anyway you please.


The republican "old guard" is history,sure they will be raising money but wont be on the ticket.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Greetings, gents. I hate to say it (this, in that it would be our 3rd bite at the apple) but it looks to me as if the only palatable Republican out there would be Jeb Bush (Brabour looked strong but didn't he just get done saying that segregation wasn't "all that bad"?).......This, although, Jindal (having handled the oil spill tragedy pretty well and as Rusty says) could in fact be an up and comer.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Jindal shit in his hat when he gave the republican rebuttal to one of Obama's first speeches.

His calls for government help during Katrina will be used against him effectively among tea partiers.

Barbour's a clown. Like it or not, Ivy League Bushies still are the power behind the republican party. Either Jeb or Mitt will get the nomination.

I think Mitt actually has a chance. And it's his turn. Republicans believe in giving the spot to whomever's turn it is.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Truth, I didn't mean to imply that I would support, or even vote for Mr. Jindal (I have some very liberal positions on the social issues). I just think that he would be a more formidable candidate than some of the others......I half agree with you about Romney. Yes, the Republicans have this stupid turn-taking propensity. But Romney and that MA health care plan is something that just might ultimately fall flat with the tea-partiers (assuming that they still have some clout in 2012).

Rusty Shackleford said...

I'd be willing to bet anyone here
$500 and give 4 to 1 that Romney will not be on the 2012 ticket.

Rusty Shackleford said...

.....and I really hope you dems keep thinking exactly like Truth.