Friday, March 15, 2024

On the Fact that Kamala Harris Actually Started One of Her Powder-Puff CNN Town-Halls (Back When She Was Crashing and Burning as a Presidential Candidate) by Informing the "Interviewer" that Her Preferred Pronouns Were, Her, Hers, and She

   It was one of those events that proved to me IN SPADES how we no longer live in a serious country; grown women in positions of influence acting like sorority house sophomores and the media ramrods just lapping it up.
   And how frigging naive were we, somehow believing that this woke foolishness would forever remain in the college humanities sphere (it's elbowed its way into the stem fields, too, which is totally insane). Granted, it isn't the way that the normal psyche is supposed to work but you'd think that we'd have adapted by this point. Guess not.

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