Monday, April 23, 2007

Lovefest with DeLay

Hey Bill, congratulations on that hard-hitting interview with Tom DeLay. Its like, seriously though, why didn't you just give him a back- rub and be done with it? I mean, we are talking about Tom DeLay here, right, the same guy who, on page one of the book you so graciously allowed him to plug, compared the Democratic party to Nazi Germany? Of course, the very fact that you don't see Mr. Delay as a member of a far right "that has very little power and influence in this country" probably says all we need to know about you, as well. Yeah, I'm talking about you, Mr. Fair and Balanced.


The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

I didn't see this interview. Tommy was recently sentenced to some prison time. Will he serve any? I certainly hope so. Although I doubt this guy can be "rehabilitated".

John Myste said...

Your website was fun to watch and occasionally participate in, but alas, it is no longer. It has been dominated by the repeated assertions of a completely irrational man, who insists on making up straw men and refuting them. I can tell from his responses on other sites that he now intends to do this to any relevant comment I make, which makes all comments pointless. I would prefer debating my opinion against someone eles's on philosophical grounds to debating what my opinion is.

I don't enjoy posting something and then have 50 comment long treads trying, not to defend what I believe, but having people tell me I am saying something I clearly am not saying and having this discussion (someone inventing claims and calling them my opinion) be the discussion.

That is pointless, childish and boring.

You have a good site, on its own merits. However, I consider that kind of activity trollish, and when unchecked, it simply becomes the site. I find that intolerably boring.

Without Dervish, DMarks will simply dominate the site with his straw man fiction. In other words, the site is now about the creativity of DMarks mind, which interests me not at all.

Farewell, my friend.

Mordechai said...

............ and widdle willy loses another honest blogger to protect his circle jerk society.

dmarks said...

Myste: You were clearly making and defending racist statements, including that all blacks were inferior and "damaged". Not only that, you were too stupid to realize that such views are by definition strongly racist.

Good riddance, Grand Wizard of the Myste. And don't let your white robe get caught on the door on the way out.

dmarks said...

And Myste lied: "DMarks will simply dominate the site with his straw man fiction"

I created no straw men. Your own outrageously racist views were strong enough and completely invalid and devoid of any rigor of critical thinking.... no need for me to create anything. Which is why you will find no evidence of any straw men.

I hope you get out in the real world. John, and discover that African-Americans are not the crippled, damaged people you think they are.

John Myste said...

I request that anyone who reads DMarks last comment, read the entire thread, so it will be obvious that he made up a position for me that I don't hold.

Dmarks, you are not. I have African Americans all around me, and they are not damaged. My wife, my father in law, my sister in law and my mother in law are all African Americans, just to name a few.

My wife is finishing up her Master's degree in government and deciding which law school to attend. My father in law own his own business.

You repeatedly call me a racist because I disagree with you.

Will, why is that OK, again?

Mordechai said...

Oops, D marks has been exposed as not very honest, will will do something about it, or just deny it to continue to protect his small cabal of approved bloggers he NEVER seems to question, no matter what they do or say, while attacking ONLY left leaning bloggers for some strange reason.

Long history of this one with many many left leaning bloggers attacked repeatedly then banned with no one from the right ever questioned let alone chastised, or ever (gasp) banned for their hate filled comments like D marks has done here.

Will your moderate veil is slipping and your real ideology is showing once again.

dmarks said...

Sorry, Mord, I was being completely honest. As inconvenient as that may be for you.

"or ever (gasp) banned for their hate filled comments like D marks has done here."

You seem quite confused. On this particular topic, the hate filled person was on the Left: John Myste, who kept insisting that all black people were damaged, uneducated, and otherwise incapable of competing and making it in the real world.


John said: "Dmarks, you are not. I have African Americans all around me, and they are not damaged."

Well, it is a wonderful thin that you have now stepped away from the rather outrageous claim that made you defend a particular racist policy. So blacks aren't damaged any more. That's fantastic!

"You repeatedly call me a racist because I disagree with you. "

Now, that is an example of your sloppiness and careless thinking. I only properly identified you as a racist due to your support of racist policies. Whether or not I happened to disagree with them.